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Orujo mountain cream

Orujo mountain cream

Do you fancy a dessert of 10? We propose a mountain pomace cream that is perfect with a caloric and cool touch for the summer.

Shrimp soufflé with courgette

Shrimp soufflé with courgette

Do you want to prepare a perfect dish in flavor and presentation? Here you have this prawn soufflé with courgette, you will love it!

Hake spirals with mushroom sauce

Hake spirals with mushroom sauce

You will be surprised how exquisite and easy it is to make this dish of hake spirals with mushroom sauce. Do you want to discover how it is done?

Greek mousaka

Do you want to prepare a recipe for the whole family? Try this Greek mousaka with layers of meat, tomato sauce and eggplant ... delicious!

Thermomix recipes stew broth with chicken

Stew broth with chicken

With this cold, you want to prepare a homemade stew broth. We show you how to do it naturally without preservatives or dyes.

Pear flan with vanilla

Bored of the typical desserts? Try this vanilla pear flan. It is fresh, light and with an incredible flavor.

Thermomix Recipe Rice with ribs

Rice With Ribs

This rice with ribs is ideal for the whole family because children and adults will like it. An essential recipe in your cookbook.

Polish cheesecake

Polish cheesecake is a different cheesecake, full of flavor and with a touch of meringue that makes it special.

Thermomix Lasagna recipe


Lasagna with bolognese sauce and béchamel is an ideal recipe for a family meal that you can make in advance and even freeze.

Creamy rabbit

This rabbit cream recipe is ideal to enjoy a simple recipe, full of flavor and low in fat.

Thermomix Mona de Pascua Desserts Recipe

Mona Easter

We suggest you make an Easter cake to celebrate these days with something sweet and fun that you can decorate.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a perfect Thermomix recipe to cook with children during the Christmas holidays.

Thermomix apple pie recipe

Apple pie

This apple pie is as rich as the traditional one but much easier to make thanks to your Thermomix.

Palmeritas with brioche dough

Palmeritas with brioche dough

Learn how to make delicious palmeritas with great brioche dough. They are a delight in the mouth and made with a soft and fluffy batter.

Heart cake for Valentine's Day

Heart cake for Valentine's Day

A very original cake for a very special day like Valentine's Day. It is made with biscuit and a great cream of cheese and butter.

Stuffed turkey lasagna

With this delicious stuffed turkey lasagna you can take advantage of the meat that you have left over during the holidays in a simple and easy way with Thermomix.

chocolate apple oatmeal cookies

Chocolate Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Some cookies with a delicious taste of chocolate and apple. Composed of oat flakes and a dough that when baked will be tender and crisp on the outside.

Oreo flavored brownie

Oreo flavored brownnie

Splendid brownie made with the most succulent flavors, without giving up the taste of chocolate and with a special mix of oreo cookies and white chocolate

Lemon and coconut cake

Lemon coconut cake

Discover another different way to make this sponge cake watered with a spectacular lemon flavor. It will culminate with a touch of cream and coconut, go for it.

grandma's shortbread

Grandma's shortening pastries

Delicious lard pastes, easy to make and with the same endearing flavor of a lifetime, with a touch of cinnamon and white wine.

Lemon Tiramisu

A tiramisu made up of delicious cream cheese and Lemon Curd. Its main ingredients are the delicious mascarpone and its touch of lemon.

Bean stew with Brussels sprouts and sausage

Surely, with this cold, you have already become a fan of spoon dishes. If so, get ready because today we are launching with a bean stew, with cabbages With this bean stew with Brussels sprouts and sausage you will enjoy a real spoon dish to combat the cold.

Basic recipe: cook chickpeas with Thermomix

With this recipe to cook chickpeas with Thermomix we expand our particular collection of basic recipes that will make you fall in love every day more with it. We show you how to cook chickpeas with Thermomix. An easy and simple basic recipe to enjoy all the flavor of traditional recipes.

Blueberry and Date Cake

Blueberry and Date Cake

Blueberry and Date Cake. An exquisite snack where we will find a contrast of acid and sweet flavors thanks to the presence of dried fruits among its ingredients. All a delight.

Wholemeal carrot cake

Whole wheat carrot cake. A mixture of whole grain flours, natural sweeteners and vegetables to make a juicy and delicious dessert.

French toast bread

Pan for torrijas. A recipe for sweet and compact homemade bread indicated for the preparation of this classic dessert of use.

Brioche braids 'Tutti Frutti'

Tutti Frutti brioche braids. A delight to have for breakfast and snacks. A traditional pastry product with all the homemade flavor.

Lemon curd crumble

Do you like authentic flavors? Then you have to try this lemon curd crumble with an irresistible lemon flavor.

Salty Potato Pie

Tired of eating anything for dinner? Make this savory potato cake ahead of time and you won't have to worry when you get home from work.

Potato mousaka

Juicy and tasty Greek mousaka made with meat and potatoes. Covered with a very special béchamel sauce. It is ideal for family meals.

Meatballs in mustard sauce

Delicious and juicy meatballs with mustard sauce, ideal to accompany potatoes, puree or rice. Perfect to freeze or prepare in advance.

Broad beans toasted with spices

A surprising dish: beans roasted over the fire and seasoned with an exquisite mix of spices. Ideal to accompany meat and fish or as an aperitif.

Chocolate bomb

Chocolate bomb

Prepare a spectacular chocolate bomb with this step-by-step recipe for Thermomix, a very rich and easy to make dessert that will appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Traditional pie

Traditional pie

With this traditional empanada based on vegetables and tuna we will have an ideal recipe to eat in the field or on the beach. Also perfect for birthdays.

Curried meatballs

Enjoy all the flavor of Asian dishes with these curry dumplings. Serve them with rice and you have a complete plate that is easy to transport.

Pumpkin apple cream with cheese

Do you want to surprise your guests with a cream that combines textures and flavors? Try this pumpkin cream recipe ... they will repeat !!

Sweet nut cake

We present you a sweet nut cake for those who need to prepare a cake without spending hours in the kitchen.

Light lentil stew

With this recipe for lentils you will have a classic winter dish but designed to make them lighter and healthier.

Stuffed Pork Loin

Stuffed Pork Loin

Are you looking for a recipe that frees you up a bit from the kitchen? If so, you have to prepare this stuffed pork tenderloin recipe. You will be surprised by its simplicity.