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Special diets with Thermomix

We present you our new ebook, a recipe book for people who must live with some kind of food intolerance such as celiac disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, egg and also for those who simply prefer to continue special diets such as vegan or vegetarian.

32 recipes for all types of diners not published on the blog

We know the difficulty involved in carrying out this type of diet on a daily basis, not only in the cost of specific products in the markets, but also in the complexity of their preparation. However, this does not mean having to give up eat healthy, balanced and make rich, tasty and very colorful dishes.

Buy our cookbook

This is a cookbook in digital format that you can check whenever you want from your computer, tablet, mobile device or print on paper. You will always have it at hand even if you are not near your Thermomix.

What recipes will you find?

You will surprise your friends and family with incoming as delicious as:

  • Quinoa falafel
  • Gluten-free ham croquettes
  • Vegan cheese for nachos

First courses on the table:

  • Poke bowl of marinated salmon, mango and seaweed
  • Millet and vegetable dumplings
  • Quinoa and pea burgers

Rice and pasta dishes:

  • Rice noodles with prawns and seafood sauce

Fusion and international dishes:

  • Mexican red bean tacos with mojo picón

Sweet dishes and drinks on the table:

  • Balls "total love"
  • Banana soft ice cream
  • Blueberry panna cotta
  • Vegan Chocolate Sausage

All this and much more!

Doubts? Try a free recipe

If you still have doubts about what you are going to find in the recipe book, we offer you one of the exclusive recipes of the ebook: the delicious millet and vegetable dumplings. Download it here.