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Banana cake

Banana cake

Discover how to make a banana cake with our recipe. It is perfect to take advantage of the bananas that are passing us in the fruit bowl. Quick and easy recipe to make with Thermomix

Bow biscuits, two colors

I encourage you to try these bow cookies. We will prepare a unique dough and then we will divide it in two so that it is half normal and half chocolate.

Cups of lemon cream

For adults or children, these lemon cups are very easy to make. With biscuit, egg, cornstarch and milk.

Quick cheesecake

Quick cheesecake

In 10 minutes you will have a creamy and irresistible cheesecake. Ideal to carry and enjoy in an informal meeting.

mashed potatoes with bacon

A mashed potato with bacon that the whole family will like. Perfect to accompany meat or vegetable dishes.

very smooth gazpacho

We love the delicate flavor of this gazpacho. It suits everyone and cools us down in the hottest months of the year.

Cheese garlic bread

Garlic and cheese bread or Cheese garlic bread, a super simple and quick bread that reminds us of what they make in American-type pizzerias

Tomato and nectarine gazpacho

A gazpacho designed for the little ones. With the sweet touch of nectarine and all the flavor of traditional gazpacho.

Quick and easy banana bread

A very quick, healthy and simple banana or banana bread cake with basic ingredients. Ideal for spending bananas that are already very ripe.

Sweet popcorn

sweet sugar popcorn

Spectacular sweet sugar popcorn. Ready in 5 minutes, easy, fast and absolutely delicious.

Sandwich cake

Would you like to have something prepared in the fridge for a casual dinner? Prepare with us a delicious sandwich cake,

fanta cupcakes

Fanta® cake

Do you want to prepare a cake with your favorite soda? Go for this Fanta® sponge cake, you will love its fluffy texture.

Potatoes stuffed with tuna

These tuna stuffed potatoes are so simple and inexpensive that they will make a quick dinner for the whole family.


Do you need an easy, inexpensive dessert that can be made in advance? We show you how to do it by making a Napoleon.

easy recipe thermomix forest fruit smoothie

Forest fruit smoothie

In the mood to hydrate on hot afternoons? This forest fruit smoothie is a healthy and nutritious alternative.

button pasta

Button biscuits

Are you preparing a party or a birthday and you need a happy and colorful recipe? Try these button cookies are a guaranteed success !!

Thermomix bizcoflan desserts recipe in varoma.

Bizcoflan in the varoma

You love biscuit! With its velvety layer of flan and its juicy sponge cake base ... what are you waiting for to try it?

Gertrudis Turtle Cake

Do you have a birthday and want to prepare a fun cake? We show you how to make a Gertrude Turtle that everyone will love.

Pineapple cake with cream and cheese

Do you want to bake a cake but don't want to spend all afternoon in the kitchen? With this pineapple cake you will have a rich, smooth and fresh dessert.

Cod Nata

With this recipe for cod with cream, children will eat fish almost without realizing it. It is a creamy and boneless recipe.


Hake Cake

Bored and out of ideas for dinner? We propose something simple like this hake cake that your children will love.

Biscuit flan

If you want to add a bonus to this biscuit flan, accompany it with dulce de leche. A delicious and flavorful combination.

Chocolate orange muffins

Get your day off to a good start with some juicy chocolate and orange muffins. A delicious combination of flavors.

Chicken and apple meatballs

Fancy a juicy plate that you can easily take to the office? Try these Chicken Apple Meatballs. You will not regret!

Spirals with goat cheese

Would you like to incorporate more fiber into your diet? We recommend that you prepare these spirals with goat cheese. You will be surprised by its taste.

thermomix recipe noodles with clams

Noodles with clams

If you like fiduá, you have to try this recipe for clam noodles. You will be surprised by its simplicity and taste.

Halloween pumpkin cupcake

Organizing a theme party? Remember that you cannot miss this pumpkin cake for Halloween. You will surprise everyone!

Thermomix Halloween Recipe Monster Custard

Monstrous custard

No time to prepare laborious desserts? Don't worry, we show you how to make some monster custard to celebrate Halloween.

express broth

Soup broth

Have you run out of broth and need it right now? We recommend that you use this recipe, in 36 minutes you will have a fish broth ready.

easy recipe thermomix chocolate shake

Chocolate milkshake

Fancy something cool to combat hot afternoons? This chocolate shake is delicious and ready in 2 minutes.

Chickpea and Zucchini Burgers

With these chickpea and zucchini burgers you will get your children to eat legumes and vegetables without realizing it.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Varoma Egg Flan

Egg flan with varoma

Are you looking for a dessert full of flavor like the ones our grandmothers made? Try this varoma egg flan, you will love it.

