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Fish soup with cream

Fish soup with vegetables

This fish soup is made with liquid cream, hence the color of the broth. It has hake and also vegetables such as broccoli and carrots.

battered hake

Battered fish

We will prepare the dough for our battered fish in a Thermomix. The rest we will do in a pan, with plenty of oil.

Octopus in airfryer

The octopus in an air fryer is a healthy, light, simple and so quick recipe that you will have it ready in less than 20 minutes.

Hake with putanesca sauce

Hake with putanesca sauce

We have this delicious recipe made with hake and a putanesca sauce. It is simple to make and different, but it is exquisite.

Smoked salmon cupcakes with cheese

Smoked salmon cupcakes with cheese

Do you dare with some salty cupcakes? We have these smoked salmon cupcakes, they are delicious and you can decorate them with cream cheese.

Bonito in canned oil

Bonito in canned oil

We prepare our own canned tuna in oil in just 15 minutes. A simple, economical and very practical recipe. 

Hake with peach mousseline

Hake with peach mousseline

Enjoy this hake dish with peach mousseline, it is different, something sweet and with a nice presentation for this Christmas.

Hake spirals with mushroom sauce

Hake spirals with mushroom sauce

You will be surprised how exquisite and easy it is to make this dish of hake spirals with mushroom sauce. Do you want to discover how it is done?

Potatoes stuffed with tuna

These tuna stuffed potatoes are so simple and inexpensive that they will make a quick dinner for the whole family.

Cod Nata

With this recipe for cod with cream, children will eat fish almost without realizing it. It is a creamy and boneless recipe.


Hake Cake

Bored and out of ideas for dinner? We propose something simple like this hake cake that your children will love.

express broth

Soup broth

Have you run out of broth and need it right now? We recommend that you use this recipe, in 36 minutes you will have a fish broth ready.

Tuna and olive quiche

With this tuna and olive quiche, made from start to finish with Thermomix, you can make an informal and tasty dinner.

Thermomix recipe vegetable and fish puree

Vegetable and fish puree

Vegetable and fish puree is a very complete dish that you can use for the whole family, especially for people with no appetite.

Cod and prawn lasagna

Looking for a delicious recipe to take to the office? Try this cod and prawn lasagna ... you will love it !!

Thermomix Marmitako Recipe


Do you dare to prepare a marmitako in your Thermomix®? We have adapted this traditional recipe so that you just enjoy cooking.

Garlic prawns

To prepare the garlic prawns you must use good quality ingredients. Serve them in clay pots to keep all the heat.

Thermomix recipe squid in American sauce

Squids in American Salsa

Did you know that you can make this recipe for squid in American sauce with frozen squid? Enjoy a tasty and inexpensive dish.

Thermomix Recipe Seabass en papillote

Sea bass in papillote

Do you like healthy and light recipes? We suggest you make a sea bass in papillote. An interesting way to take care of yourself.

Octopus ceviche

Octopus ceviche is an ideal recipe to enjoy at any time. Fresh, fast, simple and very light ... only 70 kcal.

Spinach roll with salmon

Do you want to make a salty gypsy arm? We propose you a delicious and striking spinach roll with salmon.

Thermomix Bonito with Tomato Recipe

Bonito fish with tomato

Do you have a busy day tomorrow and want to get your food done? We recommend this bonito with tomato. Easy and simple.

Thermomix recipe Hake with steamed vegetables

Hake with steamed vegetables

This recipe for hake with steamed vegetables is a healthy, quick and very complete recipe to enjoy the flavor by taking care of yourself.

Thermomix Recipe Squid with potatoes

Squid with potatoes

Squid with potatoes is a recipe to enjoy a simple, easy and rich authentic seafood stew.

Rice with tuna

We show you how to make a delicious and balanced tuna rice for when you have little time and want to prepare a complete dish.

Canned tuna burgers

These canned tuna burgers are so quick, easy, and nutritious that they'll become a staple on your weekly menu.

