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Ham and cheese shells

Thermomix Recipe Ham and Cheese Shells

This ham and cheese shells recipe I usually do it lately for family celebrations and it is enchanting.

They are a kind of stuffed salty ensaimadas, which both children and adults like.

The ideal is to eat them warm when you take them out of the oven but warm they are also rich, and best of all, they can be done and then freeze. So the day they are needed they are put in the oven for a few minutes and as freshly made.

I encourage you to do it, especially for birthdays or informal parties, since it spreads a lot and is perfect for many diners.

This dough can also be used for fill with sweet ingredients but we must suppress the teaspoon of salt.

Source - Auro's Kitchen

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  1.   Pili diaz said

    You have read my mind, Silvia !!! I had defrosted puff pastry and did not know what I was going to do and suddenly I find this suggestion in my mail. Thanks a lot!! I have improvised a bit with what I had in the kitchen and I have made some with Serrano ham and mozzarella and others with York ham, mozarella and a little Roquefort. They were great. All the best

    1.    Silvia said

      Thanks to you Pili, I'm glad you like them, they come out delicious with any filling.
      A kiss

      1.    Almudena said

        Hello Silvia, I have a question and it is that I do not know how long to leave the shells in the oven and that you also explain to me that of the plastic wrap, when to put it, after baking the shells.

        I wait your answer .

        1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

          Hello Almudena,

          leave them for about 20 minutes at 200º. Remove them when you see that they are already golden on the top.


  2.   Mary Carmen Harfuck said

    These shells are, wow, hairs, and they are also very easy to make

  3.   HOPE said

    what a good idea, but… will they get too fat? Well, even if that's the way it is, it will surely be worth it, and with guests you will surely be amazed by the presentation and the taste.
    Thank you very much for your recipes, they are great. I recommend the page to everyone.

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much, Espe.

  4.   tere said

    I had frozen puff pastry and I took it out for the shells, they are delicious

    1.    Elena said

      They are very easy to make and the guests are sure to surprise and love them. All the best.

  5.   Luisa Teruel said

    I love all the recipes

    1.    luisa said

      I need some puff pastry recipe

      1.    Elena said

        Luisa, do you want a recipe to make puff pastry? Or a cake recipe with puff pastry?

    2.    Elena said

      I'm glad, Luisa. Thank you very much for seeing us. All the best.

  6.   toñi said

    Hello Elena, where can I find the yeast? Is that in my barium's bakery they say they don't bring it fresh and they don't sell yeast.

    1.    Silvia said

      Toñi, with freeze-dried baker's yeast comes out just as well. I understand that with the envelope you mean this yeast, because the normal royal one does not work.

    2.    Elena said

      Hello Toñi, as Silvia has already mentioned, the yeast for sachet bread serves the same as fresh yeast. Try it, it sure looks perfect on you. All the best.

  7.   toñi said

    Hello girls, I say the yeast from the envelope that they sell in the grocery store, which also works for cakes, is that good?

    1.    Elena said

      That doesn't work, Toñi. It has to be baker's yeast, whether it is powdered and dry or fresh. All the best.

    2.    beliu said

      Hello Toñi, in Mercadona there is also fresh yeast. It is next to the Margarine in the refrigerators, and they go in two little yellow buckets.

  8.   Elena said

    Hello Elena and Silvia, I just have to tell you one thing, SPECTACULAR !!,
    in fact I will repeat them for the Halloween party that we do in the Coompaund where I live in Bucharest, it will surely suck your fingers.
    Kisses, keep it up.

    1.    Silvia said

      Elena the truth is that it is a recipe that triumphs at family gatherings and you have given me a good idea. I think that on Halloween I will make them too.
      All the best

    2.    Elena said

      Hello Elena, the truth is that they are delicious and for a party they are perfect. Thank you very much for seeing us.

  9.   lola said

    yeast is not from mercadona right? I also usually buy there but yeast for bread in the envelope there is no

    1.    Silvia said

      Lola in Mercadona if they sell fresh yeast, they usually have it in a refrigeration chamber with the butters.
      I always buy that one, so I think the bakery envelope I bought at Carrefour.

