Mayra Fernández Joglar

I was born in Asturias in 1976. I studied Business and Tourist Activities Technician in Coruña and now I work as a tourist informant in the province of Valencia. I am a bit of a citizen of the world and I carry photos, souvenirs and recipes from here and there in my suitcase. I belong to a family in which the great moments, good and bad, take place around a table, so since I was little, cooking has been present in my life. But without a doubt my passion increased with the arrival of the Thermomix to my house. Then came the creation of the blog La Cuchara Caprichosa ( He is my other great love although I have abandoned him a little. I am currently part of the wonderful team of Thermorecetas, in which I collaborate as editor. What more can I want if my passion is part of my vocation and my vocation is part of my passion?