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Drunk prawns

A simple recipe with a good presentation and that looks great at the best tables. The prawns thus cooked can also be served as a second course.

Desert roses

Crisp desert roses made with chocolate and corn flakes. They are so easy that even children can help prepare them. They are ideal to give away.

Port wine donuts

With red wine, whether sweet or table, we will make these delicious wine rolls, ideal for coffee. You can present them as homemade Christmas candy.

Fig bread sweet with cheese heart

This sweet fig bread reinterprets this dessert by combining all the elements that usually accompany it: dried figs, almonds, cured cheese and mistela in a juicy bite.

Valencia water

Learn how to prepare Agua de Valencia with this recipe for Thermomix that uses all the ingredients to achieve the original flavor of this drink.

Strawberry and yogurt semi-cold

Strawberry and yogurt semi-cold, an ideal express dessert for this Christmas, based on frozen fruit. Prepare it in just 2 minutes!



We show you how to cook almond cordials and angel hair with Thermomix, a typical Murcian dessert that is liked everywhere. How delicious!

Queen cream

Discover how the queen almond cream is made thanks to this recipe for Thermomix that is very easy and quick to cook.

Stuffed turkey

Stuffed turkey rolls

Cook some delicious stuffed turkey rolls that we are going to accompany with caramelized onion and sweet piquillo. To lick your fingers.

Vegetable crepes

Learn how to cook vegetable and cheese crepes with this recipe for a low-calorie thermomix that everyone loves.

Cava and grapefruit sorbet

Cava and grapefruit sorbet recipe made with the Thermomix, a very refreshing drink ideal for after lunch or as a dessert.

Stuffed Chicken Delights

Learn how to cook chicken delicacies stuffed with bacon, ham and cheese in the Thermomix, a very rich recipe that you can accompany with a sauce.

White chocolate souffles

Prepare delicious white chocolate souffles with Thermomix thanks to this easy step-by-step recipe. You will love them!



Discover how to make homemade panettone with the Thermomix with this easy-to-make recipe. Haven't you tried this famous Italian dessert yet? Delicious.

Christmas dumplings

Recipe to cook delicious meatballs with honey and mustard sauce with Thermomix, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They are very rich.

Balsamic vinegar bread

Balsamic vinegar bread

Cook bread with balsamic vinegar with parmesan cheese with this recipe for Thermomix that will allow you to prepare this homemade bread full of properties.

Cranberry Muffin

Looking for the recipe to make blueberry muffins? Discover how they are made in the Thermomix in an easy way to get very fluffy muffins.

Popietas of sole with citrus

Citrus sole pops have a delicate and well-combined flavor. They are also quick and easy to prepare with this unique recipe.

Fresh salmon tartare

Prepare the best fresh salmon tartare with the Thermomix thanks to this easy-to-make recipe. Still you have not tried? You will not regret.

Crispy vegetables

Learn how to cook crispy vegetable triangles with our Thermomix recipe that you can fill with different ingredients.

Easter cakes

Easter cakes

Recipe to make homemade Murcian Easter cakes with Thermomix, a typical dessert that you must try. Still don't know how they are made?

Coleslaw - coleslaw

Coleslaw (Coleslaw)

White cabbage salad recipe with Thermomix, an ideal dish as a starter that many also use to lose weight. Do you know how to prepare it? Find out how.

parmesan cocktail

Parmesan semi-cold

An original idea for Christmas: recipe for parmesan cream on a bittersweet base of balsamic vinegar sweetened with grappa or marc brandy.

Tuna mousse

Tuna mousse

Tuna mousse recipe for Thermomix, a delicious dish that you can use to spread or combine in a salad or salad.

Strawberry sobaos pudding

The sobaos and strawberries pudding is a useful recipe to use the sobaos or muffins and strawberries that we have at home.

Upside down pineapple tart

The pineapple inverted cake is perfect for beginners because it will not need to be decorated. It is quick to make and tastes delicious.

Cod with citrus butter

We propose a recipe for cod with all the aroma of citrus. It is easy to do and you can take it to the office.

Eels to Bilbao

The gulas a la bilbaína are a classic at Christmas parties. The perfect starter for cheap and quick to make.

Quail eggs with pesto sauce

Are you in love with pesto sauce? We propose you a delicious appetizer so that you can enjoy your favorite sauce not only with pasta.

Pumpkin velouté

This pumpkin velouté is a delicious winter dish with which to enjoy all the flavor of pumpkin. Serve it hot!

Cheesecake with chocolate nougat

Do you want to take advantage of the nougat left over from Christmas? We propose you a delicious cheese cake with chocolate nougat.

Christmas seafood cream

I love this seafood cream recipe because I can make it in advance so I can enjoy time with my family and friends.

Chocolate cake with walnuts

Do you like to enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate with nuts? What do you think if we prepare a delicious cake to accompany the coffee or snack?

Stuffed Pork Loin

Stuffed Pork Loin

Are you looking for a recipe that frees you up a bit from the kitchen? If so, you have to prepare this stuffed pork tenderloin recipe. You will be surprised by its simplicity.

Trunk of salmon and leeks

Original trunk stuffed with salmon and leeks. A very practical dish for the holidays and that can be made in advance.

Christmas thistle

Do you want to save on your Christmas dishes? With this thistle recipe you will have a traditional and very inexpensive dish.

Thermomix Recipe Sea bream with garnish

Sea bream with garnish

The sea bream with garnish is a very fine recipe with which you will succeed in special gatherings.

Asparagus and shrimp risotto

Discover in this recipe the best way to prepare a risotto. A delicious dish that can be combined with countless ingredients.

Christmas pudding parfait

Would you like to make a traditional English pudding but don't want to spend hours cooking? Take a look at our recipe, you will love it !!

Marquesas Christmas thermomix recipe


Do you want to surprise with a homemade Christmas recipe? Serve those marquesas with a good chocolate.

Mushroom tartlets

Looking for recipes that you can make in advance? We propose you some juicy mushroom tartlets.

Salmon Cake

Did you know that you can prepare this salmon cake in advance? This Christmas say goodbye to the rush in the kitchen and enjoy with yours.

Whiskey cream «Baileys»

Did you know that with Thermomix you can also make delicious drinks such as "Baileys" whiskey cream. Discover the recipe here.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Suckling Pig Shoulder in the varoma

Suckling shoulder in the varoma

Want to surprise your family with a scrumptious recipe? We present you some suckling pig shoulders cooked in the varoma. You'll see how easy.

Christmas cookies

Did you know that you can use these Christmas cookies to decorate your home? Give it an original and very personal touch.


Do you want to prepare some Christmas gifts for your guests made by yourself? Surprise them with some delicious toffee.