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Death By Chocolate

Who wouldn't want to have a sweet chocolate death? some terrifying brownies for Halloween night.

Quesada Pasiega

With this recipe for quesada pasiega adapted for Thermomix you can enjoy the sweetest flavors of Cantabria.

Thermomix recipe halloween cake

Halloween cake

Do you have a cake made and want to turn it into a Halloween cake? We show you how to decorate it in a simple way.

Tiramisu double cheese cake

Tiramisu double cheese cake

Create this different dessert made with two cream cheese and a layer of sponge cakes. It will remind you of the unmistakable Tiramisu.

Raspberry clouds

Do you love Raspberry Clouds? Discover a magnificent recipe to make them at home with your Thermomix in a simple way.

Thermomix apple pie recipe

Apple pie

This apple pie is as rich as the traditional one but much easier to make thanks to your Thermomix.

Chocolate cookies

Do you want to make homemade chocolate cookies? Here is the step-by-step recipe to make them with Thermomix and enjoy with your children.

Bee cake made with peach

Bee cake made with peach

A charming little bee cake. Its funny insects will make you dare to make this delicious dessert with a cheese and peach flavor.

Tatin cake with summer fruits

It takes a few minutes to prepare and requires about 30 minutes to bake. We will have a simple dessert to enjoy with family and friends.

Yogurt cake with apricots

Yogurt cake with apricots

Yogurt cake with apricots, a delicious dessert that you can share with your guests with individual packages decorated with love.

Frozen peach and cheese tart

Frozen peach and cheese tart

If you want to make an exquisite cake this summer, we propose this recipe that is delicious. It is made of a base ...

Apple pie with crumble

Apple pie with crumble

A cake with a delicious apple and almond flavor. This lovely dessert will get its crunchy touch with a butter and sugar crumble.

Fresh lemon sponge cake

Fresh lemon sponge cake

This is the perfect cake to have it chilled this summer. Its soft and fluffy composition with a delicious cream of ...

Creamy lemon ice cream

This summer enjoy a creamy lemon ice cream made at home with your Thermomix and in a simple way. You can also do it without a refrigerator.

Roasted apple in papillote

Roasted apple in papillote is an easy dessert that you can enjoy throughout the year and that is also easy to make.

manchego cheese cake

Creamy cake with Manchego cheese

Creamy cake with a touch of Manchego cheese. The perfect combination of the creaminess of cream cheese and the strong point of Manchego cheese.

Palmeritas with brioche dough

Palmeritas with brioche dough

Learn how to make delicious palmeritas with great brioche dough. They are a delight in the mouth and made with a soft and fluffy batter.

Lactose-free salted caramel ice cream

With this lactose-free salted caramel ice cream and your Thermomix you can enjoy a 100% refreshing summer. Recipe with refrigerator and without refrigerator.

Brioche bread with apple filling

Brioche bread with apple filling

This tender brioche bread dough recipe is spectacular. It has a sweet flavor so that you can accompany it with a small apple filling.

Cheese flan

The ultimate cheese flan

The best cheese flan in the world, with egg, cream cheese and condensed milk, accompanied by homemade caramel. Easy and delicious. Creamy and spectacular. 

Apple pie in varoma

This simple apple pie in varoma is perfect for cooking in levels and getting the most out of your Thermomix.

Chocolate and peach treat

A dessert for chocolate lovers that can be served with yogurt. It has egg, hazelnuts and is gluten-free. It can be served warm or cold.

Banana cake

Banana cake

A delicious cake made of banana and accompanied with cream cheese and delicious oreo cookies. It will be very easy to do with our Thermomix.

Tiramisu to drink

It is prepared in a few minutes and everyone will like it. We can use normal or decaffeinated coffee, so that children can also drink it

9 desserts with strawberries

We suggest 9 desserts that you can make in Thermomix using strawberries or strawberries. There are cakes, spoon desserts and a sauce that goes well with everything.

Heart cake for Valentine's Day

Heart cake for Valentine's Day

A very original cake for a very special day like Valentine's Day. It is made with biscuit and a great cream of cheese and butter.

Super delicious custard cake

The fluffiness of a sponge cake with the flavor of vanilla and the creaminess of a custard. This cake has it all. Perfect for breakfasts and snacks.

Grandma cake

Grandmother's cake, one of the most famous and most traditional. It is a cake that cannot be missed in any house or on any birthday.