Potato and carrot puree

This potato and carrot puree can be used to accompany meat and fish dishes and give them extra vitamins and minerals.

Thermomix recipe apple jam with cinnamon

Apple jam with cinnamon

Do you like to have breakfast with toast? Then you have to try this apple jam. So easy and tasty that you will repeat.

recipe Thermomix desserts Mascarpone cheese flan

Mascarpone cheese flan

Do you want to take advantage of the mascarpone cheese? Dare with this cheese flan. It's simple, fast, and delicious.

Milk bread

This milk bread recipe is ideal to prepare soft and delicious buns that you can fill with sweet and savory ingredients

Tuna and olive quiche

With this tuna and olive quiche, made from start to finish with Thermomix, you can make an informal and tasty dinner.

REceta thermomix pasta cooking

Pasta cooking

Do you know how to get the most out of your Thermomix®? We show you how to make a perfect pasta cooking without complications.

Thermomix recipe vegetable and fish puree

Vegetable and fish puree

Vegetable and fish puree is a very complete dish that you can use for the whole family, especially for people with no appetite.

Thermomix Piononos Desserts Recipe


Do you want to prepare some piononos with chocolate coverage with us? It's simple and the result is like a pastry.

Thermomix dessert recipe bambas de nata

Cream buns

The taste of these cream sneakers always reminds me of my childhood. To the traditional sweets that were taken in the bakeries of before.

Easy recipe Thermomix Cookies with gun

Cookies with gun

Preparing delicious cookies with a gun is very easy with your Thermomix. A fun and flavorful bite to take after dinner.

Thermomix dessert recipe "Eggless" sponge cake

Sponge cake "without egg"

Enjoy a cake "without egg" and with all the flavor of homemade cakes. Use it at your birthday parties or snacks.

Thermomix recipe Potato Omelette


Would you like to prepare a potato omelette with the varoma? We show you how to do it easily and simply.

Paste with TUNAFISH

Tuna macaroni is a dish that most children like. Do not hesitate to make them for dinner, they will not leave even crumbs!

Thermomix recipe Ham and cheese pudding

Ham and cheese pudding

Are you organizing a birthday party and want to make a savory recipe? Try this ham and cheese pudding, ideal for children!

easy recipe thermomix fried tomato

Fried tomato

Did you know that you can freeze fried tomato? Prepare this recipe, freeze it in portions and use it when you need it.

Thermomix Recipe Iberian Ham Croquettes

Iberian ham croquettes

Do you want to learn how to make ham croquettes easily and simply? We show you how to make and freeze them.

Mc Donald's sandy ice cream thermomix dessert recipe

Sandy ice cream from McDonald's

Are you addicted to Sandy McDonald's ice cream? Try this recipe to make it at home. Its flavor is delicious and the texture is spectacular.

Recipe thermomix pear jam

Light pear jam

Are you looking for a rich breakfast but want to take care of your diet? Try this light pear jam. All the flavor and few calories.

Thermomix Recipe Bacon and Cheese Muffins

Bacon and cheese muffins

Are you organizing an event and need a recipe for many diners? Try these bacon and cheese muffins ... delicious !!

Easy recipe thermomix pineapple smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie

Looking for a cool summer snack? We propose you this pineapple smoothie. An easy and quick recipe with fruit and dairy.

Light mango ice cream thermomix recipe

Light mango ice cream

Looking for a recipe suitable for diabetics? Here's a refreshing light mango ice cream. Delicious and easy !!

Isotonic drink

Relax with this isotonic drink that will renew your energy after a sports session or a day full of activity.

Homemade Actimel®

Do you want to prepare a homemade Actimel®? It is so easy and simple that even children can help you prepare it at home.

Thermomix Bonito with Tomato Recipe

Bonito fish with tomato

Do you have a busy day tomorrow and want to get your food done? We recommend this bonito with tomato. Easy and simple.

Chilindrón chicken

With this simple recipe for chilindrón chicken you will enjoy all the flavor of its mushroom-based sauce.

Yogurt cake

This yogurt cake is as simple as it is rich and fresh. Also with Thermomix® it will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Peaches in syrup

Do you like to prepare your own homemade preserves? We recommend this recipe for peaches in syrup to enjoy its flavor.

Blackberry jam thermomix recipe

Blackberry jam

Your breakfasts will never be the same again with this delicious blackberry jam. Take the opportunity to do it at home in a simple way.

Pineapple marmalade

Have you bought pineapple and you don't know what to do with it? Try this delicious pineapple jam. Perfect for preparing a tropical breakfast.

