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Nougat cake

This nougat cake has an authentic Christmas flavor and it will be used to give different use to nougat tablets.

Toasted yolk nougat flan

With this delicious toasted yolk nougat flan you will have a delicious dessert and a recipe for use.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Nougat Flan

Nougat flan

Preparing a fantastic nougat flan is very simple with Thermomix and so fast that in a few minutes you will have it ready.

Nougat three chocolates

With this three chocolate nougat you can enjoy all types of chocolate at the same time so that your Christmas is perfect.

Orange-scented truffles

These orange-scented truffles have a spectacular combination of flavors. They are also simple and fast with Thermomix.

Coconut nougat

We show you how to make a homemade coconut nougat with a delicious flavor. It is also quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Perfect lemon bars

Perfect lemon bars

They are delicious, their lemon flavor can be very personal, but for lovers of this citrus fruit it is a dessert that will touch them.

Thermomix Christmas recipe Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts

Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts

The chocolate nougat with hazelnuts is so rich and it is so quick and easy to prepare with Thermomix that it will surprise you.

Thermomix Christmas Nougat recipe on stone

Nougat to the stone

The nougat on the stone is the most classic of all Christmas. Now we can easily do it at home with our Thermomix.

Crunchy Chocolate Nougat

This crunchy chocolate nougat made with Thermomix is ​​a real Christmas vice for children and adults.

Thermomix Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is ideal for any occasion. Also with Thermomix it is so easy to do that it is not lazy.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a perfect Thermomix recipe to cook with children during the Christmas holidays.

Thermomix Christmas Stollen Recipe


This stollen is perfect to surprise your guests with a typical Christmas dessert of German cuisine.

Pumpkin butter

This pumpkin butter has spicy notes, it is delicious with any type of bread and it is very easy to make with Thermomix.

Christmas snowy log

The snowy log for Christmas is a recipe that you can make with your favorite filling so that you enjoy 100%.

Almond, cocoa and pear cake

A kind of inverted cake that is prepared in Thermomix following a few simple steps. Ideal for breakfast or snack.

Orange Cake

Orange Cake

Try this delicious orange cake made with cheese and lots of vitamin C to complete your diet.

Almond and coconut mantecados

These delicious almond and coconut mantecados are a typical Christmas sweet that cannot be missing from your recipe book.

Thermomix Christmas Roscón de Reyes Recipe

Roscón de Reyes

The homemade roscón de Reyes has all the Christmas flavor.If you like to prepare sweets at home, you have to try this Thermomix recipe.

Christmas roast knuckle

Christmas roast knuckle

Beer roasted knuckle with potatoes, a very easy and really delicious German style dish, juicy and tasty.

Candied fruit plum-cake

We show you how to make this candied fruit plum-cake with your Thermomix. Delicious and easier impossible.

Mango strudel

We teach you how to prepare both the dough and the filling of this strudel in Thermomix. We will shape it without staining the countertop.

Christmas thermomix recipe Suckling pig in two cooks

Suckling pig in two boils

With this recipe for suckling pig in two cooks made in Thermomix, you will look like a real chef to your guests.

Thermomix Christmas recipe Mussels in salpicón

Mussels in salpicón

These mussels in salpción are a very practical, light and easy basic recipe to make with your Thermomix.

Peas with broth

If peas are a legume, do we take advantage and prepare them in the form of a stew? The result: a light dish with lots of vegetables.

Cream and cream cake

Cream and cream cake

We have a very delicious recipe with a choux pastry base and lots of pastry cream with a touch of cheese and cream. You will love it!

Meat and pate cannelloni

These rich cannelloni of meat and pate are ideal for when we have many guests to eat. They can be done in advance.

Thermomix recipe Stuffed chicken fillet

Stuffed chicken fillet

This delicious stuffed chicken tenderloin is prepared quickly and easily by cooking in levels in Thermomix.

Easy thermomix recipe Salted prawns

Prawn in salt

This salt prawn recipe will convince you with its simplicity and flavor. A different way of eating seafood and very healthy.

