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Basic recipe: aioli

homemade aioli

Is there something more traditional in our gastronomy than a good plate of rice with good homemade aioli? It is a delicious recipe ideal to accompany countless dishes, but above all, our favorites are with rice dishes, fideuá or directly on bread. A delight!

We know that this recipe is giving you problems because you have written to us saying that it is cut and that it does not bind well. Because today we bring you the video with the step by step so that you can see how to do it and that really, if you follow the steps as it appears in the video, it will be perfect the first time.

And if it is cut, never throw it away !! There are ways to fix it or to reuse the ingredients. A little below you have all the details 😉

In addition, we leave you below another version prepared by Ana Valdés (previous editor of Thermorecetas) to which he adds an egg yolk.

Tips for the perfect aioli

There are 2 basic things that you must do so that the aioli comes out perfect:

  1. Crush the garlic with the olive oil as many times as necessary until you have a paste. We have shredded it up to 3 times, lowering the remains from the walls to the blades and starting again.
  2. Add the oil to the thread, spend the 3 minutes that the emulsion lasts with the jug, pouring the oil very slowly and without stopping. That is the key so that you get tied and not cut. If we throw it out suddenly, it will go wrong for sure. You have to have a little patience (your arm will get tired, for sure!)

What do I do if my aioli cuts off? Don't throw it away!

If you follow the steps as it appears in the video, it is unlikely that it will cut. But sometimes it can happen, especially if we have, for example, the very cold oil (and it is not well bound). Ideally, everything should be at room temperature.

If you are cut Never throw it away !! Do the following:

  1. Pass the cut mixture through a strainer to a container with patience. The garlic will have remained in the strainer and the oil in the container.
  2. We place the garlic in the glass again with 25 g of the oil that we have in the container.
  3. We follow the recipe again step by step.

If it is cut again Don't throw it away either !! If it happens to you a second time, what we will do is reuse the ingredients separately. We strain it calmly so that the garlic is separated from the oil.

  • We will use the garlic paste for any other recipe, such as: some gulas with garlic, ginger paste, Galician chard… Or for any stir-fry of rice or legumes.
  • We will use the oil to cook any other recipe, for example frying some potatoes, cooking chicken or fish in the oven or in the varoma, some vegetables ... practically anything.

Homemade aioli with egg yolk

Author: Ana Valdés


It is called aioli o garlic oil (Spanish translation of the original allioli) and is one of our sauces More popular. The original is bound in mortar, with a mallet, or even on a plate, with a fork. My father taught me when I was little to do it only with garlic, oil and salt (like the most purists), and there you had me turning the mace in the mortar, all proud that it came out very hard.

The truth is that I like the flavor that the egg yolk gives it better, as we do in Valencia. And this is the version that I bring you for Thermomix, with egg yolk, garlic, oil and salt (never the whole egg, please, that is another different sauce). And speaking of sauces, have you tried it with avocado


  • 2 cloves of garlic (the bravest you can reach 3, and those who do not like spicy much, you can put 1 only)
  • 50 ml (half cup) of virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 egg yolk (it is important that it is not cold, that it is at room temperature)
  • 100 ml of mild olive oil or sunflower oil


  1. We put the peeled garlic cloves, the egg yolk, the virgin olive oil and the salt in the glass. We beat during 2 minutes at speed 5.
  2. We lower the remains that have remained on the walls of the glass and beat again during 30 seconds at speed 5.
  3. We put the butterfly, cover the glass with the tumbler upside down and program speed 4, no time. We are pouring on the lid very little by little the soft oil, so that it slides and falls slowly through the nozzle. It will take a few 2 minutes.
  4. And it's ready.

More information - Avocado aioli

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  1.   cross said

    The fatal aioli recipe !! I never got on it and I followed the recipe step by step… I made the one in the book and it did come out. I have to add lemon, give it more time… I don't see it !! Be careful, someone does it

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi Cruz:

      The original recipe for aioli does not have lemon ... now, if you want to put it on, you are free to do so.

