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Smooth zucchini and potato cream

With this soft cream of zucchini and potato you will enjoy a simple and light recipe and you can also cook in levels with your Thermomix.

Cashew milk

Cashew milk is a vegetable drink, natural and full of properties that you can make easily and quickly with Thermomix.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary1

Roasted potatoes with rosemary

This recipe is wonderful. We will have delicious and tender roasted potatoes with all the flavor of the garlic dressing ...

Creamy lemon ice cream

This summer enjoy a creamy lemon ice cream made at home with your Thermomix and in a simple way. You can also do it without a refrigerator.

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce are one of those light and easy recipes to make with Thermomix and that you can serve any day of the week.

Roasted apple in papillote

Roasted apple in papillote is an easy dessert that you can enjoy throughout the year and that is also easy to make.

9 cold soups to beat the summer heat

9 cold soups to combat the heat is an essential collection of recipes for the summer made with Thermomix and that cannot be missing from your recipe book.

Vegan cheese with fine herbs

Enjoying a homemade vegan cheese with fine herbs is very simple, especially if we help ourselves with Thermomix to do it.

Giant dumplings of fresh cheese and ham

Soft cheese pie, olives and ham

Pie with shortcrust pastry stuffed with fresh cheese, green olives and Serrano ham. A quick and easy recipe with ingredients from around the house. 

Whiskey caramelised leeks

The caramelized leeks with whiskey is a simple garnish to make with Thermomix and that you can use in countless recipes.



Typical dish of the gastronomy of Egypt, made from cooked beans and garnished with onion, cumin, coriander, parsley and lemon. Delicious!

tuna with onion

Tuna with onion

Delicious recipe for tuna with onion. Very easy to prepare and it is perfect for those summer days when you want to eat lighter and faster food.

manchego cheese cake

Creamy cake with Manchego cheese

Creamy cake with a touch of Manchego cheese. The perfect combination of the creaminess of cream cheese and the strong point of Manchego cheese.

Chicken masala

Chicken masala

Simple masala style chicken makes quick and is really tasty. A different, exotic and very simple food. 

homemade aioli

Basic recipe: aioli

The aioli, aioli or ajoaceite is a traditional sauce of Mediterranean cuisine, based on garlic, oil and, at least in the Valencian version, egg yolk,

Cheese flan

The ultimate cheese flan

The best cheese flan in the world, with egg, cream cheese and condensed milk, accompanied by homemade caramel. Easy and delicious. Creamy and spectacular. 

Mango marmalade

This delicious homemade mango jam has an ideal texture to spread on toast or to use with your favorite sweets and desserts.

9 sponge cakes without yeast

9 cakes without yeast and easy to make with your Thermomix so that, whatever happens, you can enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast.

Garlic mushrooms with ham

The garlic mushrooms with ham are very easy to make with Thermomix. They are juicy to serve alone or as a garnish.

Cheeks with apple sauce

With these cheeks with apple sauce you can enjoy as a family with a delicious and simple dish thanks to your Thermomix.

Dalgona coffee

Preparing this simple Dalgona coffee recipe with your Thermomix is ​​simple. Only 3 ingredients and in 3 minutes you can enjoy its flavor.

Oat soup

This oatmeal soup is made with basic ingredients and is so simple to make with Thermomix that you can enjoy its benefits at any time.

Peanut butter and chocolate

Preparing this delicious peanut butter and chocolate at home with Thermomix is ​​as quick as it is easy. Ideal for spreading on toast.

Stale bread and chocolate pudding

With this stale bread and chocolate pudding made with Thermomix you can enjoy a delicious and simple recipe without having to throw anything away.

Caramelized onion hummus

Caramelized onion hummus

Caramelized onion hummus is simply delicious. It's easy, it's delicious and it's perfect to accompany vegetables or toast.

Chicken and pea noodle casserole

Chicken and pea noodle casserole

Quick and easy noodle casserole with peas and chicken for when we need to get out of trouble with food. It is also healthy and delicious. 

Concentrated mushroom soup

Surprising concentrated mushroom soup that you can easily make with your Thermomix. An easy to transport and freeze recipe.

Nut milk

Enjoy making your own nut milk with your Thermomix. A healthy, homemade drink, without preservatives or colorings.

Light tuna and anchovy pate

With your Thermomix you can prepare light tuna and anchovy pâté in 2 minutes and enjoy a delicious bite with only 40 calories.

Homemade Nut Cinnamon Granola

You can prepare this walnut and cinnamon granola in a simple way with Thermomix and enjoy breakfasts full of flavor and energy.

