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Potatoes stewed with lamb

Simple main dish of stewed potatoes made in Thermomix. A traditional and easy to prepare dish that will be ready in 30 minutes

Fresh bean and cod salad

The fresh bean and cod salad is ideal for the summer. Healthy, healthy, easy and ready in less than 10 minutes. Perfect to take to the beach!

Nut and Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate and walnut cookies that are prepared in a moment with Thermomix. Without staining molds or rolling pin you will have delicious cookies.

Cherry plum cake

A very simple plum cake to take advantage of those cherries that we have left over from another preparation. Great for breakfast and a snack.

Chicken and broccoli curry

An exotic recipe for chicken with curry sauce accompanied by steamed broccoli. Ideal for healthy diets and tupperware food.

Three cheese pasta

Very easy to use recipe that pasta lovers and, above all, very cheesemakers will enjoy. With the cheeses you have at home.

Salad flans

With these salad flans you can enjoy all the flavor of summer recipes. It is simple and useful.

Chocolate and brandy muffins

Irresistible chocolate muffins with brandy made in Thermomix. Their intense flavor leaves no one indifferent and they are very easy to make.

Mini lettuce wraps

These mini lettuce and walnut wraps are ideal for taking care of yourself without giving up anything. They are so easy to make that it will be your favorite appetizer.

Quick vegetable stew

Traditional vegetable stew with rich vegetables and thick broth, made in Thermomix. With chickpeas, with beans or with both legumes.

Nectarine semi-cold

Delicious and refreshing dessert made from frozen seasonal fruit and creamy yogurt. Ideal for the little ones to have fruit.

Asparagus with Bolzanina sauce

Simple recipe for asparagus with Bolzanina sauce that we will prepare entirely in our Thermomix. A complete plate with vegetables and egg.

Fake mayonnaise

Tired of counting calories? With this fake mayonnaise you can enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about the scale.

Sponge cake with orange sauce

Original and simple sponge cake with orange sauce made with Thermomix. With a splash of sauce we turn a traditional sponge cake into a delight.

Salty aubergine tart parmesan

With this salty aubergine parmesan cake you will have an easy, original and informal dinner. Crunchy base and delicious filling !!

Cod and parsley omelette

Traditional cod and parsley omelette, juicy and very tasty. Accompanied by a tomato salad, it is a perfect dish for a dinner.

Chocolate bars

Allergic to fruit and nuts? We show you how to make delicious chocolate bars for your snacks without an oven.

Chinese style quinoa

Original quinoa recipe, prepared Asian style and seasoned with soy sauce and teriyaki and accompanied by rich vegetables.

Quinoa bites

Discover the recipe to make some simple bites of quinoa. Suitable for vegans and without eggs, it is an easy and healthy recipe. Discover the recipe step by step.

The 9 best chicken recipes

The 9 best recipes to prepare chicken with Thermomix, which will give you ideas to cook this ingredient in a different and fun way.

Light asparagus cream

We show you how to make an asparagus cream with your food processor. It is a cream with a light texture and ideal for all diners.


We show you how to make a boil with Thermomix. A vegetable recipe for an easy, healthy, light and nutrient-packed dinner.

Tex mex macaroni and meat

Original macaroni with tex mex sauce, made with vegetables and minced meat, and seasoned with tex mex spices and a touch of Tabasco.

Orange bagels for breakfast

Orange donuts without egg, with whole wheat flour and baked. Perfect for dipping in milk, they are ideal for breakfast.

Flavored mayonnaises

If we crush different ingredients with the classic mayonnaise, we will obtain perfect sauces to accompany fish, meat, vegetables and batters.

Onion soup

Very simple and different first course: an onion soup that we will prepare in just half an hour and that we will serve with toasted bread.

Strawberry apple smoothie

Delicious and refreshing strawberry and apple smoothie, ideal for hot days. Perfect for low-calorie diets.

Lemon curd crumble

Do you like authentic flavors? Then you have to try this lemon curd crumble with an irresistible lemon flavor.

Croquettes with paprika

Shall we make some different croquettes? These have a little paprika in the dough that adds flavor and color. Do you dare to try them?