Potatoes with cod crumbs

Potatoes with cod crumbs is a simple and quick recipe with which you can enjoy the most traditional cuisine.

Bonito a la Riojana

Bonito a la Riojana

Juicy and honeyed fresh bonito in tacos cooked and served in a Riojan-style sauce, with tomato and a touch of spices.

Thermomix recipe Fresh cod with garlic

Fresh cod with garlic

The fresh cod with garlic made in the varoma is a simple and delicious proposal for you to enjoy taking care of yourself.

Hake in beer sauce

In this recipe for hake in beer sauce we show you how to make a rich, quick dinner in the varoma of your Thermomix®.

Easy Thermomix Hake with Potatoes Recipe

Hake with potatoes

Hake with potatoes is a great recipe that is great for a light and healthy dinner. Plus it's ready in 40 minutes.

Tuna and vegetable lasagna

A delicious tuna and vegetable lasagna that you can use to prepare a family meal or freeze for when you are in a hurry.

Thermomix Recipe Stuffed Trout

Stuffed trout

Stuffed trout is a simple and healthy recipe with which you will have a complete dinner, less than 30 minutes.

Ajoarriero style cod confit2

Cod confit al ajoarriero

Juicy and honeyed cod confit in its pil-pil prepared in the Ajoarriero style. Ideal to accompany with rice or potatoes.

Fish nuggets

With these fish nuggets and your Thermomix you will make children eat fish in a fun way ... they will not even leave the crumbs!

Black risotto with cuttlefish

This black risotto with cuttlefish is worth trying for its texture and flavor. A recipe that with Thermomix is ​​made easily and simply.

Easy thermomix recipe Tuna pudding

Tuna pudding

This tuna pudding is ideal for parties and birthdays. It can be done in advance and it is very easy and simple to do with Thermomix.

Hake in cava

This recipe for hake in cava is delicious. Serve it accompanied by its sauce so that your guests can appreciate and enjoy its flavor.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Anchovy and walnut pate

Anchovy and walnut pate

This creamy anchovy and walnut pate is perfect because you can make it in advance and its flavor enchants everyone.

Thermomix recipe squid onions

Squids with onions

These calamari onions have a delicious sauce and are made with a secret ingredient that no one will be able to discover.

Rice with monkfish and prawns

Do you like rice soup? Then you have to try this rice with monkfish and prawns. Tasty and with all the flavor of the sea.

hake croquettes

Hake and mint croquettes

Super creamy croquettes, made with hake fillets and with a very special and surprising touch of mint. 

Thermomix Seafood Soup Recipe

Seafood soup

With this seafood soup you will have a first dish full of flavor that you can serve on any special occasion.

Thermomix recipe Sea bass with salt

Sea bass with salt

With this recipe for sea bass with salt made in varoma, it will be juicy, full of flavor and odorless in the kitchen.

Cod with tomato recipe

Cod with tomato

The recipe for cod with tomato with potato garnish is very simple and is made almost alone with your Thermomix.

Fish stew: Moqueca

Go preparing the coconut milk to prepare this fish stew because I am sure you are going to love it. It is also very simple.

Hake sticks with tartar sauce

The filling of these hake sticks is just hake. With a crunchy batter, they are great if we serve them with a homemade tartar sauce.

tuna with onion

Tuna with onion

Delicious recipe for tuna with onion. Very easy to prepare and it is perfect for those summer days when you want to eat lighter and faster food.

Nordic style salmon

Nordic style steamed salmon

Nordic style fresh steamed salmon. It is prepared in less than 30 minutes and, when steamed in papillote, it is very juicy and with a lot of flavor

Mexican salmon tacos

Mexican style salmon tacos

Mexican style salmon tacos, super tasty and easy to prepare. Very juicy and fun, they are a perfect dinner to share.

9 cod recipes for Easter

9 cod recipes for Easter

9 fabulous recipes for cod to cook this Easter. Starters, appetizers and main dishes with this versatile ingredient.

