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Squids with onions

Thermomix recipe squid onions

The first time I made the squid with onion we all loved it, in fact, we liked it so much that we were little. Later, reading the recipe well, I realized that I had bought fewer squid than recommended ... it's the bad thing about going to the supermarket without a good shopping list.

La salsa It is so delicious that there is no one to resist, so do not forget to serve them with bread. It also has a secret ingredient that I'm sure neither big nor small will be right. Take the test, you'll see what laughs. 😉

With this recipe the squid comes out very tender and juicy. It is an ideal dish to accompany with white rice or with steamed potatoes and that will help you eat more fish at home.

It is also very practical for eating out because it is easy to carry and can be easily heated.

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  1.   carmen said

    Hi Silvia, I am Mari Carmen from Tomelloso, I have made the recipe and this great one was taken from me and my husband took her away from his mother, I look at your recipes every day and I have already made many of them, tomorrow I will make the Vanilla mausse cake, for the birthday of my sister's father-in-law they have me as the serreno's whistle, as I have the machine, because I am a presenter of the thermomix ... it is but not to bother you, you have made the granita coffee from the thermomix, You make him in the glass full of ice, a cup of soluble coffee, a drizzle of cognac and 500 grams of condensed milk, you grind them all together at a speed of 5 to 10, I have like a little more than half a minute, which is all very well shredded, it is but that you like it, I already have defects, greetings

    1.    Silvia said

      Mari Carmen, thank you very much for following us and for your contributions of recipes, I'm going to try the one for coffee and I'll tell you about it.
      A kiss

      1.    Francisco martin said

        Why do you put 4 cookies on the squid?

  2.   twitch said

    It seems to me that the recipe lacks some liquid with which to make the sauce, which then is supposed to thicken. I put a splash of white wine and a little water.

    1.    Elena said

      How have you been? I always do it as I put in the recipe, but if it looks good the way you do it, I will try. All the best.

  3.   raquel said

    Hi, I made the recipe last night and it was a huge success. I threw the squid frozen and the cooking time you indicate was enough. We all liked it, including the children, I ran out of rice and accompanied it with mashed potatoes. At first I thought I should include some liquid in the sauce, because it seemed that there was little, but they were made without problems and there was enough sauce for everyone and for dipping later. Thank you.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you like it, Raquel. Thank you very much for following us.

  4.   Marisol said

    Hello Silvia! I have made your recipe and it has been very good, I also thought that I would be low on liquid but no ... He gave me enough bread to dip in the sauce, thank you!

    1.    Silvia said

      Marisol I'm glad you liked them, we love them and the sauce is not to waste it with a good piece of bread as you say.
      All the best

  5.   VICTORIA said

    I've only been using the Thermomix for 1 month, but I'm so excited that I spend the day looking for recipes. This has seemed interesting to me, I will try it and tell you. Thanks.

    1.    Silvia said

      Victoria, even if you are almost new to this, our recipes are so simple that they will help you get the most out of the machine.
      Animaté with recipes like this that you will love.
      A greeting and welcome

  6.   teba said

    Today I have tried it with unfrozen cuttlefish (I don't know if it was fresh because my boyfriend bought it and I don't know if it is one of those that say "thawed product"). This one is harder and it took me a little more time (in total 60 minutes) but, it smells that it feeds. Today we will have dinner with rice, hehe
    I congratulate you on the recipe.

    1.    Elena said

      I hope you like them, Teba. With rice it goes perfect. You will tell us. All the best.

    2.    Eve Warrior said

      What a good idea to have the cuttlefish with what they like at home. Thank you.

  7.   marimar said

    You can make only half a kilo of squid in this case that would take everything else the same and the same time or the recipe would vary somewhat

  8.   marimar said

    Hello, my question was that if instead of making a kilo I could make a kilo and a half it would be all the same amounts of ingredients and the same time or it could not be done I have tried them making them as they come in the recipe and they are fabulous they tasted like little. Thanks for your recipes they are magnificent

    1.    Silvia said

      Marimar if what you want is a little more squid, I think you could add about 200 grams more and try everything the same because with half a kilo they may need more liquid, otherwise the stew will be a little thick.
      All the best

  9.   raquel said

    I wanted to make a consultation, with how much time in advance could the recipe for the calamari encobollados be prepared,
    thanks for your page

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Raquel, it is best to do it the same day because freshly made they are perfect. You can make it the day before and heat it in the microwave, if the sauce is a bit thick, add a little water before heating it and it will look good on you.

  10.   Marien said

    Hello girls, this weekend we tried this dish, accompanied by white rice. Delicious is little, really rich, even though my children are not very enthusiastic about fish.
    I love the recipe, a kiss

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you liked it, Marién !. All the best.

  11.   silvia said


    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you like them !! All the best

  12.   manuel said

    Hi girls! Last night I made this recipe and it came out delicious, thanks for your blog, in a month that I have the thermomix I can't stop using it daily my wife is delighted and I make many of your recipes, I'll try to leave more comments, greetings.

