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Lentil dhal (lentil curry)

Dish inspired by Indian cuisine: red lentil curry, with coconut milk and curry. For lovers of exotic and vegan cuisine. 

Lentil and rice salad

To prepare this lentil salad we are going to cook them in the basket. They are loose, perfect for serving in a salad.

chickpea tofu

With this chickpea tofu you can enrich your salads and give a nutritious touch to your summer recipes.

image of Breton cream served in a glass bowl

Breton cream

Short on time to prepare a winter meal? I recommend this Breton cream with all the good things about legumes and vegetables.

puree with lentils, ginger, curry and coconut milk !!

Exotic puree with lentils

Bored of the same lentil recipe? Do you want to prepare something new? Try the exotic puree with lentils ... you will be amazed.

Peas with poached egg

Do you worry about having a healthy and healthy diet? Try this recipe for peas with poached egg and you will have a light dinner.

Madrid stew

Madrid stew is a complete dish with soup, legumes, vegetables that is accompanied by different types of meat, chorizo ​​and blood sausage.

Chickpea and Zucchini Burgers

With these chickpea and zucchini burgers you will get your children to eat legumes and vegetables without realizing it.

Gypsy pot thermomix recipe

Gypsy pot

Do you like stews and stews? Be sure to try this gypsy pot, a stew made with vegetables and legumes.

White beans with ear

Do you like spoon dishes? We show you how to make fantastic white beans with an ear easily and simply.

Thermomix Recipe Legume stew with spinach

Legume stew with spinach

If you like traditional recipes, you will love this vegetable and spinach stew. A simple recipe ready in 35 minutes.

White beans with chorizo

This recipe for white beans with chorizo ​​is quick, rich, and can be made in advance. You will love them!

Red cabbage soup

Red cabbage soup is a comforting, beautiful and rich recipe. Perfect for the fall and winter months.

Peas with broth

If peas are a legume, do we take advantage and prepare them in the form of a stew? The result: a light dish with lots of vegetables.

Basic recipe: red lentil flour

Preparing your own red lentil flour with your Thermomix has never been so simple, ready in minutes to enjoy its properties.

Lentils with pasta

We return to the spoon dishes with some lentils that the little ones like a lot. You will have this dish ready by following very few steps.

Beans with octopus1

Beans with octopus and prawns

A quick Thermomix stew with beans, octopus and prawns that is prepared using an exquisite stock. Every bite is an explosion of flavor.

chana masala1

Chana Masala, chickpea curry

Chana masala, spectacular chickpea curry accompanied with basmati rice. An incredible dish full of flavor from India.

Lentil and olive pate

An original aperitif with lentils as the protagonists. Bring green olives, cottage cheese, tahini, salt and pepper. And very easy to do.

Bean stew with pumpkin

Preparing this bean and pumpkin stew with Thermomix is ​​simple and in less than 40 minutes you will have a plate of legumes for the coldest days.

Lentil and vegetable soup

With the arrival of autumn, dishes like those of today are tempting, warm. In our YouTube community you suggested us a ...

Lentil and carrot cream

Simple cream of lentils and carrots. A recipe for legumes that you can make with Thermomix and use in your weekly menu.

Verdinas with prawns

The verdinas with prawns is a dish of our regional cuisine that we can make with Thermomix. A jewel where legumes are combined with seafood.

XXL lentils

XXL lentils, full of vitamins and iron to combat moments of tiredness and fatigue with spinach, kale, sun-dried tomatoes and spirulina. 


Morrococo or "chick peas dizzy"

Chickpea hummus made in Jaen, known as Morrococo, Garbanzos Mareaos or Puchero Mareao. A really tasty and simple starter or snack. 

Bean stew with Brussels sprouts and sausage

Surely, with this cold, you have already become a fan of spoon dishes. If so, get ready because today we are launching with a bean stew, with cabbages With this bean stew with Brussels sprouts and sausage you will enjoy a real spoon dish to combat the cold.

Basic recipe: cook chickpeas with Thermomix

With this recipe to cook chickpeas with Thermomix we expand our particular collection of basic recipes that will make you fall in love every day more with it. We show you how to cook chickpeas with Thermomix. An easy and simple basic recipe to enjoy all the flavor of traditional recipes.

Fall lentils

With these autumn lentils you will have a nutritious and simple recipe for legumes with vegetables suitable for the whole family.