Country omelette

Do you want to take care of your diet but without giving up taste? We propose a light version of the traditional Spanish omelette.

Matcha tea flan

Exotic egg custard made with an original touch of matcha green tea. Creamy texture and surprising flavor. Ideal as a dessert.

Baked cocoa bagels

Simple cocoa donuts without eggs and cooked in the oven. Perfect to drink with milk for breakfast and snacks. Children love them.

Cereal bars

Would you like to prepare a snack or snack for your excursions? Try these cereal bars with cocoa chips. Great !!

Baby cake: my first birthday

Baby's first birthday cake is special. That is why this cake is specially designed to satisfy the tastes of the baby in complete safety.

Kamut croquettes

Some traditional croquettes made with a special flour: with kamut. They are loaded with properties and full of flavor.

Angel Food Cake

Would you like to make a sponge cake out of egg whites? We show you how to make the famous Angel Food with the Thermomix and in minutes.

Padrón peppers in TM5

Traditional Padrón peppers, accompanied with flaked salt, are the ideal accompaniment to an omelette.

Carrot puree with apple

Carrot puree for babies and for the whole family. We do it with apple because it gives it that sweet touch that some children like.

Toasts with egg salad

Out of dinner ideas? We propose you some delicious toasts with egg salad, accompany it with a soup or cream and you will have a quick dinner.

Banana flan with pastry base

Discover the banana flan with a pastry base. With a couple of ripe bananas and a piece of cake that we have at home we can make a great dessert. 

Greek crusted

The Greek crust It is made with filo pasta and cheese. It is easy to prepare and surprises with its flavor and originality. Discover the recipe step by step.

Super fluffy cake

The cake with the most spectacular crumb, ideal to take alone or with a good coffee or tea. Step by step recipe to make this delicious sponge cake.

Apple plum cake

A simple apple plum cake, with ingredients from around the house. It has cinnamon, apple and honey, ideal for breakfast or for a snack. 

Citrus Mini Muffins

These mini muffins were a hit at home. I don't know if it was because of the novelty of its size (it had been a long time since ...

Vegetable cannelloni

If what you want are creamy and juicy vegetable cannelloni, here is the recipe to make it with your Thermomix.

Quick orange bread

Quick orange bread ideal for beginners, very easy, with orange flavor. Ready in 45 minutes, without yeast, it is ideal to accompany foie gras and cheeses.

Cheese bread

The formaggio cake is a common cheese bread on the tables of central Italy on Easter days.

coca escudella

Would you like to prepare a traditional Easter recipe? We propose you a escudellà coconut based on almonds, walnuts and raisins.

White bean stew with squid

A simple and humble stew with beans and squid, but very tasty and nutritious. Ideal for main course at Easter. 

Vegetable pie

We teach you how to prepare a vegetable patty that you can enjoy with friends or family. Stuffed with green beans, red pepper, tuna and hard-boiled egg

Strawberry tiramisu cake

Do you want to prepare a dessert with the kids to celebrate Father's Day? Take a look at this Strawberry Turamisu Tart.

Cinnamon hot chocolate

Are you looking for a special drink to accompany some typical sweets? Try this cinnamon hot chocolate. Delicious drink to warm up.

Fresh cheese flan

Creamy and delicate flan made from fresh cheese and enriched with condensed milk. A unique pleasure for the sweet tooth.

Tomato soup

Do you need a recipe to warm up but without skipping the diet? Try this tomato soup full of vitamins and nutrients.

Wholemeal coconut cake

Coconut sponge cake made with whole wheat flour and brown sugar. With an intense coconut flavor and even richer if we serve it with honey.

Tropical condensed milk cream

Do you want to prepare a delicious dessert in less than 10 minutes? Try this tropical condensed milk cream, you will love its texture and flavor.

Raita Sauce

Fresh sauce from Indian food, made from natural yogurt and cucumber. Ideal to accompany dishes with spicy touches. 

Egg custard with cinnamon

Egg custard with cinnamon, with a spectacular texture and an irresistible flavor. Made, as always, in Thermomix.

Basic recipe: condensed milk

Do you want to prepare condensed milk at home? It is easy, fast and the result is spectacular. Use it in your favorite desserts.

