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Menu week 16 of 2024


Our menu for week 16 of 2024 is here with recipes specially designed to make dinners a little lighter, designed to take care of our weight and our health and avoid heavy nocturnal digestion. With this menu you will have all the necessary recipes for the days the days of April 16 to 21.

And, as always, in the Compilations section you will find different options to customize these menus to your taste and that of your families.

The most outstanding

This week we will find a special menu with light and simple dinners to make. You can even make some of them in advance, this way you will save time and, if one day you are lazier or have less time, you will already have the dishes ready!

The best thing about these light dinners is that they will allow you to go to bed and enjoy a restful sleep without having to worry about having heavy digestion…

Depending on your pace of life, habits, level of exercise or physical effort, they may be too light for you. If so, do not hesitate to complete them with some homemade dessert. Below we leave you several very very delicious and totally homemade ideas for those sweet moments:

Cups of rice pudding and strawberries

We will obtain a spectacular rice pudding and strawberries in less than an hour. Let cool and... ready to serve!

Light strawberry foam

The light strawberry foam is the perfect dessert; delicious taste, surprisingly light texture, simple, cheap and very quick to make with Thermomix.

Vegan and sugar-free chocolate flan

This vegan and sugar-free chocolate flan is a dessert suitable for many intolerances, easy and quick to make with Thermomix.

Cups of lemon cream

For adults or children, these lemon cups are very easy to make. With biscuit, egg, cornstarch and milk.

Natural yogurts

Delicious homemade natural yogurts!

If you want to know how to prepare natural and homemade yogurts, do not miss how to prepare them with the functions of our Thermomix.

Cups of light cream cheese with apple compote

Cups of light cream cheese with apple compote

If you want a quick and low-calorie dessert, we suggest these cups of light cream cheese with applesauce. With 160 Kcal!

Mango compote with pink pepper

This delicious mango compote with pink pepper is so simple that you will have it ready in less than 15 with Thermomix.

Bananas in papillote

These bananas en papillote are a fantastic idea to take advantage of the most ripe pieces and also to take advantage of the varoma.

Vegan pumpkin custard

These vegan pumpkin custard made with Thermomix couldn't be faster, cheaper and lighter. The dessert for the whole family.

The compilations

Monday we have a pasta with meat recipe, A classic, macaroni with chorizo. But if you are more of a fish person, you can change it for one of these proposals that I leave you in this compilation of pasta with fish:

9 delicious and simple pasta recipes with fish

This compilation with 9 fish pasta recipes will help you organize a balanced weekly menu for the whole family.

The tortillas They are a great option for a quick, light and delicious dinner. Pay attention to these combinations for your tortillas!:

The most original tortillas made with Thermomix

The most original tortillas are already here and the best of all is that you can make them with the Thermomix,...

Legumes cannot be missing from our menu, you already know. In this case we go with lentils, We are big fans of lentils, so don't miss this bunch of super good proposals here:

25 easy and nutritious lentil stews

Get a varied and delicious diet with this compilation of 25 easy and nutritious lentil stews.

Menu week 16 of 2024



Castilian asparagus

Light asparagus recipe, easy and prepared in the Varoma. With all the flavor and color of the traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Express macaroni with chorizo ​​and mushrooms2

Express macaroni with mushrooms and chorizo

A delicious express pasta recipe with thermomix: express macaroni with tomato, chorizo ​​and mushrooms. Children's favorite.


Black and white smoked salmon rolls

Exquisite smoked salmon rolls stuffed with cheese, pepper, prawns and caviar. Colorful, simple and light, ideal as a dinner or a starter.



Natural tomato dipping

A sauce to accompany chips or nachos, made with natural tomato. A quick snack to prepare with our Thermomix.

Basket with pinto bean salad

Basket with pinto bean salad

We have a great idea of ​​color, presentation and flavor. It is this basket with pinto bean salad, to surprise everyone.


French omelette stuffed with cheese and ham

A dinner of 10 in 10 minutes: French omelette stuffed with mozzarella cheese, cream cheese and York ham. Healthy, juicy, delicious.



Warm Zucchini, Feta, and Mint Salad

The warm Feta cheese and mint salad is a quick, simple and tasty recipe thanks to the peculiar flavor that Feta cheese gives it.

Lentil dhal (lentil curry)

Dish inspired by Indian cuisine: red lentil curry, with coconut milk and curry. For lovers of exotic and vegan cuisine. 


Green bean salad in Thermomix

An original and delicious salad made with green beans, carrots, tuna, egg, tomato and olives. Very simple to prepare in Thermomix.




Complete hake menu with vinaigrette and asparagus cream

Enjoy a complete menu of hake ready in 40 minutes with which you can eat healthy and get the most out of your Thermomix.


Broccoli and tapenade salad

Simple broccoli and tapenade salad made in the Varoma and ready in less than 20 minutes. It is accompanied by arugula, boiled eggs and Parmesan cheese.



Tomato salad with ginger and mint dressing2

Garden Tomato Salad with Ginger and Peppermint Dressing

This Garden Tomato Salad with Ginger and Peppermint Dressing is amazing, it's fresh, delicious, flavorful, and intense.

Vegan Red Bean Stew

A vegan and spicy red bean stew with corn. Ideal for winter days.


Scrambled eggs with zucchini and tuna

This zucchini and tuna scramble is as simple as it is juicy. A simple recipe that you will have ready in 15 minutes with your Thermomix.



Tender sprout salad with one of these dressings

Delicious and easy dressings for your salads

Give a special touch to your salads with these 5 delicious and easy dressings. Ready in less than 2 minutes.

Spaghetti carbonara goat cheese

Cream and goat cheese spaghetti carbonara

Creamy and tasty spaghetti with cream carbonara sauce and goat cheese. A delicate and smooth combination, full of flavor.


Eggplant and Greek Yogurt Dip

Eggplant and Greek Yogurt Dip

Roasted Eggplant and Greek Yogurt Dip. A perfect dish to put in the center and share, accompanied by picos, village bread or naan.



Zucchini carpaccio with vegan pesto and dehydrated tomato

Starter to surprise: zucchini carpaccio accompanied by vegan pesto and dried tomatoes in olive oil.


Simply perfect lasagna

Excellent and exquisite authentic Italian lasagna with meat ragout and a very tasty béchamel with a touch of leek. Perfect for many diners.


vegan burgers

Vegan broccoli and potato burgers

We teach you how to prepare delicious vegan broccoli and potato burgers, especially if you like broccoli.

And if you liked this menu, remember that every Thursday you will find one new proposal for the following week.

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