Brussels sprouts with cuttlefish

A plate full of intense flavors: cuttlefish brussels sprouts, turmeric, sun-dried tomatoes ... Serve it with rice, pasta or cooked potatoes and it will be a complete dish.

Grilled salmon with dill puree

Grilled salmon fillets, accompanied by very creamy mashed potatoes with cream and dill. A dish full of flavor that transports us to Nordic lands.

Salmon croquettes

Delicious croquettes made with salmon and flavored with dill. They can be frozen and are perfect for the whole family.

Squid stuffed with meat

Squid stuffed with meat is a delicious sea and mountain recipe that you can make with your Thermomix in less than 1 hour.

Salmon with orange for two

Two portions of salmon cooked in the varoma container. With a lot of orange flavor and a special sauce made with nuts.

Orange octopus

We teach you how to prepare octopus in Thermomix with a great orange sauce. Pay attention because this sauce goes very well with any fish.

Fish burgers in Thermomix

Some fish burgers that can be served on a hamburger bun, on a few slices of loaf bread or with any simple garnish.

Emperor with tomato

Delicious and juicy emperor in tomato sauce, ideal for dinner or lunch. It is perfect to leave it prepared in advance.

Cold hake cake without oven

Delicious and quick cold hake cake without an oven. A summer recipe made with Thermomix that you will get a lot out of.

Hake and pea medallions

We go there with a recipe that the little ones really like. They are medallions made with cooked potatoes, hake and peas. To prepare them we are going to A recipe for hake and peas that the little ones in the house like a lot. It has a mild flavor, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Salmon with piperrada

Steamed salmon accompanied by piperrada, a very interesting option for these hot days. Healthy, healthy and fast.

9 fish recipes for Easter

Fish is, gastronomically speaking, one of the protagonists of Spanish Holy Week. That is why today we have decided to share ...

9 recipes with canned tuna

9 ideas for you to use canned tuna in your dishes. There is pasta, legumes, croquettes, patés ... Take a look and choose the one you like the most.

Salmon with broccoli cream

Our dinner proposal for any special day: marinated salmon on a soft broccoli cream. Rich, colorful and easy to prepare.

Cod toasts

A delicious starter made with desalted cod, potato and a special oil of parsley, garlic and lemon. Perfect to serve on toasts.

Cod with tomato confit2

Cod with tomato confit

Delicious cod with confit tomato, with a sweet touch, very juicy. Perfect for a healthy and easy main dish. Perfect to prepare in advance.

Anchovy paste

The good thing about anchovy paste is that we can give it many uses in the kitchen: to enhance the flavor of our dishes, to dress salads ...

Octopus marmitako

Enjoy the flavor with this new version of octopus marmitako. A traditional recipe, cheap and easy to make with Thermomix.

Portuguese style sardine pate

A very easy sardine pate, made with simple ingredients. Perfect for celebrations, as an aperitif or for the children's sandwich.

Hake and salmon cake

Hake and salmon pie. A fresh way to enjoy all the flavor of our favorite fish pieces by varying the presentation.

Catalan-style bream

Dorada a la catalana. All the flavor of a very low-fat fish accompanied by steamed potatoes and a delicious tomato sauce.

Potatoes with hake

A light stew of potatoes and hake recommended for family dinners. Quick and easy to prepare using Thermomix.

Cod and parsley omelette

Traditional cod and parsley omelette, juicy and very tasty. Accompanied by a tomato salad, it is a perfect dish for a dinner.

Cod and tuna croquettes

Creamy recipes of cod and tuna, great for children and perfect for adults too. The dough is made in a moment with Thermomix.

Bacon wrapped halibut

Delicious halibut marinated with olives and wrapped in crispy slices of bacon. A perfect meal to surprise our guests.

Cod Vichyssoise

Delicious vichyssoise with fish, a delicious and easy to prepare dish with leek and desalted cod. It can be served with croutons, hot or cold.