Pasta with salmon and tuna

Healthy and colorful pasta, made with canned tuna and smoked salmon, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and rosemary. 

Whole grain date nut crackers

Do you need an egg and dairy-free recipe? We propose you some whole grain date and walnut biscuits made with Thermomix.

Cauliflower with gluten-free bechamel

We prepare the cauliflower with a clarita bechamel sauce and an oil-free tomato sauce. We thus turn the cauliflower with béchamel into a lighter dish.

Stuffed paninis

Tired of pizzas and sandwiches? Make these paninis and fill them with your favorite ingredients.

Bread cake

Chocolate cake or pudding made in Thermomix. Without oil or butter and with a lot of fruit, dry and fresh. Ideal to take advantage of the bread that is left over.

Moorish dumplings

Today I present you some Moorish-style dumplings, which, as you will see from the photo, are a bit improvised. Suddenly, we were almost invited

Sweet onion cream

Delicate sweet onion cream, similar to jam, an idea to accompany meats, fish and cheeses.

Cod and tuna croquettes

Creamy recipes of cod and tuna, great for children and perfect for adults too. The dough is made in a moment with Thermomix.

Sacher cake with almonds

Irresistible Sacher cake, without wheat flour and with crushed almonds. Ideal for chocolate lovers and easy to make.

Salty Potato Pie

Tired of eating anything for dinner? Make this savory potato cake ahead of time and you won't have to worry when you get home from work.

Banana and chocolate cake

Sponge cake made with whole wheat flour, banana and cane sugar. Easy to prepare in Thermomix and very good.

Pumpkin cream with brie cheese

An original pumpkin cream, with a mild flavor and super creamy texture. Ideal to accompany it with crispy bacon and ham cubes.

Condensed milk mousse

Delicious dessert with mousse texture and all the flavor of condensed milk. Only suitable for those with a sweet tooth !!

Chocolate sauce

Delicious chocolate sauce made with Thermomix. Ideal to accompany fresh fruit, dried fruit, ice cream, cakes, cakes, yogurts ... 

Spicy marinated cheese

Bored of the usual cheeses? Jump into a world of nuances with this spicy marinated cheese made by yourself.

Pumpkin Jam

Delicate pumpkin jam that is perfect to accompany cheese-based appetizers or to fill or top cakes.

Artichokes in vinaigrette

Have you tried our appetizer of artichokes in vinaigrette? You will be surprised how well they go with a cold rod.

Anchovy sauce for salads

Easy to prepare dressing with a lot of flavor. With anchovies as the protagonists, it is ideal for seasoning seasonal vegetables

Sweet potato cake

sweet potato ?? yes of sweet potato !! A sponge cake that surprises for its mixture and for its delicious moist crumb. A little treat for breakfast or a snack.

Oriental style sesame green beans

Oriental style seasoned green beans, with sesame and soy sauce. Ideal as a starter or accompaniment. A quick, healthy and simple dish. 

Gluten-free vegetable cake

Delicious vegetable cake made with goat cheese, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. An easy dish to make dinner fun.

Pringle garlic Manchego

The famous Manchego Ajopringue is similar to a pork pate that is ideal for spreading on bread. It is a good starter or appetizer. 

Chocolate nustard

Traditional chocolate custard made with egg and that we can prepare in our thermomix in just 8 minutes.

Kibbeh, Lebanese dumplings

Delicious Lebanese kibbeh, made with lamb meat, bulgur and spices. Ideal accompanied with yogurt and mint sauce. 

Eggplant with herbs

Simple recipe for aubergine flavored with various herbs. Ideal to accompany pasta, white rice, potatoes or simply as a garnish.

Homemade mustard

Your hamburgers and hot dogs will go to another dimension thanks to this delicious homemade mustard ... do you dare to prepare it?

Fried sponge cake

How to take advantage of a cake that has not grown. We make slices, we fry them in sunflower oil and we pass them through sugar and cinnamon. Delicious!

Spelt Bread

An artisan bread made from spelled flour, nutritious and healthy. Ideal for spreading with butter and jam, with sausages or olive oil.