Tart with strawberries

Tart with strawberries

One of the most spectacular cake you can try. It contains its best ingredients, flavor, color and originality. Is about…

Sweet potato

Making homemade sweet potato is very simple with Thermomix. A simple recipe that you can enjoy with your favorite cheese.

Crème brûlée with strawberries

Crème brûlée with strawberries

A perfect and very smooth cream, made with cheese and cream and with a crunchy layer of sugar. In the filling we will introduce strawberries for an authentic dessert.

Ricotta Cookies with Frosting

Ricotta Cookies with Frosting

These cookies are great. They are a very original delicacy made with Ricotta cheese and with a very pleasant and special flavor and with an excellent glaze.

White chocolate custard

With these white chocolate custard you can put the sweetest note at Christmas. Quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Bananas in papillote

These bananas en papillote are a fantastic idea to take advantage of the most ripe pieces and also to take advantage of the varoma.

Chocolate and banana cheese cake

A homemade cheesecake that surprises with its mixture of flavors. With a biscuit base and a creamy part of cheese, chocolate and banana.

pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake

An exquisite cake with a perfect combination of cheese and pumpkin. Made with a base of buttered biscuits and decorated with cream cheese.

Vegan pumpkin custard

These vegan pumpkin custard made with Thermomix couldn't be faster, cheaper and lighter. The dessert for the whole family.

chocolate apple oatmeal cookies

Chocolate Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Some cookies with a delicious taste of chocolate and apple. Composed of oat flakes and a dough that when baked will be tender and crisp on the outside.

Sugar-free liquid caramel

With this recipe for liquid caramel without sugar and your Thermomix you can enjoy, in a few minutes, all the flavor in your homemade puddings or waffles.

Coconut flavored pastry cream

Delicious coconut flavored pastry cream. To obtain this result we only have to flavor the milk with grated coconut. You will love it.

Grape cake

Here the banca grape will be the protagonist. We will use it to make this creamy cake that also has butter and egg.

Strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake

Make a delicious strawberry-flavored cheesecake with a cookie base. It will be a refreshing and sweet mixture but with an acid touch.

Lemon cream and Greek yogurt dessert

With only five ingredients we are going to make some attractive glasses of lemon cream and Greek yogurt. An original dessert that the whole family likes.

Lemon and coconut cake

Lemon coconut cake

Discover another different way to make this sponge cake watered with a spectacular lemon flavor. It will culminate with a touch of cream and coconut, go for it.

Mini frozen nectarine cheesecakes

A summer dessert that the whole family will love. It is made with fruit, yogurt, ricotta, cookies ... and we can serve it in tarts or in the shape of a lolly.

Coconut Peach Labneh

With this coconut and peach labneh you can enjoy a simple and creamy dessert. Ready in less than 1 minute with your Thermomix.

Rum ice cream with raisins

The rum raisin ice cream is a classic that you cannot miss on your vacation. Prepare it easily at home with your Thermomix.

Simple banana ice cream

A very simple preparation based on frozen banana, sugar and yogurt. It has a creamy texture and can be served like ice cream.

Cherry ice cream and yogurt

Enjoy the summer with this cherry yogurt ice cream. A creamy dessert, with only 3 ingredients and ready in a few minutes with Thermomix.

Banana inverted cake

In this case it has a banana but we can use other fruits. We teach you to prepare the syrup that will later remain on the surface.

Strawberry curd

A strawberry curd that young and old like. We can serve it with jam, chocolate sauce or with fresh fruit.

Quick banana flan

Forget the bain-marie and long cooking thanks to this quick banana flan. Easy, simple and full of flavor.

Banana and chocolate cream

A spoon dessert with two main flavors: banana and chocolate. Take this into account if there are two ripe bananas in your fruit bowl.

Thin lemon cake

A delicate and lemon-flavored snack. Small portions can be cut to obtain original butter and lemon cakes.

Pear cheesecake

Delicious and smooth cheescake made with a biscuit base, a low-calorie curd cream and pear pieces in syrup.

Chocolate panna cotta

A panna cotta with chocolate flavor made in Thermomix. We will also prepare a chocolate sauce and put it on each portion.

Vegan coconut flan

With this vegan coconut flan you will enjoy an easy, simple, light dessert suitable for vegans and lactose and egg free diets.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019

The most romantic and sweet recipes to surprise your partner this Valentine's night. Don't miss this compilation

Chocolate duo

An easy dessert for Valentine's Day: chocolate duo. For two people, very sweet and easy to prepare using our Thermomix

Simple waffles

We show you how easy it is to prepare waffles at home. We will make the dough in Thermomix and cook them in a simple waffle maker.