Chickpeas with tomato and cinnamon

Delicious cooked chickpeas sautéed with onion and accompanied by a fried tomato sauce and a touch of cumin and cinnamon. Delicious as a starter!

Chickpeas with thyme

Would you like a vegetable dish adapted to summer? This is how these chickpeas with thyme are, a simple recipe that can be made in advance. Always Prepare this recipe for chickpeas with thyme in your Thermomix is ​​very easy and you can use it as a vegetable salad to eat out.

Chickpea salad with apple tzatziki

In summer, legume salads are wonderful, easy, delicious, healthy, nutritious ... we can leave them prepared in advance and, in addition, a refreshing chickpea salad and curry vinaigrette accompanied by apple tzatziki sauce. The best way to eat legumes during the summer.

Chickpea salad with pickle vinaigrette

With this chickpea salad with pickle vinaigrette, it will be easy to eat legumes in summer. A fresh recipe made with Thermomix and very easy to transport.

Lentils with chorizo

Learn to cook lentils with chorizo ​​with Thermomix and enjoy these legumes and their properties. Enter and discover more recipes for lentils with chorizo ​​with our tricks and video to learn how to prepare lentils with the Thermomix.

A delicious stew but ... what do we do now with all that is left over?

With this stew monograph we will learn that the success of a good stew is in using very good quality ingredients; We will also learn about the different geographical varieties of stew and, of course, how to take advantage of the remains of stew in other equally exquisite preparations.

Stewed lentils with cauliflower

A perfect stew to include vegetables and legumes in our diet: stewed lentils with cauliflower. Easy, inexpensive and very healthy.

White beans with chorizo

White Beans with Chorizo

White Beans with Chorizo. A fast and delicious way to enjoy a good plate of food in the simplest way and with all the flavor.

Pea and turkey puree

With this pea and turkey puree you can incorporate legumes into your baby's diet. Healthy and easy infant feeding with Thermomix.

Chickpea soup with prawns

A simple stew made with canned chickpeas and prawns. With a lot of vegetables that you can't see, ideal for some kids.

Peas with carrot and lettuce

We show you how to make some peas with carrots and lettuce with Thermomix. A perfect recipe for a healthy and light dinner.

White beans with barbecue meat

A fantastic idea to take advantage of meat from a barbecue. An express dish, healthy and nutritious ... and delicious !! With legumes and vegetables, in 15 minutes.

Burmese tofu or chickpea tofu

Enjoy at home with this recipe for Burmese tofu based on chickpeas. Simple, smooth and that you can use in countless preparations.

Red beans with Mexican flavor

Exquisite and tasty stew of red beans, cooked with vegetables and seasoned with an authentic Mexican flavor: spices and mole.

Lentils with zucchini

Soft, nutritious and delicious lentils with zucchini and other vegetables. An inexpensive and very simple dish to make with Thermomix.

Chickpea and sweet potato stew

Discover how to prepare a chickpea and sweet potato stew with your Thermomix. A healthy, healthy dish ready in 30 minutes.

Pedrosilla chickpea stew with kale

Super healthy stew of predrosilano chickpeas accompanied by kale kale and potatoes. Ideal as a second course with wonderful nutritional properties.

Chickpea cream

Simple and fast cooked chickpea cream prepared in Thermomix. With a perfect texture, like all the creams we make with our machine.

vegan tripe

Vegan tripe

Vegan tripe. A good option to enjoy all the flavor of this classic dish within the world of legumes in its vegan version.

Beans with pesto sauce

This pesto salad will be ready in 10 minutes. An original way to eat legumes in summer and with all the flavor of homemade pesto sauce.

Lentils with apple curry

Exotic stewed lentils, ideal for vegan diets, served with caramelised apple wedges with a touch of curry.

Fresh bean and cod salad

The fresh bean and cod salad is ideal for the summer. Healthy, healthy, easy and ready in less than 10 minutes. Perfect to take to the beach!

Quick vegetable stew

Traditional vegetable stew with rich vegetables and thick broth, made in Thermomix. With chickpeas, with beans or with both legumes.

White bean stew with squid

A simple and humble stew with beans and squid, but very tasty and nutritious. Ideal for main course at Easter. 

Broad beans toasted with spices

A surprising dish: beans roasted over the fire and seasoned with an exquisite mix of spices. Ideal to accompany meat and fish or as an aperitif.

Ginger hummus

Ginger hummus is a variant of the traditional vegetable chickpea paté, typical of Arabic cuisine.

