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Now what begins the heatI make the gazpacho every weekend. My husband and I really like it.

Before having the Thermomix® I was very lazy to do it, because it did not weigh the ingredients and it did not always fit me well. Now, it's the opposite, it always fits me perfectly and in a moment it's done.

Very cold and with some ice, it's how we like it best. We can also enjoy any of its versions that help us to have a more varied diet.

How to get the perfect texture?

If you want to get the perfect texture for your gazpacho you can use these two tricks:

For more liquid gazpacho: You just have to add a few ice cubes and when it melts it will make it more liquid.

For thicker gazpacho: You can add 150 g of bread from the day before. Add it in step 1 along with the vegetables to add body to your cold soup.

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  1.   Manu said

    Hello Elena,
    I would like to know how many glasses of gazpacho is it for because at home there are two of us. Does it keep well if it is kept overnight?

    Thanks for your recipes.


    1.    Elena said

      Hello Manu, at home only my husband and I take it and the truth is that in three days we have taken it. I keep it in a blender jar with a screw lid (from Mercadona) and it will keep in the refrigerator for about four days. The truth is that when it's hot, it doesn't last long for us.

  2.   Pili diaz said

    I love Elena's recipe, she doesn't make gazpacho in the North yet, but everything will come. A little question How long can you keep in the fridge? All the best

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Pili, I tell you how to Manu, it lasts in perfect condition for about four days in the refrigerator, well covered. But, the truth is that at home it lasts much less time because we take them right away. All the best.

  3.   Dew said

    Taking advantage of the gazpacho recipe, I wanted to ask you if you can recommend us a recipe to make a melon cream, which I have tried at some time and I always want to make it at home ...

    Thank you!

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Rocio. I am also looking for some good recipe. I'm sure I'll do it this weekend and I'll tell you.
      A greeting.

  4.   carmen said

    Hello Elena, I have made the melon gaspacho and this is very good, 1 tomato, 1 green pepper, 1 onion, half garlic, 800 grams of melom, 4 slices of bread, 2 slices of ham, 16 prawns, 50 grams olive oil, 20 grams vinegar, a Pellisco of salt. We make the melon into pieces without seeds and without skin, add the half garlic, the green pepper, the tomato, the chives, all in small pieces and crush everything well after the breadcrumb is made and crushed a little, the prawns are cooked for 2 minutes with very little salt, the ham is chopped into small pieces and made on top of the gaspacho with the cooked prawns. ready to eat fresh. are…

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Mari Carmen, thank you very much for the recipes. I will make this gazpacho these days because it has to be delicious. When I do, I'll tell you how. By the way, I'm from Cantabria. All the best.

  5.   Stefi said

    Hello girls, thank you for this recipe, yesterday I made it and the gazpacho came out delicious, I hardly have any left in the fridge, now that the good weather is coming I really want it and especially because it's very healthy. I want to congratulate you for this wonderful blog that both I and my mother, who recommended it, we have made many recipes, which one better, the other day all the friends were to have lunch together at home, I prepared the cake of the 3 chocolates and they everyone loved it, to say they even repeated it.
    Thank you very much for sharing your recipes, greetings.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm very happy, Stefi !. We are very excited that you like our recipes. Thank you very much for seeing us! All the best.

  6.   Bullfight said

    Congratulations on the gazpacho !!

    Very good ... I did it yesterday for dinner and mmmmm !!! But next time I'll put more cucumber, because we like it a lot and it wasn't even noticeable. Ahh and I prepared the version with natural crushed tomato from a pot mmmmm, it gives a little more flavor.

    A greeting!

    1.    Elena said

      I'm very glad you liked it, Lidia! All the best.

  7.   violet said

    Hello girls,

    I just made this recipe and the flavor is very good, but the fault that I have found is that I have had many stumbles and when I did it by hand I did not notice them, I do not know if the fault has been that of course I put ice on it, I skipped the step and that helps it crush better.

    I hope the next. Once I do it, I get better since now I feel like a lot with the heat that it does.

    A big kiss for both of us and continue this good


    1.    Elena said

      Hello Violeta, when we throw in the ice, everything is crushed at speed 10 and that is why not a single stumble remains. By skipping this step you have not shredded it. Next time do it as it comes in the recipe, you'll see how delicious! Kisses.

