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What is Thermomix?

His story

El Thermomix food processor, created by Vorwerk, was developed in the 70s with the VM 2200 model. This robot, which improved other devices created in previous years, gradually evolved and expanded its functions, going through different models until we reach the version that we know today. Precisely the VM2200, capable of working with both hot and cold food, was the first version to arrive in Spain.

Image of the Thermomix

Image of the Thermomix

The first model in the TM series was the 3300 and was released in the 80s. This appliance could cook without grinding thanks to the basket. This was followed by the TM-21, which incorporated the balance and new accessories such as the Varoma, even allowing steam cooking. By last, in 2004 the TM31 was born, an aesthetically renewed version and with some new features such as the new design of the lid and blades or the left turn. With this model, the TM31, the recipes for  Thermorecetas.com

Its 12 functions


The functions carried out by Thermomix are so varied and precise that they will allow you to obtain the best results in your kitchen.

  • Chop and chop. It is one of the functions that is used the most, since it manages to chop all kinds of food, whether soft or hard, and even in large quantities.
  • Crush. With this function, we can obtain from a puree with a coarse texture to a very fine cream that does not need to be passed through the Chinese.
  • Grind and pulverize. Thanks to the power of the machine and its resistant blades, ingredients such as sugar, bread, coffee, nuts, legumes, cereals, chocolate, spices, aromatic herbs, etc. will be reduced to powder in a few seconds. This will allow us to make our own seasonings or flours or batters. Which is a great savings for those who suffer from food intolerances or allergies, since they can prepare their own special foods.
  • turbo. It is the appropriate function if we are going to chop very hard ingredients such as ham tips, cured cheeses or ice in a matter of seconds.
An example of times and speeds
Sugar 30 seconds 10
Raw meat 10 seconds Progressive speed 5 - 10
Onion 4 seconds 5
Chocolate 12 seconds 8
Flour (from chickpeas, wheat, rice, soy ...) 1 minute Progressive speed 5 - 10
Ice 10 seconds 5
Bread 10 seconds Progressive speed 5 - 10
Potatoes 2 seconds 4
Parsley 5 seconds 7
Peppers or carrots 3 seconds 5
Soft cheese (Emmental type) 5 seconds 5
Hard cheese (Parmesan type) 10 seconds Progressive speed 5 - 10
Serrano ham tacos Closed cup and 5 turbo strokes
  • Shake. We can mix different ingredients achieving a perfect texture and finish. We can beat eggs for a simple omelette or delicious pastries and cakes. In addition, you can also mix liquid ingredients and make rich smoothies, cocktails or soups. If using different textures, it is best to chop or grind the solid ingredients first to achieve optimal results. Then you just have to add the liquid ingredients and beat the time and speed indicated in the recipe.
  • Emulsify. This is one of the most difficult tasks to perform in a traditional way and that our Thermomix can do easily. It is about joining or combining two liquids that, in principle, are not mixable, such as oil and vinegar. Thanks to this function we can make sauces, vinaigrettes or muslin with the expertise of a true chef.
  • Mount. Very useful when incorporating air into our preparations and giving them a greater volume with a creamy texture. We will mount cream, eggs, whites, yolks, milk, cream cheese, etc.
  • Knead. Thanks to the spike function, Thermomix also allows us to achieve perfect doughs for bread, pizzas, biscuits, cakes, cookies, cookies, empanadas and much more. Thanks to its operation in intervals, it manages to mix the ingredients homogeneously and knead professionally.

Your accessories

The Thermomix butterfly

The Thermomix butterfly

  • Cook in the glass. The large capacity of the glass, its eight cooking temperatures and 11 speeds allow us to make from the most classic and traditional preparations to the most avant-garde. You just have to choose the recipe and set time, temperature and speed. The rest is already taken care of by Thermomix which, thanks to your technology, achieves a constant temperature and movement so that our dishes are perfect. Creams, stews, legumes, rice or desserts are spectacular, without the need to stain other utensils and without any effort. And when the process is finished, it warns us with an acoustic signal. This way we will not have to constantly monitor the production process. It is very practical to use the spoon speed to stir carefully, just as our grandmothers would do with their wooden spoon.
  • Cook in the basket. This accessory allows us to cook ingredients that we want to keep in their original appearance, such as rice, clams, broccoli, etc. Or delicate such as fish, vegetables and eggs. It also prevents hard ingredients, such as bones, from blocking the blades. To comfortably remove the basket, we will fit the notch on the spatula and make a slight movement to lift it. It can also be used as a strainer.
  • Steam cooking with the Varoma container. This container allows us to place different foods in two heights. In this way we can prepare, for example, seafood or fish and, at the same time, some vegetables for the garnish.
  • Butterfly. Very useful accessory to stir large amounts of food while cooking, such as a dish for 4-6 people. It is also the key accessory for whipping creams or whites and emulsifying.
  • Spatula. With it, we can remove the food manually and also remove the content, as well as scrape the walls of the vasp. It has a stop so that we can use it when the machine is running without the risk of it reaching the moving blades and thus help the machine in the production of large quantities of ice cream or slushies.
  • Beaker. In addition to being a unit of measurement, it allows the glass to be covered so that there is no splashing and that the escape of steam is less. In addition, it facilitates the incorporation of ingredients into the jar in a very controlled way, such as oil to prepare a mayonnaise.
  • Balance. We can weigh different ingredients inside the glass. You simply have to be careful that the machine is on a smooth surface, that the cable is not taut and that, once the scale button is pressed, the machine should not be moved to avoid unleveling it. If several ingredients are to be weighed, the balance button must be pressed each time a new one is to be added or weighed.

Video about Thermomix

If you want to see more details about the Thermomix in operation here we present you a complete video.


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