Apple and chocolate puff pastry

An apple puff pastry that can be eaten both hot and cold. It is baked but we will prepare the filling in Thermoxim, mincing the ingredients.

White nougat

We teach you how to prepare a homemade nougat with very few ingredients. You can put the dried fruit that you like the most. It is very easy!

Dulce de leche custard

These dulce de leche custard will drive those who like sweet flavors crazy. They are as smooth as they are easy to make.

Cream tartlets

These cream tartlets that they know how to prepare so well in Portugal are our dessert suggestion for any special occasion

Persimmon and chocolate cake

A cake for the whole family that we can take both warm and cold. We will use two ripe persimmons and chopped chocolate.

Apple pie

A delicious apple pie that you can prepare with seven basic ingredients that you surely have at home. Take a look at the recipe, you will like it!

Apple and chocolate cream

A different apple cream that we will easily prepare in Thermomix. It can also be used to fill and decorate cakes and pastries.

Horchata custard

Exquisite and delicious custard, with a different touch: horchata. We substitute milk for horchata, a touch of cinnamon and a dessert 10 !!

Panna cotta with coconut milk

Making this coconut panna cotta in Thermomix couldn't be easier. And I assure you that it is a delicious, caloric dessert, yes, but great. Like the Una panna cotta special and perfect for any occasion. It can be served with red fruits, with a fruit sauce, with jam and even with chocolate.

9 sweet recipes with jam

A compilation of nine recipes in which jam takes center stage. If you have made homemade jam, take a look at this compilation because surely there is a recipe that you can prepare. There are 9 sweet recipes with homemade jam.

9 sweet recipes with peaches and nectarines

Now is the time to cook with peaches and nectarines. They are at a good price and we can use them in recipes that are consumed immediately or for a compilation that will allow you to get the most out of peaches and nectarines. You will find preserving recipes, desserts, a cake ...

Hazelnut plum cake

We are going to prepare a hazelnut flavored plum cake with chocolate on the surface. But don't be scared of the latter because, in the video that I leave you with A plum cake that the little ones like a lot. It has crushed hazelnuts, candied fruit, and chocolate on the outside. Check out our video recipes!

Simple tart with red berries and apple

On a holiday you cannot miss a special recipe. We are going to prepare a very simple cake with red fruits. It has a crunchy base that we will make A homemade cake with a crunchy base and a filling of pastry cream. On the surface we will put our red fruits, which will be cooked in the oven.

Cream tartlets and figs

With our favorite cookie dough, a cream made in Thermomix and any seasonal fruit we can make a dessert as colorful as this one.

9 refreshing desserts for summer

A sumptuous compilation with 9 desserts. They are quick, simple, inexpensive desserts and, above all, very very refreshing. You will see what a delight!

Glasses of peach compote with yogurt

One of our favorite desserts these summer days are the glasses of peach compote with yogurt. So we also take advantage and get all the With these glasses of peach compote with yogurt you will have an easy dessert. You can also make the most of the summer and your Thermomix.

Banana Milkshake

We propose a snack, for adults and children, based on bananas and dairy. It is prepared in a Thermomix and it is delicious.

Sweet rice with horchata

A reinterpretation of the classic rice pudding, but this time prepared with horchata. Creamy, smooth, delicate and delicious. It is a perfect dessert.

Yogurt, kiwi and mango cups

These glasses of yogurt, kiwi and mango will serve to give a different air to the same ingredients as always. An easy recipe to make with Thermomix.

Chocolate and ricotta cake

We teach you how to prepare a chocolate and ricotta cake in Thermomix. It is a crostata made with a lemon base and a creamy and delicate filling.

Forest fruits lasagna

We teach you how to prepare an original sweet lasagna made with berries. A perfect dessert for any occasion with which you will surprise everyone.

Apple cake

Fantastic homemade juicy apple cake. Ideal for young and old, to eat fruit and say NO to industrial pastries.

Hazelnut cake filled with cream

An original sponge cake made with hazelnuts and filled with a delicious curd cream. The nectarine bits make it an even more special dessert.

9 cakes without oven

We show you 9 recipes for cakes without an oven ideal to prepare in the hottest months. All diverse and all delicious.

