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Focaccia with tomatoes and oregano


Here you have another cake so that you continue to surprise at home. In this case you have tomato slices (I can of the little ones but you can put another type), a little garlic for the more daring, and oregano.

Like the basic it is very easy to prepare and is very popular Try it Recently made: warm, crunchy ... a delight! And if you have leftovers, you can serve it as if it were bread, to accompany any meal.

Equivalences with TM21

Thermomix equivalences

More information - Focaccia bread

Source - Salato, che sfizio!

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  1.   Ascen Jimenez said

    Hello Vanessa,
    If you dare to do it, I hope you like it.
    Regards, Ascen

  2.   But to you said

    Thank you Ascen I sure do it because my husband is allergic to sunflower oil and the ones they sell out there almost all carry.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Mati,
      Then do not hesitate. There is nothing like what is made at home and, if there are allergies, the reward is double 😉
      Thanks for your comment.
      Kisses, ascen

  3.   Maria Elena said

    The recipe is very good, we liked it a lot, I will repeat it as a «workhorse» `because it gets me out of trouble

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Great, Maria Elena! As I try other variants I will publish them. We are going to become the queens of focaccia 😉
      Kisses, ascen

  4.   Isabel said

    Hi! My husband is Italian and the focaccia is present at our table, especially on meeting days because it gives me a lot of play ... with a couple of focaccias, some plates of sausage ... and something to eat ... a very complete and quick dinner!
    The southern Italians make the best focaccia, in the north it is consumed ... but southern cuisine has a point ... mm !! They also make it with sprinkled rosemary and coarse salt on top! very very good || and with chopped onion on top, another variant !! Thanks!!

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Thanks for your comment, Isabel.
      I haven't tried the ones from the south but they sure are delicious (from what I've heard, southern cuisine is really good and much more varied than that of the north). If you have a recipe to make the dough and want to share it, send it to us and we will publish your version. From what you say, it has to be great! 😉
      Kisses, ascen

  5.   Ascen Jimenez said

    What a good looking Iratxe! Thank you,
    A hug!

  6.   Flights said

    What a good looking !!! I have several questions ... Is the yeast fresh or dry? Do you have to extend it very finite? Thank you very much for your help

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Leti,
      In this case the yeast is fresh. No, don't spread it too thin. Then go up but still you have to leave her chubby.
      A hug!

  7.   Marta said

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to make it in the varoma container, I don't have an oven and I have to adapt the recipes many times to be able to make them in this container.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Mmmmm ... I'm afraid not, Marta ... Although there is a bread recipe that can be made in the varoma. It has nothing to do with focaccia but it looks very good. I leave you the link in case it could be useful to you: https://www.thermorecetas.com/pan-al-vapor/
      A hug!

  8.   Tess said

    Hard and bland, it does not explain the salt on the surface or where to put the missing 20g of oil

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      In section number 5 of the preparation all your doubts are explained.
      For the next one, control the levitation as well as the time and temperature of the oven. Surely the problem comes from one of those factors.
      A abrazo.

  9.   Aroa said

    The recipe is wrong, the step where the water is added is not included, nor the rest of the oil.
    Please correct

    Thank you

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Aroa,
      I don't really know what you mean because in the step by step it says how to add those ingredients. The water in step two, and the oil at various times but come on, everything is indicated.
      I copy the entire section. If there is something you don't understand, tell me 😉

      Put the yeast, sugar and 20 g of oil in the glass (be careful, I put more quantity in the ingredients but now we only use 20g). We program 1 minute, speed 2.

      Add the flours, salt and water. We love programming 4 minutes, glass closed, spike speed. We leave the dough in the glass for 1 or 2 hours, so that it mild.

      We prepare a baking tray covering it with baking paper and putting 20 g of olive oil on it, well spread. We now place our dough, stretching it with the help of our fingers. We let it rise for another 30 minutes.

      We turn on the oven at 220º.

      We cut the tomatoes into slices and distribute them in the focaccia. We finely chop a clove of garlic and distribute it on the surface as well. We also sprinkle the oregano, salt and the rest of the oil (20g).

      Bake at 220º for 10 minutes. After that time we lower the temperature to 200º to finish baking for another 25 minutes.