Jorge Mendez

BASED ON GLASS! Some years ago I began to be interested in the gastronomic world and how it developed in each kitchen. Me, who only opened containers to put in the microwave making it the basis of my diet. Thanks to a well-known blogger, I started using the kitchen for more than just opening the fridge and grabbing anything. After a few years acting alone, except for the occasional household appliance, I acquired the well-known kitchen robot with which I develop most of the recipes that I present on the channel and whose use surprises me every day. So much so that I don't want to stop sharing it. WELCOME! Although I like cooking in general, for some years I have made some changes in my eating habits due to the beginning of a lifestyle based on sports and fitness. Many of the recipes that I develop are based on the philosophy of eating what we really need based on our parameters and needs, dispensing with additives and products that are not as healthy as the big brands sometimes sell us. It is about adapting recipes by substituting some ingredients for others that go better (sugar for healthier natural sweeteners such as stevia or whole grains instead of refined ones). Little by little you will see it.