  10.   joan said

    Hello, I have read the comments too late and I have put canary yeast, I think it will be a failure hahaha I'll tell you ……………

  11.   Mercedes said

    Hello, I would like to know if the flour is strength or pastry flour? the truth is that I am not a very good pastry chef and I would like to succeed this weekend to take off this »san benito» thank you

    1.    Silvia said

      Mercedes, the flour is from pastry. Go ahead and make them come out great and you will leave them with their mouths open.
      All the best

  12.   patricia said

    Hello, it is the first time that I write here, I mean to tell you that I love your page.
    One question, you have commented that they can be frozen. This point interests me because I have my little girl's birthday on Thursday and I leave work very late, so it would be good for me to do them days before, even on the weekend. When you say "can be made and then frozen", do you mean completely made? and once cold freeze. Or is it freeze the dough? Thanks a lot! Sure they come out just as good? My family is very demanding !!! (It is my daughter's 1st birthday and only the family comes)

    1.    Elena said

      Patricia, it's best to freeze them before baking. That is, you leave them prepared without baking, freeze them and on the day of the party you take them out a couple of hours before, you bake them and savor them.
      I hope your girl's first birthday turns out great and above all, congratulations! All the best.

      1.    patricia said

        great ... thank you very much, I will.

      2.    Magda said

        But do you freeze them once the two hours of the climb have passed or sooner? And can they be done from one day to the next or will they be hard? I mean, for example, make them one evening to eat them at noon ...

        1.    Silvia said

          Magda, I usually freeze them already baked, then leave them out for a couple of hours and heat them a little on a low oven. From one day to the next they harden a bit.
          All the best

          1.    Magda said

            Thanks, in the end I did them in the morning, and what a success. I divided the dough and made half of ham and cheese and the other half of sobrasada with cheese. They came out smaller but they were delicious! I'm looking forward to trying the sweet version… I want to make them out of chocolate! Will nutella be good? Ummmm

          2.    Silvia said

            I have already put chocolate in a little dough and they are very tasty.
            All the best

  13.   Mercedes said

    I made them over the weekend and the truth is that they are very good, in addition, they come out the same as the photo, for me it is an achievement since I am not very good at pastry. Thanks

    1.    Elena said

      I'm very happy, Mercedes. I do them when I have guests and it is an aperitif that always triumphs. It can also be done in advance and just bake them right at the moment. A slaudo.

  14.   Maribel said

    Hello. The other day some friends came to eat and I prepared this recipe. They came out a bit open but they were very good. And this past weekend I thought they had to be delicious with chocolate.
    I took a chocolate bar and ground it into granules. I made the dough and rolled it out. For the entire surface of the dough, sprinkle the chocolate, roll them up and continue as you say in the recipe. I made sure they were tight.
    The result is stupendous. They are delicious. I plan to do them again this weekend.
    Thanks again for your recipes.

    1.    Elena said

      How delicious, Maribel !. I make them in the shape of a Neapolitan with the Nutella filling and they are delicious. Thank you very much, Maribel.

  15.   joan said

    Hello, because with the mistake I made to put the yeast that did not touch they came out very good, so when I do them as they play they will be spectacularsssss, thank you girls.

  16.   silvia said

    Hello xicas, more or less the rectangle that will be measured ??? I have prepared them and they have come out 25, is it a more or less that the amount that comes out ???

    1.    Silvia said

      Silvia, the rectangle that I usually make is as large as the size of the oven tray and more or less if I get the ones you do. I hope you like them. All the best

  17.   Victoria said

    I did them the other day and very good, but I have a couple of doubts. I made them only with edam cheese, where can I find that gruyer ?. I threw them a package of 25 gr. Levital fresh yeast of the 2 that come, let them rest for 2 h. but they increased a little not twice, do I have to ehar the 2 packages that come?
    I love your blog it's great
    All the best

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Victoria, I buy it at Carrefour, but I think there is also it at Mercadona and SuperCor. With regard to yeast, it is 25 grams. They do not rise exactly twice as much, if they were rich and the dough was not caked, they turned out well.
      Thank you very much for seeing us and Merry Christmas!

  18.   Maria A said

    I did them yesterday and they came out delicious. They were very successful.
    Thank you. See you soon.

    1.    Elena said

      Merry Christmas, Maria A.!

  19.   ellen said

    Hello! I love your recipes and your willingness to help us. As I have very little time, I will have to buy the dough, and the question I have is which one to buy, because in Mercadona there are "2 sheets extended puff pastry (the one that rises)" and "2 sheets broken puff pastry (the one that does not rise ) ». Could you please clarify it for me? Thank you very much!

    1.    Silvia said

      Elena, I usually make the dough but once in a hurry I tried the extended puff pastry (the one that rises) and we also liked it a lot.

  20.   rejane said

    How delicious these shells come out! My sister and my brother-in-law were at home, both from Brazil, and my sister just said “What a marvel of dough! "It is not heavy at all." I think it is time to repeat before January 17, the date of his return. Thank you for the recipe!

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad, Rejane! They are very rich shells. Thank you very much for seeing us and Happy 2011!

  21.   sandra said

    hello girls congratulations I have been great I want to ask you what filling could I make more with cheese and sobrasada that you think or cheese and bacon thank you

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Sandra, those two fillings seem perfect to me. I have made them with bacon and cheese and we have loved them. I have not tried them with sobrasada but they are sure to be delicious. You will tell me. All the best.

