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Bonito fish with tomato

Thermomix Bonito with Tomato Recipe

I have never prepared this recipe with Thermomix®. It is one of those dishes that you have caught the point in the pan and it is difficult for you to experiment with the robot. But the other day I was encouraged and when I finished and saw the result so good I regretted not having done it sooner, especially since it doesn't stain the kitchen with splashes.

It is very simple to make. You just have to do a fried onion and add the bonito along with the tomato.

It is a recipe suitable for all types of allergies such as celiac or egg or lactose intolerant, so it is very practical for when we have guests Well, it can't hurt anyone.

And, although it is a fish, with tomato it is liked by young and old especially if you serve them with some chips or a white rice garnish.

This dish is one of those that suits them well the reposados ​​and is better from one day to the next, with more established flavors.

More information - Basic recipe: White rice in varoma

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  1.   Goizalde said

    Great, great, great ...
    I no longer find it pretty in the freezer, but when the season comes I do it many times like that, in the Thermo. So simple, so easy ...
    A kiss

    1.    Silvia said

      You are absolutely right Goi, I love bonito and I love this recipe with my potatoes.
      A kiss

  2.   cuca said

    I have the thx 21 and you don't know how angry I get when I see recipes for rice and other things in which you use the spoon speed. Is there any trick so that my thx can do these things?

    1.    Adela said

      You can do it by putting the butterfly and speed 1

    2.    Raquel Olivares Warrior said

      I have just done it and I have put the basket without butterfly, I have the 21 and I have done it that way, it works out very well. My friend told me that it is a thermomix commercial that is how I have done it.

  3.   carmen said

    I will write this dish for Tuesday, I will tell you, Yesterday was my daughter SANDRA's birthday and I made her the cake with the three chocolates and the caramel cake with walnuts and the walnut cake was a great success ... all the recipes that I make yours, I exist, continue like this GIRLS ... look, I'm a thermomix presenter and all my clients tell them to get into your blog, and then they tell me that they make your recipes, I tell you for real, you are TWO great ... A GREETING AND A HUG, for everyone… ..FROM TOMELLOSO

    1.    Silvia said

      Mari Carmen, I'm glad you like the cakes so much. You are a sun with your comments to the blog.
      A little kiss and many congratulations for your daughter.

  4.   carmen said

    I forgot when I made the caramel cake with walnuts, the base was made like the one with the 3 chocolates with cookies and this very good one I encourage you to make this cake that is, very good, very goodaaaaaaaaaaa …………… tomelloso ………… GOODBYE I see you every day…………………….

  5.   maria said

    I love the bonito with tomato and onion. I always make these recipes in the GM pot, I have never thought of making it in the thermomix. I have the impression that it will come out even better, it is also easier to clean. If it was not for you, I would not get it. so much party to my th. Thank you for everything. Greetings.

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad that we encourage you to give your thermomix more life. Everything comes out delicious, cheer up and you'll see how in a short time you just want to cook with it. All the best

  6.   Elena said

    I love this dish !!!
    I also usually do it a lot but never in the thermomix, this week I try it….
    On Friday I made the black pudding coca and it came out delicious, with your recipes it is always a guaranteed success.

    1.    Silvia said

      Try the bonito and tell us how about Elena. They love it at home, I hope you like it. All the best

  7.   Aina said

    Let's see if I find it nice in the supermarket, whenever I dare to do it I can't find it. I see that Goizalde talks about the season, and my question is: when is the tuna season? Thanks a lot!!

    1.    Silvia said

      Aina, although we can currently enjoy it all year round, the bonito season is the summer and hot months from May to almost October.

  8.   antonia said

    What delicious recipes, this beautiful one I do not stay without making it, it is very simple.
    A hug *****

  9.   MARY said

    How rich and easy this recipe is, the only thing that I have therm21, the spoon speed does not have it. but I will prove, to have what comes out. thanks for your recipes.

    1.    Silvia said

      Mary, you have to put the butterfly and put speed 1.

  10.   marisa said

    We find tuna at home, I am going to do it, because the truth is that what I do most are sweet things and for your recipes you can also make many salty things from day to day but it gives me a little more fear and I always end up doing them the traditional way; I'm going to try and I'll tell you. Greetings and thank you very much.

