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Recipe books for Thermomix: all recipe books Thermorecetas

En Thermorecetas We have prepared a series of books that will teach you how to get the most out of your Thermomix. In all of them you will find exclusive recipes to cook very delicious dishes and with which you can surprise your family and friends. We will continue working on new books, Stay tuned!

- Express recipes 2: recipes in less than 30 ′

Express recipes cover II

40 new recipes with delicious main dishes, surprising sides and exquisite desserts ready in less than 30 minutes and suitable for all members of the family. [More information]

- 40 dessert recipes with Thermomix

40 fabulous pastry dishes with cakes, muffins and bundtcakes, as well as crostatas, crumbles, cookies and puff pastries and a large selection of cakes and crepes. [More information]

- Healthy cookbook with Thermomix

100 recipes for a healthy and balanced diet, of which 40 are the most successful on the blog and the remaining 60 are totally unpublished. [More information]

- Recipe book for Thermomix

In this book you can find 100 recipes to prepare with your Thermomix with which you will surprise your friends and family. [More information]

- Express recipes with Thermomix

Designed for all those people who do not have time and who do not want to give up a complete, healthy and balanced diet. [More information]

- Special diets with Thermomix

32 recipes for people with Food intolerances or who prefer to follow special diets such as vegan or vegetarian. [More information]

- Blogging and Cooking solidarity book

39 recipes for help the HelpAge International Foundation to finance their projects in Ethiopia and fight against hunger and poverty. [More information]

- Christmas recipes for Thermomix

The best Christmas recipes for Thermomix appeared on the blog now collected in a downloadable ebook completely free of charge.

You can download the Christmas cookbook completely free just by helping us share it on social media.

If you are looking for more Thermomix books In this link you will find all our eBooks, books in physical format and the official Thermomix books published by Vorwerk.