Christmas Thermomix Recipes Saffron Prawns

Saffron prawns

With this recipe for saffron prawns you will have a delicious and original appetizer to surprise your guests.

Chocolate ingot

With this chocolate ingot you will enjoy 100% of Christmas. Its smooth texture and intense flavor will make each bite unforgettable.

Hake in cava

This recipe for hake in cava is delicious. Serve it accompanied by its sauce so that your guests can appreciate and enjoy its flavor.

Easy Sweet Quince Thermomix Recipe

Quince sweet

Preparing quince paste with Thermomix is ​​very easy. You just have to put the ingredients and your robot will cook for you.

Curly shaped donuts

Curly shaped donuts

Another original and different way to make twisted donuts. Discover how easy they are to make and how delicious they are.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Anchovy and walnut pate

Anchovy and walnut pate

This creamy anchovy and walnut pate is perfect because you can make it in advance and its flavor enchants everyone.

Easy recipe thermomix Chocolate truffles and mascarpone

Chocolate and mascarpone truffles

With these chocolate and mascarpone truffles you will be sure to succeed. They can be made in advance, they are easy and they are delicious.

Lemon muffins

These lemon muffins are simple, they are fluffy and they have all the flavor of the traditional recipes of our grandmothers.

Thermomix recipe squid onions

Squids with onions

These calamari onions have a delicious sauce and are made with a secret ingredient that no one will be able to discover.

Iberian sirloin with mustard

The best thing about this Iberian sirloin with mustard is its creamy sauce that we will make with Thermomix and that we can use with other meats.

Easy thermomix recipe Leeks with potatoes

Leeks with potatoes

Did you know that these leeks with potatoes are an ideal recipe for a healthy vegan dinner that is ready in less than 25 minutes?

Gluten-free Soul Cakes

You can now make your delicious gluten-free Soul Cakes for Halloween or All Souls Day and enjoy the traditions.

Pumpkin hummus

It is prepared with roasted pumpkin and is a good recipe to use the pulp of the Halloween pumpkin or that of any other variety.


This apple compote will be used to make cakes or fill cakes and crepes. Also to eat alone or on toast !!

Thermomix recipe orange and strawberry juice

Orange and strawberry juice

This orange and strawberry juice is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is perfect to start the day well and maintain our diet.

Three chocolate cake

The three chocolates cake is foolproof. Rich, simple and easy to do with Thermomix. A guaranteed success at any type of party.

Crackers, yeast-free

With very few ingredients we are going to prepare delicious crackers. They do not contain yeast and are very crispy.

Rice with monkfish and prawns

Do you like rice soup? Then you have to try this rice with monkfish and prawns. Tasty and with all the flavor of the sea.

Easy recipe thermomix Pumpkin cream

Pumpkin cream

Go ahead with this colorful pumpkin cream and you will easily enjoy the flavors of autumn.

Aubergine black pudding

The aubergine black pudding is a vegan appetizer that you can make the day before and that is made almost alone with your Thermomix.

Pumpkin pie with clouds

Pumpkin pie with clouds

Do not miss this fall how to make a delicious pumpkin pie with some very special ingredients: marshmallows, cinnamon and cream

Cinnamon cake with apple

This cinnamon apple cake has an intense flavor and a juicy texture that you can enjoy at any time.

Pineapple custard

Preparing these pineapple custards with Thermomix is ​​very simple. You can also enjoy 2 different and equally rich texture.

Basic recipe: red lentil flour

Preparing your own red lentil flour with your Thermomix has never been so simple, ready in minutes to enjoy its properties.

thermomix recipe orange juice

Orange juice

Do you want to make a refreshing orange juice with Thermomix? In this recipe you will see how easy it is to make this drink for the whole family.

hake croquettes

Hake and mint croquettes

Super creamy croquettes, made with hake fillets and with a very special and surprising touch of mint. 