Pumpkin seed tart and red berries

We will use the pumpkin seeds to give color and flavor to the dough of our cake. Inside we will put red fruit jam and some pieces of fresh strawberries.

Red licorice ice cream

With this red liquorice ice cream you will have a dessert for the summer. It has all the flavor of your childhood and a striking color. It is also very easy to do with Thermomix.

Magic cake

Do you dare to try it? It is not difficult but it is important to follow the step by step specified in the recipe and respect the baking and standing times. The result is amazing!

Light strawberry foam

The light strawberry foam is the perfect dessert; delicious taste, surprisingly light texture, simple, cheap and very quick to make with Thermomix.

Creamy cheesecake with vanilla aroma

Quick and easy dessert, super creamy and with all the flavor of cheese. Ideal for express desserts without an oven. A perfect dish for beginners ... and cheese lovers!

Quick lemon pudding

Quick Lemon Pudding: a fantastic and delicious dessert in just 15 minutes. You only have to let it rest for 3 hours in the fridge and that's it! The little ones will love it.

Mascarpone cake

Mascarpone and chocolate cake

The mild flavor of this sponge cake made with mascarpone is intensified by the strength of the chocolate inside ... and with that of the topping!

Lemon almond butter crust cake

A different dessert that butter and caramel lovers will appreciate. It has a soft base and a crunchy surface with almonds.

Gluten-free torrijas bread

With this delicious gluten-free torrijas bread, made with Thermomix, you can enjoy the most classic Easter desserts.

Fried Milk with Sugar and Cinnamon

Fried Milk with Sugar and Cinnamon

Fried Milk with Sugar and Cinnamon. Enjoy all the flavor of this popular Easter dessert in a homemade way. Cinnamon and vanilla that combine giving a delicious aroma and flavor.

Pumpkin and ricotta cake

A sponge cake made with roasted pumpkin pulp, ricotta and eggs. Soft and not too caloric. It is kept in the refrigerator.

Rustic blueberry jam cake

A consistent sponge cake filled with a blueberry jam that can be substituted for your favorite. Great as a snack or dessert, with a dollop of light custard as a side.

Pineapple and passion fruit foam

The pineapple and passion fruit foam is a light, soft and refreshing dessert to serve as the culmination of a copious dinner. Ready in 5 minutes with Thermomix.

Jijona nougat panna cotta

A Christmas version of the classic Italian dessert panna cottta, to which we are going to add Jijona nougat. The finishing touch to our celebrations.

Pumpkin pie and condensed milk

We propose you a pumpkin pie and condensed milk for this Christmas. It has pasta frola and a creamy filling made with pumpkin and condensed milk.

Steamed calatrava bread

Steamed Calatrava Bread

Steamed Calatrava Bread. A whole recipe of use where we use sponge cake and other ingredients to create a delicious dessert.

Persimmon dessert with cream

Preparing a special dessert is easy if we have Thermomix. The proof are these little glasses of persimmon with cream. Try them, they are a delight!

Papaya Mousse

Papaya mousse. Enjoy all the flavor of this tropical fruit in a light and fresh mousse. Ideal as a dessert after a heavy meal.

9 sweet recipes for fall

With this compilation of 9 sweet recipes for autumn you will have ideas to prepare delicious desserts, breakfasts and snacks with Thermomix.

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

All the flavor of the popular Key Lime Pie of American origin in an ice cream with a creaminess and texture of the most refreshing.

Two chocolate ice cream

Delicious, smooth and creamy homemade ice cream with two chocolates. Prepared with Thermomix and your refrigerator quickly and easily.

Chocolate brigadeiros

Chocolate brigadeiros

Chocolate brigadeiros. Let yourself be seduced by the sweet and creamy flavor of these typical bites of Brazilian gastronomy.

Coke of San Juan

Coca de San Juan. Enjoy all the flavor of this rich dessert typical of Catalan gastronomy. A sweet and delicious snack.

Cheese Cake

Strawberry cheesecake

A cheese cake that is very cold is a spectacle. And don't forget the strawberry sauce ... it goes perfectly with the creamy base

Mango, macadamia and coconut balls

With these mango, macadamia and coconut balls you will enjoy a healthy snack with all the flavor of the tropics. easy to do with Thermomix.

Cherry cake

Delicious sponge cake made with almonds, cane sugar and cherries. An original dessert or snack that can be taken both hot and cold.

Chocolate rum ice cream

Chocolate ice cream with rum. Discover how easy it is with our Thermomix to make homemade ice creams that can compete with those of the best ice cream parlor.

