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Miracle bread

Thermomix Miracle Bread recipe

This miracle bread I really wanted to do it because my father-in-law always eats at home tells us how delicious "the old bread" is, as he calls it and he can't bear to eat pre-cooked baguettes, he says they look like "plastic".

So, I always told myself, I have to look for a simple recipe, which I made sure to come out very rich the bread And here it is! ...

It comes out delicious, with a very crispy crust and the crumb at its point. The smell of bakery that remains at home later is pleasant.

It seems to me that from now on it will touch me make homemade bread all weekends.

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  1.   HOPE said


    1.    Elena said

      Hi Espe, you can find both things at Mercadona. The force flour is used to make dough, like the pressed or fresh yeast.
      The profiterole cake has been great for you. You will tell me.
      Thank you very much for your encouragement and for advertising us.

  2.   Mila said



    1.    Elena said

      Hi Mila. You can make the bread in a roasting bag, it remains the same. And it is baked cold, it does not preheat. You'll see how good it is.

  3.   Barbara said

    I love this blog that you have done, I was hesitant to buy the thermomix, but seeing these recipes has encouraged me and it is already bought !! We will see each other. Thanks

    1.    Elena said

      Thanks to you, Barbara, for seeing us. I hope you use it a lot and that you like it as much as we do. All the best.

  4.   Mary Carmen Harfuck said

    This miracle bread is a delight when you do it once, you will keep doing it then you chop mmmmmmm

    1.    Elena said

      It's true, especially if you have guests and they see how you did it, when you take it out and taste it, they are left with their mouths open. It is simple and easy to do, but the result is spectacular.

  5.   Rose Kullström said

    hi thanks for great recipes. I made the bread, it came out fantastic even without a lid in the oven. It will be because of the flour, it didn't come out chewy ...?

    I'm in New Zealand and I send my greetings to all of you and I'll go see you Rosa

    1.    Elena said

      I think it may be because of the flour. But I'm glad you did well. All the best.

      1.    conchy said

        Hello Elena, I'm new to your channel and since I'm here I'm using my thermomix more, I just made the miracle bread and it smells like it feeds, we're waiting for it to cool down a bit but I'm sure it's delicious, I love your channel it always reaches me on my mobile a new recipe and then how easy it is to find them congratulations kisses do not take it away please.

  6.   Ruth said

    Hello everyone, today I am going to try to make this miracle bread. I only have one question that I do not know if it will be resolved in time. Is the bread covered in the oven? I understand that whatever mold it is, it has to be closed?
    What are these roasting bags you say?
    Well I hope I can read it in time.
    Thanks for everything. I love your recipes, they are great.

    1.    Silvia said

      Ruth, the miracle bread is made in a closed container with a lid and I buy the bags in Mercadona and they are roasting bags in the oven, they are also good for making bread. The important thing is that it is well closed so that with the heat it is done well.

  7.   sissi said

    I made the bread, one with normal strength flour and one with flour
    spelled, very good 2. I cooked them in the oven in molds of
    plum cake covered with aluminum foil. Thank you for the recipe.

  8.   Marien said

    Congratulations on the recipe, we love this bread!

    Anyway, I wanted to write to tell you that I follow your blog and I love recipes. Yesterday I made the chocolate cake with red wine and total success.
    Thank you both, and a kiss from Oviedo

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much for seeing us. I'm glad you like our recipes. A kiss.

  9.   Gina said

    Where can I buy a loaf pan with a lid and what size do I ask for it?
    Thanks, the bread is vice….!

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Gina, I bought it at Carrefour. It is a round "Pyrex" glass mold. All the best.

  10.   Pillar said

    Great, I have experimented with your recipes and all of them a success, this is the star for how fast! But I have a doubt, the crust was not crunchy, it was rich but it was more like sliced ​​bread, what could it be? Cover it with greaseproof paper; THANK YOU for your help and I add to your fans, a cordial greeting

    1.    Silvia said

      Pillar to bake this type of bread you must do it inside a glass mold putting its lid on top. I don't really understand what you're saying, that you covered it with greaseproof paper. I imagine you mean once cooked. Whenever I do, we eat it on the same day and I don't usually cover it and the crust is crispy.

      1.    pillar said

        Thanks Silvia, the truth is that I did it again by flouring the dough more when molding it and I came out with more crust. I'm going to try a glass mold with a lid, but since I didn't have one, and after reading it I just wanted to try it, cover a glass mold with baking paper, which I usually put so that the cakes do not stick. I will also try without covering it, because now we only want this bread ...

        1.    Silvia said

          Pilar this bread can also be made by putting it in those oven roasting bags, I use the ones sold by Mercadona. The only thing is that you cannot put the oven at more than 200º because otherwise the bag would fall apart. But on the stock market it is also delicious.