Nutritious Hazelnut Cookies

With these delicious nutritious hazelnut cookies you will have a delicious homemade snack ready to take at any time of the day.

Turnip cream

With this cream of turnip greens you will enjoy a spoonful dish full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and a recipe full of flavor.

Garden soup with mozzarella

A perfect soup for a starter or dinner. It has vegetables, bacon, chickpeas and noodles ... and mozzarella cheese on top that will melt a delight!

Grandma cake

Grandmother's cake, one of the most famous and most traditional. It is a cake that cannot be missed in any house or on any birthday.

Sweet potato

Making homemade sweet potato is very simple with Thermomix. A simple recipe that you can enjoy with your favorite cheese.

8 Christmas sweets with almond flour

Now that you know how easy it is to make homemade flours, you just have to get down to work with these 8 Christmas sweets with almond flour. In We have created for you a collection with 8 Christmas sweets with almond flour so that you can get the most out of your Thermomix.

White chocolate custard

With these white chocolate custard you can put the sweetest note at Christmas. Quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Bean stew with pumpkin

Preparing this bean and pumpkin stew with Thermomix is ​​simple and in less than 40 minutes you will have a plate of legumes for the coldest days.

Creamy sweet potato puree

The creamy sweet potato puree is a simple and easy recipe to make with your Thermomix. It will be the base for creams, cakes and other preparations.

Velouté du Barry

This Christmas preparing this velouté du Barry with your Thermomix will be the simplest. A fine and elegant cauliflower cream to delight your guests.

Carrot jam

Carrot jam made with Thermomix is ​​quick and easy to prepare. A delicious preserve to drink or to give as a gift.

Bananas in papillote

These bananas en papillote are a fantastic idea to take advantage of the most ripe pieces and also to take advantage of the varoma.

Vegan pumpkin custard

These vegan pumpkin custard made with Thermomix couldn't be faster, cheaper and lighter. The dessert for the whole family.

Broccoli and ham lasagna

Delicious and original lasagna filled with broccoli and ham with a cream and ricotta cheese sauce. A delight! Result: a creamy and delicate lasagna. 

The best soups for a rainy day

With the best soups made with Thermomix you will not be short of ideas to comfort yourself on a cold and rainy day. Quick and easy recipes for everyone.

Grape juice and kiwi

With this kiwi and grape juice you can take care of yourself easily and taking advantage of seasonal foods that it brings us ...

Sugar-free liquid caramel

With this recipe for liquid caramel without sugar and your Thermomix you can enjoy, in a few minutes, all the flavor in your homemade puddings or waffles.

Zucchini and leek cream

A simple and delicious cream, perfect for a first course. Its main ingredients are zucchini and leek, it does not contain potatoes. 

Lentil and carrot cream

Simple cream of lentils and carrots. A recipe for legumes that you can make with Thermomix and use in your weekly menu.

Basic recipe: garlic paste

With this basic garlic pasta recipe you can save money and organize yourself better in the kitchen. Quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Meat fideuá

Have you ever tried the meat fideuá? It is delicious too. In this case, instead of seafood or vegetables, you ...

Tomato wet

With your Thermomix® you can prepare this tomato dip in a matter of minutes. A quick and delicious salad for your healthy dinners.

Peach salmorejo

Peach salmorejo

Creamy and exquisite salmorejo recipe to which we have added a secret ingredient: peach in syrup. It will make it a unique dish!

Tomato and ham flans

Tomato and ham flans are so easy to make and taste so mild that you can use them as a garnish or as a starter.

Coconut Peach Labneh

With this coconut and peach labneh you can enjoy a simple and creamy dessert. Ready in less than 1 minute with your Thermomix.

Anti-cellulite shake

Taking care of yourself is easy with this anti-cellulite shake and our Thermomix. A drink with matcha tea that will also fill you with energy.

Spicy tomato sauce

spicy tomato sauce is ideal to add a special touch to your favorite recipes. A simple and easy recipe to prepare with your Thermomix.

Lettuce vichyssoise

Lettuce vichyssoise is a new version of the classic recipe. Easy to do with Thermomix and that you can use for your summer diet.

Beetroot hummus

Colorful pink hummus, made with beets and chickpeas. A different hummus, very special, tasty and delicate.

Florentine eggs

Florentine eggs are prepared in three simple steps: boil some eggs, prepare a spinach stir fry and make a béchamel sauce.

Celery, apple and mint lemonade

With this celery, apple and mint lemonade you will have a refreshing, diuretic and sugar-free drink to appease the summer heat.

