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Tricks and recipes to take advantage of egg whites

Tricks and recipes to take advantage of egg whites

Surely more than once you have come across a recipe where only egg yolks are required. In reality, there are many recipes that require its texture, flavor and malleability, a consequence that is advantaged by being able to divide the egg into two parts. The problem is when the egg whites are left over and we don't know what to do with them, so we have prepared some tricks to make the most of them.

Tricks and recipes to take advantage of egg whites

Egg whites are the non-yellow part of the egg., that is, the semi-transparent liquid it contains. It has a high percentage of proteins and has an ideal viscosity to be used in some special recipes.

If you have leftover egg whites, you can prepare some of the recipes we propose below. On the other hand, you can go taking advantage of them little by little, and incorporate a small amount into some occasional recipes.

For example, if you are going to make a batter on the same day, you can add a little egg white to the same egg you are going to beat. Another idea ands add some more clear ones to that tortilla potato or French omelet that you are going to prepare.

Tricks and recipes to take advantage of egg whites

The other option is Freeze them for another special occasion. We place them in a container and cover it well with some plastic. Afterwards, we can freeze them. When you go to defrost, do so at room temperature until they are ready.

Egg white-based sponge cakes

The egg whites are a great option to make the cakes super fluffy. You just have to foam the egg whites well or whip them until stiff. The sponge cakes do not have to contain the whole egg, if they are made with the egg whites they will have a special texture and will have fewer calories.

Enjoy this cake made with 6 egg whites and simple, top-notch ingredients.

Easy Recipe Thermomix Cake of Whites

Egg white cake

When you taste this egg white cake, you will see how juicy and fluffy it is. A use recipe to make with Thermomix.

This other cake is super fluffy, low in calories, without butter and made with ricotta. Obviously, it is also made with egg whites and not egg yolks.

Sponge cake with egg whites, coconut

Not too caloric cake made with egg whites and ricotta. No oil, no butter and no egg yolks, but with an intense coconut flavor.

We have this low cholesterol cake with egg whites and olive oil. It is a supreme recipe, a real treat and an advantage to be able to make it with homemade ingredients.

Low cholesterol cake with egg whites and olive oil

A delicious low-cholesterol sponge cake made with egg whites (without yolks), olive oil and almonds. A real delicacy that is also healthy.

Angel Food cake is a baking classic. It is simple to make and is practically made with egg whites, sugar and flour. Its softness and sponginess make it perfect.

Angel Food Cake

Would you like to make a sponge cake out of egg whites? We show you how to make the famous Angel Food with the Thermomix and in minutes.

If you like fruit, you can also enjoy this cake with egg whites. It is a perfect idea for breakfast or snack.

Egg white cake

We show you how to make an orange egg whites cake so that you can easily take advantage of the whites you have in the fridge.

Meringue milk dessert

We have this meringue milk that you will love, especially to drink it cool and in summer. It is a drink that is engaging and that the whole family will like.

Traditional meringue milk made with Thermomix

Now you can prepare a delicious traditional meringue milk made with Thermomix in a simple way and cool off in summer.

Meringues made with egg whites

Meringues are a light dessert made practically with egg whites. The egg whites are beaten and baked at a low temperature and for a long time, this way they will be perfect.

Hazelnut and chocolate meringues

What a success the hazelnut and chocolate meringues have been. They are so light that they have become the...

Meringues to decorate cakes and pastries

They are baked and made with egg whites and sugar. You can make them colored if you want to have a more colorful dessert.

Cat and coked tongues

These recipes are another baking classic. There are the classic cat tongues and cocadas made with egg whites, they are perfect sweets to share and sweet snacks.


Are you looking for a recipe with which to take advantage of the egg whites? We show you how to make tasty cocadas.

Cat's Tongues

Cat's tongues is a simple preparation with which to take advantage of the egg whites that we have in the fridge or freezer.

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