  11.   Mª Angeles said

    Hello girls! I'm excited! Baking bread was my pending subject, it has come out !! GOOD! And with a pint that I thought my husband was not going to believe that I had done it, I took a picture of him and everything To show it to my friends, I would like to upload it to facebook but that's it !! Another pending subject, well I just want to thank you, and tell you that I love the blog. "CONGRATULATIONS"

    1.    Silvia said

      I am very happy, Mª Angeles, that it turned out well for you. The truth is that it is a bread that surprises and looks great. Try to put the photo in the Facebook group, we will love to see it.
      Thank you for following us

  12.   Mª Angeles said

    Hello friends, I have a question, can yeast be frozen? I await your answer, thank you and a kiss

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Mª. Angeles, fresh yeast can be frozen. All the best.

  13.   Susana said

    I really want to make this bread but I don't have bread flour, do you think that with normal flour it will also work out well?
    When you talk about roasting bags, do you mean those for roasting chickens?
    Thank you very much

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Susana, with normal flour it is not the same, for the bread dough you have to use strength flour. The roasting bags with which you say, those for roasting chickens. All the best.

  14.   Natacha said


    I just came across this website and I think it's great, thank you for putting so many recipes, apart from helping us get more out of the machine, most of them are easy and fast, love it healthy.

    I have a couple of doubts, let's see ...
    - How would it be with whole wheat flour? Do I have to use the same proportions?
    - What happens if it is not covered, what is not done? In my opinion, it gets covered because the oven is cold, right? And if it is preheated to 180º-200º, would it also have to be covered?

    Thanks, I'm going to make the broccoli cream I've seen here, thanks! By the way, for this recipe, is milk essential? We can't take it at home ...

    1.    Silvia said

      Natacha, the flour that we use is strength flour, especially for breads and pastries and I don't know that there is whole grain flour, if you find it then it may turn out well.
      I think that covering it should be like that too so that the yeasts reach their humidity point and rise better.
      All the best

  15.   Pink said

    Hello girls, first of all congratulations on the blog, tell you that the recipes are great, I do the miracle bread almost daily, but I don't add any oil and the flavor is that of the town's bread. Try it without any oil When you have it prepared before putting it in the oven, puncture, for example, with a stick to make skewers a few times above so that it is done well inside. You will see how rich it is.

    1.    Silvia said

      Rosa, thank you very much for your suggestion, it comes to me luxurious, because I love that bread and with more flavor of the people, I will not be able to resist.
      I will prove it. All the best

  16.   Elisa said

    One question, I want to make the bread, but it does not specify the oil, whether it is sunflower or olive.
    Thanks greetings!!

    1.    Silvia said

      Elisa the oil is virgin olive. Try it and tell us, it is luxurious.
      All the best

  17.   j said

    I do it tb without any oil and it flies….

  18.   Mª by Carmen Marín said

    First of all I want to thank you for the recipes that you send me every day, you really are very helpful to me, you are fantastic, and I encourage you to continue like this, you do it very well. I also want to ask you a question, in the recipe for miracle bread, you do not say if it has to be allowed to double the volume, and I also do not understand well if it has to be put in the oven inside the pyrex glass container, or take it out and put it in a tray from the oven directly. Thanks for your help
    A kiss
    Mari Carmen

    1.    Silvia said

      Mª del Carmen, the miracle bread does not need to be allowed to double the volume, it is put directly into the pyrex mold with the lid on and quickly in the oven ... and you will see what a miracle !! Try it and tell me how it works out for you, it's great.

  19.   j said

    Girls, I have made this bread without any oil, but by folding the rest of the ingredients and putting it to knead and bake in a bread maker, and the result has been spectacular, I can't put a photo because it has flown, they haven't even waited for to cool down.
    Thank you for your blog, it is divine. I am looking forward to the Christmas recipes.

    1.    Elena said

      How good, Joaquín !. It sure looks great on you. I hope you like the Christmas recipes. All the best.

  20.   Mercedes said

    It seems incredible that it could be so good. Do you know if it can be frozen without finishing (precooked)? I have a brother who likes bread very much and it would be for me to send it to him and he would finish making it at home. Thanks for sharing your recipes, they are magnificent.

    1.    Silvia said

      Mercedes I have never tried but I do not see a problem. Go ahead and try and tell us how was the result.
      All the best

  21.   Mercedes said

    I have filled it with the remaining goo from the stew before putting it in the oven, it was spectacular. Although I'm going to have to stop doing it because my line doesn't allow it. Very good

    1.    Elena said

      It sure was great, Mercedes. But you have to be careful, it's true.

  22.   Lola said

    I had tried many recipes for bread and never with the expected result, I made this for a dinner and the bread ended just at the time of starting it, they all ate bread before lunch, I could not know if it was kept tender or not at all. next day. Next time I will put pipes and walnuts to cut into thin slices and spread a variety of pate with jam, tomatoes with anchovies or goat cheese with piquillo pepper. Thank you for the recipe.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad, Lola !. With pipes and nuts it will be delicious and perfect for making canapés. All the best.