Cream chicken

With this cream chicken you will have a simple and easy recipe for the whole family. And with a sauce that is a temptation.

recipe desserts thermomix berry sorbet

Berries sorbet

Go ahead and prepare this berry sorbet. It is healthy, natural, refreshing and has all the good things about fruit.

Easy Watermelon Sorbet Recipe

Watermelon sorbet

This watermelon sorbet in addition to refreshing you will help you control calories without giving up the pleasure of enjoying the summer.

REceta thermomix mandarin sorbet

Mandarin sorbet

Do you have frozen fruit and want to give it an outlet? We show you how to make a delicious mandarin sorbet or with any other fruit.

Thermomix recipes spinach cream

Creamed spinach

Try this fantastic creamy spinach recipe. A simple and great dish that will appeal to both children and adults.

Thermomix Recipe Rice with ribs

Rice With Ribs

This rice with ribs is ideal for the whole family because children and adults will like it. An essential recipe in your cookbook.

Thermomix Lasagna recipe


Lasagna with bolognese sauce and béchamel is an ideal recipe for a family meal that you can make in advance and even freeze.

Thermomix Recipe Squid with potatoes

Squid with potatoes

Squid with potatoes is a recipe to enjoy a simple, easy and rich authentic seafood stew.

Canned tuna burgers

These canned tuna burgers are so quick, easy, and nutritious that they'll become a staple on your weekly menu.

Chocolate ant cake

Are you one of those who go crazy for a juicy cake? Then you have to try this recipe for chocolate ant cake ... delicious !!

Strawberry ice cream

Preparing this delicious strawberry ice cream has never been so easy and fast. Made with frozen strawberries and Thermomix®.

easy recipe thermomix strawberry lassi

Strawberry lassi

Preparing this delicious strawberry lassi will only take you 2 minutes with your Thermomix. A drink as refreshing as it is easy.

Strawberry custard

Strawberry custard is a new version of the classic dessert with a smooth texture and a delicious strawberry ice cream flavor.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Ferrero Rocher Cake

Ferrero Rocher® cake

We show you how to make the Ferrero Rocher® cake. A special, delicious and simpler dessert than you think.

Easy recipe thermomix lactose-free chocolate flan

Lactose-free chocolate flan

Does cow's milk make you feel bad? Don't give up on delicious desserts and try this lactose-free chocolate flan.

Chocolate Fondue

With this simple chocolate fondue you can enjoy a special and delicious snack or dessert at any time.

Milk French toast

Do you want to prepare some authentic milk torrijas? Well, take note and enjoy this traditional dessert made with Thermomix.

Extra creamy cod croquettes

Exquisite and creamy cod and onion croquettes. Ideal as a starter for a dinner and to include fish in children's diets.

Village cookies

These country cookies are perfect for dipping in milk. They are done in a few minutes and they like the whole family.

Thermomix Mona de Pascua Desserts Recipe

Mona Easter

We suggest you make an Easter cake to celebrate these days with something sweet and fun that you can decorate.

thermomix torrija varoma recipe

Torrijas in varoma

With the torrijas en varoma you will enjoy the same traditional flavor and much lighter. Enjoy them without regrets !!

Cloud cake

With this cloud cake you will have an authentically pink birthday cake. Rich and above all very easy to do with Thermomix®.

Train cake

The chocolate train cake is ideal to succeed on birthdays. A guaranteed success because it is as rich as it is surprising.

room coca1

Coca quarter of Mallorca

Coca cake from quarter of Mallorca, with a surprising crumb that we will prepare only with three ingredients: eggs, sugar and potato starch

Thermomix wonder cake recipe

Wonder cake

The wonder cake is delicious, full of flavor and the best of all is with Thermomix® it is very easy to make.

Strawberry cream cake

This strawberry and cream cake will delight your guests. It is laborious but with Thermomix® all your steps are made simple.

Strawberry juice

Strawberry juice is a refreshing recipe that is great for your children to eat fruit. Ready in less than 3 minutes with Thermomix®.

Cookies Cookies

Preparing these cookies at home is fantastic because in addition to being delicious we can have a fun time cooking together.

Natural yogurt

Preparing homemade natural yogurt with Thermomix is ​​very easy. You can also give it your special touch by adding fresh fruit or compotes.

Thermomix Gummies Recipe

Jelly beans

Do you like jelly beans? Now you can make them at home with Thermomix in a simple way and using your favorite flavors.

Thermomix crêpes recipe


Preparing the crepes with Thermomix is ​​very simple. You can also fill them with the ingredients that you like the most.

Fish nuggets

With these fish nuggets and your Thermomix you will make children eat fish in a fun way ... they will not even leave the crumbs!

