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Lemon Cream Pie

The lemon cream cake is an easy dessert to make and that surprises with the juicy interior that you do not expect. You see a lot in Italy.

Cookie cupcakes

These muffins have a special flavor thanks to the cookies, perhaps that is why they are so popular with the little ones. And they are very easy to do.

Brioche braids

Is there anything better than homemade pastries for breakfast? These brioche braids make a great breakfast, or a great snack for kids.

Prince type biscuit cake

Quick chocolate cake, made from Prince type cookies. Juicy, tasty and really exquisite. Ideal to accompany with milk, tea or coffee.

Donuts with Thermomix

Delicious homemade donuts that look just like store bought ones. Cardamom seeds give them that characteristic flavor. And with frostings!

Lady kisses

Lady kisses are a traditional sweet from the Italian region of Piedmont. An exquisite bite made with simple ingredients.

Double choco muffins

Delicious double chocolate muffins, ideal to surprise on Valentine's Day. Perfect for breakfast and a snack with a delicious coffee or tea.

Honey biscuits decorated with stamps

Delicious honey cookies, easy to work with and that can be decorated with stamps. They are suitable for those who do not include cow's milk in their diet.

Guinness pie

Surprising cake made from Guinness black beer and cocoa. It will not leave anyone indifferent.

Basic recipe: icing sugar

Icing sugar, icing sugar, icing sugar, neva sugar, powdered sugar or powdered sugar. There are many terms that give name to this powdered sugar, essential in confectionery. In Thermomix it is ready in 1 minute.

Apple pie

Apple pie, apple pie or sponge cake, any denomination is used to name this piece. It has cinnamon, honey, apple, and nuts.

Tart yogurt and strawberries

A birthday cake, which children like very much, with yogurt and natural strawberries, very easy, and does not need an oven.

Blue cake

The blue cake is a yogurt cake with a few drops of food coloring. It is a very easy birthday cake to make and is a hit with children.

Orange sponge cake without butter

This orange cake without butter is easy to prepare. It contains liquid cream and also orange juice that gives it a smooth and characteristic flavor.

Rollo alla Nutella

Roscón filled with Nutella, ideal as a Christmas dessert for chocolate lovers.

Christmas braid

Surprising Christmas braid made with Thermomix, with almond flour (almonds that we crush ourselves) in the dough and without egg. Very good.

Crispy chocolate cookies

Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and with an intense flavor of dark chocolate. Delicious and surprising. They cannot be missing from your Christmas table.

Hazelnut cake

A hazelnut and chocolate sponge cake that is very easy to make and that has a history and the recipe is taken from some old family notes.

Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies fall in love with their intense flavor and crunchy texture. It is an ideal recipe to prepare with children.

Light biscuits

Healthy recipes made with mascarpone, whole wheat flour and brown sugar. It has fewer calories than traditional cookies and they are rich in fiber.

Chocolate cake and Coca-cola

Spectacular chocolate and Coca-cola cake, with a characteristic texture and flavor. Perfect for chocolate lovers' birthdays.

Anise and cinnamon rolls

Traditional fried donuts flavored with anise and cinnamon, great as a snack or as a sweet for a coffee. The dough is easily prepared in a Thermomix.

Mummy cookies for Halloween

Fun mummy cookies to share at Halloween parties. The children can help us to make them, we will have a very entertaining time!

Nocilla and mascarpone cream

This cream is a delight. It has nocilla (or nutella), mascarpone and banana and is ideal as a filling in pastries.

Chocolate cake

It is an easy, delicious and very simple chocolate cake. The dough is made in 5 minutes, then you put it in the oven and in half an hour we have it ready to eat

Monster cake pops for Halloween

These pop cakes for Halloween are very popular with children. With Thermomix we will make the dough, then we put them in the oven and finally… to decorate them with sweets!

Apple dessert with Thermomix

The apple dessert is a simple recipe, very easy to prepare and that can be served alone or with the cream that we like the most

Apple pie and puff pastry

Very easy apple and puff pastry cake that can be eaten alone or with ice cream or creme anglaise. Perfect for the fall months.

Magic cake or cup cake

With this magical cake you are going to surprise young and old alike. The dough is very easy to prepare with Thermomix and is baked in cups, in the microwave.