Cabbage strudel

A great way to bring cabbage to the table. With this strudel you will surprise everyone, because of how attractive the dish is and how rich it is.

Sweet jam focaccia

Sweet focaccia stuffed with strawberry jam, a sweet easy to prepare in Thermomix and irresistible.

Pear and chocolate cake

An original chocolate cake made in a puff pastry container. The pear inside gives it another texture and a different flavor.

Aubergines stuffed with ham

Quick and easy aubergines stuffed with sofrito and ham. A perfect starter for when we have little time to cook.

Sweet oat milk

Sweet oat milk is a perfect plant drink for preparing desserts and other sweet recipes.

Roasted sweet potato cream

Delicious vegan and anti-cancer cream prepared with vegetables and turmeric. Soft, easy and with the unmistakable sweet taste of roasted sweet potato.

Polvorones sponge cake

Surprising cake to take advantage of Christmas sweets: polvorones cake. Ideal to take with a tea or coffee for breakfast or a snack.

Salty cauliflower tart

A different way of eating cauliflower, in a savory tart with cooked ham and mozzarella. Easy to prepare and adapt with other vegetables.

Speculoos cream cake

The speculoos cream cake is a good alternative to give out the boats that we have at home. Delicious for a snack or breakfast.

Thai rice with pineapple

An elegant, exotic, balanced, healthy and truly delicious dish. It is an Asian rice accompanied with pineapple, ideal to start the year after Christmas.

Ricotta and chocolate cake

A different cake, with ricotta cream on the inside and chocolate on the top. With it we will surprise all diners.

Bacon wrapped halibut

Delicious halibut marinated with olives and wrapped in crispy slices of bacon. A perfect meal to surprise our guests.

Cod Vichyssoise

Delicious vichyssoise with fish, a delicious and easy to prepare dish with leek and desalted cod. It can be served with croutons, hot or cold.

Homemade marzipan

A classic: homemade marzipan. With only three basic ingredients such as almonds, sugar and eggs, we will make marzipan at the height of the best Christmas tables.

Chicken flan

Colorful chicken and spinach flan perfect for these days of celebration. Ideally, serve it with cheese or mushroom sauce and with some garnish

Consommé with crispy quail

The consommé with crunchy quail is an easy and inexpensive recipe to celebrate a good Christmas without stress.

Zucchini and carrot cream

Simple cream of zucchini and carrots that is made in Thermomix without complications. It can be served with grated cheese and / or with croutons

Pumpkin stars

Showy roasted pumpkin cakes with a star shape. The spices accentuate its flavor and make it a perfect sweet for this Christmas.

Christmas pudding

The Christmas pudding is the perfect dessert for these dates since it can be made in advance.

Angel hair cupcakes

Traditional sweet, from the Region of Murcia, made with a dough of lard and with angel hair inside.

Vegan potato and parsley cream

The vegan cream of potato and parsley has a velvety texture and a delicious smooth flavor perfect to combat the cold of winter.

Beet and grenadine sponge cake

The perfect cake for this Christmas, since its flavor is very original and its appearance and intense color of the surface is very appropriate for these dates.

Angel hair in Thermomix

We teach you how to make angel hair in your Thermomix. With cider squash, it is a basic recipe for the elaboration of many traditional sweets.

Easy persimmon tart

Simple tart and persimmons covered with a cream made with this fruit. A simple dessert that you can adapt taking into account your tastes.

Bacon and cheese souffle

A perfect starter for Christmas dinners. This bacon and cheese filled souffle is creamy, tasty and has a very smooth and fine flavor.

White chocolate sponge cake

Simple homemade white chocolate cake. Fluffy and with a lot of chocolate flavor, a good snack for the whole family.

Potato mousaka

Juicy and tasty Greek mousaka made with meat and potatoes. Covered with a very special béchamel sauce. It is ideal for family meals.

Eggplant ratatouille

Vegetable mince in which the eggplant is the protagonist. Cooked in a thermomix, it serves as a garnish or as a first course and is not too caloric

Walnut and apple cake

A fall-flavored sponge cake made with crushed apples and walnuts. Juicy, healthy ... a homemade snack that the whole family will like.