    1.    Silvia said

      Animate Marisa, they are simple recipes and they are delicious. The thermomix not only embroider the desserts, the rest of the dishes come out so well that it makes you look like a super cook. All the best

  11.   Loli said

    I am going to try this recipe but instead of tuna I will make it with fresh cod I imagine it will be the same. It will be tomorrow's meal so tomorrow I tell you a greeting and thank you.

    1.    Silvia said

      Loli, I usually make a recipe for cod with tomato that is in the index. Look at it because it comes out great.

  12.   Ruth said

    This recipe is to die for! delicious and super easy !!. Thanks!

    1.    Silvia said

      Ruth I'm glad you like it !! The truth is that it is simple and is very rich. All the best

  13.   Nuria said

    Hello, you can substitute the natural crushed tomato for fried tomato, of this hida type, this way the times are shortened, right?

  14.   Miguel Angel said


    Apart from making this recipe with bonito, could it be made with another type of fish?
    With which would it be?

    Thank you

    1.    Silvia said

      I have not tried it with another, but ask your fishmonger what fish could be made like the bonito with tomato, they will surely advise us phenomenally and tell us what they tell you, please. All the best

  15.   ELISA said

    Today I made this recipe. It is good but for my taste the sauce is a little liquid.
    Congratulations on this great page that helps me a lot.

  16.   maria said

    Yesterday I made this recipe for dinner, but instead of nice I made it with cod, I put a small chilli in it and it came out great. I was a little afraid that the cod would break because it was fresh, but it came out whole and just right. again thanks for your recipes. a greeting.

  17.   conchi said

    Hi! I attest that this recipe is very good, I have to confess that in my house we all like fish but I have never had so juicy bonito. Congratulations on your blog.

    1.    Silvia said

      Conchi, I'm glad you like it. At home we also like fish but this one especially my daughters love with potatoes.

  18.   Ana said

    This is a non-stop preparing delicious things. I have prepared this dish, it is very tasty. Yesterday I prepared it and put some pieces of peppers in the varoma while the tomato is made and when I made the bonito I added them to the glass. It is also very rich.
    All the best. You are great… ..

  19.   Nuria Leiva said

    Hi, I'm Nuria, I just used themomix, but since I discovered it, I use it more widely, I love your recipes, thank you.

  20.   MARIA said

    Hello I am Maria,

    I am starting in the world of Thermomix and I have discovered your blog. It is phenomenal. And the recipes are very simple and easy to make. I want to encourage myself to make the bonito with tomato. I have a question, is the bonito fresh, fishmongering?
    A greeting.

    1.    Silvia said

      If Maria is a fishmonger, ask them to dice it for you.

  21.   Virginia said

    Great !! Although I have "tuned" it with a little oregano, hmmmm !!!

    1.    Silvia said

      What a good idea Virginia, I'll try oregano. Thanks!!

  22.   elenairene said

    What a hit girls, thank you very much for this recipe. I don't like fish very much but I did and have frozen some for another day. even my husband has caught a little (and he doesn't like fish at all).
    super kisses and keep it up, I love your bolg¡¡¡¡

    1.    Silvia said

      I am very happy that you liked it, the truth is that the fish is luxurious like that.

  23.   Ana Mazario Egea said

    I'll do it at home tomorrow, I'll tell you how it turned out. Congratulations on these fantastic recipes and happy new year.

  24.   Irenearcas said

    Good! We are very happy that you liked it and that you are going to repeat it soon. It's a classic!

  25.   Trillalua said

    thanks a great recipe

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Thanks to you for always being there !!


  26.   loyal said

    Looks good.
    I wanted to ask if while the tomato and the bonito are made (20 min) we can put some potatoes in the varoma, and thus have a complete plate.
    I don't know if it affects cooking.
    Thank you

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      I think it's a great idea!
      You can put the potatoes in the varoma. No problem.
      A hug!

  27.   Laura said

    One question I have, if it gets prettier and more tomato will it look good? Greetings and thanks.

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Laura:

      It depends on the amount you want to increase. If you look at it, in the final step it asks you to mix the bonito with the sauce, so if you add a little more bonito and sauce you will not have a problem but I would not double the amounts because I think that everything will not fit in the glass .