Red fruit tart

An easy-to-make piece of pastry that doesn't even have Genoese sponge cake. A red fruit cake with a beautiful presentation and very rich.

Gluten-free cornstarch cake

The gluten-free cornstarch cake will surprise you with its smooth texture and its authentic flavor. It is also totally suitable for celiacs.

Marbled cake

Colorful chocolate and vanilla sponge cake that creates a marble effect, ideal as a snack or breakfast. Easy, nice and cheap.

Avocado Cheesecake

A cheese and avocado cake that cooks in 15 minutes in the microwave, with a spectacular flavor and color.

Wholemeal cookies

Very easy integral cookies made in Thermomix, ideal for the whole family. They are also prepared in a very short time without the need for molds.

Pear stuffed cake

Pear stuffed cake

Delicate fruit-filled cake, in this case with pear compote, although we can substitute the latter for our favorite compote, jam or jam.

Rice crackers (gluten-free crackers)

Some gluten-free cookies made with rice flour and cornstarch. They are suitable for coeliacs and are reminiscent of butter pastes although the taste is different.

Coconut cake with pear and caramel

Coconut cake with pear and caramel

A different and original sponge cake, with coconut as the protagonist and covered with natural pear and caramel. A delight for coconut lovers with a sweet tooth.

Orange cupcakes

Irresistible orange cupcakes, very juicy thanks to the homemade orange syrup with which they are bathed. And served in individual servings.

Breakfast cookies

We will learn how to make delicious breakfast cookies, with butter and chocolate. You can even use rice flour.

Sponge cake with lemon syrup

Sponge cake with lemon syrup

We teach you how to make a different cake: sponge cake with lemon syrup. It is very juicy and has an intense lemon flavor that children and adults like.


Churros (essential to use churrera)

We teach you how to make traditional churros. We will prepare the dough in our Thermomix and we will shape them with a churrera. Then they are fried in the pan

Orange-scented apricot sponge cake

This orange-scented apricot sponge cake has a golden and highly perfumed crumb. It is perfect for breakfast or to take in the afternoon with tea.

Chocolate muffins

Some chocolate muffins that the most chocolatiers will like. Preparing them does not require a lot of dedication and they tend to like them a lot.

Fresh fruit cake

Fresh fruit cake

A different fruit cake, low in fat and fantastic in terms of taste and texture. It is easy to make and fresh it is delicious

Cream sponge cake

Making a cream cake like this has few complications. The ingredients are simple and preparing it does not require a lot of time on our part.

Lemon scones with syrup

Very easy, with an intense and delicious flavor. So are these rolls that children and adults like. Muffins, elongated buns ... that's your choice.

Jam cake

Very easy to make and unlike any cake. This jam cake surprises and prepares simple ingredients in no time.

Gluten-free coconut cake

This coconut sponge cake has a very nice texture and a delicious flavor. As it does not have wheat flour, even people with celiac disease can take it.

No-bake brownies

They are made in a moment and for this we will only need some molds and our Thermomix. These brownies are cooked in the varoma container.

Lemon cupcakes

The lemon sponge cake recipe is prepared so that 2 units come out. What will allow you to be able to treat yourself without ruining the diet of the whole week.

Chocolate express brownie

Chocolate brownie ready in 7 minutes. It is cooked in the microwave. It's fast, easy and delicious, the kind that disappear without you noticing.

Hazelnut cookies

Hazelnuts give them a different and special flavor. The lacasitos a fun touch. They are liked by young and old and, in addition, they are very easy to make.

Wholegrain prune muffins

They are rich in fiber thanks to the whole wheat flour and prunes and, thanks to the butter, they provide the necessary energy to face the day.

Lactose-free filled sweet bread

This sweet bread likes everyone, especially the little ones. It has an irresistible appearance and a very good texture. It is also suitable for milk intolerant

Cottage cheese and almond cake

A cottage cheese cake with almonds on its surface that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is prepared in 1 minute, it is fluffy, soft and very original.

Coffee cookies

Very easy and delicious, that's how these coffee cookies are. As they do not have eggs, they are a new sweet for those who are allergic to this ingredient.