  23.   jubilant89 said

    olaaa I would like to make the bread I do not have fresh yeast have baking powder I do not know if that would also work. A GREETING.

    1.    Silvia said

      No problem, you can also make the bread with the fresh yeast from the envelope, it comes out just as rich.

  24.   didachmanu said

    I have made the recipe for the bread and the truth is that it is perfect, I love it. If you ask it is the following:
    If I wanted to make more than one loaf, with the first one there is no problem since the oven is cold and it can be done according to the indications, but if I wanted to make a second I do, I let the oven cool down and start again, you can put directly with the hot oven and it will come out just as perfect I don't know.
    I await your response, I love you, you are amazing.
    Greetings and Merry Christmas.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Didacmanu, you have to wait for the oven to cool down so that it looks the same. Thank you very much for seeing us. Greetings and Merry Christmas!.

  25.   jubilant89 said

    Hello I would like to know what is that pyrex mold I do not know if I have, where can you buy that? is that I do not have a normal oven, mine is a style to a pot xro d glass with a lid and to and cn a grid tray, I do not know if this will serve and all?. A greeting.

    1.    Elena said

      The Pyrex mold is a glass container with a lid, the oven that you tell me I don't know what it is, but I think that if it works well for you as an oven, it will be perfect. You will tell us. All the best.

  26.   Eva said

    Hi girls!
    A bit silly question, Do you have to prick the roasting bag when you put the bread in ???

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Eva, you have to make two holes in the bag. I hope you like it. Greetings and Happy Holidays!.

  27.   lolina said

    What a disaster! I have discarded the roasting bag, and that I set it to 180º .. I am going to have to find another solution, because as I buy the mold I do not know where I am going to keep it!

    1.    Elena said

      What a task, Lolina!

  28.   marceline said

    Hello, this bread is great, easy and rich, assured, I just did it

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you like it, Marcelina! All the best.

  29.   Nuria said

    I have already done it, wonderful, it is great and it is incredible how easy it is to do it and how beautiful it comes out, it seems bought, the truth is that today I am very happy, very happy. Thanks for your blog, it's wonderful.

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you like Nuria. Thanks for following us. All the best

  30.   Ana said

    Yesterday for not going down to buy the bread I prepared this. How wonderful. Very easy to make and very very very rich !!! I don't want to be heavy but I love your blog and your wonderful recipes. A very affectionate greeting.

    1.    Silvia said

      Ana, the truth is that this bread is incredible. No wonder you will like it.
      All the best

  31.   Nuria said

    Hello Silvia, I would like to make the bread bigger, we like it so much that it is scarce, if I double the ingredients, where can I put it? in a larger pyrex dish or in a large bag ??? Thank you.

    1.    Silvia said

      Nuria I imagine that if you have a large fountain you can do it there. If you try, tell us how it turned out. All the best

  32.   gem said

    Congratulations on this recipe! it comes out great !! We all loved it! and my little one was amazed to see the bread being made !! I plan to do it every time I have. Thank you girls !! And encouragement so that you continue sending us such easy and delicious things. Chapó !!

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you like Gema. Thanks for following us. All the best

  33.   Irene said

    Hellooo!!! I made the bread this afternoon, I followed all the steps, when I had the dough I divided it into small rolls, specifically 8, because I had the idea of ​​making sandwiches tonight for dinner! I have put them in a rectangular glass mold and I have covered them with aluminum foil because it did not have any lid that would suit it. I have had them in my oven for about 50 minutes, then I have removed the aluminum foil and I have browned them a little… .. they have come out great !!!!! tender, with crunchy crust !! It has been a good choice, I will fill them with roast chicken that I have made to eat and there is half a breast, lettuce and yogurt sauce (the one from the mercadona)!

    I encourage you to make them like this too, they are delicious!

    Thanks for the recipe, I will repeat it!

    1.    Silvia said

      Thanks to you Irene, what a good idea. The next time I make them I will prepare them like this.
      All the best

  34.   Yolanda said

    The other day I was in Alcampo to buy the pyrex mold, (I really wanted to try this bread). What happened is that there was only one measure of a round mold with a lid and it seemed very small to me, are there many different measures? Is that the mold I had to buy? Do you know the measurement by liters or by diameter, to guide me. Does it fit as an individual muffin or a larger one? with the photo I do not appreciate it much.
    Thank you very much in advance and a greeting, I follow you but I have to encourage myself to do new things, I always do the same. !!!

    1.    Silvia said

      Yolanda my pyrex mold is like oval, not very big like a flat plate more or less but with an oval shape. It remains as a medium loaf not individual.

  35.   Yoli said

    Today we have made this bread that looks so good and the truth is that it has come out very rich although the crumb is a bit undercooked ...
    I have left it for 50 minutes, but I don't know if my mistake was that the first 20 minutes I put the oven up and down and without a fan. Or that I mold it, I put it on the rack but in the area below the oven ...

