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Thermomix vs. MyCook

What robot to buy? Thermomix or MyCook? We will analyze and compare the main characteristics of the two current versions of both robots to help you in this decision: Thermomix TM31 and MyCook.

We will start with the four main differences and characteristics that can determine our choice: price, heating method and temperatures, manufacturer and form of purchase.

Better Thermomix or MyCook?

Better Thermomix or MyCook?


MyCook: 799 € 

Thermomix: 980 €

As we can see, MyCook is approximately € 200 cheaper than TMX. Here we reflect the official prices, although of course both brands will make their offers to attract more buyers. Although MyCook can reduce its price at certain times of the year, Thermomix can give the customer options such as interest-free financing, recipe books, transport bags or 2 glasses for the price of one.

Heating method and temperatures

MyCook: Induction (40º - 120º)

Thermomix: Resistances (37º - 100º)

The cooking method is one of the biggest differences between the two robots. At this point, MyCook has managed to surpass Thermomix since its heating method is induction, a more modern and faster method, with a temperature that ranges from 40º to 120º. However, Thermomix heats through resistors, a more traditional and slower method and whose temperature is between 37º and 100º. Therefore, we can say that MC heats about 2-4 minutes faster than TMX, always depending on the amount of content to be heated.

Analyzing the temperature fluctuations we see that as a positive point Thermomix takes 37º, a very useful temperature for whipping whites and fluffing eggs, as well as making doughs. However, MyCook reaches 120º, a perfect temperature for stir-frying, when Thermomix is ​​not capable of exceeding 100º.

Purchase options

MyCook: direct purchase in appliance stores. 

Thermomix: at home through official Thermomix presenters.

Here we see one of the big differences between both robots. To acquire a TMX we must do it through presenters who will come to our home without any commitment, they will teach us the machine in a personalized way in about 2 or 3 hours and we will cook several dishes together, in addition to asking any type of doubt we have about it. robot. MyCook, on the other hand, can be purchased at any appliance store, thus eliminating the need for anyone to come to your home. The negative point here is that we will not have the opportunity to see how MyCook works.


MyCook: Taurus - Spain. 

Thermomix: Vorwerk - Germany.

MyCook is manufactured by the well-known Catalan company Taurus, which has 52 years of experience in the creation and design of small and large household appliances. Thermomix is ​​manufactured by the German company Vorwerk, with 120 years of experience developing basically two products: Kobold vacuum cleaners and Thermomix kitchen robots. Here we have two points to assess: either buy from a Spanish company, which in times of crisis is something that people value so that the money stays in our country, or choose to invest money in the good reputation of German technology .

Let's now analyze other interesting characteristics and differences between both robots:

Crushing speed

The blades of the Thermomix

The blades of the Thermomix

MyCook: 11.000 revolutions per minute. 

Thermomix: 10.200 revolutions per minute.

Although at first glance we see that MyCook surpasses Thermomix in revolutions, it seems that this does not represent any disadvantage for the German robot. What will determine the quality of the grind is the shape of the glass. The MyCook glass is narrower at the base and higher. Thermomix, which had a similar design in its previous model (TM21), modified it in the design of the current model by making a bowl wider at the base and lower, achieving a more efficient and thorough grinding of food.

Average duration

MyCook: -   

Thermomix: 15 years.

Mycook has been on the market for fewer years compared to the Thermomix, so we do not have enough elements to assess the average duration of Mycook. However we do know that Thermomix can have a average duration about 15 years.

Weight and measurements

MyCook: 10kg (360 x 300 x 290mm)

Thermomix: 6kg (300 x 285 x 285mm)

We see that Thermomix is ​​lighter and smaller than MyCook, a feature to take into account for smaller kitchens.

Washing method

Does it cost a lot to clean the Thermomix?

Does it cost a lot to clean the Thermomix?

MyCook: Caution when washing the blades as they are not submersible in water.

Thermomix: all accessories are dishwasher safe and submersible in water.

When it comes to washing, Thermomix clearly wins. Starting with the design of the lid, we can say that MyCook has some notches to facilitate the descent of food during grinding at high speeds that make cleaning a bit more complicated since it splashes a lot when water falls directly from the tap. . Also, the blades are not dishwasher safe. These characteristics were present in the previous Thermomix model (TM21) and were evolved in 2004 with the new and current model that is on the market: the blades can be washed without any problem in the dishwasher and the lid is completely smooth.

After sales service

MyCook: basic.

Thermomix: personalized attention from the hostess and free access to multiple cooking courses.

With MyCook, the after-sales service is similar to that of any other appliance. If it breaks down or you need a replacement, just contact them and go to the corresponding center. However, Thermomix works very differently. The fact of paying almost 1.000 euros and making the purchase through a presenter, has its reward. This presenter will be our after-sales contact totally personalized to our needs. That is, if we have any problem with the machine or any questions with any recipe, we can contact her immediately and she will attend to us personally, she will even go to our home to make the recipe that we resist. In addition, the Thermomix delegations do totally free cooking courses on very diverse topics for Thermomix clients and to whom our presenters can invite us.

Let's see these characteristics in the following comparison

Summary table
Price 799 € 980 €
Heat method Induction (heats up faster) ECT and Müllen.
Revolutions per minute 11.000 10.200
Cleaning Non-dishwasher blades Yes dishwasher
Temperatures 40º-120º 37º-100º
Capacity 2 liters 2 liters
Measures: 360 x 300 x 290 mm 300 x 285 x 285 mm
Weight : 10 kg 6 kg
Purchase options In stores Through presenters with home demonstrations
Company Taurus (Spanish) Vorwerk (Germany)

What kitchen robot to buy?

We must start by saying that they are really similar machines, both in characteristics and in their functions and accessories, and therefore, whether we choose one or the other, we will be acquiring a good robot that will help us a lot in the kitchen.

The current MyCook model is very similar to the TM21 model, created almost 20 years ago, so it has features that were already improved in the current Thermomix model (TM31): the narrowness of the bowl at the base that makes grinding more difficult, the larger size of the machine, the notches in the lid that make it difficult to wash and the absence of a 37º temperature, which is very useful for making doughs and fluffing eggs. Finally, to the touch, the quality of the plastic elements of the glass and Thermomix accessories seem of better quality than MyCook.

However, despite the fact that MyCook has in its favor the heating by induction and 120º of temperature, Thermomix is ​​still a robot with more years of experience (and, therefore, it enjoys greater reliability), easier washing of its components, an after-sales service that makes the scarce 200 euros of difference pay off and greater efficiency in grinding and cooking due to the better design of the glass that is wider at the base.

More information about Thermomix

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