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Oatmeal milk


La oat milk is one of the different vegetable milks that can be made at home and enjoy all its benefits. The best known are the horchata and soy milk, but there are other options, such as cereal or nut milks. Among them, this oatmeal drink, which is ideal for combating anxiety and Stress, provides long-lasting and fat-free energy. It is rich in B vitamins, beneficial for the nervous system, and contains avenin, an alkaloid with a calming effect. It is perfect for people or moments of great activity and need for mental concentration.

In addition, it helps reduce cholesterol and it is easy to digest. Especially suitable for lactose intolerant or allergic to cow protein.

Equivalences with TM21

Thermomix equivalences

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  1.   gespy said

    How many days can it last in the fridge?

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hi Gespy. Homemade milk, lacking preservatives, does not last long. In the refrigerator and in a closed container, about 3 days.

  2.   Press said

    I just did it, it's very good. I'm going to make another batch and take a liter to some friends who use this milk for coffee. Thank you for the recipe!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      How nice Lis! Thank you very much for your message, we are very happy that you liked it. How lucky are your friends huh? 🙂

  3.   Pink said

    What can we do to take advantage of the leftover oats and ground cinnamon? There is talk of taking advantage of it in cookies, cakes, ... but I don't know any recipe and I don't dare to try.

    1.    Gem said

      You can make a mask for your face. Let it dry for a while on the skin and then remove it with warm water or rose water. Oatmeal has excellent properties for the skin.

  4.   Pink said

    Hello, where do you buy the oats.

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hello rosa. The oat flakes are already sold in supermarkets, ask at your usual supermarket. If not, in any hypermarket. And if you do not have access, you will find it safe in any herbalist, organic supermarket or health food stores. Good luck with your research!

  5.   Pink said

    Thank you Ana

  6.   arabic said

    Hello! I have also made it, but when heating it in the saucepan, it thickens a lot, the texture is almost like chocolate to the cup and it is quite unpleasant to drink like this ... Any trick to prevent this from happening? The oat milk that I buy in supermarkets has never thickened me, on the other hand, when I make the porridge (the porridge with oatmeal for breakfast), it does thicken a lot. Thanks a lot!

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hello arabela. The truth is that I had never had it hot, always cold, like horchata. But, from what I've been consulting, I've seen that natural oat milk does indeed thicken if heated. To avoid this, it is better that you heat it for a short time and at a low temperature, that it never comes to a boil or is around 100º. If you stir while it heats up better (for that, the tMX is fantastic because you can put 60º and spoon speed for a couple of minutes) On the other hand, although I suppose you have done it, it is essential to strain it with the gauze, not with a strainer. Let's see if that is how it works for you to drink it warm. A kiss!

  7.   jose said

    Hello, I am very interested in this recipe, as an athlete that I am. My question is if instead of 50gr. Can I put 100g per liter?, and thus take more advantage of the properties of oats. All the best

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hello Jose. Power, you can. But you will no longer get oat milk, but oatmeal cream, to take with a spoon. A hug!

  8.   jose said

    thanks for the speed, I'll keep the 50gr. I prefer to drink.

  9.   Eli's Beauty Blog said

    I prepared it yesterday and it was very thick, impossible to strain with a cloth, and with a gelatinous texture. I think I'm going to have to throw it away ... Was it really necessary to heat the water?

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hello The Beauty. It is not normal that you have been like this, not at all. There must have been an error in the amount of oatmeal. The thermomix scale is very sensitive and sometimes fails (if it is not completely level, if the cable is too tight, it can even influence that there are a few crumbs of bread under its legs ... well, it is very delicate). Almost it is better to weigh separately, or to put a container on the lid, zero the balance and the ingredient to be weighed inside the container. It avoids these types of failures. Regarding whether it was necessary to heat the water, well, yes, really necessary, if not, the milk is not made. Try next time and you will see how it turns out great. The problem with thickening, as you will see in another comment, is never when the milk is made, but when heating it once it is made. Regarding the one you made, if you dare, you can apply it as a face mask, it has great properties. A hug!

  10.   Malta said

    Hello! You were talking about what to do with the pasta that remains when you make the vegetable drinks; It is called "okara", and if you search online, you will find a multitude of recipes: cookies, vegetable croquettes ...

  11.   incarni said

    How much A Vena and water do I have to put in so that it turns out like the ones sold in supermarkets? ????
    And say I do not put it s hervur what happens ?????