Four color cream

This four-color cream, made with Thermomix, is very eye-catching and fun for your children to enjoy with vegetables

Easy apple yogurt cake

A few pieces of pippin apple give this cake a unique creaminess. And it is also very easy to do in Thermomimix.


This tiramisu made with Thermomix is ​​so easy that you can use it for any dinner or special celebration.

Portuguese croissant

Portuguese croissant

The Portuguese croissant will surprise you with its brioche-like texture, tender and fluffy. Ideal for a flavorful breakfast.

Thermomix recipe Chicken broth

Chicken soup

Prepare an authentic chicken broth has never been so easy with Thermomix. A recipe that will serve as a base for soups and stews.

Thermomix recipe Eggplant Parmigiana

Eggplants parmigiana

Discover the aubergines parmesan, a simple and delicious recipe based on vegetables that the whole family will like.

Blood orange sponge cake

This juicy blood orange cake made with Thermomix is ​​ideal to have for breakfast or as a snack.

Thermomix recipe Halloween Bloody Eyes

Bloody eyes

We show you how to make bloody eyes with fresh cheese to thematize your Halloween or Samaín party.

Carrot cream

This carrot cream, made with simple ingredients and full of vitamins, will be ready in a few minutes with your Thermomix.

Death By Chocolate

Who wouldn't want to have a sweet chocolate death? some terrifying brownies for Halloween night.

Pepitos or xuxos with cream

Pepitos or xuxos with cream

In this recipe you can learn how to make some very soft and fluffy little pepitos. They will be accompanied by a wonderful special cream.

Thermomix Seafood Soup Recipe

Seafood soup

With this seafood soup you will have a first dish full of flavor that you can serve on any special occasion.

Thermomix recipe Sea bass with salt

Sea bass with salt

With this recipe for sea bass with salt made in varoma, it will be juicy, full of flavor and odorless in the kitchen.

Thermomix recipe chard with potatoes

Swiss chard with potatoes

Swiss chard with potatoes is a healthy and light recipe that is great for dinner and that you can make easily with Thermomix.

Quesada Pasiega

With this recipe for quesada pasiega adapted for Thermomix you can enjoy the sweetest flavors of Cantabria.

Thermomix recipe halloween cake

Halloween cake

Do you have a cake made and want to turn it into a Halloween cake? We show you how to decorate it in a simple way.

thermomix recipe cream vegetables chicken

Vegetable soup with chicken

With this vegetable cream with chicken you will have, with Thermomix, a nutritious and easy dish for both children and adults.

Cream and pear tart

If you like cream, you will love this cream and pear cake. We will make it with a Genoese sponge cake, cream and a delicious pear cream.

Nelba rice

Nelba rice is a recipe that you can make with Thermomix and that you can take to work and enjoy a meal away from home.

Green Beans With Tomato

Green beans with tomato is a dish made with Thermomix with which you will get your children to eat vegetables.

Cream pie

A simple sponge cake soaked in syrup will be the base of our cake today. It is filled with cream and covered with chocolate.

Tiramisu double cheese cake

Tiramisu double cheese cake

Create this different dessert made with two cream cheese and a layer of sponge cakes. It will remind you of the unmistakable Tiramisu.

Cream of zucchini

Zucchini cream made with Thermomix is ​​so rich and easy to make that it will become a staple in your kitchen.

thermomix recipe stuffed aubergines

Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed aubergines is an easy recipe to make with Thermomix and a dish so complete that you can use it as a single dish.

Cod with tomato recipe

Cod with tomato

The recipe for cod with tomato with potato garnish is very simple and is made almost alone with your Thermomix.

Thermomix Fideuá recipe


Be sure to try this recipe for sea and mountain fideuá with chicken and prawns, Made with Thermomix in just 25 minutes.

Crème Brûlèe cake

Crème Brûlèe cake

Nobody could imagine that Crème Brûlèe could be made like a cake and here you have the final result, a very delicious dessert.