Cod yogurt with pepper coulis

A perfect starter for this Christmas: tasty, creamy and unbeatable texture. Cheap and easy to prepare. Your guests will be delighted.

Fish pudding for Christmas

A fish pudding that can be prepared in advance. It is also easy to eat and very soft for children. An idea for this Christmas.

Hake with crispy almond curry

Tasty hake garnished with crunchy almonds and a touch of curry. It will take 5 minutes to assemble it and 15 to bake it.

Fresh salmon with avocado sauce

Fresh salmon, cooked at a low temperature, with the incredible texture that this technique gives it, accompanied by a cold avocado sauce flavored with dill. Spectacular.

Baked fish croquettes

Delicious croquettes, made with corn and wheat flour and battered with cereals. They are baked instead of fried and are perfect.

Hake balls

Hake and cottage cheese balls, with a batter of corn flakes, which makes them crunchy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside

Hake montaditos

A good idea to take fish on hot days and get the most out of the varoma container of our Thermomix.

Squid in ink

Squid in its ink is a classic recipe that, in addition to being simple, inexpensive, can be frozen or taken to work in a container.

Pickled anchovies

Homemade pickled anchovies with thermomix, a classic of our Mediterranean cuisine available to everyone.

Basic recipe: batter for fish fries

This dough for coating fish is made in a few seconds in Thermomix. It has simple ingredients and we can flavor it according to our preferences.

Dorada on the back in Varoma

Simple and healthy sea bream prepared on the back, garnished with peppers and onions. Ideal for low calorie diets.

Squid in sauce

Squid, cuttlefish, lace, chopitos, cuttlefish ... It is the tiny squid, the 2 or 3 cm. that receives different names according to the zone. We have cooked it with its ink and in a sauce of onion, tomato and white wine. Delicious.

Salmon marmitako

Delicious vegetable stew with salmon cubes, ideal as a main dish. Its juiciness and flavor will make it one of your favorite fish dishes.

Smoked stuffed potatoes

To prepare these smoked stuffed potatoes you can use a mixture of trout, cod and salmon or use your favorite smoked fish.

Cod fritters

Cod fritters are an ideal starter for Easter. They have onion, cod, fresh parsley and, in this case, beer. Very good.

Mini fish burgers

Delicious mini fish burgers to surprise our guests with an original, colorful and very tasty tapa.

Sole or rooster a la meunière

Exquisite sole a la meunière, accompanied with a delicious lemon, butter and parsley sauce. When cooked in the varoma, a very juicy fish remains.

Squid with whiskey

Delicious squid made with cream sauce and a very original touch of whiskey. Perfect to accompany with potatoes or rice.

Salmon with nougat sauce

A delicious salmon cooked in Varoma with a nougat sauce, with which we will learn how to make homemade nougat cream.

Prawns in coconut tempura

Prawns in coconut tempura are a good option if we are thinking of preparing an informal dinner or a snack.

Prawn and crab cup

The prawn and crab glass has an original and elegant presentation. It will help us to control the servings served so as not to overdo it at Christmas.

Mussels with dehydrated mushrooms

Mussels with dehydrated mushrooms is a sea and mountain dish that we can prepare at any time of the year. Healthy, natural and low in calories.

Monkfish with white wine sauce

This monkfish with white wine sauce is an easy, light, very healthy dish and has a great flavor. The fish is cooked in Varoma while the sauce is being made.

Thai style prawn curry

Fresh from Thailand, this prawn curry with coconut milk will transport you to distant lands. Full of contrast and flavor, it is an ideal starter.

Potato stew with cod

Delicious potato stew with cod, ideal as a starter for cold and rainy days. Perfect for children and very simple and quick recipe.

Tuna patties

They are rich, rich. These tuna dumplings are quick and easy to prepare. And they tend to be liked by everyone. If you buy the dough, you will make it in just 30 min.