    Silvia ... how do you do it? do you put it in the middle of the oven? with fan?

    And another question: how sticky does the dough have to be? What does it cost to remove it from the blades when removing it?

    Thank you very much and without a doubt I will repeat, next weekend!

    1.    Silvia said

      Yoli, I put it in the oven in the middle with heat up and down. My oven is old and has no air. And the dough is a bit sticky but it can be removed from the blades.

  36.   Protection said

    I have made this recipe today and it has been seen and not seen. A success, I already tell you that I will do it very often.
    I hope you do not mind that I put the address of your blog in mine.
    I love all your recipes

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you liked it. At home it is also seen and not seen. All the best

  37.   Marisol said

    What does this bread look like !!! I'll try it for sure. I have a question regarding the mold, it is one of those that has a glass lid that leans on and does not close hermetically, right? Silvia, what size diameter is yours? Thanks.

    1.    Silvia said

      If it is made of glass and the lid rests but does not close hermetically and its diameter will be like a flat plate but mine is oval.

  38.   marceline said

    It's the second time I do it, it's great the first time I filled it with bacon it was a total success, thank you continue like this

  39.   Ana said

    Hello Silvia, the miracle bread is very good, but I made two mistakes, read the sunflower oil and I did not cover it, but the proem came out good, I will do it better, you are fantastic, you help me a lot Thank you very much

  40.   Ana said

    Hello Silvia, another question when I put the dough on the work table I have to knead otalqual I give it shape and list

  41.   Aurora said

    Hello girls by chance I have found this page and the truth is that I have loved it, especially the comments of miraculous bread, I will not take long to do it and I will tell you how it turned out. All the best.

    1.    Silvia said

      Welcome Aurora, I'm glad you like the blog. You will tell us how was your experience with miracle bread.
      All the best

  42.   Luz said

    Hello girls, I'm new around here, they gave me the Thermomix a few days ago and I'm doing little things, but this page is great, I just made the miracle bread and it looks very good. children) they liked it.

    1.    Silvia said

      Luz, I hope you liked it and I encouraged you to do many little things, in this blog you will find many simple and very rich recipes. You will tell us how you are doing with your new acquisition. All the best

  43.   Rachel said

    Well, nothing, now I have to make bread every day for a snack. I bought some tiny pyrex molds from eroski and divided the dough into four parts. There are some delicious bread rolls left for the snack. Kids love it…

  44.   monica Syro said

    hi, thanks for the recipe.
    It has turned out great! I think I will always do it this way!
    Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside !!!

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad Monica that you liked it. At home we love it and I also do it very often.

  45.   ellen said

    Hello, how about I just made the bread right now but it was raw inside. It looked delicious but wrong inside. What would it do wrong or would it be for the bag? You cut the bag and what oil do you use? I put olive. Many Thank you.

    1.    Silvia said

      I do not know very well why it can happen, maybe it needs a little more oven or in a bag it is done more slowly because it can not set a higher temperature.

  46.   ellen said

    Well, I will not write you again because I repeated with the bread and iden de iden, beautiful on the outside and raw on the inside. I think this kitchen is not my thing, something will do wrong. A greeting and I hope you do not have in your blog as many denied as I. Greetings and encouragement to all.

    1.    Silvia said

      Sometimes there is a recipe that crosses us a bit but leave it for a while and in a couple of months try to see how it is.
      All the best

  47.   conchi said

    Hi! Today I do not know how I calculated the bread, the fact is that for dinner I did not have so that I had to prepare this recipe at what time! It has been a great success, it was delicious, now my children say not to buy it, they prefer the one I do hahaha. I am a faithful follower of your blog every day I follow you. Kisses.

    1.    Silvia said

      It is the danger that some recipes have, as they turn out well they want you to make them every day. I'm glad you liked it.

  48.   Suzanne said

    I join in the congratulations on this recipe. I also tried it today and it has been a success !! My 3-year-old daughter was amazed to see that we made bread at home and she was seen and not seen at the family meal on Sunday. I have done it with the roasting bag and it has been perfect, crunchy on the outside and the crumb is wonderful. I follow you daily and everything you publish and that I have tried has been successful. Thanks

    1.    Silvia said

      Thank you very much for following us and for encouraging you to try our recipes. I am glad that you will like the bread, in my house it always has a total success !!

  49.   conchi said

    Hello girls! First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making this blog that helps us so much on a daily basis. This bread is very good, I like it better without adding the oil, it is true that it has a flavor of village bread, you will see I have some doubts because my pyrex mold is the small size and I had thought to make it in the bags for the oven, how long? and at what temperature should the oven be set? If they are put in individual bags, can two loaves be made at the same time? Thanks a lot.

    1.    Silvia said

      I have never made two loaves at the same time but I think you could. With the bags, the oven temperature cannot be more than 200º and 50 minutes to an hour or so.

      1.    conchi said

        Thank you very much Silvia when I do I will tell you.