Raspberry clouds

Do you love Raspberry Clouds? Discover a magnificent recipe to make them at home with your Thermomix in a simple way.

Zucchini chips

Zucchini chips

Crispy and flavorful zucchini chips cooked in the oven. An incredible healthy, fast and simple recipe.

Risotto with tomato

It is made with tomato passata and is prepared in 40 minutes. This is one of the little ones' favorite risottos.

Thermomix apple pie recipe

Apple pie

This apple pie is as rich as the traditional one but much easier to make thanks to your Thermomix.

Cooked carrot cake

You can serve it as a normal sponge cake or prepare some cupcakes like the ones you see in the photo, with chocolate on the edges.

Wholemeal bread

Preparing whole wheat bread with your Thermomix is ​​very simple. Enjoy its flavor at breakfasts and snacks.

Chocolate cookies

Do you want to make homemade chocolate cookies? Here is the step-by-step recipe to make them with Thermomix and enjoy with your children.

Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets made with Thermomix can be presented as an aperitif or as a second dish accompanied by a rich salad.

Ciabatta bread in Thermomix

Delicious homemade ciabatta. They are small and that is why they are perfect as a sandwich bread or for special meals.

Rice with ribs in sauce

Rice with ribs in sauce

Surprising rice with pork ribs in sauce, creamy and very tasty. Ideal as a single dish accompanied by salad.

Cooked croquettes

This recipe for cooked croquettes is perfect to make good use of leftovers and not throw anything away. They can also be frozen.

Smooth zucchini and potato cream

With this soft cream of zucchini and potato you will enjoy a simple and light recipe and you can also cook in levels with your Thermomix.

Cashew milk

Cashew milk is a vegetable drink, natural and full of properties that you can make easily and quickly with Thermomix.

Lentils with pasta

We return to the spoon dishes with some lentils that the little ones like a lot. You will have this dish ready by following very few steps.

Jewish Bread: Challah

We are going to prepare this Jewish bread called Challah in a Thermomix. It does not contain milk or butter and will appeal to the whole family.

Bee cake made with peach

Bee cake made with peach

A charming little bee cake. Its funny insects will make you dare to make this delicious dessert with a cheese and peach flavor.

Vegetarian dumplings

In today's video we show you how easy it is to prepare some dumplings at home. In Thermomix we will do the ...

9 recipes with aubergine

All different and all delicious. The protagonist of each of these dishes is the eggplant: we will make it with tomato, in patties, as pesto ...

Tatin cake with summer fruits

It takes a few minutes to prepare and requires about 30 minutes to bake. We will have a simple dessert to enjoy with family and friends.

Yogurt cake with apricots

Yogurt cake with apricots

Yogurt cake with apricots, a delicious dessert that you can share with your guests with individual packages decorated with love.

Frozen peach and cheese tart

Frozen peach and cheese tart

If you want to make an exquisite cake this summer, we propose this recipe that is delicious. It is made of a base ...

Pai Bao, a sweet Asian bread

You will like this Asian sweet bread. It is called Pai Bao and it can be taken either alone or filled with both sweet and savory ingredients.

Pear juice, such as purchased

The flavor of this pear juice will remind you of that of the packed juice that we find in supermarkets, either in a tetra brick or in a bottle.

Apple pie with crumble

Apple pie with crumble

A cake with a delicious apple and almond flavor. This lovely dessert will get its crunchy touch with a butter and sugar crumble.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary1

Roasted potatoes with rosemary

This recipe is wonderful. We will have delicious and tender roasted potatoes with all the flavor of the garlic dressing ...

Eggplant dip

It has aubergine, onion and also a clove of garlic. Great as a dip, as an accompaniment to any pasta and as a filling for an empanada.

Fresh lemon sponge cake

Fresh lemon sponge cake

This is the perfect cake to have it chilled this summer. Its soft and fluffy composition with a delicious cream of ...

Creamy lemon ice cream

This summer enjoy a creamy lemon ice cream made at home with your Thermomix and in a simple way. You can also do it without a refrigerator.

