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40 dessert recipes with Thermomix

In this new digital recipe book you will find 40 fabulous pastry dishes with cakes, muffins and bundtcakes, as well as crostatas, crumbles, cookies and puff pastries and a large selection of cakes and crepes. And of course they could not miss the jewels of the confectionery: the truffles. Desserts designed for everyone, since many of the recipes are suitable for people with intolerances or who follow a vegetarian diet.

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This is a cookbook in digital format that you can check whenever you want from your computer, tablet, mobile device or print on paper. You will always have it at hand even if you are not near your Thermomix.

40 delicious dessert recipes never posted on the blog before

This is the sweetest cuisine Thermorecetas, dedicated with all our love to our loyal fans who follow us day by day and help us make this project possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed preparing it.

What recipes will you find?

You will surprise your friends and family with desserts as delicious as:

  • Blueberry Buttermilk Waffles
  • Double caramel cups
  • Cream and Chocolate Crostata
  • Summer crumble with apples, peaches and blackberries
  • Condensed milk cream millefeuille
  • Cheese mousse with mango compote
  • Pionono of coffee and diplomatic cream
  • Chocolate Cheese Cake Cupcakes
  • Greek yogurt cake
  • White chocolate truffles with blueberries and lime
  • Biscuit panna cotta
  • Rice pastiera

Doubts? Try a free recipe

If you still have doubts about what you are going to find in the recipe book, we offer you one of the exclusive recipes of the ebook: the delicious tangerine ginger muffins. Download it here.