Crispy cookies

Breakfast cookies made with a pasta gun. Crunchy, delicate ... homemade cookies perfect for morning coffee.

Meatballs in mustard sauce

Delicious and juicy meatballs with mustard sauce, ideal to accompany potatoes, puree or rice. Perfect to freeze or prepare in advance.

Almond milk

This recipe for almond milk provides us with a perfect vegetable drink for our vegan or lactose-free breakfasts.

Hazelnut Beer Cookies

Hazelnut and beer cookies are, due to their texture, ideal to accompany dips, patés or mousses.

Chicken in vegetable sauce

A great recipe to prepare these days between the copious Christmas meals. It is a chicken made in a sauce with vegetables, healthy, tasty and juicy.

Cheeks with sweet brandy and plum sauce

Pork cheeks cooked in a sauce of brandy, sweet wine, orange and plums: the meat is juicy, the sweet sauce and the mashed potatoes offer the perfect counterpoint.

Carrot, pumpkin and curry cream

A delicious cream made with carrot, pumpkin, potato and with curry. That curry makes it a first course that leaves no one indifferent.

Artichoke Dip

The artichoke dip is an excellent appetizer to serve at an informal dinner with friends or family.

Cod yogurt with pepper coulis

A perfect starter for this Christmas: tasty, creamy and unbeatable texture. Cheap and easy to prepare. Your guests will be delighted.

Avocado and mango glasses with prawns

These Avocado Mango Prawn Cups are a good choice for Christmas guests or entrees. It mixes flavors and aromas from different cultures in small, very showy portions that are eaten with spoons.

Fish pudding for Christmas

A fish pudding that can be prepared in advance. It is also easy to eat and very soft for children. An idea for this Christmas.

Salty cheese and pear tarte tatin

Original tarte tatin with strong cheeses and pear, ideal for any celebration because it is easy to prepare and has a surprising flavor.

Pumpkin smoothie

A delicious and nutritious smoothie made with pumpkin, banana and coconut milk that we can have for breakfast or for a snack.

Pumpkin soup for diet

The ideal first course for a light menu. Hypocaloric, inexpensive and easy to prepare. Delicious and healthy pumpkin soup.

Tangerine and date juice

This tangerine and date juice is an excellent ally against anemia, against constipation and in weight loss diets.

Rice milk

Rice milk is a smooth and digestive vegetable drink with which you will save a lot of money.

Creamy cheesecake

Mascarpone and ricotta cheese cake, very soft and not at all cloying. The base and sides are made of puff pastry and it is served with jam.

Mushrooms with garlic potatoes

Simple recipe for mushrooms with garlic potatoes, vegetarian, vegan and with a lot of flavor. Quick and easy to prepare, ideal as a side dish or starter.

Vegan tofu nuggets

With this recipe we can enjoy nuggets full of proteins and minerals. Perfect for a healthy and balanced diet.

Roasted pumpkin flan

Microwave-roasted pumpkin flan, an easy, fast, light dessert enriched with all the properties of pumpkin.

Egg casseroles in sauce

Delicious eggs in tomato sauce based on natural ingredients. In addition, it is an excellent recipe to use and easy to prepare.

Greek Eggplant Salad

Delicious aubergine salad, with an ideal texture to take with pita bread or toast.

Monster cookies for Halloween

Some almond cookies, with a traditional flavor. They are decorated in a fun way, like monsters, to be placed on the table on Halloween

Strawberry and orange smoothie

Healthy and nutritious fresh orange smoothie. Ideal to take advantage of the seasonal fruit and for the little ones' snack.

Rice pudding cake

The rice pudding cake is a different dish that lovers of this dessert like. To do this, both the Thermomix and the oven are used.

Beet cupcakes with blue cheese sauce

A vegetarian starter that contrasts textures and aromas: a light beetroot flan with a thick blue cheese sauce. Easily adaptable for children, eliminating the sauce and replacing it with mayonnaise.

Mushroom quiche

A simple, delicious and colorful recipe: a short pastry base filled with mushrooms sautéed with ham, cream, egg and cheese.

Green beans to the planter

Green beans in the garden is one of those dishes that help us to have a balanced diet without breaking our budget.

