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Thermomix Piononos Desserts Recipe


Do you want to prepare some piononos with chocolate coverage with us? It's simple and the result is like a pastry.

Zucchini and apple jam

The zucchini and apple jam is ideal to take advantage of the harvest from your garden and enjoy the combination of fruits and vegetables.

Recipe thermomix pear jam

Light pear jam

Are you looking for a rich breakfast but want to take care of your diet? Try this light pear jam. All the flavor and few calories.

Blackberry jam thermomix recipe

Blackberry jam

Your breakfasts will never be the same again with this delicious blackberry jam. Take the opportunity to do it at home in a simple way.

Peach jam

Who can resist homemade recipes? Peach jam is a breakfast classic that you will also use in cakes.

Pineapple marmalade

Have you bought pineapple and you don't know what to do with it? Try this delicious pineapple jam. Perfect for preparing a tropical breakfast.

Easy recipe Thermomix Plum Jam

Plum jam

Plum jam is the best way to take advantage of the summer harvest and enjoy its flavor throughout the year.

Apricot jam

Do you want to enjoy summer throughout the year? Then we recommend that you prepare this apricot jam.

Tomato jelly

Try this delicious tomato jam, it is perfect for your breakfast toasts, appetizers or to accompany cheese boards.

Thermomix recipe Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam

With this homemade strawberry jam and made with Thermomix® you can enjoy breakfasts full of flavor with your family.

Kiwi Jam

Enjoying a relaxed breakfast with homemade kiwi jam is priceless. It is also so simple that there is no excuse!

Orange marmalade

When you taste this orange marmalade, you will not have another one. With Thermomix it is easy, fast and without preservatives.

Pumpkin butter

This pumpkin butter has spicy notes, it is delicious with any type of bread and it is very easy to make with Thermomix.


This apple compote will be used to make cakes or fill cakes and crepes. Also to eat alone or on toast !!

Mango marmalade

This delicious homemade mango jam has an ideal texture to spread on toast or to use with your favorite sweets and desserts.

Carrot jam

Carrot jam made with Thermomix is ​​quick and easy to prepare. A delicious preserve to drink or to give as a gift.

Cherry jam

Enjoy the flavor of summer with this homemade cherry jam with which you can prepare toast and desserts. Easy to do with Thermomix.

Onion jam

Ideal with toasted bread, in sandwiches or sandwiches and, of course, as a garnish to any type of meat. It also has apple and sugar.

Vegan lemon curd

With this recipe for vegan lemon curd you can use it to make desserts, cookies or cakes with authentic lemon flavor.

Pear and quince jam1

Pear and quince jam

Great recipe for pear and quince jam, with a touch of cinnamon. Perfect to accompany cream cheese, soft or fresh cheese toasts.

Quince sweet with brown sugar1

The best quince paste in the world

The richest quince jelly recipe in the world, with just the right touch of sweetness and the perfect texture. Ideal to drink with cheeses. 

Quince sweet without sugar and with agar agar

This recipe for sugar-free quince jelly with agar-agar was already a classic on my to-do list. And it is not because I did not lend you Delicious Quince Fudge without sugar and with agar agar that will make you enjoy the traditional flavors again without worrying about the calories.

Apple butter

Now that I have tried this apple cream I fully understand that the English and Americans call it apple butter. It has a divine texture for Delicious apple or apple butter cream with spectacular flavor nuances. Use it on your toasts or to serve with cheeses and meat stews.

Caramelized onion

With this caramelized onion recipe you can make great appetizers or serve as a garnish. Discover the recipe in video and explained step by step with Thermomix so that you can learn how to cook a rich onion confit.

Tropical jam

Delicious tropical jam based on mango, pineapple and lime. A homemade preserve made with Thermomix and suitable for diabetics.

Jam crown cake

We are going to make a different jam cake, with an original shape: we will use a traditional mold but we will obtain a crown-shaped dessert.

Prune and chia jam

This prune and chia jam is sugar-free, helps us avoid constipation and is full of antioxidants. It is also very easy to do with Thermomix.

Raspberry and chia jam

With the raspberry and chia jam you will enjoy all the flavor with only 17 calories. Fully suitable for diabetics and ready in 10 minutes.

Pear and apple sugar-free jam

Delicious pear and apple sugar-free jam that you can use with yogurts, curds and toasts. Fully suitable for diabetics and diets.

Date paste

With this date paste you can sweeten your favorite recipes in a healthy and healthy way. Discover how to make it with Thermomix.

Cherries in liquor

Delicious canned cherries in liquor. Enjoy its flavor throughout the year easily and simply with Thermomix.

Pineapple curd

Delicious pineapple curd cream that you can use to fill cakes, toasts or cupcakes. Super easy and fast to do with Thermomix.

Light strawberry jam

Light strawberry jam. All the flavor of seasonal fruit with a significant reduction in calorie intake by using less sugar.

The best dulce de leche in the world

The best dulce de leche in the world for its texture, flavor and color. And also because with Thermomix it is so easy that it is almost done alone.

Pumpkin Jam

Delicate pumpkin jam that is perfect to accompany cheese-based appetizers or to fill or top cakes.

Angel hair in Thermomix

We teach you how to make angel hair in your Thermomix. With cider squash, it is a basic recipe for the elaboration of many traditional sweets.

Easy persimmon tart

Simple tart and persimmons covered with a cream made with this fruit. A simple dessert that you can adapt taking into account your tastes.

Mint syrup

How to make a homemade mint syrup with fresh mint and other simple ingredients. It is used to flavor desserts, cocktails, pastries ...

Baby food or pear porridge

Some pear jars that the smallest of the house will like. They are prepared with natural ingredients and with very little effort on our part.

Strawberry and orange jam

A strawberry and orange jam with a texture similar to that of some marmalades and preserves found in the market.

Strawberry sauce

The strawberry sauce is perfect to accompany yogurt, ice cream or cakes. It has a delicious flavor and a light texture.

Tangerine and cardamom jam

It is easy to prepare, it has a mild flavor, not bitter, and at the same time intense. This mandarin and cardamom jam is made for everyone to like.

Pear stuffed cake

Pear stuffed cake

Delicate fruit-filled cake, in this case with pear compote, although we can substitute the latter for our favorite compote, jam or jam.

Pear compote with vanilla

A homemade pear compote, without added sugar, with a slight vanilla flavor and delicious. It can be accompanied with cream, yogurt ... Children love it.

Apricot jam

Apricot jam

It can be done in Thermomix. A very good apricot jam that can be kept in jars and even used as a gift.

lemon curd

Lemon curd is a delicious lemon curd or cream. With a smooth texture and an intense citrus flavor. Prepare it to give as a gift, your friends will love it!

Baby jars or fruit porridges for canning

Cheer up with these fruit porridges for Thermomix, we are going to get a great snack for kids and / or a delicious dessert for the whole family, they seem bought! and are ideal for preserving

Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam

Learn how to prepare a delicious strawberry jam, ideal for toasts, cakes, desserts ... In just half an hour it will be ready with Thermomix, a real treat!

Jam glaze

Jam / Syrup Glaze

Jam glaze ideal to decorate and give a special flavor to your desserts. Of various colors and flavors depending on the jam you use.

Strawberry compote

This strawberry compote is a spring staple. In less than 15 minutes we will have made this perfect compote to accompany yogurts and ice creams.