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Healthy cookbook with Thermomix

We present you our new healthy cookbook for Thermomix with a wide selection of healthy recipes that you can cook with your TM5, TM31 and TM21. We are convinced that following a healthy and balanced diet does not have to be difficult or boring, and we want to demonstrate it with this recipe book.

100 delicious healthy cooking dishes: the blog's 40 best recipes, with new photos, and 60 new unpublished recipes

In this book you will find traditional recipes, other more innovative ones, vegetarian dishes and even some recipes designed for people with allergies and intolerances. All of them balanced and perfect for those who want to continue a healthy diet.

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The book You can buy it directly through Amazon and it will come home to you in a few days.

Of course, you will also find it in any bookstore in Spain such as Fnac, Casa del libro, Corte Inglés ...

What's in this healthy cookbook for Thermomix?

healthy cookbook with thermomix

El healthy cooking book with Thermomix It teaches us to eat in a much healthier way. Do you want to eat better but in a tasty way and with dishes full of creative ideas? Then this will be one of the best options you have. Because it is a book that is full of very healthy recipes. With a total of 100 delicious dishes among which you can also enjoy traditional ideas.

Because those traditional dishes put the best memories on the table. Without forgetting that the new and most innovative creations cannot be missing either. Of course, if within the healthy range, you have some type of allergy or intolerance, in a book like this you will also have new options in the form of menus. So you don't get bored, all the recipes come illustrated and fully detailed. You won't be able to miss everything from the main dishes to the desserts and the tastiest drinks in really simple explanations for everyone.

We are looking at one of those books that we all needed. Because it is true that sometimes we can find that we have some type of intolerance to some food, that we have celiac disease or diabetes or, for those who want to follow a vegan diet. Whether one case or the other is yours, you need a book like this with really special recipes.

Because we know that taking these circumstances into account, sometimes it is not easy to opt for healthy recipes or because sometimes we may run out of ideas and we want innovation so that our eyes and palate also enjoy it. Don't give up Eat Healthy, because with these 32 unpublished recipes you will be able to change your lifestyle. In addition, you can combine the ingredients and continue creating your own menus. You will have main dishes, desserts and of course, also drinks and desserts with which you can surprise all types of diners. Don't you think that's a good idea?

What healthy food recipes can we prepare with the Thermomix?

The book You can buy it directly through Amazon and it will come home to you in a few days.

Of course, you will also find it in any bookstore in Spain such as Fnac, Casa del libro, Corte Inglés ...

  • Salads: They are one of the starters or main dishes and accompaniments that we like the most. They are healthy and we can combine them with all kinds of ingredients. It is one of the healthy food recipes that we can prepare with Thermomix. Among them, you can make belly salads, with peppers, couscous or potato salads with spinach and various vegetables.
  • Creams: Hot or cold they are always another of the basic dishes on our table. Because they have foods full of vitamins and minerals that we need to make the best healthy recipes. You can use pumpkin or zucchini creams, as well as carrot or even cauliflower and seafood creams, among others.
  • Soups: It is said that soups are for the cold, hence in autumn or winter they are one of the main dishes. But there are also cold soups for summer that will allow you to have a varied, healthy and always delicious diet. Melon, garlic or pumpkin soup with orange, without forgetting the fish or chicken soup. Which is your favorite?
  • Rice: Because carbohydrates are also necessary in any healthy diet or lifestyle worth its salt. Therefore, you can prepare the most delicious rice dishes, with vegetables, with chicken and with tuna, which are some of the basic ideas in which we will have a dish with protein and few calories.
  • Meat: Protein is also another of the basic contributions to our dishes. For this reason, chicken and turkey meat is also part of our menus. So you can prepare ideas such as chicken curry, stuffed minced meat or chicken lasagna, among many others, with the Thermomix.
  • Fishes: Both fish and seafood also fill us with proteins and minerals as well as Omega 3. So you can make very tasty ideas, among which squid, shrimp, hake or grilled razor clams stand out.
  • Panes: We can't forget the breads either. Made at home and with Thermomix we know well what the ingredients are. So we will eat in a healthy and balanced way. One of the most successful is spelled bread.