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Veggie Eggplant Burgers

eggplant burgers

Do you remember the mushroom and cashew burgers? Well today I bring you some new ones veggie burgers: Of eggplant y chickpeas. They are very good and are ideal to combine in a pancake or pita bread with salad, as if they were falafel. They are also to die for with yogurt sauce, like the Eggplant and Parmesan meatballs.

I have plated them with a little bit of cottage cheese, a beautiful edible flower and a drizzle of honey, like the garden meatballs.

Equivalences with TM21

Thermomix equivalences

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  1.   Gloria Parra Requena said

    Thank you very much I like it very much, it sure is great

    1.    Ana Thermorecetas said

      Thanks to you, Gloria! A kiss!

  2.   Ana Valdes said

    I still do, Javier! You have to try it! Thanks for that suggestion!

  3.   PETER said

    They have enchanted me!! They only remained a little soft, I had to thicken them with a little more breadcrumbs, on the grill they stuck a bit. Wouldn't it be better to fry them with plenty of oil? Good but of all all of flavor they are fantastic. Thank you!!!

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hi Peter !!!! Yes, the breadcrumb thing is a bit by eye, because it depends on the water in the eggplant. If you see that the dough is soft, add more. And drain the chickpeas very well. Uff, to me it is that frying the eggplant ... takes so much oil. I have a non-stick griddle that doesn't stick even if you try, but you can try a non-stick frying pan (spread it with a little oil) or even in the oven, with baking paper underneath, like the ones chard pancakes I think they will look good. A kiss!!!!

  4.   Juanjo Navamuel said

    Hi there! I just made the hamburger dough… Can I keep it in the fridge until tomorrow ???? I'm lazy to start shaping them now 🙁

    1.    Ana Thermorecetas said

      Oh, Juanjo. I think I'm a little late. But yes, there was no problem. You put the dough in the fridge and you make it tomorrow. What is important so that the dough does not oxidize and darken a lot, is that you cover it with transparent film, so that there is no air between the film and the dough. But if you haven't, nothing happens. It is only an aesthetic question. I hope you like them. A hug!

    2.    Juanjo Navamuel said

      Oh that trick I didn't know

    3.    Juanjo Navamuel said

      I kept it in a tupperware and this afternoon I will finish making them, because it is also a bit soft and I thought that with the cold it will improve the consistency. If not, I'll add more bread.
      Thank you very much, they sure are great

  5.   Ana Jose Parrilla said

    I'm going to give you the mold to make hamburgers ... so you don't get lazy and they come out perfect 😉

    1.    Juanjo Navamuel said

      Hahahaha I already have it !!!! But it was a thousand, hahahaha

    2.    Ana Jose Parrilla said

      Well, it takes a minute ... don't be so late

    3.    Juanjo Navamuel said


    4.    Ana Jose Parrilla said

      Well kisses

    5.    Juanjo Navamuel said


  6.   Natalia said

    Hello, I have made the recipe and when I turned them over on the plate they split, and they have not been as dark as the ones in the photo, rather they were very clear. That if they taste great, hehe

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Did they split? Did you put in more breadcrumbs? It sounds like there is too much ... Mine are dark because, as I shape them with my children, it takes us a long time and it ends up rusting a bit. If you like the color darker like this, let the dough rest a little and it will darken. I'm very glad you liked them, Natalia. A kiss!!!

      1.    Natalia said

        Nor did I put the peel on them and I have seen above that someone has asked if they have to be peeled. Maybe that's why they were clearer too. The next ones with the shell and more breadcrumbs.

  7.   ANGUS said

    My question is if you have to remove the skin to the eggplant

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      No, it is not necessary, Angus. A hug!

  8.   Sandra said

    How long do you have to let it cool until adding the egg and the breadcrumbs ???

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Until it's warm, Sandra. It is so that the egg does not set. A kiss!

  9.   Laura said

    Very rich. Do you have a recipe for a lentil burger?

  10.   Anne-Sophie said

    Hello!! I want to make this recipe but I have several doubts since I am not a very chef. .. To do double, you just have to double the amounts of everything? And how do I know what the correct consistency of the dough is? Like when you ride the coasts to the point of snow: what turns it around and does not fall? And then when you go to the grill (well in my case to the pan), low heat or high heat? I'm sorry about the questions, they are surely obvious but have I been trying several hamburger recipes and none of them come out right?

    1.    Anne-Sophie said

      Egg whites, no cost, sorry?

      1.    Irene Arcas said

        Hello Anne-Sophie, do not worry, ask everything you need that is what we are for and we have all learned by making mistakes and asking those who knew.
        Indeed, to double you just have to multiply the quantities x2 and voila. The consistency of the dough is difficult to explain, I think that the example of the egg whites would not help us in this case because the meat and the whites are not very similar 😛 hehehe but I would tell you that it has to be a dough that you can work well with the hands, that you can give it a hamburger shape and the shape remains. I suggest the following: when you finish making the dough, take some and try to shape it into a hamburger with your hands, to see if it breaks or stays firm. With practice you will get the point of consistency and texture. (The first meatballs I made in my life were like balls of steel… there was no one to eat them because they were so hard and dry…).

        To cook them on the grill / pan, you can spread each side of the hamburger with a little oil and when the pan is hot cook them over medium-high heat. Surely when you have finished cooking them all, the last ones are already on the side. Why don't the burgers you've tried come out good for you? You will tell me!! Courage and luck, the kitchen is a lot of practice, but you will see that in the end you end up embroidering it 😉

  11.   Rod said

    If someone could be reported for a bad recipe, I would. I've been in the kitchen for an hour and I have a scramble for ... I don't know what. I have followed everything to the letter, and that does not work even by adding cement.
    And I have added the second batch of breadcrumbs that you indicate just in case. Worse nothing, you shape it, you put it in the pan, and whatever time passes, you try to turn it over and all that happens is that it falls apart.

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Rod, don't be discouraged and keep practicing. Your chickpeas were probably not well drained and adding more breadcrumbs would have solved it. Obviously the texture cannot be the same as that of the meat ...

  12.   Born said

    Rod seems disrespectful to say that you would report the recipe, when someone has put all their desire and their work to share it with us. Maybe it's your problem, that you don't know how to do it right or you haven't gotten the hang of it. Irene Arcas, Thanks for the recipe, they are delicious! Congratulations on your work. All the best

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Thank you Nati for your comment. Sometimes recipes don't work because perhaps some step has been done wrong. In Thermorecetas All the recipes we publish are tested several times by the team and photographed in our kitchens or studios, so they shouldn't go wrong. Thanks for following us ;)!!

  13.   Luis said

    No matter how much breadcrumbs you put, it remains like a croquettes type dough, it is impossible for them to come out in conditions, I have followed the steps point by point and they do not come

  14.   Idoya said

    The 200 grams of chickpeas is the weight before cooking or once cooked?
    Thank you very much.

  15.   NBB said

    I just did them and I didn't like them. It looks like croquettes dough. They don't taste like anything. Of the recipes that I have made yours, this is the one that I liked the least.

  16.   Eva said

    Let's see .. I have made this recipe about 3 times and it is always homemade or bought breadcrumbs, I have had to put triple the breadcrumbs (even draining the chickpeas well), even so it is difficult to handle, so I leave it in the fridge one day and with wet hands I shape it and freeze it. I hope it helps someone. All the best

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Thanks for your comment Eva. Indeed they are hamburgers that are not easy to handle because it is not meat. Very good trick to wet your hands and give them cold. Thanks for following us! 🙂