  50.   carmen said

    Hello, once you make the homemade bread… .you can't stop doing it, it's as if almost all of us who have the thermomix and have made bread say the same thing that the result is “spectacular”, almost all of us I make a bread on the weekends, greetings to everyone and thank you very much for your recipes

  51.   silvia said

    Hello Silvia, we have made this bread, and it really is a miracle because of how easy it is and how great it is. One question, I love "white bread" but I have no idea what flour is in it. could you help me?. Many thanks.

    I'm going to try tb with the integral.

    1.    Silvia said

      Silvia, I'll try to find you the recipe for white bread, but right now I don't have it.
      I found you this. Hope this can help you.

  52.   Susana michell sanz said

    Hello, I just discovered this lively and comprehensive blog and I am delighted with it. I have to congratulate both of you, for always being there ready to give us a hand, as well as your followers, who with their comments, also contribute their grain of sand.
    I am looking forward to making this "miracle bread" but first I would appreciate it if you could give me the measurements of the Pyrex mold, since I am going to buy it expressly for this recipe. I already know that it can also be done in roasting bags but I don't trust cooking with plastics at high temperatures, no matter how much they sell them for it and are so comfortable and clean, plastics release toxins that are very harmful to health. Thank you very much for everything and congratulations for this great blog.

    1.    Silvia said

      If you don't like the idea of ​​bags, see if you can find a mold from another brand that is not very expensive. I think it cost me about € 25.

  53.   Suzanne said

    I am looking forward to making this "miracle bread" but I would appreciate it if you could give me the exact size of the Pyrex mold because I am going to buy it expressly for this recipe and, if you could, it would be very good if you could indicate some more recipe for this mold, as well I would get more out of it. Thank you very much for everything and congratulations for this great blog.

    1.    Silvia said

      Susana, the mold that I have is oval, the size of a flat plate but oval, it is from the pyrex brand and it is quite expensive. If you are going to buy it just for that, try first to make the bread in a roasting bag in the oven. I buy them in mercadona, they come 12 in the package and they are disposable. They also serve to make the suckling pig in two boils in the varoma, or any meat.
      Of course, when you put the bread in the bag you cannot put the oven stronger than 200º, but you put it a few more minutes and that's it.
      All the best

  54.   kirocha said

    Hi there! I would appreciate if you could give me the measurements of the Pyrex mold, I want to buy it as soon as possible to make this bread that looks great. thank you very much in advance.

  55.   Mercè said

    As always a fantastic and great recipe. I have already made this recipe several times and as I said this is great but the Pyrex mold that I had with the lid broke and I have been searching and searching for days and I cannot find any that carry it and therefore my question, can I put it in a mold and cover it with aluminum foil? What do you advise me? I haven't been able to do it for days and my daughters demand it from me. Thanks for your recipes and advice.

    1.    Silvia said

      Mercé, the truth is that I think like you, that maybe you can manage with a mold covering it with silver foil, and if not you can do it in roasting bags. I buy them in Mercadona and the bread also comes out well in them, only you can't set the oven temperature to more than 200º.
      You will tell us how the result was.

      1.    Mercè said

        Thank you very much Silvia as soon as I try it I will tell you

        1.    Mercè said

          I finally tried it with Mercadona bags and it was really good. It is really easy and rich rich. Thanks again for sharing your recipes

    2.    yolandai9 said

      it's easier than all that, I use one that I have from tupperware that I think is called ultrapro, I bought it to make lasagna and for this bread, it's great. every time I bring fresh bread to the staff room where I work, they eat it with a taste that encourages me to make them more. Today everything has been the same but I have also added peeled pipes. From requetechupete. A kiss to all

      1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

        In my house this bread is a classic but if I put peeled pipes on top it will be the bomb!

        Thanks Yolanda!


  56.   rosi said

    I wanted to make bread, but right now I don't have fresh yeast, I only have the chemical yeast with which I make the sponge cake. does it serve the same?

    1.    Silvia said

      That yeast won't do. It has to be either the fresh or the baker's yeast that comes in the cornstarch brand.

  57.   Mari sun said

    It looks great… I'm going to do it right now.
    I hope it suits me well with the roasting bags.

    1.    Silvia said

      A roasting bag also looks good to me. You will tell us how such. Your family will love it for sure.

  58.   nuria said

    Hello girls this weekend I decided to make bread and I have to tell you that with a little fear because I am not very good at cooking ... but I have conquered them all because it turned out great ... they never left a crumb. I had made the most of Tm since I discovered your blog. Thanks a kiss.

    1.    Silvia said

      The truth is that the first time you make a recipe like this, you don't believe much that it can come out that well and it gives a taste when it is tasted and it is so delicious !! I'm glad you liked it.

  59.   carmen said

    Hello girls, I wonder if you can make this bread with whole wheat flour and if so, would it be the same amounts? thanks for helping us so much hahaha

    1.    Silvia said

      The truth is that this bread is made with strong flour and I have not found it wholemeal, if you find it somewhere it will surely work out for you but with the normal wholemeal I don't think it will work out.