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hello Encarni. The recipe I give you is a little thicker than the one sold in supermarkets. But natural oat milk is like that. If you want it clearer, once made, then you add water and stir. But try it first like this, it is very tasty and it is a shame to clarify it.
      Regarding boiling, I don't understand your question. In the recipe, at no time is it boiled. By fi, review the comment a little before sending me that you have driven me crazy with the last sentence, a kiss, beautiful.

  12.   Jeni said

    Hello good! Thank you for the recipe! I use it daily! A little thing ... To make two liters respect the times?
    Thank you!!

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi Jeni,

      It is very simple you will only have to increase the time in the step. Heat the water to 70º, I think that with 10 minutes it will have already reached the temperature. If not, hold out for a couple more minutes.

      The rest all the same.


      1.    Irina Sanchez said

        Hi there! I have loved this drink, I just made it ... I also added a little vanilla and stevia ... it's great and to drink it as we go ...?
        Thank you.

        1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

          I'm glad you liked it.
          Remember that with okara from oats you can make cookies or enrich other recipes.

  13.   ISABEL said

    Hello. In case it serves you. I make it by letting the oatmeal rest with water, lemon peel and cinnamon (just covering it) overnight. I strain it through a strainer in the morning, pouring out the first water. I put the pasta in the glass with a little salt, vanilla and a teaspoon of sunflower oil (optional brown sugar) at speed 4 for 2 minutes and then I add the liter of cold water and put it 1 minute at speed 10. I strain it with a cloth coffee filter and put it in the fridge.

  14.   White Ruiz said

    How to introduce calcium in this milk

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Blanca,
      The truth is that I do not know. You can supplement the calcium intake with other foods in your diet or ask the pharmacy if they sell a liquid calcium supplement (years ago they sold it in bottles)
      A greeting!

  15.   Magda said

    Hello, I'm going to try to make it today, but I wanted to ask something, can I skip the step of sneaking it? Since I usually add rolled oats to milk, in this case it would no longer be necessary, right? And so I take advantage of everything. Thank you.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Magda,
      Try as you say, to see if it is how you like it. If you are going to have the oatmeal later, with the milk, you will do well not to strain it.
      A hug!

  16.   Ana said

    I have already made it, I made it yesterday and I liked it, I have made myself a fresh banana smoothie, I made it with the orange peel. Thank you.

  17.   Cristina said

    Well, I just made it and I have it in the fridge waiting for it to cool down, I have tried it before putting it still warm and it is very tasty !!!!! I think it will become a good substitute for snacks that I am already tired of so much coffee and tea, something healthier and fresher!

    A greeting!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      What a joy Cristina !! We are very happy, thank you for writing us !! 🙂

  18.   Pillar said

    Thank you very much for the recipe I make it and what do you say but without cinnamon and it is very good.

  19.   medea said

    I have been trying all the recipes that I see for oat milk for a week and none of them convinces me, I have followed yours to the letter and two things happen to me. The first is that when I crush the oatmeal and cinnamon flakes in step one, I have a powder, an oatmeal that already made me suspect that straining was going to be impossible. Finally a layer remains on the fabric that does not allow the liquid to pass through, and it is frustrating to try to remove it, it almost made up for me to have crushed everything at the end and drink it, or eat it, I don't know ...
    The second thing is that it is super slimy, not the texture of the milk but gelatinous, I know that it is the mucilage of the oats, but it does not dilute even if I add more water, it is like dirty water with dense mucus in the middle. Does it really look like this and can you drink it? I think I throw in the towel in the oat milk ... if you have any advice I would appreciate it

  20.   @irenegonser said

    Medea, I am used to making vegetable milks. So that it does not thicken you, first soak the oats in water, at least 20 minutes or overnight. Then strain the oats and under the stream you wash them in the strainer to remove as much mucilage as possible. Then beat the oats with the water, cinnamon, etc. With cold water. Strain with a fine strainer and cheesecloth on top and it will not thicken. Better to beat with water of the time and without heating, because depending on the temperature it thickens or not. If you put less oatmeal, it will thicken less when heated. Oat milk can be heated in very few recipes, depending on the percentage of oats. To drink hot, better try to make almond milk. All the best

  21.   Toñy said

    This recipe is very good, I have been making it for a while and I do not add sugar because I add cinnamon and lemon peel. It is delicious !!!!

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi, Tony:
      The recipe itself is sugar free but we love your combination of cinnamon and lemon flavors.
      Also try orange for a different touch.