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Bread in Thermomix

Wheat and corn bread

You will love the special flavor of this wheat and corn bread. Very easy to make in Thermomix, you just have to respect the rising times.

Yogurt Muffins

Yogurt Muffins

Delicious yogurt muffins perfect for breakfast, to take to school as lunch or for a snack.

Buckwheat pizza dough

This buckwheat pizza dough is great gluten-free, grass-free, lactose-free and as crunchy as it is delicious.

quick stuffed focaccia

quick stuffed focaccia

Today we bring Thermorecetas a great recipe: quick stuffed focaccia. This plan will help us have a dinner or a snack…

Smoked salmon cupcakes with cheese

Smoked salmon cupcakes with cheese

Do you dare with some salty cupcakes? We have these smoked salmon cupcakes, they are delicious and you can decorate them with cream cheese.

bread with pesto

For this pesto bread you can use your favorite pesto. The result is a soft, stuffed sliced ​​bread...so delicious.

Buckwheat muffins

These buckwheat muffins are as quick as they are easy. They are also ideal for preparing sandwiches.

Salty cheesecake with vegetables

Salty cheesecake with vegetables

We have this savory cheesecake with vegetables that is a delight to the palate. Thanks to its texture and nutrients it is wonderful.

Tomato and anchovy focaccia

Tomato and anchovy focaccia

Do you like salty masses? Well, we present you this delicious focaccia made with tomatoes, anchovies and black olives. Delicious!

Quick oregano and pepper buns

Some quick homemade rolls flavored with pepper and oregano, easy and delicious, ideal to accompany with whatever you like. 

lentil bread

This lentil bread, made with the coral variety, is simple to prepare and so nutritious that it will leave you completely satisfied.

Donuts with bread dough

Freshly made, freshly fried, these donuts are a real delight. They are made with a simple bread dough that we will make in a Thermomix.

butter rolls

For lunch, for an afternoon snack, stuffed with pâté or a sweet ingredient. These shortbread rolls are rich with everything.

Spiced crumbs with barbecue meat

BBQ Beef Spiced Crumbs

Utilization recipe for barbecue meat: delicious traditional crumbs with a touch of spices.



Do you want to win the applause of your family this Christmas? We teach you how to prepare a delicious and typical panettone.

Thermomix Cream Muffins Recipe

Cream cupcakes

Try this recipe for cream muffins and forget about the dry and rubbery ones. They will be finished in a jiffy.

Milk bread

This milk bread recipe is ideal to prepare soft and delicious buns that you can fill with sweet and savory ingredients

Thermomix dessert recipe bambas de nata

Cream buns

The taste of these cream sneakers always reminds me of my childhood. To the traditional sweets that were taken in the bakeries of before.

Thermomix Recipe Bacon and Cheese Muffins

Bacon and cheese muffins

Are you organizing an event and need a recipe for many diners? Try these bacon and cheese muffins ... delicious !!

Thermomix recipe tuna empanada

Tuna pie

We show you how to make a simple and delicious tuna patty. Ideal for preparing a birthday or an informal dinner.

Apple and walnut bread

With this apple and walnut bread you will have a different vegan alternative to enjoy a special breakfast.

Integral bread

Do you dare with a whole wheat bread? It is very easy and, with a little patience, you will have a delicious result with Thermomix.

thermomix miracle bread recipe

Miracle bread

With this miracle bread you will have in 45 a homemade bread, like the ones before, with its crunchy crust and its soft crumb.

Thermomix Recipe Ham and Cheese Shells

Ham and cheese shells

The ham and cheese shells are ideal for parties and birthdays since they are great and they like everyone.

Keto garlic cheese buns

Keto garlic cheese buns are fluffy ... a real flavor bomb for your parties and casual dinners.

Bread stuffed with mushrooms

A bread that today we are going to fill with mushrooms and peppers but that you can prepare with your favorite ingredients.

Thermomix Christmas Stollen Recipe


This stollen is perfect to surprise your guests with a typical Christmas dessert of German cuisine.

Thermomix Christmas Roscón de Reyes Recipe

Roscón de Reyes

The homemade roscón de Reyes has all the Christmas flavor.If you like to prepare sweets at home, you have to try this Thermomix recipe.

Curly shaped donuts

Curly shaped donuts

Another original and different way to make twisted donuts. Discover how easy they are to make and how delicious they are.

