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Hindu cauliflower

Creamy coconut sauce that contrasts perfectly with the crunchy cauliflower and a spicy aroma that will transport us to the heart of India.

Strawberry apple smoothie

A simple, inexpensive shake full of vitamins: strawberries, apple and milk. Ideal for the little ones' snack. Very easy to do with your Thermomix

Fresh tender wheat salad

The fresh tender wheat salad is a very balanced option where the nutrients of the cereal, raw vegetables and seeds are combined.

Vegan cous cous

A plate of couscous accompanied with vegetables and nuts, ideal for vegans and vegetarians and for those who follow low-calorie diets.


Ratatouille is a vegan dish that originates from France. It can be served as a garnish or on its own, with bread.

Cauliflower garnish

A cauliflower garnish, with leeks, onion and tomato, low in calories and easy to make

Vegan pesto

Vegan pesto adapts the traditional Genoese pesto recipe by substituting brewer's yeast for Parmesan. An ideal sauce to accompany pasta and vegetables.

Garnish potatoes in two cooks

Fantastic recipe for garnish potatoes, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, extremely tasty thanks to the dressing and double cooking.

Pumpkin and potato cream

A pumpkin and potato cream that is easy to prepare, light and with a pleasant texture. It is made with simple ingredients and is liked by the whole family.

Ginger hummus

Ginger hummus is a variant of the traditional vegetable chickpea paté, typical of Arabic cuisine.

Cabbage with apple

Sauteed cabbage with apple and potato, a light dish that can even be used as a garnish for a meat or traditional stew

Seitan ragout

Seitan ragout, for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Spinach with garlic

A lightweight plate, ideal for weight control diets. Spinach sautéed with garlic, a vegan and very healthy recipe for vegetarian diets.

Cream of carrots and rice

Soft and creamy cream of carrots with rice, low in calories and delicious. It can be served with croutons and does not contain dairy products.

Red hummus

Red hummus incorporates roasted pepper into traditional Arabic chickpea hummus.

Nut sauce for pasta

The walnut sauce is made in a flash and it can be served with rice or pasta. Perfect for vegetarians, vegans and to lower our cholesterol

Rice with mushrooms

This rice with mushrooms is a rice soup, with chanterelles and vegetables. A vegan recipe, totally vegetarian for this delicious spoon dish with which to combat the cold.

Antioxidant juice

This antioxidant juice contains pomegranate, strawberries and tomato, fruits that combine their anti-aging power with a high content of vitamin C, which strengthens natural defenses, as well as anti-cancer properties and multiple beneficial effects.

Fresh vegetable stew

A fresh, healthy and light vegetable stew, made in 15 minutes with Thermomix. Delicious

Mushrooms with vegetables

This garnish of mushrooms with vegetables is made with chanterelles (or rebollones), carrots, leek, tomato, garlic and white wine. It is really delicious.

Stewed aubergines

Stewed aubergines is a recipe flavored with cinnamon and mace that will comfort us on cold and rainy days.

Thick tomato sauce

The thick tomato sauce is perfect for a crunchy pizza. In addition, this sauce can be used in other preparations such as soups and stews.

Salmorejo with avocado

A reinterpretation of the traditional salmorejo, without bread and with avocado, with a creamy and irresistible texture

Italian-style tomato sauce

Italian-style tomato sauce is a base preparation that will serve us for other dishes such as rice, pasta or meatballs.

Chickpea and carrot cream

This chickpea cream is a great option to introduce the irreplaceable legumes in the diet of children and adults. It is a very soft cream, which can be taken warm or cold in summer and hot in winter, as a spoon dish.

Avocado dip

A vegan recipe for avocado with mint. Ideal as an aperitif accompanied with crudités.

Watermelon salmorejo

This watermelon salmorejo or watermelon porra is a delicious cold vegetable cream. It is like a gazpacho, but creamier, with a fine and delicious texture.

Spiced Lentil Salad

Delicious lentil salad, garnished with a spice emulsion. Ideal as a starter for hot summer days.

Detoxifying juice against hangovers

This detoxifying juice is a natural remedy against hangovers, a vegetable juice to cleanse the body after a copious lunch or dinner where alcohol has been ingested.

Taboulé, cold couscous salad

Refreshing taboule salad, made with couscous and chopped raw vegetables, with an unmistakable touch of mint. Ideal as a companion.

Pea guacamole

Pea guacamole, or guisanmole, is very similar to guacamole, but uses peas instead of avocado. It is served with dips, nachos or tostadas.