Bean and Sundried Tomato Hummus

With this hummus of beans and dried tomatoes you will have a snack based on legumes, quick and easy to make with your Thermomix.

Cocoa and cinnamon cake

A bicolor sponge cake with parts that taste like cinnamon and others, darker, with cocoa flavor. Easy to make in Thermomix, the little ones like it a lot.

Cherry jam

Enjoy the flavor of summer with this homemade cherry jam with which you can prepare toast and desserts. Easy to do with Thermomix.

Pear and Gorgonzola Vichyssoise

Pear and gorgonzona vichyssoise

A smooth and delicious cream: pear vichyssoise and gorgonzola cheese. A perfect starter to surprise and with a very original touch.

Crispy carrot salad

This crispy carrot salad is quick, easy to make with Thermomix and very convenient to eat at the office or take to the beach this summer.

Smoked salmon and anchovies salad

With this smoked salmon and anchovy salad, you will not be short of ideas for this summer. A recipe for the whole family and very easy to make with Thermomix.

Strawberry isotonic drink

This delicious isotonic strawberry drink will help you stay hydrated and recover from your physical activity. Ready in 1 minute with your Thermomix.

Carrot labneh spread

With this labneh and carrot spread you will have an easy and fresh dip for informal dinners or ...

Pickled purple onions

Pickled blackberry onions is a very simple preserve to make with Thermomix and that you can use to accompany countless recipes.

Quick banana flan

Forget the bain-marie and long cooking thanks to this quick banana flan. Easy, simple and full of flavor.

Pink sauce with roasted pepper

Exquisite pink sauce with a touch of roasted pepper. An ideal basic recipe to accompany prawns, green salads, seafood cocktails and sandwiches.

Crumble with creamy leeks

Crispy and delicious crumble with creamy leeks that combines the flavor of nuts with the creaminess of leeks.

Steamed gluten-free sponge cake

This steamed gluten-free sponge cake can be prepared from start to finish with your Thermomix. An easy, juicy and very fluffy bite.

Beef with peppers

This recipe for beef with peppers is great because it cooks almost on its own and in less than 30 minutes you have an oriental-style dish ready.

Prawn salad

Delicious potato and shrimp salad, perfect as a starter, snack or dinner. Juicy, with different textures and very very easy.

Vegan coconut flan

With this vegan coconut flan you will enjoy an easy, simple, light dessert suitable for vegans and lactose and egg free diets.

9 recipes with basmati rice

With this compilation you will not be short of ideas to prepare delicious recipes with basmati rice. Light dishes full of flavor to eat outside the home.

Oreo hot chocolate

This year the Oreo hot chocolate will undoubtedly be the sweetest treat. A simple recipe to make with Thermomix will make your partner fall in love with it.

Sweet potato and apple cream

The sweet potato and apple cream is a simple recipe to make with Thermomix and that, in addition, will help you regulate your hours of sleep.

Pear and quince jam1

Pear and quince jam

Great recipe for pear and quince jam, with a touch of cinnamon. Perfect to accompany cream cheese, soft or fresh cheese toasts.

Cashew Nut Butter Spread

With this cashew nut spread you will have a smooth and easy to spread base for your favorite toasts. A simple, vegan and very nutritious cream.

Quince sweet with brown sugar1

The best quince paste in the world

The richest quince jelly recipe in the world, with just the right touch of sweetness and the perfect texture. Ideal to drink with cheeses. 

Meatloaf with chicken and nuts

With this meatloaf with chicken and nuts you will have a perfect dish for your informal or buffet dinners. So useful that you can do it the day before.

Christmas mulled wine

The most magical season of the year starts and there is nothing like a Christmas mulled wine to set the mood. Its smell of ...

BBQ popcorn

This weekend we have a home theater session and nothing better to accompany the movie than some barbecue popcorn. They are a real vice and it is that it is Enjoy some authentic barbecue popcorn, the homemade snack full of flavor, easy and quick to prepare for your movie sessions.

Orange tahini cookies

At home we take advantage of the weekend to bake delicious things like these tahini and orange cookies. We love to treat ourselves to little ones at snack time. These orange tahini cookies are perfect for giving yourself a tasty treat at snack time. Quick and easy to do.

Winter Squash Corn Soup

Delicious winter pumpkin and corn soup that will help you fight the coldest days. Easy to do and ready in just 30 minutes.

Cheese cake "de la Viña"

Cheese cake «de la Viña»

Cheesecake from "the vineyard" for cheese lovers. The best cake in the world: a lot of height, a great cheese flavor, unique texture, fluffy and creamy.