  8.   ellen said

    hello! thanks for everything you do, a novice question ... do you peel the tomatoes before putting them in? bsa

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Elena, I do hair them, but it is not necessary. All the best.

  9.   Valerie said

    First, congratulations on your blog. I have already made several recipes and a success. With that gazpacho I have had a problem because during the 2 minutes at speed 10 a lot of gazpacho has come out everywhere, especially because of the joint between the lid and the rubber. It is so much liquid that it has not been crushed the same everywhere and I have had to pass it a second time with half the gazpacho. Sure it is 1 kg of tomato? Thanks a lot.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Valerie, yes it is a kg of tomatoes and if it comes out through the rubber it is because it is already given a little of itself and you have to change it. It has happened to me too. As for pieces remaining, two minutes is enough and everything is completely crushed. Greetings and I'm glad you like our blog.

  10.   Mª Angeles said

    Hi, I haven't written anything for a long time but don't think that means that I don't do anything because your recipes are delicious. Well, the gazapacho is great for me too but I have a problem is that everything is coated on the sides of the lid and I have to hold the lid because it tries to open and makes an error so I don't know what happens because I put the amounts Exact, I do not know if the cover has a fault or something I do not know what to do, you would know how to tell me why this happens, thank you very much, it is that I put everything lost

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Mª. Angeles, I think the rubber is already loose and it is not normal for a mistake. I make gazpacho every week and it doesn't make a mistake and the lid keeps well. If liquid comes out of the lid, you have to change the rubber. Get in touch with your presenter and let her know. All the best.

  11.   Peter said

    Sorry, as an Andalusian I have to say that this is nothing like a good Andalusian gazpacho. Leftover ice, leftover canned tomato, lacking bread, and much more generous with oil and garlic.

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Pedroto, I have tried a lot of different gazpachos. My husband's grandmother makes an Extremadura gazpacho that is delicious. The good thing about recipes is that we can adapt them to our liking. I don't like gazpachos with bread and that's why I do it that way, regardless of whether the original does. All the best.

  12.   Lourdes said

    Great girls !!!! I just made it now to eat and in addition to being fresh it has a flavor and a texture …… Thank you for your recipes !!!

    1.    Elena said

      I am very happy that I like you, Lourdes !. All the best.

  13.   Eve said

    Thank you very much for this gazpacho !! that's good!! We like more liquid so more water and no bread. how good it feels these days of so much heat. Many kisses

    1.    Ascend said

      Well, you have done very well, you have adapted it to your tastes wonderfully! I'm sure it's great that way too.

  14.   Cristina said

    It came out great, I did not add ice or bread, but I put it in a jar in the fridge ... and it's addicted! By the way, I did it with crushed tomato because I didn't know if the natural tomatoes had to be skinned and the seeds removed ... you'll tell me.
    Greetings and congratulations for these recipes that always turn out well!

    1.    Ascend said

      Thank you for your comment, Cristina. You can put the whole tomatoes, well washed, because they crush very well.

  15.   Pink said

    Hello. I had made the gazpacho several times following other recipes and it did not suit me. Today I have done it with yours and it has been great. That is if I have not added cucumber because it does not suit me. And I have replaced the green pepper, which I did not have, with red pepper. I said fantastic.
    It has also been reddish, not orange.
    Thanks for the recipe and for the web in general, it's very good.

    1.    Ascend said

      The truth is that with Thermomix making recipes like these is very easy and they always turn out well. Comments like yours encourage us to continue making and publishing recipes, thank you very much!

  16.   MariaBringue said

    it's the oskua !!!

  17.   Irenearcas said

    Great Jan! The truth is that we give the basic recipe and, of course, that each one adapts it to their tastes. For example, I already make the ingredients by eye depending on what I have to spend. Thanks for writing to us!

  18.   Nuria Ruano Bejarano said

    very good gazpacho

  19.   Maite said

    very rich. The truth is that I have to say that I and the thermomix do not get along well, I have had quite weak recipes, but this gazpacho has been delicious!

  20.   Antonia Ruiz said

    The blog is great I make many recipes from here .. thank you

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Thanks to you Antonia for following us and for your message. A hug 🙂

  21.   I xelo said

    Hi, thanks for the recipes. I am intolerant to peppers, why another vegetable could I substitute it?

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      And why don't you make a salmorejo that also has the good of tomato but no pepper?