      1.    Chari said

        Hello girls, I wanted to tell you that whole wheat flour is made
        Adding spelled and tell you that you would have no problem when making the miracle bread, another little thing that I wanted to comment on this bread you can do it directly in the oven without bosa I hope to contribute something with this comment. Thank you

        1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

          thank you Chari for your contribution!


    2.    Chari said

      I speak to you at a general level, if you want to make whole wheat bread, replace the bread flour with whole wheat flour and follow the same procedure. I send my greetings to all of you.

  60.   vicente said

    If I don't have grilling bags or the pyrex container that I can use, thank you

    1.    Silvia said

      You need a container that keeps the heat somewhat airtight, or else try to cover it a lot with silver foil inside a container. Although I do not know how it will turn out, I have never tried it.

    2.    mercedes said

      Hello: I do not use any container nor do I cover it, but you should never open the oven ahead of time. It comes out perfect.

  61.   isabel ruiz said

    I have made it today and I have not put it in any mold or bag, I have only let it rest covered with a cloth outside the oven before cooking and it has been fabulous for me it is the second recipe I make for bread and it is much better than the above, thank you.

    1.    Silvia said

      Thanks to you Isabel for your contribution. On occasion I have to try like this.

  62.   MAITE said

    I just took the bread out of the oven and it is delicious. Thank you for sharing this simple and delicious recipe. I love it above all because I like my children to eat as healthy as possible.

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you liked it and as you say, it's a pleasure to feed our children as healthy as possible.

  63.   sonia said

    congratulations on this pad. I'm looking forward to trying this bread but I don't know how I should put the bread in the bag and how I have to close it, if I have to leave air or not, ...

  64.   Immaculate Fernandez said

    Very good as I already told you, I have done it since you helped me with the recipe 2 or 3 times, but today I have done it again and I have eliminated the oil for tulip margarine and half a teaspoon more salt, very good but I have already eaten a good piece and I have sworn not to touch it until dinner but my husband does not even taste it. Thank you very much again . A GREETING

    1.    Silvia said

      Great Immaculate !! very good idea we will try it. All the best

  65.   mamiavila said

    Great! I have made it for dinner in a pyrex mold covered with albal and with another inverted mold as a cover… ..it is not very hermetic, but it has turned out phenomenal… ..muxas thank you !!!!

  66.   Immaculate said

    Hello, I would love to make this bread but I don't know what a pyrex mold is. Can I use another one? Yes, I have a rectangular aluminum one with a lid, it works? Thank you very much I love your blog

  67.   Inma said

    Hello, I have been looking at your blog for several days and the truth is I am delighted with the recipes that you have published, they are all very good. I have the thermomix TM 31 for about 7 years and it is the first time that I make bread, I have to say that the texture, the crust, the color… ..it has turned out great !!!!!
    Thank you very much for sharing.

    Inma (Murcia)

    1.    Silvia said

      Inma I'm glad you like it. The truth is that this bread is a taste as its name seems a miracle of how good it comes out and how rich it is.

  68.   belen said

    Good, how good the index with photo, a marvel!
    Forgive my ignorance but what is strength flour? Is it bought like this and in any place? And with regard to yeast, if you put the bakery envelopes on it, is it the same? And how much do you put, an envelope?
    Thank you very much again, your blog has me hooked!

  69.   MARIA said

    Hello, first congratulate you on your blog, you are great, I have the thermomix 31 for more than 4 years and I have released it with your miracle bread. all

    1.    Silvia said

      I'm glad you like Maria !!!

  70.   I live said

    In other bread doughs, you always have to leave them to ferment until they double in volume. This dough should not be left to ferment? I do not have pyrex and the roasting bags do not convince me. What am I going to put it in uncovered, let it ferment?
    Thanks in advance. by the way, the blog is very good

    1.    Silvia said

      Asun, I have not tried but as you say, almost all bread doughs have to be left to ferment. If you dare, tell us how are you?

  71.   True said

    What good bread! Thanks to you even my husband enters the kitchen. In fact, he's the official baker hehe. We no longer buy bread, we do it every two days and it is delicious.
    We love your blog!

    1.    Silvia said

      Vero, I am not surprised that you are encouraged to make bread at home, the truth is that it is incredible. I'm glad you like it. Greetings to you and your husband.

  72.   Manu said

    This bread is great and it couldn't be easier! It comes out perfect with the bag (except when one forgets that it does not have to exceed 200ºC !!). Yesterday I changed the recipe a bit and instead of 175g of water I put 100g of water + 75g of milk and it came out great, very tender, similar to what in France is called the «pain brioché».
    The only downside: that people do not believe you when you say that you have done it!
    Thank you very much for this recipe and for your blog in general!

    1.    Silvia said

      Thank you very much for your contribution, in this way I have to prove it.