    2.    Silvia said

      Sandra with the two fillings can be great. Try and tell us.
      All the best

  22.   Irene said

    Hello Silvia!! I am taking advantage of today that I have free (tomorrow I am on duty at the hospital… goodbye Sunday…) to comment on all the recipes that I have made from your blog, I have been following you since the beginning of January when I acquired my thermomix! When I saw the photos of your shells I thought they were very complicated to make, but reading the recipe and getting down to work they were very easy, I made the dough, filled it and cut it before I went to work in the afternoon and when I got them I put them in the oven, they had doubled or tripled their size ... hahahahaha And the result when they were removed from the oven was spectacular !! Delicious… ..

    Thanks for sharing the recipes!

    Greetings to both of you!

  23.   Myriam said

    Hi girls!
    We just ate the conches, how cool! they are incredible. I took advantage of the leftover remains of making some quesadillas, and I filled them with York ham, diced bacon, gouda cheese and a bit of mozzarella, also, I put some chopped walnuts, the kids have loved it too, and I made them with purchased puff pastry ..., next time, I'll make your dough, and see what I fill it with, I can think of Serrano ham with blue cheese and walnuts ... let's see how it goes.

    Thank you very much and greetings

  24.   Alice said

    Well, girls, how does my kitchen smell? chocolate and raisins and also divine, how nice we are going to have breakfast tomorrow a big kiss, pretty

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm very glad that they turned out well for you. The chocolate ones drive me crazy.

  25.   Salu said

    Thank you very much for your recipes, I made the shells today for a family meal and they have been a success, very good. Thank you again, I am going to look for a recipe with veal.

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you like them, at my house whenever there is a family gathering they ask me to bring the conches or the pie. All the best

  26.   Silvia said

    How strange Mari Carmen, I don't know very well what happened to you with the dough of shells because it usually comes out without a problem. Try again, step by step, to see where you could fail. They come out very rich.
    If you want another option to take to a birthday, try the salty plum-cake with ham, black olives and walnuts, it is very good, you can cut it into many pieces.

  27.   veronica said

    Hello girls, I have loved this recipe and all the ones I have received so far, at home we are delighted. Thank you

  28.   carmen said

    Hello, good afternoon!! I am writing to thank you for this magnificent blog. I have the thermo and seeing the amount of things you do so great, I wanted to start. I just made the dough for these shells. I have found it a bit difficult to handle the dough because it came out a bit sticky. The oil helps a lot but I would like to know if you put oil on the work surface, do you put a silicone tablecloth? When you are cutting them then do you squeeze them with your hand to close them a little and not open?

    1.    Silvia said

      Sometimes the doughs come out a bit sticky but they don't usually cost me much to handle. I usually sprinkle flour on the surface, when I cut them I put them on the oven tray with baking paper or with a silicone plate. And it is a good idea to close them a little by hand to tighten them when cutting them.

  29.   carmen said

    Hello Silvia, thank you very much for everything. To tell you that they came out magnificent, but they came out quite large for me, not like you (aperitif size) but twice as large, perhaps it is because I was not able to roll the roll very tight and closed, but with so much ingredient it was impossible for me To make it narrower (and I tried) in fact I got about 12 shells (imagine ..) But they were magnificent in appearance, texture ... just the size. Thank you for everything. Ahhh I'm going to leave you a question about the recipe for the bacon-cheese muffins. Thank you very much for everything again.

  30.   Mari Carmen Fernandez de la Calle said

    Hi Silvia, if we decide to do it with the purchased puff pastry sheet, we also have k make the shells and k rest those 2 hours to double the size. Thank you

    1.    Silvia said

      No, with that dough they are prepared and put directly into the oven. It is very fast and they also look good.

      1.    Mari Carmen Fernandez de la Calle said

        When I spent a while and they did not go up the paint and the oven, they liked muxo and I got pekeñas and I got it, throughout and we have loved it and the best thing is, it is very easy and delicious, thank you

  31.   Eve said

    Hi there! I love this page, a year or so ago that I have the thermo. but I hardly ever do anything. I would like to make these shells, but you can tell me if it is easy to get this Gruyère cheese, I don't know it, or if I can change it for another. a greeting


    1.    Silvia said

      I buy this sliced ​​Gruyère cheese in large supermarkets, such as carrefour, alcampo, hipercor ... even so, you can substitute it for another sliced ​​cheese that you like.

  32.   ceci said

    Hello girls, they came out very rich, I am going to repeat them for my little girl's birthday for the children and the older boys

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you succeeded with the recipe!