Shrimp Towers

Shrimp towers are simple to prepare like a salad but decorated vertically. Basic ingredients such as potato, tomato and prawns are combined

Prawns in vinaigrette

This recipe for prawns in vinaigrette will help us to preserve the line. You just have to keep in mind that it has to rest for at least 8 hours.

Surimi and zucchini quiche

It's time to have fun eating out, so we recommend you enjoy this surimi and zucchini quiche. An original and inexpensive filling.

Mussels with paprika

Very simple recipe made with mussels and cooked potatoes, seasoned with oil and paprika. This recipe is especially suitable for dieting.

Potato and fish balls

Starting from a few simple cooked potatoes and a few pieces of hake we will make these funny fish balls, a different dish that everyone likes.

Creamy rice with prawns

Delicious rice, made with homemade prawn stock and accompanied by grilled prawns with salt flakes. Ideal as a second course.

Fish burgers

White fish burgers, a quick and easy recipe, ideal for children.

Baked scallops with cheese

Scallops gratin is an easy and quick recipe for those who do not have time to cook and where the best of the sea and the land are combined.

Stuffed and smoked pasta

Delicious combination of pasta stuffed with cheese and smoked cod and salmon. Creaminess and flavor in just 15 minutes.

Drunk prawns

A simple recipe with a good presentation and that looks great at the best tables. The prawns thus cooked can also be served as a second course.

Hake burgers

We suggest a different second dish that will be liked even by those who do not like fish very much: fish burgers with hake and tuna

Hake with orange sauce

Hake with orange sauce

A very simple dish, low in calories, easy to prepare and with a great result. The fish is cooked in Varoma with the orange sauce, a very smooth sauce that tastes like juice, and the children love it.

Bienmesabe in adobo

Bienmesabe or dogfish in adobo, typical of Cádiz, juicy and tasty. Ideal for introducing fish into children's diets. Fantastic second course.

Majorcan cuttlefish

A traditional stew in which the cuttlefish is very tender bathed in a delicious onion and tomato sauce with brandy, raisins and pine nuts.

Salmon gratin

Delicious gratin of salmon and vegetables. A very nutritious unique dish with all the good things about fish and vegetables. It is also designed for singles.

Steamed mussels

They are made in a moment, with simple ingredients and the result is to prove it. Try these steamed mussels, I think you are going to like them!

Cod livornesa

Cod livornesa

In case you want to prepare cod in a different way, here is this recipe. I tried it a few weeks ago ...

Salmon tacos with avocado cream

These salmon tacos with avocado cream are very appetizing and easy to prepare. Soft textures and flavors accompanied by a spicy and crunchy touch

Trout with garnish

We will enrich our trout thanks to a simple garnish. And if you want to use another fish, go ahead! well cooked it will also be phenomenal

Crusted salmon

Cook a rich salmon with a hazelnut crust with Thermomix and enjoy this dish that combines the flavor of salmon, hazelnuts and green beans.

Hake with leek sauce

Discover how to make steamed hake with leek sauce with our recipe and enjoy steamed fish, juicy and tender. Very rich!

Monkfish with cider

If you are looking for recipes for fish with cider, here you will learn how to cook a delicious monkfish in cider with Thermomix to lick your fingers.

Fish rounds for children

Baked fish rounds recipe, a recipe designed for children to believe that they are nuggets so that they can eat fish without noticing it.

Sushi I: salmon nigiris

Learn how to make exquisite and delicate salmon nigiri, accompanied by soy sauce, a typical Japanese sushi dish.

Hake and carrots papillote

We show you how to prepare hake and carrots papillote, a delicious fish recipe that is very easy to make for second courses.

Fish croquettes

Fish croquettes

Recipe to make delicious homemade fish croquettes with the thermomix. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Haven't tried them yet?

Cuttlefish with garlic

Tasty cuttlefish with garlic, accompanied by mayonnaise or ali oli. Perfect as a snack or as a dinner, it can be eaten on toasts or directly as a sandwich. Learn how to prepare it with our cuttlefish recipe for Thermomix.