Crackers, yeast-free

With very few ingredients we are going to prepare delicious crackers. They do not contain yeast and are very crispy.

Wholemeal bread

Preparing whole wheat bread with your Thermomix is ​​very simple. Enjoy its flavor at breakfasts and snacks.

Ciabatta bread in Thermomix

Delicious homemade ciabatta. They are small and that is why they are perfect as a sandwich bread or for special meals.

Jewish Bread: Challah

We are going to prepare this Jewish bread called Challah in a Thermomix. It does not contain milk or butter and will appeal to the whole family.

Pai Bao, a sweet Asian bread

You will like this Asian sweet bread. It is called Pai Bao and it can be taken either alone or filled with both sweet and savory ingredients.

Onion and raisin taralli

You will find the written recipe and also a video recipes in which I show all the steps to follow. You will surely like these onion and raisin taralli.

Piadina in Thermomix

With Thermomix we will prepare the dough. Then we will form them with the rolling pin and cook them. The recipe, in addition to being written, you can see it in a video

Dumplings with almond cream

Dumplings with almond cream

These buns are the simplest and most original way to make a cake in a spectacular way. Its flavor will be ideal with this special almond cream.

Simple sliced ​​bread

Making homemade sliced ​​bread is not complicated. We will need simple ingredients, a rectangular mold and a little patience.

Muffins with sun-dried tomatoes

They are great to prepare sandwiches or to accompany any meal. The golden color is given by the dried tomatoes that we add to the dough.

Thick bread sticks

Some bread sticks that we can prepare at home. Water, flour, yeast ... and a little free time to let the dough double in volume

Stuffed bread crown

A great homemade bread for meetings with family and friends. The ingredients of the filling can be substituted by others, according to tastes and needs

Raisin bagels

These homemade donuts are great for breakfast and as a snack. In the video you will see how to make the dough and how to shape it.

10 recipes to take advantage of bread

In this new collection you will find 10 recipes to take advantage of bread with sweet and savory ideas so you don't have to throw anything away and save money in the kitchen.

Brioche bread with yogurt and honey

We are going to prepare a delicate and very fluffy brioche bread braid in Thermomix, ideal for breakfast and a snack. It has yogurt and honey.

Stuffed focaccia

Delicious homemade focaccia stuffed with tomato and mozzarella. Ideal for celebrations or for a snack or informal dinner with friends. Children like it very much.

Unleavened bread

Sometimes it is more convenient to prepare bread at home than to go out and buy it. Today's does not have yeast and in two hours we will have it ready.

Olive bread braid

A braid of homemade bread with pieces of olives. Simple and very rich, it will serve us to accompany our dishes or to prepare delicious toasts.

Mozzarella balls, with bread dough

An original and very tasty aperitif that appeals to young and old alike. The melted mozzarella is surrounded by an original fried bread dough.

Salty cake of ham and olives roses

In a video we show you how to shape it. It is a brioche-type dough that we fill with ham and olives, but you can fill it with whatever you like the most.

Quick coca with four cheeses

With this quick coca with four cheeses you can include vegetables in your diet while enjoying the flavor of your favorite cheeses.

Vegetable dumplings

Some dumplings similar to cocarrois made with a dough of butter and oil and a filling of vegetables, paprika and prunes

Salty onion and bacon tart

With this salty onion and bacon tart your parties will be a success. An informal dish full of flavor that appeals to young and old.

Breadsticks with aromatic herbs

Some bread sticks with aromatic herbs made with sourdough. Ideal for aperitifs, the children will be happy to help us shape them.

Bretzel rolls

Bretzel rolls

Bretzel rolls. All the flavor of Germany in a tender and delicious bite that makes our breakfasts and snacks irresistible.


Classic bread dough to make baguettes, a delicate, soft and perfect loaf to accompany our meals.

Brioche bread

Brioche bread

Brioche bread. A piece of homemade pastries that we can accompany with both sweet and salty and that will enliven our breakfasts and snacks.

Savory tomato muffins

For celebrations, as an aperitif, for a special snack ... we propose these tomato muffins that you can serve with cold cuts and cheeses.

Cocoa bread

Cocoa bread. All the flavor of the usual bread with a touch of delicious pure cocoa. A different bread that contrasts in nuances.