Super vitamin C juice

Exquisite combination of fruits and vegetables, with which we will create an exquisite juice full of vitamin C.

Black olive and cashew pate

A vegan vegetable pate, made with black olives and cashews. This olive pate is a great appetizer and a versatile addition to other dishes such as pasta or salads.

Beet and walnut vegetable pate

A vegetable paté to spread and a great complement to the vegetarian diet, since the iron, minerals, antioxidants and great properties of beets are combined with the proteins of the nuts, essential in a vegan diet

Carrot pate

Carrot pate is a vegan vegetable pate made with carrots and walnuts. Delicious and very attractive as an aperitif or snack, served with toasted bread, nachos or pancakes.

Salad emulsion

Salad emulsion, an exquisite recipe to use for when we have leftover salad. Ideal as a starter.

Pear and raspberry juice

This delicious pear and raspberry juice provides us with vitamins and minerals of the highest quality. The intake of fruits is essential to show off a beautiful body.

Apple, beet and lemon juice

Antioxidant and detoxifying juice, low in calories and full of vitamins, iron and minerals, ideal as a supplement to weight loss diets.

Spaghetti with colored peppers

Children will love this pasta dish with colored peppers for its color. Which is also easy to do and take to work or school.

Wrinkled potatoes

Delicious wrinkled potatoes, typical of the Canary Islands, ideal as a garnish for meat or fish, or as a starter or cover. Serve with mojo picón sauce.

Oatmeal milk

Ideal for fighting stress and supplying energy, this vegetable oat milk is a great option for breakfast, especially in the face of lactose intolerance.

Canarian red picón mojo sauce

Exquisite and tasty red picón mojo sauce, just arrived from the Canary Islands, ideal as a side for wrinkled potatoes, meat, vegetables or fish.

Pumpkin cream with chickpeas

The pumpkin cream with chickpeas is a humble and useful recipe that can be used as a first course. Its texture is ideal for older people.

Spicy potatoes

Delicious tapas with brava sauce, totally homemade, ideal for tapas dinner. Ideal for vegans or vegetarians.

Cabbage and pumpkin light cream

Original light cream, made from cabbage and pumpkin, which will surprise you with its combination of flavors. Ideal as a starter for a dinner.

Chickpea hummus with curry aroma

Exotic chickpea hummus with the aroma of curry, ideal as a starter or a snack for a dinner. Perfect for vegans and for children to eat legumes.

Tomato cream with tofu

A warm tomato and vegetable cream, with tofu and croutons. It is a spoon dish, light, healthy and low in calories, which is also very good.

Roasted vegetable cream

Soft and colorful cream of roasted vegetables, made with sweet potato, fiddle pumpkin and carrot. Of smooth flavor and full of vitamins and minerals.

Juice against anemia

This juice is an excellent natural remedy against iron deficiency anemia (anemia due to lack of iron). The beet makes an important contribution of iron to our body and the orange juice facilitates its absorption.

Artichoke and peppers coca

Artichoke and pepper coca is a typical recipe of Mediterranean cuisine. A tasty and appetizing way to eat greens and vegetables.

Anti-aging breakfast shake

Aging is an oxidation process whose signs can be delayed by a diet rich in antioxidants. This shake focuses its properties on combating the symptoms that affect the skin.

Garlic mushrooms

A very simple recipe to prepare the mushrooms as a garnish. Delicious with chanterelles, rebollones or rovellones.

pumpkin puree

We are going to teach you how to do it, in a few minutes and with minimal effort. Then we can use it to make cakes, cakes or other delicious desserts

Sundried tomato pate

This is one of those vegetable pate that flies when it comes to the table: the dried tomato pate. Spread on toasted bread is great. But you can also try it with salad, with dips or crudités.

Deluxe potatoes

We teach you how to make this famous and delicious deluxe potato at home. They will serve to accompany any meat or fish or to dip in sauces.

Baby jars or fruit porridges for canning

Cheer up with these fruit porridges for Thermomix, we are going to get a great snack for kids and / or a delicious dessert for the whole family, they seem bought! and are ideal for preserving

Light arugula soup

Very healthy light arugula soup, ideal for delicate stomachs or low calorie diets. A perfect first course to tone the stomach.

Romesco sauce

The best romescu sauce recipe for Thermomix, a typical sauce of Catalan gastronomy, known for being the accompaniment to the famous calçots. This roasted tomato and dried fruit sauce is equally delicious with a white fish, with roasted vegetables or steamed vegetables.


Vegetable pate, typical of Arab cuisine, whose main ingredients are red peppers and walnuts.