      The aioli has two important parts, it does not matter if you make it by hand or with Thermomix. The first is that the mixture of garlic, yolk and oil must be well blended. The second is that the rest of the oil has to be incorporated little by little, without haste. With Thermomix it is very easy because it is put on the lid and it falls and emulsifies little by little.

      Besides, my experience tells me that the temperature of the ingredients is also important. So I don't use eggs fresh from the fridge. In fact, many times I don't even keep them in the fridge.

      I would advise you to try it… anyone can have a bad day!


    2.    Myself said

      Same as the previous comments that I did not read. To the sink. All water.
      The downside is that there were no eggs out of the fridge. I only took out one and we have run out of Ali Oli and fresh bread.

      1.    Irene Arcas said

        Hello Yoi, we are sorry that it did not fit you. It is very important that all the ingredients are at room temperature, perhaps your egg was too cold. It is very important that you add the oil to the thread, that is, almost drop by drop. You have to be patient to make this recipe. Don't be discouraged and try again. Soon we will make a video with this recipe so you can see how to do it. 🙂

  2.   Claudia said

    Fatal, it's a shame that I didn't think of reading the review before?

  3.   carmen said

    The same thing happened to me, I followed the recipe step by step, I had the egg out of the refrigerator but I did not link it, I had to throw it away and make the one in the book.

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi carmen:

      I'm sorry the recipe didn't come out. I admit that it is not an easy recipe, although it may seem like it, but if the one in the book works for you ... don't hesitate to use it.


  4.   Asun said

    Hello!!! Well, it has turned out very good for me, the book also, but in my opinion it is more the same as always!
    Thank you!!!

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      You are absolutely right Asun. This is more traditional but that everyone uses what they want !!


  5.   Aurora said

    Fatal this recipe…. never went up…. and my ingredients were not in the fridge…. What a shame now I will have to do another…. 🙁

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi Aurora,

      I'm sorry you didn't get this recipe. The truth is that it is not an easy recipe. The same happens when it is done by hand. I've been watching people make aioli for years and I can tell you that sometimes without any explanation it cuts out.

      If you have a recipe for aioli that is infallible, I would appreciate it if you would share it with us.

      Happy Holidays !!

  6.   Isabel said

    It didn't work out for me either and the ingredients were at room temperature, as well as I went very slowly, however without the butterfly it comes out perfectly

  7.   José said

    I should have read the comments before ... fatal! It took me 10 minutes because I was super careful and wanted to do it slow slow and nothing ... all water.

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Jose:
      For years I have presented an aioli contest where housewives and experienced people participate. The fact is that ... sometimes they are cut too. It is like mayonnaise, it is not a question of the recipe because it is revised and correct. It just happens!

      Cheer up for next time !!


  8.   Alice said

    Fatal ... the same thing happened to me, I had to see the comments read ... Now to throw it away and wasted time ...

  9.   Maria Jose said

    You are right that this recipe does not come out well, but the most curious thing is that Mayra Fernández Joglar does not see that the recipe has a big error because the total oil must be 250 gr. and not the 150 grams that it says, so it lacks 100 grams that is what makes it more full-bodied and not liquid.

  10.   Nerea said

    It has been a disaster! It has been left in a failed attempt 🙁
    I have followed all the steps, even to make sure that the egg was at room temperature I collected it from the hen herself, freshly laid; I read the comments and as with the recipe as it is presented here, it did not come out, I began to apply the modifications observed in them ... finally after a long time since it did not obtain consistency I decided to throw it away and make the recipe from the thermomix book which came out the first time without any problem.

  11.   Lala said

    All liquid, to throw it away. Do not do it. You could withdraw the recipe.

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Lala, we are going to publish a video with the step by step of the aioli. It is a complex recipe because you have to be very careful when you add the oil. You really have to put it on the line, if we go overboard, it cuts out. Anyway, if it is cut, strain it, separate the garlic from the oil and put the garlic back in the glass and add the oil to the thread again. This is how he recovers.