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Menu week 21 of 2024

jar-salad-or-salad-in-a-pot-of-quinoa-mango-and-chicken-thermorecetas (1)

Here we bring you, one more week, the menu week 21 of 2024 with the recipes you need to take away a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With this menu you will have solved Lunches and dinners from May 20 to 26.

In it you will find recipes with meat, fish, legumes, cereals and, above all, a lot of vegetables. And the preparations are so easy that you won't have to spend your entire life in the kitchen.

The most outstanding

We start the week with an ideal recipe to take wherever you want. Salads in a jar are practical, versatile and as varied as your imagination wants since you can combine an infinite number of ingredients for the salad and its dressings.

If until now you have not been encouraged to prepare this type of recipes, here is an article where you will learn everything you need to make the perfect jar salads.

Jar salads: a new way to eat salad?

We present the new trend in salads: jar salads or salads in a boat to take away. So you can always enjoy a fresh and crunchy salad at work or in the field.

This week we have a cream with chickpeas to introduce vegetables. They are ideal to balance the menu and have more vegetable protein.

And, of course, you can't miss the meatballs, which we love in Thermorecetas. This week's option is vegan, but here we leave you the two alternative and very fun meatball recipes:

Meatballs with bacon

Beef and bacon meatballs with beer sauce

Delicious beef and bacon meatballs with beer sauce. A tasty, filling, juicy dish. Ideal for any day of the year. 

Beef meatballs with pear tomato sauce

Using only the glass and the varoma we are going to prepare a delicious dish of beef meatballs. Easy and very rich.

The compilations

On Thursday we have some very special vegetarian meatballs. It is a different dish full of flavor that we will accompany with a classic mashed potatoes.

If you are looking for an option with meat, we encourage you to take a look at these others proposals:

10 delicious purees to accompany your dishes

With this compilation with 10 delicious purées you won't be short of ideas to accompany your meat or fish dishes,

Sunday to eat a delicious rice. A classic if ever there was! Simple and easy to prepare. We also leave you these fantastic ideas of Soup rice:

10 soupy rice dishes that do not fail

With this compilation with 10 brothy rice dishes that do not fail, you will have the perfect recipe to succeed with a delicious meal.

Menu week 21 of 2024



jar-salad-or-salad-in-a-pot-of-quinoa-mango-and-chicken-thermorecetas (1)

Quinoa, mango and chicken jar salad

This jar salad of quinoa, mango and chicken and its exotic dressing is an ideal salad to take away and take wherever you want.


Zucchini ajoblanco

A surprising starter: zucchini ajoblanco. A delicious version of the classic ajoblanco, with a unique texture.

Octopus ceviche

Octopus ceviche is an ideal recipe to enjoy at any time. Fresh, fast, simple and very light ... only 70 kcal.



carrot pesto

Pasta salad with carrot and tuna

With carrots, almonds, tuna, olives... we will prepare a delicious pasta salad using only Thermomix.


Carrot and chickpea cream

Carrot and chickpea cream

If you like different creams, we offer you this exclusive dish for your parties, made with a carrot and potato base with chickpeas.



Tomato and nectarine gazpacho

A gazpacho designed for the little ones. With the sweet touch of nectarine and all the flavor of traditional gazpacho.

Desalted cod

Cod with tomato sauce and cauliflower

This cod with sauce can be one of the recipes that makes up your Christmas menu. Cod can be replaced with other fish.


Aubergines stuffed with three cheeses

Great vegetarian-friendly stuffed aubergines for cheese lovers. First we will steam them and, once filled, in the oven



Burrata tomato stuffed with basil oil

Tomato stuffed with burrata and basil oil explosion

Incredible tomato stuffed with burrata, with an explosion of basil oil inside. A dish that leaves you with your mouth open.

Vegan quinoa and mushroom meatballs

Vegan quinoa and mushroom meatballs is a healthy and easy-to-make recipe that will allow you to return to a healthy life and enjoy the flavor.

Basic recipe: mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes is a basic recipe that can be used as a garnish or as an ingredient for other preparations. You will be surprised by its smooth texture.


Zucchini and Mango Salad with Peanuts3

Zucchini and mango salad with peanuts

This Zucchini Mango Peanut Salad will be an exotic and delicious dish for foodies with a twist.



Green leafy salad with one of these dressings:

Delicious and easy dressings for your salads

Give a special touch to your salads with these 5 delicious and easy dressings. Ready in less than 2 minutes.

Beef and corn burritos

Beef and corn burritos

Beef and corn burritos, a perfect dish for when we have stewed meat. A fabulous dinner idea.


Zucchini cream with cheese and bacon

With Thermomix we can prepare a zucchini cream as rich as it is simple. Put a few pieces of bacon and cheese on it. Irresistible.

dumplings with tomato

Empanadas with tomato, tuna, olives and hard-boiled egg

Pay attention to the dough of these tomato dumplings because you can use it for other dumplings or empanadas.



Warm salad of gulas a la bilbaína (with garlic)

Delicious warm salad of baby eels a la Bilbao, ideal as a starter. Quick, nutritious and very tasty recipe perfect to carry in the tupperware.

Oriental vegetable noodles

Oriental noodles with vegetables, ideal as a main dish. Perfect for vegetarian diets.


Sandwiches filled with sausage mousse

Sandwiches filled with sausage mousse, a delight to fill our bread and surprise our guests with different flavors.

Zucchini chips

Zucchini chips

Crispy and flavorful zucchini chips cooked in the oven. An incredible healthy, fast and simple recipe.



Crêpes stuffed with cheese and asparagus

The crêpes are delicious pancakes that allow endless fillings like this, with cheese and asparagus, which is a delicious and very spring combination.

Thermomix recipe Soupy rice with squid and prawns

Soupy rice with squid and prawns

With a few simple ingredients, you can improvise this rice soup with squid and prawns. Ideal for children and adults.


Vacuum-cooked chicken luncheon

With this vacuum-cooked chicken luncheon and without artificial colors or preservatives, you can make incredible sandwiches and sandwiches.

And if you want to discover more ideas, tricks and compilations, do not forget to visit our section «Weekly menu«

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