Cumin donuts

They are made with baker's yeast (or sourdough) and contain cumin. A different recipe because, after dipping them in boiling water, we bake them.

Lemon flower and chocolate cake

Easy, pretty, good, fun ... that's how this flower cake is. And we explain it to you in a video! Try it, you will leave everyone speechless with the result

Coke of San Juan

Coca de San Juan. Enjoy all the flavor of this rich dessert typical of Catalan gastronomy. A sweet and delicious snack.

Oil muffins

With these buns you can make mini sandwiches. They are made with sourdough but can also be made with baker's yeast.

Steamed bread with poppy seeds

Steamed bread with poppy seeds

Steamed bread with poppy seeds. Another way to enjoy the flavor of always with a different cooking method. For lovers of the crumb.

Sliced ​​bread with seeds

This sliced ​​bread with seeds has the flavor of homemade bread in its most tender version. Ideal to enjoy for breakfast and snacks.

Pizza flavored rolls

These pizza-flavored wraps are perfect for celebrations or picnics. They have tomato, mozzarella and oregano so everyone likes them.

French toast bread

Pan for torrijas. A recipe for sweet and compact homemade bread indicated for the preparation of this classic dessert of use.


Parmesanitos are ideal for cheese lovers. They are made with sourdough and combine perfectly with jam, quince, sausages ...

Brioche braids 'Tutti Frutti'

Tutti Frutti brioche braids. A delight to have for breakfast and snacks. A traditional pastry product with all the homemade flavor.

'Rolled' breadsticks

Delicious homemade bread sticks made in Thermomix. Ideal as a snack or as a starter at a special dinner, for example, on Valentine's Day.

Hamburger 'bread

Hamburger bun

Burger bun. An easy way to cook your own hamburger buns at home for a treat any day.

My ciabatta bread with sourdough

We teach you how to make ciabatta bread with sourdough. It is very fluffy and with that smell of traditional bread that is so hard to find.

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls. Enjoy all the flavor of American pastries in a healthy and natural way without the presence of unhealthy additives.

Pizza bars

With these pizza bars you can indulge yourself but without worrying about calories. They have all the flavor of homemade natural made pizzas.

Roasted vegetable patty

This simple and healthy roasted vegetable patty is perfect for the whole family to eat on the beach. Easy to make and transport.

Quick orange bread

Quick orange bread ideal for beginners, very easy, with orange flavor. Ready in 45 minutes, without yeast, it is ideal to accompany foie gras and cheeses.

Cheese bread

The formaggio cake is a common cheese bread on the tables of central Italy on Easter days.

Bread cake

Chocolate cake or pudding made in Thermomix. Without oil or butter and with a lot of fruit, dry and fresh. Ideal to take advantage of the bread that is left over.

Spelt Bread

An artisan bread made from spelled flour, nutritious and healthy. Ideal for spreading with butter and jam, with sausages or olive oil.

Sweet jam focaccia

Sweet focaccia stuffed with strawberry jam, a sweet easy to prepare in Thermomix and irresistible.

Rustic pear tart

It is a very fluffy and juicy sponge cake also thanks to the chopped pear that it contains inside. The dough is made with baker's yeast.

Basic recipe: batter for fish fries

This dough for coating fish is made in a few seconds in Thermomix. It has simple ingredients and we can flavor it according to our preferences.

Donuts with Thermomix

Delicious homemade donuts that look just like store bought ones. Cardamom seeds give them that characteristic flavor. And with frostings!

Honey biscuits decorated with stamps

Delicious honey cookies, easy to work with and that can be decorated with stamps. They are suitable for those who do not include cow's milk in their diet.

Nougat cookies

These nougat cookies will be great for us to take advantage of the nougat that we have left over from the Christmas parties. They are perfect for a snack.

Loin in bread crust

Fresh loin with honey wrapped in a bread dough that we make ourselves in Thermomix. Ideally, serve it with mushroom and onion sauce.

Bread basket

This bread basket made with Thermomix is ​​ideal to place in the center of the table, full of bread, on special occasions.

Nut rolls and herb rolls

They are easy to prepare rolls and they go very well with any pâté or cream cheese. You can even make two medium loaves.

Rollo alla Nutella

Roscón filled with Nutella, ideal as a Christmas dessert for chocolate lovers.

