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Editorial team

Thermorecetas is leading blog about recipes made with Thermomix in Spain and one of the most important at the kitchen level in general. It is a daily meeting point for all lovers of cooking in general and especially for all those who use the Thermomix.

The web started in 2010 and since then every day we publish one (or several) original recipes so that everyone can make in their kitchens. We have recipes of all kinds, for all tastes and adapted to all levels, from very complex preparations to simpler ones that can be done in less than 30 minutes and with very basic cooking knowledge.

As well we have launched several books as you can see in this section. At the moment we have 2 books published with Anaya that are selling very well and we have also released several books in digital format such as the book of Express recipes to make in less than 30 minutes. We have also collaborated with an NGO making a solidarity book to help feed those most in need.

If you want to see all the recipes, you can now do so by entering the recipes section ordered alphabetically or in the recipes ordered by theme. You can also see the rest of the topics that we deal with on the web thanks to our section section.

All the recipes that appear in Thermorecetas have been prepared by our cooks. They are the soul of this website and demonstrate their ability and experience as cooks in each of the dishes they make. In this section We introduce you to our entire editorial team so you can get to know it and you feel at this website at home. Also, if you want to join us now you can do it completing this form and once done we will contact you as soon as possible.


  • Irene Arcas

    My name is Irene, I was born in Madrid and I have a degree in Translation and Interpretation (although today I work in the world of international cooperation). Currently, I am the coordinator of Thermorecetas.com, a blog with which I have been collaborating for several years (although I was a loyal follower for a long time). Here I have discovered a wonderful place that has allowed me to meet great people and learn countless recipes and tricks. My passion for cooking comes from when I was little when I helped my mother cook. In my house, dishes from all over the world have always been prepared, and this, together with my great love for exotic travel and everything related to the culinary world, has made it one of my great hobbies today. In fact, I started in the blogging world a few years ago with my cooking blog Sabor Impression (www.saborimpresion.blogspot.com). Then I discovered the Thermomix, and I knew that it would be my great ally in the kitchen. Today I can't imagine cooking without it.


  • Ascen Jimenez

    Hello everyone! I am Ascen, passionate about cooking, photography, gardening and, above all, enjoying time with my five children! I was born in sunny Murcia, although my roots have a touch of Madrid and Alcarreño thanks to my parents. When I was 18 years old I ventured to Madrid to study Advertising and Public Relations at the Complutense University. It was there where I discovered my passion for cooking, an art that has been my faithful companion ever since and that led me to become part of the Yela Gastronomic Society. In December 2011, my family and I embarked on a new adventure: we moved to Parma, Italy. Here I discovered the gastronomic richness of the Italian "food valley". In this blog I enjoy sharing the dishes that we cook at home using our beloved Thermomix or the Bimby, as it is known in these parts.

  • Alicia tomero

    I started with my curious hobby of baking from the early age of 16, and since then I have not stopped reading, researching and studying. It was a challenge for me to fully dedicate myself to it and a discovery to have a Thermomix in my kitchen. It is much more comfortable to make authentic meals and expands my knowledge about cooking, a challenge for me and to be able to continue teaching easy and creative recipes. Sharing my discoveries through innovative and accessible recipes is what drives me every day. With each dish I create, I not only nourish the body, but also the soul of those who taste my creations.

    Former editor

    • Mayra Fernandez Joglar

      I was born in Asturias in 1976. I studied Business and Tourist Activities Technician in Coruña and now I work as a tourist informant in the province of Valencia. I am a bit of a citizen of the world and I carry photos, souvenirs and recipes from here and there in my suitcase. I belong to a family in which the great moments, good and bad, take place around a table, so since I was little, cooking has been present in my life. But without a doubt my passion increased with the arrival of the Thermomix to my house. Then came the creation of the blog La Cuchara Caprichosa (http://www.lacucharacaprichosa.com). He is my other great love although I have abandoned him a little. I am currently part of the wonderful team of Thermorecetas, in which I collaborate as editor. What more can I want if my passion is part of my vocation and my vocation is part of my passion?

    • Ana Valdes

      For as long as I can remember, aromas and flavors have been my faithful companions. In Thermorecetas You will not only find delicious dishes, but also stories and experiences that surround each recipe. Every article I write is infused with my love of food and my desire to inspire others to cook. My goal is that each visit to my blog is a culinary journey, where you can experience the joy of cooking and sharing. So I invite you to immerse yourself in this world of flavors and enjoy cooking as much as I do.

    • Silvia Benito

      My name is Silvia Benito and my adventure in the culinary world began in 2010 when, together with my partner Elena, we decided to share our passion for cooking through this blog. The Thermomix is ​​not just a tool for me, but a source of inspiration that transforms ingredients into edible art. Over the years, I have evolved as a self-taught cook, perfecting techniques and flavors that are reflected in every dessert I create. Each recipe is a story of flavor and each finished dish, a work to enjoy.

    • Elena Calderon

      My name is Elena and my love for cooking has become a true vocation, especially baking, which is where my creativity overflows. The arrival of the Thermomix into my life has revolutionized the way I cook, allowing me to explore complex recipes with ease and confidence. Every day, this amazing appliance inspires me to push the boundaries of traditional cooking, fusing flavors and techniques to delight family and friends. It is more than a tool; It is my companion in the culinary art, an extension of my being in the kitchen.

    • Jorge Mendez

      BASED ON GLASS! Some years ago I began to be interested in the gastronomic world and how it developed in each kitchen. Me, who only opened containers to put in the microwave making it the basis of my diet. Thanks to a well-known blogger, I started using the kitchen for more than just opening the fridge and grabbing anything. After a few years acting alone, except for the occasional household appliance, I acquired the well-known kitchen robot with which I develop most of the recipes that I present on the channel and whose use surprises me every day. So much so that I don't want to stop sharing it. WELCOME! Although I like cooking in general, for some years I have made some changes in my eating habits due to the beginning of a lifestyle based on sports and fitness. Many of the recipes that I develop are based on the philosophy of eating what we really need based on our parameters and needs, dispensing with additives and products that are not as healthy as the big brands sometimes sell us. It is about adapting recipes by substituting some ingredients for others that go better (sugar for healthier natural sweeteners such as stevia or whole grains instead of refined ones). Little by little you will see it.

    • Gonzalez Virtues

      My love for cooking began in my childhood, watching my grandmother turn simple ingredients into memorable dishes. With every twist of the spoon and every pinch of spice, I knew she wanted to create that same magic. The Thermomix is ​​not just a device for me; It is an extension of my hands and my creativity, allowing me to explore the depths of gastronomy. In Thermorecetas, I don't just share recipes; I share pieces of my story, hoping to inspire others to write their own in the kitchen. Each dish I create is a dialogue between flavors and my soul, and I am delighted that you will join me on this culinary journey. Do you dare to continue this adventure with me?