Beans with octopus1

Beans with octopus and prawns

A quick Thermomix stew with beans, octopus and prawns that is prepared using an exquisite stock. Every bite is an explosion of flavor.

Pasta salad with vegetables

When preparing this pasta salad with vegetables we will make the most of our Thermomix: we will use the varoma and cook the pasta in the glass

cabbage millefeuille

Cabbage millefeuille

An original millefeuille layered with julienned cabbage stuffed with delicious seasoned minced meat and cream sauce.

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce are one of those light and easy recipes to make with Thermomix and that you can serve any day of the week.

Mashed Cauliflower

A different garnish with cauliflower as the protagonist. It can be served hot or cold and is ideal to accompany meat and fish dishes.

Roasted apple in papillote

Roasted apple in papillote is an easy dessert that you can enjoy throughout the year and that is also easy to make.

Fish stew: Moqueca

Go preparing the coconut milk to prepare this fish stew because I am sure you are going to love it. It is also very simple.

Vegan cheese with fine herbs

Enjoying a homemade vegan cheese with fine herbs is very simple, especially if we help ourselves with Thermomix to do it.

Giant dumplings of fresh cheese and ham

Soft cheese pie, olives and ham

Pie with shortcrust pastry stuffed with fresh cheese, green olives and Serrano ham. A quick and easy recipe with ingredients from around the house. 

Hake sticks with tartar sauce

The filling of these hake sticks is just hake. With a crunchy batter, they are great if we serve them with a homemade tartar sauce.

Low-fat cocoa cake

It is liked by the whole family and it is so juicy that no one will know that this cake is cocoa but low in fat. Also, it doesn't contain a lot of sugar.

tuna with onion

Tuna with onion

Delicious recipe for tuna with onion. Very easy to prepare and it is perfect for those summer days when you want to eat lighter and faster food.

Onion and raisin taralli

You will find the written recipe and also a video recipes in which I show all the steps to follow. You will surely like these onion and raisin taralli.

manchego cheese cake

Creamy cake with Manchego cheese

Creamy cake with a touch of Manchego cheese. The perfect combination of the creaminess of cream cheese and the strong point of Manchego cheese.

Chocolate and banana smoothie

With this shake you will surprise the children and give them a lot of energy to face an afternoon of games. It has chocolate, banana and milk.

Palmeritas with brioche dough

Palmeritas with brioche dough

Learn how to make delicious palmeritas with great brioche dough. They are a delight in the mouth and made with a soft and fluffy batter.

Ham and cheese cannelloni

We explain in writing and in a video how to prepare the filling, how to make the béchamel sauce and how easy it is to fill some pre-cooked cannelloni.

Russian chicken fillets

In Thermomix we will chop the ingredients and mix everything. Then we will only have to form our fillets, coat them and pass them through the pan.

Chicken masala

Chicken masala

Simple masala style chicken makes quick and is really tasty. A different, exotic and very simple food. 

Lactose-free salted caramel ice cream

With this lactose-free salted caramel ice cream and your Thermomix you can enjoy a 100% refreshing summer. Recipe with refrigerator and without refrigerator.

Apple and mango cake

A delicious cake with fruit both inside and on the surface. It has mango and apple, but the mango can be substituted for more apple.

Brioche bread with apple filling

Brioche bread with apple filling

This tender brioche bread dough recipe is spectacular. It has a sweet flavor so that you can accompany it with a small apple filling.

Nordic style salmon

Nordic style steamed salmon

Nordic style fresh steamed salmon. It is prepared in less than 30 minutes and, when steamed in papillote, it is very juicy and with a lot of flavor

homemade aioli

Basic recipe: aioli

The aioli, aioli or ajoaceite is a traditional sauce of Mediterranean cuisine, based on garlic, oil and, at least in the Valencian version, egg yolk,

Whole almond butter

Whole almond butter is as simple as it is quick to make with Thermomix. Enjoy its flavor in multiple preparations.