Light biscuits

Healthy recipes made with mascarpone, whole wheat flour and brown sugar. It has fewer calories than traditional cookies and they are rich in fiber.

Scream Mini Pizzas

Scream minipizzas are ghostly snacks, minipizzas with the face of Ghostface (ghost face), the terrible Scream. They make like some parmesan cookies, a crunchy and rich appetizer for Halloween night.

Murcian pie

Delicious Murcian empanada with pepper, tomato, peas, egg and tuna. A traditional and delicious recipe that can be made with Thermomix.

Chocolate bread

It is a different bread because it has a special ingredient. Chocolate bread, with the texture of sliced ​​bread and with all the flavor of chocolate

Manchego cheese donuts

Manchego cheese donuts are a good option to have for breakfast or as a snack. Accompany them with cold cuts or jams such as tomato.


Churros (essential to use churrera)

We teach you how to make traditional churros. We will prepare the dough in our Thermomix and we will shape them with a churrera. Then they are fried in the pan

Molletes from Antequera

Delicious homemade bread easily made with our thermomix: Antequera muffins. Ideal for breakfast with oil and tomato or jam and butter

Salty Manchego cheese cake

With this salty Manchego cheese cake we can take advantage of those hard pieces that are forgotten and transform them into a delicious recipe for dinner.

Lemon scones with syrup

Very easy, with an intense and delicious flavor. So are these rolls that children and adults like. Muffins, elongated buns ... that's your choice.

Pumpkin bread

Making pumpkin bread at home is very simple. Pumpkin, oil, flour, yeast and salt are the ingredients we will need.

Hazelnut cookies

Hazelnuts give them a different and special flavor. The lacasitos a fun touch. They are liked by young and old and, in addition, they are very easy to make.

Wholegrain prune muffins

They are rich in fiber thanks to the whole wheat flour and prunes and, thanks to the butter, they provide the necessary energy to face the day.

Lactose-free filled sweet bread

This sweet bread likes everyone, especially the little ones. It has an irresistible appearance and a very good texture. It is also suitable for milk intolerant

Salty bacon and zucchini tart

We teach you how to make a salty bacon, zucchini and cheese cake, with a very easy dough of wine and olive oil that serves as a base.

Carnival flowers

We teach you how to make these beautiful flowers made with very simple ingredients. The photographs will help you understand all the steps to follow.

Chocolate and vanilla sponge cake

This chocolate and vanilla sponge cake is perfect for lovers of these two flavors. It is a bicolor sponge cake presented in a fun way.

Venetian sweet rolls (no egg)

If you follow this recipe for sweet rolls you can taste at home some delicious rolls with raisins made without eggs. You can fill them with jam.

Fried fruit

These sweet fritters or fried buns with fresh fruit inside will appeal to young and old alike. Thanks to the Thermomix the dough is made easily.

Tuscan bread: unsalted bread

We teach you how to make Tuscan bread (bread without salt) that you can use to make canapes, toasts, croutons or simply as a substitute for normal bread.

Focaccia bread

Focaccia bread

We bring you another Italian recipe: a focaccia with extra virgin olive oil that no one will be able to resist. Take it alone or with cheese, sausage ...

Jam muffins

They are made in a moment and they like everyone. The filling of these muffins can be changed according to your preferences or taking advantage of what you have at home.

Artichoke and peppers coca

Artichoke and pepper coca is a typical recipe of Mediterranean cuisine. A tasty and appetizing way to eat greens and vegetables.

Port wine donuts

With red wine, whether sweet or table, we will make these delicious wine rolls, ideal for coffee. You can present them as homemade Christmas candy.

Apple tartlets without egg!

Ideal for those intolerant of eggs, these apple and chocolate tartlets or muffins are easy to make, and they are delicious!

Pumpkin biscuit

The recipe is very simple and the result is spectacular. The pumpkin sponge cake is made in no time, with the usual ingredients, and everyone likes it!

Wheat tortillas

Wheat tortillas are the essential complement to organize a Mexican meal. They are easy to make at home and can be filled with meat and vegetables.

Ham and cheese brioche spirals

Spongy brioche dough spirals, made with ham and cheese. Ideal for gatherings between friends and for birthdays with children.

