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Cod brandade improved recipe!

Brandade of cod

We renew our classic recipe Brandade of cod so you can enjoy a 10 plate in just a few minutes. And now we also leave you the video recipe. We warn you that it is really addictive! Has a creaminess and flavor…irresistible.

The brandade it is very versatile because it serves as an accompaniment or aperitif and starter. It is delicious with crusty bread toast. It is also delicious grated a little. You just have to give it a blast of heat in the oven so that it turns golden brown on top.

The ingredients are very simple: desalted cod, olive oil, cream and garlic. That's it!


  • SALT: as you will see in the ingredients we have not added any salt. Since we are going to use desalted cod, it will already have enough salt. In any case, we encourage you to try the recipe once finished and adjust with more salt if you want.
  • OIL: we recommend using extra virgin olive oil. Be careful because if it has a very intense flavor it may still be a bit heavy to eat at the end. We advise you to mix two oils, one softer and one more intense or do everything with the softest option (0.4 or 1 degree).
  • COD: you can use fresh desalted cod, in crumbs or in loins. It looks spectacular! And, of course, you can also desalt the cod yourself at home.

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  1.   Manuela said

    It occurs to me that with this brandade you could fill one of the piquillo peppers and accompany it with a sauce.Do you have any ideas for the

    1.    Elena said

      Manuela, it occurs to me that with a sauce of piquillo peppers with cream they would be terrific. We put in the glass a couple of piquillo peppers, a little of the juice from the can, a brick of cream for cooking and a little salt. We crush 10-15 seconds at speed 5. We lower the remains that are on the walls and program 7 minutes, speed 3,5 and temperature 100º. If it is thick I would add a little milk and grind for a few seconds. It's an idea. All the best.

  2.   Silvia said

    Manuela very good idea, I think it would be an ideal filling for peppers.
    I'm going to find a sauce that can go with it and I told you.

    1.    Maribel said

      I suggest, piquillo peppers (3) liquid cream but not for cooking. To mount it is more dense and you can see the softness of the flavor and a glass of prawn stock. White pepper, salt ……. 15 seconds speed 6 in the thermomix.

    2.    Sunday said

      Good morning, can this brandade be used to make some sweet potato montaditos with Cod?
      Thank you very much
      All the best ??

      1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

        This brandade serves to make those montaditos that you say and also anything else because it is scandalous!
        I leave you another recipe in case it serves as inspiration.



  3.   Manuela said

    Good idea, I'll try it

  4.   I live said

    Very good seasoned cod. The most delighted my husband, since I found your blog, I have not stopped trying new recipes. It is quite a joy. Thank you very much and keep it up.

    1.    Silvia said

      Thank you Asun, I am glad that you will like it and if you use it as a filling for some piquillo peppers, they are luxurious. All the best

  5.   Martha C. said

    Hello, if we make half the amount of ingredients, is it the same time in all the steps? Thanks a lot

    1.    Silvia said

      The first step that of the oil may be worth less with 5 minutes, the rest do it with the same time.
      You will tell us how it works for you. All the best

  6.   Marieta said

    Hello, an extraordinary recipe !!!! it is quick to do, but disappears just as quickly. I do not think that next time I can stay like this, it is impossible! It has been an unexpected, exquisite existence… thank you very much.

  7.   Martha C. said

    Cod brandade, can I make it with skimmed milk? And can we gratinate it later? Yesterday my mother and I made the coca with blood sausage, onion and pine nuts, it came out spectacular, very good ... we are delighted with your recipes, we visit you every day ... thank you very much

    1.    Silvia said

      The gratin thing, no problem and the skimmed milk is a matter of trying, I have never made it with that milk but I imagine you have no problem.

  8.   Yosune said

    The pint of the recipe is spectacular like all yours.
    I want to make the recipe to fill some peppers but a question has arisen, should the cod be desalted or would the fresh one also work?
    Thank you and congratulations for your page


    Simply great, like all your recipes, very hooked !!!!!

  10.   paula said

    my question is if instead of doing it with cod, I could do it with any white fish like panga which is a fish without bones, as I always say thank you very much for existing… .um kissy pretty

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

       Hello Paula,

      the truth is that I have never tried to substitute cod but nothing is essential. If you like panga better… go ahead !!


  11.   Eve said

    How good!!!! I used the brandade to fill the piquillo peppers and it came out great. thank you very much

    1.    Ascend said

      What a good idea! Yes it had to be good, yes ...
      Thanks for telling us!

    2.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

       ummmmm !!!
      Piquillo peppers with brandade, to lick your fingers!


  12.   Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

    I write your suggestion !!


  13.   ascenjimenez said

    What a good idea, Vicky. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14.   Pillar said

    Have you made it gratin?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Pilar, this recipe goes without gratin, but surely it is spectacular gratin. 🙂

  15.   Mamen rodriguez said

    Hello, could you make it overnight and keep it in the fridge?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hi Mamen, of course! It stays in the fridge for about 4 days 🙂

  16.   ANGUS said

    Hello everyone, I have made it and it has come out very liquid, how could I thicken it?
    I have tried with two sheets of gelatin, but I have not succeeded

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Angus, try dissolving a couple of teaspoons of cornstarch in 50 g of cold milk and pour it into the flock when it is at 100 ° and let it cook for 3-5 minutes at that temperature. You will tell me.

      Another option, the simplest, is to cook it in a varoma without a beaker so that it evaporates for a few minutes until it is to your liking.

      Thanks for writing to us!!

      A hug 😉

  17.   Pillar said

    Can I substitute cream for milk for cooking?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Pilar, yes perfectly 🙂

  18.   benifer said

    Hello Elena,
    If with the brandade we fill piquillo pepper, I would make the sauce with mushrooms.
    Simply sauté onion or leek very well, then add mushrooms (boletus, poplar mushrooms, ... that have flavor) very clean and laminated, salt to taste, let the water evaporate. You can add a little cream and let it cook until it thickens a little. Then we will beat it and strain it. Or also with real truffle (tuber melanosporum, not from a jar, but fresh) grated on top of a very light and warm potato puree.

  19.   benifer said

    Angus, try thickening it with a tablespoon of mashed potato flakes.

  20.   benifer said

    The comment about the sauce that Elena put on was for Manuela, who was the one who asked it.

  21.   benifer said

    These homemade spreads are delicious.
    The hummus is also very quick to make: A pot of cooked chickpeas well rinsed under the tap until they no longer foam with the water. We drain and put them in the thermomix glass. I like to put 4 fried Italian red peppers, without the skin and without the seed, but if they are from a piquillo pot, they are also worth, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 large cumin powder, and another of sesame, half garlic, 1 / 8 of a glass of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 glass of extra virgin olive oil (I use the one from Fuente la Piedra, excellent). 5 minutes progressive speed up to 8. It must be creamy.
    It can be spread on endive leaves, on thin sticks of carrots, or celery, zucchini, even turnip, or rolls, as you want. I like it with endives like blue cheese cream… .., to lick your fingers.