Rice pudding cake, very easy

Pretty, easy to prepare, and delicious. It has a biscuit base, flavored with cinnamon, although the main character is rice pudding and curd.

Eggless carrot cupcakes

Egg free but full of flavor. With carrots, nuts, spices ... they are delicious cakes even richer with a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt.

natural petit suisse

Let your children enjoy all the flavor of the classic natural petit suisse. Now made at home, in less 10 minutes with Thermomix.

Wholemeal carrot cake

Whole wheat carrot cake. A mixture of whole grain flours, natural sweeteners and vegetables to make a juicy and delicious dessert.

Mimosa cake

A simple cake, made with Genoese sponge cake and a filling made with whipped cream and pastry cream. Decorate with crumbled sponge cake.

White chocolate icing

An easy-to-prepare white chocolate icing that will be used to enrich and decorate fresh fruit or homemade desserts (sponge cakes, cakes ...)

White chocolate cake (crostata)

Delicious. This is how this crostata is filled with ground hazelnuts and a very easy white chocolate cream. Try it because you are going to love it.

9 desserts for Valentine's Day

A list with the best desserts for Valentine's Day specially created for you, so you don't waste time and enjoy Valentine's Day.

Orange and chocolate mousse

Romantic and delicate orange mousse with chocolate chips. Ideal to surprise on Valentine's Day or to finish a meal with a good dessert.

9 sweet recipes without eggs

A compilation with 9 great sweet recipes without eggs and made in Thermomix. Perfect for those who cannot take this ingredient.

Almond custard with brandy

Almond custard with brandy

Almond custard with brandy. The traditional flavor where the ingredients of the classic dessert come together with the flavor of almonds and the aroma of brandy.

Roscón de Reyes with sourdough

Traditional Roscón de Reyes made with sourdough. Full of flavor, aroma, juicy ... in short, delicious and homemade with Thermomix.

Easy chocolate cake

Gluten-free chocolate cake easy to prepare in Thermomix. Fluffy and with a lot of chocolate flavor. Kids love it!

Pumpkin pie for Christmas

A delicious lactose-free pumpkin pie flavored with nougat and perfect to surprise your guests this Christmas.

apple cake

Easy apple pie

Easy apple pie. A simple version of the classic dessert of a lifetime where we combine a creamy base with the detail of the laminated apple.

Sweet bread and apple

A simple dessert, with ingredients from around the house and made in Thermomix: Sweet bread and apple. Autumnal, original and inexpensive.

Stale bread cake

Do you have stale bread at home? Well, now is the time to prepare this cake: a very easy to make and inexpensive sweet with which you will surprise the whole family.

Pumpkin Cheesecake 1

Halloween pumpkin cheesecake

Halloween pumpkin and cheesecake. An idea to give a different touch to the classic cheesecake by adding a seasonal ingredient. He is scared.

Vanilla paste

Use this homemade vanilla paste to flavor all your recipes, it will give them a very authentic touch. It is also very easy to prepare and fast.

Ricotta and almond cake

A delicious cake that in Thermomix is ​​prepared in a moment. For children and adults, with a mild flavor and made with ricotta and crushed almonds.

Fruit and carrot baby food

Some baby food or baby food with carrots that the whole family like. They are made with fresh fruit and are irresistible

Rice pudding flan

Surprising rice pudding flan. A different version born from the fusion between rice pudding and flan. Exquisite!

Peach liquid yogurt in syrup

A different snack for children with which we can take advantage of the peach in syrup that we have canned. It will appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Sponge cake with pastry cream

Original cake with a sponge dough that makes the nest of a very easy pastry cream. Assemble, bake everything at the same time and that's it!

Acai poles

Acai popsicles are perfect for the summer as they refresh, hydrate and nourish us with antioxidants. Making them at home never so easy.

Trifle with homemade custard

We teach you how to make a typical dessert of English cuisine. It has custard, a cream that we will make ourselves using our Thermomix.

Vegan Lemon Coconut Balls

These vegan coconut and lemon balls have cashew nuts and with Thermomix it is very quick and easy to make them. It is a healthy dessert without many calories.

Rice pudding and white chocolate

Simple and original recipe for rice pudding with white chocolate flavor. A dessert that we can make lighter if we mix it with natural yogurt.

Instant lime and lemon mousse

With this instant lime and lemon mousse you will have a dessert in 5 minutes. It is creamy and so easy and fast to make with Thermomix that you will not be lazy.