Halloween eye pizza

Terrifying eye-shaped pizza special for Halloween. Ideal for children, friends and families. Perfect for lunch and dinner. Very easy.


We teach you how to make floury, a typical Guadalajara sweet, with juicy black grapes inside and a delicious dough.

Carrot fritters

Easy to make, very rich, with simple and surprising ingredients! This is how these carrot fritters are, something different and that everyone will like.



It is easy to do and the result is delicious. The top is crispy thanks to the gratin sugar and the very fluffy interior. Cheer up with the bica

Neapolitan tortan

The napoletano tortano is a stuffed bread, in this case with cheese and salami, easy to make, transport and that children and adults like.

Vegetable strudel

New vegetable strudel that everyone will like. The vegetables, the cheese and the dough make it a delicious and very original salty cake.

How to draw a flower on a cake

You will see how beautiful it is and how you want to make cakes even more. In a simple way we teach you to draw a flower on a two-color cake.

Salty zucchini tart

Salty zucchini tart

A salty express zucchini tart since you will have it ready in about 45 minutes counting the baking time. Do not miss it because it is delicious!

Pizza Fefe

Pizza Fefe

A very original Italian pizza due to the ingredients with which we will make it: mashed potato, mushrooms, mushrooms, Parmesan, balsamic reduction ...

Olive bread

Olive bread

Are you looking for the recipe to make olive bread with the Thermomix? Enter here you will discover how to make this delicious bread that everyone will love.

Octopus pastry meal

Octopus pastry meal

Octopus and onion empanada recipe prepared with Thermomix, a delicious dish that you can prepare very easily and quickly. Have you already done it?

Strawberry sponge cake

Strawberry sponge cake

We teach you how to prepare a delicious strawberry sponge cake with Thermomix, very easy to make and with a very fluffy result. You'll love it!

Brioche sun

Sun filled brioche bread

Learn how to prepare a brioche bread filled with Thermomix different, salty, and with a fun way with our tricks to make brioche.

Oat bread

Oat bread

Homemade oat bread recipe made with whole wheat flour and flaked oats. With some toasts of this bread we will have a different and delicious breakfast!

Light carrot cake

Light carrot cake

We show you how to make a light carrot cake with Thermomix, a very easy dessert to prepare with this recipe. Have not you done it yet?

Lemon muffins

Lemon muffins

Recipe for homemade lemon muffins that you can prepare very easily with Thermomix, a dessert that you will love. Have not you done it yet?

Lemon pie

Lemon pie

Discover how to make a homemade lemon cake with the Thermomix. A very easy to make and delicious dessert. You will see how delicious it is!

French toast bread

French toast bread

Make your own homemade torrijas bread, making sure that it is the best bread to make this typical dessert that tango likes.



Prepare some delicious bagels in Thermomix, with a very good presence and filled with something sweet or salty, according to taste! Still don't know how to make bagels?

Apple yogurt muffins

Apple yogurt muffins

We teach you how to make yogurt and apple rolls, which look great with any salty filling: patés, cooked ham, salami, salad ...

Sweet apricot dumplings

Sweet apricot dumplings

Learn to prepare some sweet apricot dumplings that will surprise you with their flavor and the success they have, they are very easy to make

Soy milk bread

Soy milk bread

How to make soy milk bread, a healthy and delicious recipe that children and adults love. Do it now in your Thermomix in a very simple way.

Vienna bread with oatmeal and raisins

Vienna bread with oatmeal and raisins

Learn how to make vienna bread with raisins and oatmeal, a very easy and very rich recipe thanks to that homemade touch provided by the dishes made in Thermomix.

Nutella cake

Nutella crown cake

Nutella cake recipe, easy to prepare in the Thermomix and with a very fluffy result thanks to the filling of this chocolate cream.



We show you how to cook almond cordials and angel hair with Thermomix, a typical Murcian dessert that is liked everywhere. How delicious!



Discover how to make homemade panettone with the Thermomix with this easy-to-make recipe. Haven't you tried this famous Italian dessert yet? Delicious.

Balsamic vinegar bread

Balsamic vinegar bread

Cook bread with balsamic vinegar with parmesan cheese with this recipe for Thermomix that will allow you to prepare this homemade bread full of properties.



Learn how to prepare a homemade Mallorcan ensaimada with the Thermomix and fill it with chocolate or angel hair. Very easy to do!

