Irene Arcas

My name is Irene, I was born in Madrid and I have a degree in Translation and Interpretation (although today I work in the world of international cooperation). Currently, I am the coordinator of, a blog with which I have been collaborating for several years (although I was a loyal follower for a long time). Here I have discovered a wonderful place that has allowed me to meet great people and learn countless recipes and tricks. My passion for cooking comes from when I was little when I helped my mother cook. In my house, dishes from all over the world have always been prepared, and this, together with my great love for exotic travel and everything related to the culinary world, has made it one of my great hobbies today. In fact, I started in the blogging world a few years ago with my cooking blog Sabor Impression ( Then I discovered the Thermomix, and I knew that it would be my great ally in the kitchen. Today I can't imagine cooking without it.