  13.   yolanda said

    Girls!!! I never write to you but I have followed you since I bought the thermomix last year. I have voted for you because your work seems FANTASTIC! I want to take this opportunity to give you CONGRATULATIONS and encourage you to continue like this. A hug from someone who greatly appreciates your work. 😉

    1.    Silvia said

      Yolanda, thank you very much for your words. I am glad that you like our page and that you follow us daily. Thank you very much for your vote. Everyone who votes every day is being noticed. All the best

  14.   gabi said

    I like the recipes, could you give me the peach sorbet recipe

  15.   Adri said

    Hello, the recipe will be good for me if I substitute the squid for a substitute that there is, which is called »Argentine squid». Is it a kind of cuttlefish? , is that I want to do it now and ma shit without squids hehehe bsssss

    1.    Silvia said

      Surely yes, because they are all from the same family, cuttlefish, squid, squid. If you have tried, tell us how.

      1.    Mila said

        Sure that squid is also good, here in the Canary Islands we use it a lot and it is the same as squid, it may have a slightly stronger flavor, but not much. I made it with squid, but the next I make it with squid and I'll tell you how it turned out. KISSES

  16.   Mila said

    How delicious this recipe! Girls I congratulate you, I made it today and we sucked our fingers, a greeting.

  17.   Fatima gomez said

    Hello, first of all, congratulations on your blog, I discovered you through the milk breads hahahahahaha and the truth is that I have subscribed to your recipes and it is a pleasure to read you. Since I have known the blog that makes I think that just a month if anything, I give more use to my thermomix hahahahaha. I wanted to ask you if I can make it with squid rings, which is what I have in the freezer right now. Greetings from Tenerife.

    1.    Silvia said

      Fatima, I have not tried with rings but I think it will also come out very tasty. If you dare, tell us. All the best

  18.   ELI WALLS said

    Hello, I have had the thermomix for 4 days and the truth is that I am very happy. Had fresh calamari and I looked for a recipe at random. They have come out delicious, the cookies have their point. Thanks.

    1.    Silvia said

      I am very glad that you liked them. All the best

  19.   leticia said

    Hello, I have encouraged myself to make this recipe since I have my daughter who is allergic to fish and I have to figure out how to eat varied without including fish in the diet, which is not easy if I do not want her to eat meat, meat and meat.
    But I have a curiosity, the Maria type cookie, what does it add to the recipe?
    Thanks, greetings

    1.    Silvia said

      Leticia, I think that the cookies are to give a special touch to the sauce and make it thicken a little. They look great !!

  20.   Sarah said

    Hello, I have had the thermomix for 15 days and I am delighted. Today I have encouraged myself to make this recipe but with cuttlefish instead of squid and with crushed almonds (in the thermomix, of course!) Instead of Maria cookies. I'll tell you how to do it.

    1.    Silvia said

      Surely you have been phenomenal. With sepia, how delicious!

  21.   Sarah said

    it is already done, eaten and digested ;-D

    Indeed it was very good and I also made peas in the varoma at the same time and then mixed everything. It was scrumptious!

    It is highly recommended to substitute the Maria cookies for the crushed almonds. It gives it a smooth and very pleasant consistency and flavor and makes the dish healthier and more suitable for coeliacs.

    1.    Silvia said

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. Another suitable dish for my niece who is celiac. All the best

  22.   montse said

    Hello everyone, I have had the thermo for a long time and I do not use it much because I always do the same but since I discovered this page I have already made several recipes and all my family have loved it, I thank you continue so I want to ask you how I know makes chocolate mus

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Montse:

      Thank you for your comments, we are very excited !!

      On the question of the chocolate mousse ... be careful that we will upload it to you shortly!

  23.   yurena said


  24.   Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

    Hi Katy20,
    To get it right, there is nothing better than a traditional recipe. If you don't like the taste of cookies, try some almonds, as Sahrah suggests.
    And yes, you are absolutely right, the squid release water but it is not the fault of the recipe. Next time help yourself with a little cornstarch or chickpea flour to thicken the sauce.

  25.   Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

    Hello Katy20,
    The reviews are always good, so I write down the recipe to remake and improve it.

  26.   Carme Closas Sola said

    Well, I have tried them with a few that I had and they have been spectacular.
    Now I am going to repeat with more quantity, I hope the result is the same. I made a variant, instead of cookies I put some pine nuts that I had left over from making panellets.
    Thank you for the recipe!

  27.   Mari said

    I did it yesterday and it came out very good. I thank you for the effort and work you do on this blog because you help us a lot in the kitchen every day. All the best

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      How good Mari! We are glad you liked it.
      Thanks to you for following us daily and for leaving us messages like this.
      Kisses, ascen

  28.   Soledad said

    The first thing to congratulate you on the blog is great. I threw this recipe today to eat and it has been very good, the whole family has loved it, even the little 3-year-old. Thank you very much for the recipes and continue like this. All the best.

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Soledad, thank you very much for your message !! And if we also have the approval of the 3-year-old ... we could not be happier! I am very glad that you liked it, it is an exquisite recipe. Thank you for following us and for writing us! A hug 🙂

  29.   cristina said

    Hello, I am new NEW.
    A query, the calameres are thrown WITHOUT defrosting ????
    thank you!!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hi Cristina,

      Welcome to Thermorecetas! The squid is fresh, not frozen. I recommend that you use them fresh, you can find them in any fishmonger and at a very good price throughout the year. Thank you very much for leaving us your comment and for following us, we are here for whatever you need. A hug! 🙂

  30.   Jump said

    For how many people is the recipe? I want to try it and I do not want to fall short!
    Thank you very much!

  31.   Miri said

    Today I cooked the squid and they turned out very tasty. but not with the same color as the photo

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Miri, maybe you looked paler? Well, maybe it's because of the paprika ...