Grandma's beans

Kidney beans with ribs, a hot spoon dish, ideal for winter, with the taste and texture of traditional white beans, like Grandma's, but quick and easy.

Red hummus

Red hummus incorporates roasted pepper into traditional Arabic chickpea hummus.

Chickpea and carrot cream

This chickpea cream is a great option to introduce the irreplaceable legumes in the diet of children and adults. It is a very soft cream, which can be taken warm or cold in summer and hot in winter, as a spoon dish.

Peas with Würstel

If there are any little ones reluctant to eat this legume, try it to make peas with Würstel. It is an attractive dish for them.

Spiced Lentil Salad

Delicious lentil salad, garnished with a spice emulsion. Ideal as a starter for hot summer days.

Carrot and lentil cream

A quick, easy and low-calorie dish for children and adults: cream of carrot and lentils, legumes and vegetables in a single dish.

Chili beans or chili con carne

Freshly landed on the other side of the ocean, this tasty dish from Tex-Mex cuisine arrives: chili con carne. Accompanied by rice it will be an ideal unique dish.

Chickpea hummus with curry aroma

Exotic chickpea hummus with the aroma of curry, ideal as a starter or a snack for a dinner. Perfect for vegans and for children to eat legumes.

Lentils Cream

An easy trick for children to eat legumes: turn them into a fine cream that adults will also like

Eggs on the plate with peas

These eggs to the plate go perfectly with green peas and a delicious homemade tomato sauce. Feel free to add your personal touch to the sauce.

Peas with bacon

With bacon, with Serrano ham and even with cooked ham, these peas are a perfect dinner that you can accompany with mashed potatoes made in Thermomix

Baked Beans

Baked beans in Thermomix

Do you want to make homemade baked beans with the Thermomix? Discover this recipe that will allow you to enjoy this type of bean that is so popular in America.

Chickpea soup with clams

Chickpea soup with clams

Learn how to prepare chickpea cream with clams. Very easy to do with Thermomix and loaded with properties. Try it, you will like it

Chickpea and chard stew

Learn how to make a chickpea and chard stew with Thermomix, a typical dish that combines these two ingredients to perfection. Have not you done it yet?

Lentils with chicken

Learn how to prepare the classic lentils with chicken in the Thermomix, a perfect homemade recipe for a first course. They are delicious.

Vegan lentils

Vegan lentils

Vegetarian lentils recipe to make in Thermomix, totally vegan, low in calories but with many proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Black bean puree

Recipe for black bean puree with Thermomix, a dish for vegetarians and all audiences that you can prepare in just 30 minutes.

Spicy yellow Indian lentil cream

Spicy Indian Lentil Cream

Spicy Indian lentil cream for Thermomix, recipe with an exotic flavor, spicy and spicy, vegetarian and vegan with an inimitable flavor.

Summer Minestrone with Genoese pesto

Delicious minestrone for summer. Ideal as a summer starter. With chickpeas, tomato, pasta and pesto that will give a special touch to our minestrone, a typical Italian dish.

Bean stew

Bean stew

Bean stew is one of the dishes that most reminds me of my childhood. This recipe is part of the basic collection of spoon recipes.

Light chickpea stew

With a few simple chickpeas you can quickly and inexpensively make a stew for cold days. Easy to transport and can also be frozen.

Hummus chickpea

This chickpea hummus recipe is a classic. Essential in a tasting menu of Arabic cuisine or in any snack.

Spring chickpeas

Spring Chickpeas is a recipe that combines legumes with a quick and easy sauce to make. Use already cooked chickpeas to reduce time.

Lentils with Matachana blood sausage

Have you been given a Matachana blood sausage and you don't know how to use it? Take a look at this recipe and discover the pleasure of spoon dishes.

Pea cream

Add some puff pastry hearts and you will turn a simple pea cream into a perfect recipe to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

Light lentil stew

With this recipe for lentils you will have a classic winter dish but designed to make them lighter and healthier.

Peas with ham and tomato

Peas with ham and tomato is a recipe with legumes. Ideal for winter days and that you can easily take to the office.

Chickpeas With Spinach

Spinach with chickpeas is a traditional recipe with all the flavor of natural ingredients.

Thermomix Recipe Waking Stew

Vigil Potaje

Do you want a typical Easter recipe that is easy to prepare? We show you how to make a waking soup with chickpeas, spinach and cod.