Brussels sprouts with ham

Delicious and tasty brussels sprouts cooked with onion and ham, which are really tender and juicy in our thermomix

Vegan Parmesan

I am in love with this Vegan Parmesan recipe made with just 4 ingredients and ready in 3 seconds. This is how fast and easy it is to prepare this recipe with delicious vegan parmesan ready in just 3 seconds and with only 4 ingredients. Its flavor is so delicious that you will want to use it in all your dishes.

Menu for Halloween party

We already have our menu ready for the Halloween party 2024. Different easy recipes to make and to eat with your fingers.

Fried mushrooms

A delicious fall side dish: fried mushrooms. We will prepare the batter in Thermomix and then fry the mushrooms in plenty of oil.

White ragout

Today we show you how to prepare a white ragout in an easy way that you can use in lasagna or in rich pasta dishes. The white ragout or, what is the same, the white ragout is an easy recipe to make with Thermomix that allows you to enjoy authentic pasta dishes, lasagna and other preparations.

Soupy rice with emperor

Today we will prepare broth rice with emperor. At the right point of cooking and with an exceptional flavor. With a salad, it will be the perfect meal. 

Ham and green bean fideuá

Easy and simple fideuá of Serrano ham with green beans. At its exact point of cooking, juicy and very tasty. The perfect recipe.

Emperor with tomato

Delicious and juicy emperor in tomato sauce, ideal for dinner or lunch. It is perfect to leave it prepared in advance.

Quick beetroot cake

Beet sponge cake, exquisite and delicious. The beet, when mixed with the ingredients being baked, enhances its sweeter side.

Fall lentils

With these autumn lentils you will have a nutritious and simple recipe for legumes with vegetables suitable for the whole family.

Apple yogurt cinnamon cake

Nothing like an irresistible apple, yogurt and cinnamon cake to celebrate with everyone that the weekend is here. And, in addition to being with this delicious apple, yogurt and cinnamon cake, you will enjoy soft flavors, such as its texture. It is also simple and fast to do with Thermomix.

Walnut and mushroom pate

With this walnut and mushroom pâté you can get ahead of autumn and enjoy an easy vegan appetizer to make with Thermomix.

9 recipes for the return from vacation

9 easy recipes to get into the routine after the return of summer, that you can prepare in advance and that will help you organize yourself in the kitchen.

Peach Yogurt Vanilla Pie

Now that the heat is giving us a little respite, I have decided to turn on my oven to prepare this peach, yogurt and vanilla cake. For this peach, yogurt and vanilla cake you will love it for its simplicity, flavor and because with Thermomix it is very easy to prepare.

Fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea

Drinks like this fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea help you take care of yourself so it is not surprising that they have become a This fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea is the drink you have been waiting for. Delicious, quick to prepare with Thermomix and full of antioxidants.

Multivitamin drink

If you like natural juices without preservatives or colorings, this multivitamin drink is going to enchant you. It is made with fresh fruit and it is so simple. Refresh yourself with this multivitamin drink and show off healthy and beautiful skin this summer. Easy, homemade and ready in 1 minute with Thermomix.

9 refreshing recipes with watermelon

With this compilation with 9 refreshing recipes with watermelon you can prepare with your Thermomix from rich juices, slushies to first dishes or cocktails.

Quick pâtés in Thermomix

9 exquisite pâtés that you can make at home and with your Thermomix in just a few minutes. You will surprise your guests.

Salami pasta for sandwiches

With this salami paste for sandwiches you can prepare delicious snacks in a minute and even use it for your birthday parties. It is a cream type. With this salami paste for sandwiches you can improvise delicious snacks or use it at your birthday parties. Easy to make and spread.

Banana & Vanilla Milkshake

We continue to beat the heat with delicious frozen shakes, delicious! Today we bring you an impressive vanilla and banana smoothie that is Delicious American style banana smoothie, made with vanilla ice cream, milk and a few drops of lemon. Refreshing, tasty, nutritious and delicious.

Chickpea salad with apple tzatziki

In summer, legume salads are wonderful, easy, delicious, healthy, nutritious ... we can leave them prepared in advance and, in addition, a refreshing chickpea salad and curry vinaigrette accompanied by apple tzatziki sauce. The best way to eat legumes during the summer.

Glasses of peach compote with yogurt

One of our favorite desserts these summer days are the glasses of peach compote with yogurt. So we also take advantage and get all the With these glasses of peach compote with yogurt you will have an easy dessert. You can also make the most of the summer and your Thermomix.

Aromatic omelette

Delicious aromatic omelette with dill, mint and parsley that you can make with Thermomix to prepare a healthy and light dinner.