  73.   mjoase said

    good I suppose it will come out great like all the recipes but can I give it a bar shape?

    1.    Virtues said

      the way you prefer ...

  74.   Carmen said

    The bread is great, but I have a question. With the oven, do I turn it on only the bottom part, or with the grill as well?

    1.    Silvia said

      Carmen, I put it on with heat, up and down.

      1.    Carmen said

        I put it in a pyrex mold and uncovered, just below, when I saw that it was there I put the grill on it for a little while. I love this bread and I am encouraging myself to make more. Thank you for your interest and response, we will be in contact.

  75.   marisa said

    Hello, I'm Marisa, I love your page, you have sensational recipes but without a doubt for me the best is the miracle bread, it is a joy to have freshly made and natural bread in a jiffy now if it is a danger to the figure since it is eaten in one sitting As a suggestion I have ever put raisins and walnuts, this is to die for a greeting

  76.   Belen said

    Hello, I have had my Thermomix for 1 year and I had not decided to make bread, I made this recipe and it has come out a VERY GOOD bread, crunchy crust and a very spongy molla, although it is wrong to say it, IT HAS COME OUT PERFECT !!!!

    I just discovered this website and I am delighted with how easy most of the recipes are. CONGRATULATIONS.

    1.    Irene said

      Thank you very much Belén, I hope you follow us regularly, you will see how you get the most out of your thermomix. Thanks!

  77.   Pili said

    Where can you buy yeast?
    Thank you.

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      Hello Pili, yeast is what is known as fresh baker's yeast. They sell it in large supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, Hipercor) in the fresh food section, next to butter, and it's called Levital. You get two small packages of 50 gr (it is very practical). If you can't find it there, you can go to a bakery to see if they sell you. For example, in Alcampo I have not found it, but asking at the bakery they have inside they have sold it to me. Lucky!

  78.   manoli said

    It can be made with pastry flour, and if so, how much should be added?

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      Hello Manoli, I'm sorry but you can't put refueling flour, it must be strength flour, so we guarantee a bread with a good crumb. All the breads or hard doughs (empanadas, brioches…) that use baker's yeast must MULLY contain strength flour.

  79.   Lola jimena said

    The first thing is data, thanks for this magnificent blog and your delicious recipes. All the ones I have done have always come out perfect.
    I have recently moved to the US, and although I have managed to buy Th 31 in Canada, I cannot find many of the ingredients I need. In this case, I can't find fresh yeast. I have found dry baker's yeast, but I don't know if it could be substituted in this case. If so, how much dry yeast should you add?
    Thanks in advance. At home we are looking forward to eating bread like that of Spain !!!

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      Hi Lola, how nice that you were able to buy the Th in Canada! You can effectively substitute it for dry baker's yeast. I don't know the formats they sell in the US, don't you get equivalences in the package? I leave you an indication: 5,5 g of dry yeast (which is what our envelopes bring in Spain) would be equivalent to 14 g of fresh yeast. I hope I've helped! Hopefully you can make bread like that of Spain and if it is homemade, better than better! You will tell me. Good luck.

  80.   Pink said

    Today I made the bread again I think I'm going for the tenth, I'll leave you the link in case you want to see it, a greeting.


    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      Great Pink! Impressive. Congratulations to the chef.

  81.   Merce Talavera said

    I already have the ingredients, after eating I get to it, The oven just downstairs? or up and down, I'm going to do it in a mercadona bag, because I don't have the pyrex, I'll keep telling you ,,,,

    1.    Virtues said

      I do not know if I arrive on time Merce, the baking mode is as you go, I put it up and down, my oven does not leave me only option below, and I do not put the air, because personally I do not catch the Point and dry my food, so when I take a recipe I bake it a little adapt to my oven that lately is a bit puñeterillo and does what it wants.
      Don't forget to tell us….

  82.   Ana said

    I really want to do it, but I don't have molds and I have thought about the bag, but if you do it with the bag, it won't be shapeless?

    1.    Virtues said

      Ana, with a special bag for roasting, is even better. I have done it both ways. I'll tell you, the shape you give it to it before putting it in the bag, it is not a liquid mass, it has to be somewhat compact ... You give it the shape you want, you insert it in the bag and close it according to the manufacturer's instructions and you will see that's good….

      1.    Ana said

        Thank you very much Virtues, to see if this weekend I cheer up!

    2.    Carmen Moro Garcia placeholder image said

      In the course of Dough and Bread that we had a few days ago they made the miracle bread and put it in roasting bags and it was terrific

      1.    Ascen Jimenez said

        Great, we will also try this other way. Thank you for your comment, Carmen!

  83.   Lola jimena said

    Hello again. A few days ago I left you a comment with a question about yeast. I still can't find fresh yeast and I would like to know if it can be substituted for dry yeast and how many grams are in the dry yeast sachets used in Spain. Thanks again.