Thermomix dessert recipe Catalan cream nougat flan

Catalan cream nougat flan

The Catalan cream nougat flan is perfect as a dessert at Christmas. Simple, fast and can be done in advance.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Nougat Flan

Nougat flan

Preparing a fantastic nougat flan is very simple with Thermomix and so fast that in a few minutes you will have it ready.

Nougat three chocolates

With this three chocolate nougat you can enjoy all types of chocolate at the same time so that your Christmas is perfect.

Thermomix Christmas recipe Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts

Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts

The chocolate nougat with hazelnuts is so rich and it is so quick and easy to prepare with Thermomix that it will surprise you.

Crunchy Chocolate Nougat

This crunchy chocolate nougat made with Thermomix is ​​a real Christmas vice for children and adults.

Thermomix Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is ideal for any occasion. Also with Thermomix it is so easy to do that it is not lazy.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a perfect Thermomix recipe to cook with children during the Christmas holidays.

Thermomix Christmas Roscón de Reyes Recipe

Roscón de Reyes

The homemade roscón de Reyes has all the Christmas flavor.If you like to prepare sweets at home, you have to try this Thermomix recipe.

Meat and pate cannelloni

These rich cannelloni of meat and pate are ideal for when we have many guests to eat. They can be done in advance.

hake croquettes

Hake and mint croquettes

Super creamy croquettes, made with hake fillets and with a very special and surprising touch of mint. 

Potato lasagna with ham

This recipe will appeal to the whole family. I have called it lasagna because it is made with layers but it does not really have pasta.

Thermomix recipe Halloween Bloody Eyes

Bloody eyes

We show you how to make bloody eyes with fresh cheese to thematize your Halloween or Samaín party.

Death By Chocolate

Who wouldn't want to have a sweet chocolate death? some terrifying brownies for Halloween night.

Thermomix recipe halloween cake

Halloween cake

Do you have a cake made and want to turn it into a Halloween cake? We show you how to decorate it in a simple way.

Cream and pear tart

If you like cream, you will love this cream and pear cake. We will make it with a Genoese sponge cake, cream and a delicious pear cream.

Raspberry clouds

Do you love Raspberry Clouds? Discover a magnificent recipe to make them at home with your Thermomix in a simple way.

Zucchini chips

Zucchini chips

Crispy and flavorful zucchini chips cooked in the oven. An incredible healthy, fast and simple recipe.

Risotto with tomato

It is made with tomato passata and is prepared in 40 minutes. This is one of the little ones' favorite risottos.

Chocolate cookies

Do you want to make homemade chocolate cookies? Here is the step-by-step recipe to make them with Thermomix and enjoy with your children.

Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets made with Thermomix can be presented as an aperitif or as a second dish accompanied by a rich salad.

Lentils with pasta

We return to the spoon dishes with some lentils that the little ones like a lot. You will have this dish ready by following very few steps.

Pear juice, such as purchased

The flavor of this pear juice will remind you of that of the packed juice that we find in supermarkets, either in a tetra brick or in a bottle.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary1

Roasted potatoes with rosemary

This recipe is wonderful. We will have delicious and tender roasted potatoes with all the flavor of the garlic dressing ...

manchego cheese cake

Creamy cake with Manchego cheese

Creamy cake with a touch of Manchego cheese. The perfect combination of the creaminess of cream cheese and the strong point of Manchego cheese.

9 sweet snacks for kids

I say for children but these snacks are also very popular with adults: there are cookies, a sponge cake, churros, brioche bread, glasses of yogurt ...

Cheese flan

The ultimate cheese flan

The best cheese flan in the world, with egg, cream cheese and condensed milk, accompanied by homemade caramel. Easy and delicious. Creamy and spectacular. 


Simply perfect lasagna

Excellent and exquisite authentic Italian lasagna with meat ragout and a very tasty béchamel with a touch of leek. Perfect for many diners.

Chicken and pea noodle casserole

Chicken and pea noodle casserole

Quick and easy noodle casserole with peas and chicken for when we need to get out of trouble with food. It is also healthy and delicious. 

Thick bread sticks

Some bread sticks that we can prepare at home. Water, flour, yeast ... and a little free time to let the dough double in volume

Juicy cake with chocolate

Juicy, thanks to the homemade syrup that we are going to prepare. Attractive, because of the chocolate on the surface. And easy to do, thanks to our Thermomix

Grandma cake

Grandmother's cake, one of the most famous and most traditional. It is a cake that cannot be missed in any house or on any birthday.

Lemon cookies, for breakfast

Simple lemon cookies, homemade, delicate and perfect for breakfast. They are very popular with the little ones and we will not need pasta cutters or a roller.