Savory sausage and pea tart

Savory sausage and pea tart

Looking for a savory tart recipe? Discover how to make a delicious sausage and pea savory cake with Thermomix.

Autumn savory tart

Autumn savory cake recipe with Boletus that can be prepared with other types of mushrooms or mushrooms, very appetizing and easy to make in the Thermomix.

Braid stuffed with ham and cheese

Stuffed brioche bread braid

Recipe to cook a braid of brioche bread stuffed with ham and cheese, a dish that you can prepare in the Thermomix and accompany with a sauce.

Steamed bread

Steamed bread

Recipe to prepare steamed bread at home with the Thermomix and without using the oven thanks to the Varoma container. It's delicious.

Roscos of wine and oil

Roscos of wine and oil

Recipe to cook some homemade wine and oil donuts with the Thermomix, one of the typical Andalusian desserts that you can easily prepare at home.

Spinach calzone

We show you how to prepare a spinach calzone with cheese step by step, one of those little recipes that children love and helps them eat vegetables.



Learn how to make delicious homemade muffins with your Thermomix. Simple and very healthy

Chickpea toasted flour cake

Crunchy Cake made with toasted chickpea flour The toasted chickpea flour toast is ideal for vegetarians and coeliacs.


We teach you how to make authentic Fartons from Valencia, to take with horchata or with milk. Made with Thermomix

Ham and cheese cocois

Juicy cocois stuffed with ham and cheese, garnished with homemade bechamel and tomato sauces. Great for when we have guests.

Ginger cookies

Some delicious gingerbread cookies made with Thermomix and, if you want, with the help of the kids. They will surprise young and old with their taste and shape.

Team Building

natural pizza

Natural pizza is the authentic homemade Italian pizza, with natural tomato as the star ingredient that will give us a very unique flavor and touch.

Migas with chorizo ​​and grapes

Traditional migas with garlic and sausages made with Thermomix and accompanied with green grapes. In summer, try them cold and as a starter, everyone will like them!

Angelica braid

Angelica braid

Very good braid with raisins and orange peel zest that come to the surface to make it a spectacular pastry recipe that will surprise you.

Loaf with enriched bread dough

Loaf with enriched bread dough

Tender loaf made with bread dough enriched with a little whole milk, very easy to make, with a soft crumb and crispy crust, which everyone likes.

Healthy sliced ​​bread

Healthy sliced ​​bread

Tender and delicious healthy sliced ​​bread because the only fat it has is virgin olive oil; ideal for preparing sandwiches and toasts.

Spinach Bites

Spinach Bites

Original empanada dough bites stuffed with spinach, various types of cheese and pine nuts, ideal to present at any type of party or event.

Ham bread

Ham bread

Exquisite and tender bread stuffed with sausage and olives, very easy to prepare with Thermomix. Ideal to take on an excursion and to share with friends.

Get pregnant

The preñaos buns are an exquisite bite of bread stuffed with chorizo ​​and made with Thermomix, ideal for snacks, parties or to take on an excursion.

Grissini or breadsticks

Grissini or breadsticks

Delicious bread sticks made with Thermomix ideal as an aperitif, with varied flavors that you can choose to your liking (cheese, spices ...).

Traditional pie

Traditional pie

With this traditional empanada based on vegetables and tuna we will have an ideal recipe to eat in the field or on the beach. Also perfect for birthdays.

Merceditas Cookies

The delicious Merceditas cookies are a good option to present in a snack. Try them with a hot chocolate ... delicious !!

Campero bun

Easy and simple recipe where we will take advantage of the ingredients that we have in the fridge to make our country bun

Stuffed pizza braid

The pizza braid is a dish that kids will love. Perfect to prepare for birthdays or informal parties.

Marquesas Christmas thermomix recipe


Do you want to surprise with a homemade Christmas recipe? Serve those marquesas with a good chocolate.

Thermomix dessert recipe cream bites

Cream bites

Do you want to try an easy recipe and surprise your guests? These bites of cream can also be filled with truffle or pastry cream.

thermomix dessert recipe apple sighs

Apple Fritters

Do you like fried dough? Then you have to try these apple sighs or fritters. Serve them with ice cream for even more flavor.


Do you want to prepare a traditional recipe for All Saints? We propose you some wind fritters filled with different creams.