Fresh carrot salad

Fresh carrot salad is a side dish that is packed with flavor and color. It will turn any simple dish into a complete and nutritious recipe.

Peppermint gazpacho

An easy, quick and refreshing proposal for these hot days: the mint gazpacho, a reinterpretation of the traditional gazpacho.

Neapolitan sauce

Authentic Neapolitan sauce, ideal to accompany our sauce dishes, such as minced meat for lasagna. Perfect for vegans.

"Fried" peppers in Thermomix

They are called sweet and sour peppers but they look like the old fried peppers. With our Thermomix we will do them effortlessly and in a few minutes.

Orange sorbet with fresh fruit

Orange sorbet with fresh fruit

We teach you how to make this delicious and refreshing orange sorbet that the whole family will like. It will serve us so that the little ones eat fruit delighted.

Watermelon juice

On hot days, what you want the most are refreshing drinks like this watermelon juice. Full of flavor, quick and easy to prepare. With all the good things about the fruit.

Apple gazpacho

Refreshing apple gazpacho, ideal as a starter to combat the summer heat. Easy and fast to prepare. Ideal for low-calorie diets.

Coffee granita

Coffee granita

Homemade coffee granita, a classic to beat the heat, prepared in less than 2 minutes.

Wheat with zucchini in white wine

The main ingredient in this recipe is young wheat. A cereal that provides energy and is easy to digest. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

White bean hummus

Very easy recipe for white bean hummus that we will prepare in 1 minute with the Thermomix. Ideal as a starter and that everyone will like.

Sweet and sour carrots

Sweet and sour carrots

We show you how to prepare sweet and sour carrots with Thermomix, a very rich recipe that you can easily prepare. Have you already done it?

Peppers "roasted" in Thermomix

"Roasted" peppers in Thermomix

Discover how to prepare peppers that we will make varoma but that will look like roasted peppers with the Thermomix. Ideal as an accompaniment, aperitif.

Orange risotto

Orange risotto

Discover how to make an orange risotto with Thermomix in just 45 minutes. A very simple dish that everyone usually likes. Still you have not tried?

lentil hummus

Lentil hummus

Learn how to prepare Lentil Hummus with thermomix, a delicious very nutritious vegetable pate that you can make in 1 minute. Do you want to try it? Enters!

mango white garlic

Mango ajoblanco

Learn how to prepare mango ajoblanco with Thermomix, the cold almond soup typical of Andalusian cuisine, a dish that goes straight to the palate

Thermomix carrot juice

Multivitamin juice

Make a tasty multivitamin juice in the thermomix from carrot, orange and apple. Delicious, with many vitamins and refreshing.

Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam

Learn how to prepare a delicious strawberry jam, ideal for toasts, cakes, desserts ... In just half an hour it will be ready with Thermomix, a real treat!

Coleslaw and pomegranate

Cook an appetizing salad of white coleslaw, pomegranates and raisins with this low-calorie recipe that you can make in just 5 minutes.

Mango juice

Mango and pineapple juice

Recipe to make mango and pineapple juice, a drink with antioxidants, vitamins C, B and A, iron, rich in fiber and low in calories that helps you lose weight

Intense green purifying soup

Cook a rich cleansing and diuretic soup based on celery and green beans. An intense green dish ideal as a starter or for light diets.

Carrot, ginger and coconut milk cream

Carrot, ginger and coconut cream

Recipe to prepare a carrot, ginger and coconut cream, a very rich first course, low in calories and easy to prepare in a very short time.

Vegan lentils

Vegan lentils

Vegetarian lentils recipe to make in Thermomix, totally vegan, low in calories but with many proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Potatoes for garnish

Potatoes recipe for garnish made with Thermomix, ideal for meat or fish. Accompany any second dish with these delicious potatoes

Tofu mayonnaise

Can you cook homemade tofu mayonnaise? Learn with this recipe for Thermomix that vegetarians and everyone who tries it will love.

White Bean Summer Salad

Cook in a few minutes. Ideal for summer. Refreshing and summery white bean salad, flavored with a tasty vinaigrette.

Moroccan Eggplant Salad

Delicious and spicy Moroccan salad made with soft aubergines and spices that can be prepared in advance.

Rice with steamed vegetables

Delicious combination of soft rice with crunchy vegetables prepared in the Varoma. A vegetarian and useful recipe.

Chinese sauce

A delicious Chinese sauce to accompany your Chinese cuisine dishes or simply your favorite salad.

Green bean cream

Green bean cream is fantastic to return to a healthy and balanced diet after a Christmas full of excesses.