Pea hummus

A hummus from Egypt, made from peas. A delight to have as a starter and a must for vegans.

Nonna chocolate cake

A traditional Italian recipe: Torta della Nonna, in this case filled with a soft chocolate cream. Delicious for young and old.

Tortilla Stewed

The stewed tortilla is a traditional recipe of use: a potato omelette marinated in a vegetable sauce that gives it a new texture and a delicious flavor.

Simple chocolate and cream cake

Cake made with a delicious chocolate sponge bathed in syrup and filled with strawberry jam and cream. Perfect for any occasion.

Goat Cheese Spread

This goat cheese spread mousse is light and if it is accompanied with homemade crackers we will have a delicious appetizer for our guests.

Broad beans toasted with spices

A surprising dish: beans roasted over the fire and seasoned with an exquisite mix of spices. Ideal to accompany meat and fish or as an aperitif.

Honey Mustard Sauce

Mustard and honey sauce, very easy to prepare at home, delicious and with great possibilities as an accompaniment to meats, vegetables and salads.

Sundried Tomato Crackers

The salty crackers of dried tomatoes can be used to spread a good homemade paté or as a base for a montadito.

Pumpkin orange risotto

A pumpkin and orange risotto, vegetarian and very easy to veganize. Just substitute the Parmesan for brewer's yeast and omit the butter.

Nectarine plum cake

Plum cake easy to prepare in Thermomix, with pieces of nectarine on the surface and with the flavor that orange blossom water gives to the pastry pieces.

Japanese panko chicken

Juicy chunks of chicken, coated in Japanese panko bread. Crispy and tasty, ideal to accompany with your favorite sauce.

Creamy chicken pate

This chicken pate is smooth, creamy, and easy to spread. Ideal for children's sandwiches or for appetizer canapés or tartlets.

Sponge cake for breakfast

Feather-shaped sponge cake perfect for breakfast. Contains pieces of pears in wine although they can be substituted for chocolate chips

Roasted pepper salad

The roasted pepper salad is a jewel of our gastronomy based on red peppers, garlic and boiled eggs.

Hake with crispy almond curry

Tasty hake garnished with crunchy almonds and a touch of curry. It will take 5 minutes to assemble it and 15 to bake it.

Fresh salmon with avocado sauce

Fresh salmon, cooked at a low temperature, with the incredible texture that this technique gives it, accompanied by a cold avocado sauce flavored with dill. Spectacular.

Mint and chocolate sponge cake

A two-color sponge cake with two flavors: mint (thanks to a homemade syrup) and chocolate. Easy to prepare and ideal for mint lovers.

Homemade peach custards

Quick to make and with very easy-to-get ingredients. These homemade peach puddings will become a recurring dessert.

Rice With Octopus

Colorful recipe with feira octopus, peas and chickpeas, which make this rice a truly exquisite main dish.

Mint syrup

How to make a homemade mint syrup with fresh mint and other simple ingredients. It is used to flavor desserts, cocktails, pastries ...

Frozen yogurt smoothie

The frozen yogurt shake is perfect to present as a dessert at a dinner or family meal. Serve in small glasses to avoid adding too many calories.

Bulgur stuffed tomatoes

Vegetarian recipe of tomatoes stuffed with thick bulgur and vegetables, steamed in the Varoma and full of aroma and flavor.

Rustic pear tart

It is a very fluffy and juicy sponge cake also thanks to the chopped pear that it contains inside. The dough is made with baker's yeast.

Honey Bundt Cake

Fluffy and juicy bundt cake made with honey. Ideal for breakfast and a snack.

Fresh lemon cake

Delicious fresh lemon cake, with a base of cookies and gelatin, creamy and refreshing, one of which you cannot stop eating.

Baby food or pear porridge

Some pear jars that the smallest of the house will like. They are prepared with natural ingredients and with very little effort on our part.

Lebanese tabouleh

The Lebanese tabouleh is a vegan salad made with bulgur and a good amount of peppermint and parsley

Baked fish croquettes

Delicious croquettes, made with corn and wheat flour and battered with cereals. They are baked instead of fried and are perfect.