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Equivalences between Thermomix models: TM5, TM31 and TM21


In September 2014 Vorwerk launched its new model known as TM5. Many users have been acquiring it over the years and some who had older models have been renewing them. However, as these machines have a fairly long lifespan, many still cook on the premises. TM31 (manufactured in 2004) and, a little less, with the TM21 (manufactured in 1996). Do you want to cook with all the models? Well, it is essential that you know the equivalences of the Thermomix TM5, TM31 and TM21 models.

So how is there small differences Between the TM5 and the TM31, we have thought it useful to write an article explaining the main differences between the 3 robots so that you have the model you have, you can continue to enjoy our recipes and adapt them fully comfort and especially fullfilment of security requirements.

Equivalences between TM31 and TM5

thermomix tm31 vs thermomix tm5

Thermomix TM31 vs. Thermomix TM5

The differences between these two models are much smaller than those between 31 and 21, so it will be much easier to adapt your recipes. You will only have to take into account two basic aspects: the maximum temperature and capacity of the glass and the varoma container. Let's see it in more detail:


The maximum temperature of the TM5 is over 120º, while the TM31 only reaches 100º. This opens up a range of possibilities with the TM5, especially when it comes to sautéing and stir-frying.

  • Sautéed and sautéed: in the TM5 we must program 120º and 8 minutes. While in the TM31 we will put a varoma temperature, 10 minutes. Now with the TM5 the stir-fries are better, more golden. It is mainly noticeable when we sauté garlic, for example, to top a steamed fish.
  • Varoma temperature: In the TM31 we use the Varoma temperature for practically everything: steaming with the varoma, stir-fry and sautéing, reducing liquids in sauces ... However, in the TM5 we only have to use the varoma temperature to generate steam and cook in the varoma container or reduce sauces.
  • Cook at 100º: As in the TM31 with the TM5 we can also cook vegetables at 100º, for example, thus favoring the preservation of the properties of food or rice, which will remain at its right cooking point.


Varoma container capacity has increased by 10%, from the 3 liters of the TM31 to the 3.300 of the TM5.

The tank has also increased its capacity from 2 liters for the TM31 to 2.200 for the TM5. Here you have to be careful as the TM31 recipes can be made perfectly on the TM5, but not the other way around because the glass could overflow. So if you want to make a TM5 recipe on the TM31, make sure that the maximum capacity signal is not exceeded (2 liters).

The Varoma has also increased its capacity and this is very good as we can incorporate more foods to steam them at the same time and that they are looser than each other, favoring the good circulation of steam. For example, now we can put two seabass or bream in a more comfortable way or more vegetables. It is also advantageous when it comes to putting rectangular or individual molds for puddings or puddings since we will get more models.


With the TM5 speed 10 or turbo has increased all the way to 10.700 rpm (while the TM31 reached 10.000). This makes preparations such as gazpacho or creams thinner in less time.

Let's see it in a table more graphically.

Table of equivalences TM31 and TM5



Steaming with basket and / or varoma Varoma temperature Varoma temperature
Reduce sauces

(by evaporation of liquid)

Varoma temperature Varoma temperature
Sauté or sauté Varoma temperature - 10 min approx Temperature 120º - 8 min approx
Capacity max. of the jar 2 liters 2,200 liters
Capacity max. of the varoma 3 liters 3,300 liters
Butterfly Maximum at speed 5 Maximum at speed 4
Turbo (or speed 10) Reaches 10.000 rpm Reaches 10.700 rpm

Equivalences between TM31 and TM21

Here is a equivalence table in which you simply have to follow the corresponding row, that is, if the recipe adapted for the TM31 says “spoon speed” and you have a TM21, what you have to do is program speed 1 with butterfly… easy, right?

Now you have the key to adapt all recipes to your TM21 model.

Table of equivalences between TM31 and TM21

TM31 TM21
Bucket speed Speed ​​1 with butterfly
Turn to the left Butterfly
Temperature 37º Temperature 40º
Temperature 100º Temperature 90º
Chopping, speed 4 Chop, speed 3 or 3 1/2
Grate, speed 5 Grate, speed 4
Shred, speeds 7 to 10 Shred, speeds 6 to 9
Mount whites, speed 3 1/2 Ride clear, speed 3

As you will see, there are notable differences between models 21 and 31, such as the minimum temperature or the speeds for the basic functions of chopping, grating and shredding.