  33.   Ana said

    Hi how are things? I wanted to make this recipe but I have a question. If I bake them at noon, how will they be for the night. I want to make them for a party but I won't have time to bake them fresh. Thank you very much for your advice.

    1.    Silvia said

      Ana, they will not be as recent but they can still be eaten and they will surely like it. Although I advise you that if you can, you temper them a little in the oven before putting them on the table.

  34.   CRISTINA said

    Hello, I am a novice in all this in making comments and in THERMOMIX I have it for four days and I have found you, today I am going to try the pizzas and these shells I will already tell you. Please, how do I have to do to receive a recipe by mail? Thank you so much for everything

  35.   Ana said

    Silvia I leave you my new email address please send me the recipes please my address is uchirubi @ gmail. Com

  36.   Ana said

    Hello Silvia, please send me the recipes to my new email and I put it in the previous comment thanks a kiss

    1.    Silvia said

      Ana, yesterday I told you in your comment that you must subscribe again to the blog by putting your new address and they will arrive without problem.
      All the best

  37.   Ana said

    Ok, thank you very much for your help Silvia a hug

  38.   Tania said

    Hello everybody!
    I have had the Thermomix for a month and I am delighted. This blog is helping me a lot, thanks for the dedication and love you put into it.
    What I would like is to ask you to generalize the ingredients a bit. Let me explain: this recipe requires "a package" of fresh yeast. After reading all the comments I have found out that it is 25gr. It is that the aquetes that I buy are half a kilo !. In my city there is no Mercadona and sometimes I am a little lost to find the ingredients.

    A big kiss

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Tania:

      Thank you for your comment, we will take you into account !!


  39.   MARIA said

    EXQUISITE !!!! And the super fluffy dough. I made them yesterday for dinner and both children and adults liked them a lot.
    THANK YOU. It is wonderful to cook with your help.

  40.   M. Luisa said

    Hello everybody.
    I would like to make them to go on New Year's Eve, but I have a problem and that is that I have the TMX-21 and I don't know when to knead, because the spike speed is replaced. Please answer me if they can be done with my model and if this is how I do it.
    Thank you very much as always for your dedication

  41.   Maria Jose said

    Dear Silvia, I have had the thermomix-31 for a year and I am delighted, I follow you in many recipes, rice, pasta, broths etc. But yesterday I started to make the ham and cheese shells with a puff pastry sheet that I had bought and in the freezer and I followed your recipe step by step and although they were beautiful in the oven when I took them out and put them on the table, they were very hard As if the puff pastry had not been opened, it remained compact and hard, what could have happened? I felt totally unsuccessful in my first attempt at this dish. I will repeat it again but making the dough myself with your recipe. Thank you, María José.

    1.    Irene said

      Hello María José, the truth is that I don't know what happened. Perhaps they were in the oven for longer than necessary ... we give an oven time in the recipes, but each oven is different and everyone must know their oven to see how to adapt the recipe. I advise you to use puff pastry purchased, but not frozen fresh. You will find it in the refrigerated part, where the fresh pasta. I have tried practically any brand (always fresh) and it always comes out well. The oven time will be about 15 minutes at 180º-200º. You will tell us!

  42.   angeles said

    Hello girls, happy new year everyone, I am a little late but I found this page recently and it seems fantastic to me, well look today and I made the shells and when it was time to break them the dough broke and I did it wrong or is it that you have some trick to cut them ??? I have got 16, and I have made them very fat? I hope you can help me, thanks

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Angels,

      There is no secret although perhaps a bit of skill. The essential thing is a knife that cuts well. When cutting, do it as if you were cutting bread but the operation has to be fast and precise, without stopping.

      I said, sometimes skill is better than strength!


  43.   VERONICA said


    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Veronica,

      the best thing for this type of dough is to use baker's yeast. You can buy it in your usual bakery and, for months, there have been some cubes in the refrigeration area of ​​supermarkets that already come two in each package. Ideal to always have at home and thus make bread and dough whenever you want.


  44.   Almudena said

    Hello, can you tell me how long to leave the shells of Silvia's recipe in the oven?

    1.    Virtues said

      Hello Almudena, the last step indicates it, about 15 minutes

  45.   Laura said

    I love the recipe but I have a doubt, it has not been very clear to me the part in which the filling is added and rolled like a gypsy arm and then cut into slices. If it is cut, open a part of the filling that will touch the oven and burn, but looking at the photo I have seen that they all have their base. Let's summarize that no matter how much I read it, I do not find out about that part

    1.    Ascend said

      Hello Laura,
      It is done as you say but it does not burn. If you prefer once the shells are made (once the gypsy arm is cut) you can give the bases a little shape so that they cover the filling a bit… I don't know if I explain myself.
      All the best