Apple rice pudding

A new version of the traditional rice pudding to which we add a touch of apple with a juicy, tasty and delicious result.

Dulce de leche ice cream

Enjoy the summer with this dulce de leche ice cream. The ideal dessert or snack. Doing it at home has never been so easy with our Thermomix.

Fruit and yogurt dessert

Dessert or breakfast for the whole family and perfect to use the fruit that can be spoiled at home. It can be served with cereals, chocolate ...

Rice pudding for kids

Rice pudding dessert that the little ones really like. It comes out of the mold easily and is easily adaptable to the tastes and needs of children.

Nectarine semi-cold

Delicious and refreshing dessert made from frozen seasonal fruit and creamy yogurt. Ideal for the little ones to have fruit.

Sponge cake with orange sauce

Original and simple sponge cake with orange sauce made with Thermomix. With a splash of sauce we turn a traditional sponge cake into a delight.

Matcha tea flan

Exotic egg custard made with an original touch of matcha green tea. Creamy texture and surprising flavor. Ideal as a dessert.

Baby cake: my first birthday

Baby's first birthday cake is special. That is why this cake is specially designed to satisfy the tastes of the baby in complete safety.

Banana flan with pastry base

Discover the banana flan with a pastry base. With a couple of ripe bananas and a piece of cake that we have at home we can make a great dessert. 

Strawberry tiramisu cake

Do you want to prepare a dessert with the kids to celebrate Father's Day? Take a look at this Strawberry Turamisu Tart.

Fresh cheese flan

Creamy and delicate flan made from fresh cheese and enriched with condensed milk. A unique pleasure for the sweet tooth.

Tropical condensed milk cream

Do you want to prepare a delicious dessert in less than 10 minutes? Try this tropical condensed milk cream, you will love its texture and flavor.

Egg custard with cinnamon

Egg custard with cinnamon, with a spectacular texture and an irresistible flavor. Made, as always, in Thermomix.

Basic recipe: condensed milk

Do you want to prepare condensed milk at home? It is easy, fast and the result is spectacular. Use it in your favorite desserts.

Bread cake

Chocolate cake or pudding made in Thermomix. Without oil or butter and with a lot of fruit, dry and fresh. Ideal to take advantage of the bread that is left over.

Sacher cake with almonds

Irresistible Sacher cake, without wheat flour and with crushed almonds. Ideal for chocolate lovers and easy to make.

Condensed milk mousse

Delicious dessert with mousse texture and all the flavor of condensed milk. Only suitable for those with a sweet tooth !!

Chocolate sauce

Delicious chocolate sauce made with Thermomix. Ideal to accompany fresh fruit, dried fruit, ice cream, cakes, cakes, yogurts ... 

Chocolate nustard

Traditional chocolate custard made with egg and that we can prepare in our thermomix in just 8 minutes.

Ricotta and chocolate cake

A different cake, with ricotta cream on the inside and chocolate on the top. With it we will surprise all diners.

Christmas pudding

The Christmas pudding is the perfect dessert for these dates since it can be made in advance.

Easy persimmon tart

Simple tart and persimmons covered with a cream made with this fruit. A simple dessert that you can adapt taking into account your tastes.

Salty cheese and pear tarte tatin

Original tarte tatin with strong cheeses and pear, ideal for any celebration because it is easy to prepare and has a surprising flavor.

Creamy cheesecake

Mascarpone and ricotta cheese cake, very soft and not at all cloying. The base and sides are made of puff pastry and it is served with jam.

Roasted pumpkin flan

Microwave-roasted pumpkin flan, an easy, fast, light dessert enriched with all the properties of pumpkin.

Rice pudding cake

The rice pudding cake is a different dish that lovers of this dessert like. To do this, both the Thermomix and the oven are used.

Nonna chocolate cake

A traditional Italian recipe: Torta della Nonna, in this case filled with a soft chocolate cream. Delicious for young and old.

Simple chocolate and cream cake

Cake made with a delicious chocolate sponge bathed in syrup and filled with strawberry jam and cream. Perfect for any occasion.

Sponge cake for breakfast

Feather-shaped sponge cake perfect for breakfast. Contains pieces of pears in wine although they can be substituted for chocolate chips

Mint and chocolate sponge cake

A two-color sponge cake with two flavors: mint (thanks to a homemade syrup) and chocolate. Easy to prepare and ideal for mint lovers.