King prawns in sweet and sour sauce

Learn how to prepare prawns and homemade sweet and sour sauce with the Thermomix, a step-by-step recipe that is very easy to make and very rich.

Aphrodisiac recipe of prawns with ginger panacota

Prawns with ginger panacota

Cook some prawns with ginger panacota, a recipe with an aphrodisiac character with a stimulating capacity in an irresistible panacota texture.

Salmon with grilled mushrooms

Learn to cook a delicious salted salmon made in papillote with some wonderful and crunchy grilled mushrooms. Ideal as a second course.

Pasta with pickled mussels

Pasta with pickled mussels

Learn to cook a pasta with mussels made with very simple ingredients that you can modify to your liking but whose flavor is fantastic.

Clams with cava

With the Thermomix we will have the clams in cava prepared in less than 30 minutes. An easy dish to prepare and with many nutrients.

Fish soup

Fish soup

Learn how to cook a fish broth. Homemade, easy to make and ideal to use in other dishes such as paella or fideua. Very tasty!

Leeks And Shrimp Cake

Cook a delicious leek and prawn cake in Thermomix, an easy, fast and low-calorie dish to prepare. You know how to do it? Come in and find out

Popietas of sole with citrus

Citrus sole pops have a delicate and well-combined flavor. They are also quick and easy to prepare with this unique recipe.

Saffron mussels

With this recipe for saffron mussels and white wine for Thermomix, you will get a delicious starter for your meals.

Smoked salmon tartare

Smoked salmon tartare recipe for Thermomix, very easy to make and with a result at the level of the best chefs. Still you have not tried?

Hake meatballs with green sauce

Hake meatballs with green sauce are a tasty snack for children and adults. Recipe to steam them to make them even healthier and healthier

Salmon skewers with red pesto

Recipe to make salmon skewers dressed with red pesto, a very easy and quick starter or starter to cook with the Thermomix.

Fresh mackerel ratatouille

Mackerel ratatouille

Cooking fresh mackerel ratatouille with tomato and peppers is a versatile dish for a first or starter. Learn how to make this vegetable ratatouille

Fish and seafood cake

Creamy and delicate fish and seafood cake, which due to its texture and flavor make it unique. Ideal to leave prepared if we have many diners.

Marinated tuna

An amazing recipe for marinated tuna with oriental style sauce. Very easy to do but it will take a few hours for it to impregnate well.

Land-Sea salty cake

In this salty land and sea cake, mushrooms, prawns and tuna are combined. In a simple way we will have a cake for a simple dinner

Bacalao a la bream

Delicious and quick cod dish. It is served as a scrambled eggs and straw potatoes that will make it very attractive for the little ones in the house.

Tuna cake

Who doesn't know this classic tuna cake recipe? Perfect for family gatherings or informal dinners, quick and suitable for preparing in the microwave.

Hake in piquillo sauce

Enjoy a delicious recipe for fish with piquillo sauce. A tasty recipe that will help you spice up your dishes.

Hake with almond sauce

The almond sauce is perfect to accompany white fish. Do them in the varoma and you can save time and energy.

Crab sticks in their sauce

Dinner in 11 minutes? If possible!! Try this recipe for crab sticks in their sauce and you will see how it surprises you.

Cod with citrus butter

We propose a recipe for cod with all the aroma of citrus. It is easy to do and you can take it to the office.

Eels to Bilbao

The gulas a la bilbaína are a classic at Christmas parties. The perfect starter for cheap and quick to make.

Christmas seafood cream

I love this seafood cream recipe because I can make it in advance so I can enjoy time with my family and friends.

Thermomix Recipe Sea bream with garnish

Sea bream with garnish

The sea bream with garnish is a very fine recipe with which you will succeed in special gatherings.

Salmon Cake

Did you know that you can prepare this salmon cake in advance? This Christmas say goodbye to the rush in the kitchen and enjoy with yours.