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      Hello Lola,
      Sorry for the delay. I leave you this link with a lot of information about yeasts: http://www.mundorecetas.com/recetas-de-cocina/recetas-postx37803-0-0.html

      The sachets of dry yeast that we use have 5,5 grams and are equivalent to approximately 14 grams of fresh baker's yeast.


  84.   Ana said


    I did it yesterday, but it didn't look like the photo, it was much more consistent. The crumb was very dense, I don't know how to explain it. Did I do something wrong? Let's see if you can tell me what the reason could be.

    Thank you very much.

    All the best

    1.    Virtues said

      Ana, this recipe is my thorn, I have made it about four times, or I forget the salt, or I have the wrong flour, and the last time I put the ingredients well. It came out like you ... very dense ... and I think it was because I put it on the low rack, and it took more time to cook

  85.   mercedes said

    Hello Silvia: Today I made the bread covering it, and it was delicious. I have a question: is the time in the oven the same if you make small pieces?
    Greetings to all / all.

  86.   Violeta said

    I just made the bread, I dared! the truth is that it has turned out great !! We have eaten most of the bun to eat (and there are two of us).
    I did not have the Pyrex container, and it occurred to me to put it in a metallic container (like those for roast chickens but larger). I used one as a container and one as a lid. I used the envelope baker's yeast.
    : )
    Thanks for your recipes.

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      Great Violet! How glad I am that it turned out well for you and that you have encouraged to prepare it despite not having the pyrex container. What good is the bread? Thanks for following us.

      1.    Violeta said

        Yes very good! I'll repeat it, because it has succeeded at home 🙂 the only thing that came out a tad bland for my taste, next time a little more salt and that's it!

        1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

          As you say Violeta, that has an easy solution: more salt next time. The important thing is that you have gotten good consistency, texture, flavor ... so you have it mastered. !! Congratulations!!

  87.   sandra said

    Hello, I made the bread today and it turned out great, but I see that all of you talk about containers and cover it for what ??? I have made it directly in the oven on the tray without covering or anything and I think it has turned out well I do not know
    Thanks for your response
    All the best

    1.    Ascend said

      Hello Sandra,
      I have not made Milagro bread yet, but I have made bread in the traditional way. If I made this recipe as I always do, without a mold, I would let it rest and put it in the oven but preheated.
      I imagine that with the container what we do is avoid the time that we would have it outside doing the raising.
      If one day you feel like it and you have a mold, you can try to do it as the recipe says (I will do it). It sure surprises us!

  88.   Silvia said

    Great great great and very easy and quick to do. I loved it. Thank you so much for the recipe.

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      What a marvel Silvia !! It's not called a miracle for a reason ... it's fantastic. I'm really glad you looked great. Congratulations to the chef! Kisses.

  89.   SUSI said


    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Susi,
      In small rolls it will look good on you. Try putting several muffins in the Pyrex mold. When the bread is cooked you will see that it sticks but then you will be able to separate them without problems and you will have your individual rolls (I sometimes do it like this)
      You do not have to let it rest, it is the advantage of this bread, that we have it ready in a moment.
      If you have any other questions tell me, let's see if I can help you.
      Regards, Ascen

  90.   Carmen said

    I made the bread yesterday, I put it in a roasting bag, when the dough was finished in the thermomix, I left it in the glass for 1/2 hour and then I kneaded it and baked it, it was with good color, it sounded hollow, I mean, it was cooked, but I notice it as caked, nothing spongy, with the smell and taste of yeast, it's the third time I've done it, and I think it's not perfect, I put heat up and down and air. I have a photo and everything. What went wrong?

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi carmen,
      Miracle bread comes in handy when we are in a hurry and we need bread now, but of course, it is not perfect. For the bread to be really good, the ideal is to use very little yeast and respect its rising times: make the sourdough the night before ...
      If you dare to do it again, do not put the oven with air, to see if it improves something.
      Have you got to try other bread recipes that we have published on the blog? Have you had the same problem?
      Take care!

  91.   Sonia said

    Delicious, I no longer avoid doing it on weekends.

  92.   Marta said

    Hello everyone, this recipe is great. I make bread very often because I don't have time to buy it and I don't have much to cook. However, I never use a roasting bag or a pyre pan, or anything at all. I put it directly in the oven, on the tray and it is perfect, crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside, soft and fluffy, come on, perfect! Thank you for the recipe.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Thanks for the info, Marta! It is curious that even without a bag and without a closed mold it looks good.
      A hug!

  93.   Ana said

    Hi there! I have tried this bread and it is delicious. But I would like to make it with oats, can you help me and tell me how much to add flakes and oatmeal, thanks x todooo

  94.   mary said

    Hello girls tomorrow I will try this recipe but could I bake it in a gm pot? It is that my oven is dead !!!!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hi Mary, the truth is that I don't have the GM pot and I don't know if it could be baked, but if that pot makes breads, then I sure do 😉 good luck with your oven!

  95.   Alejandra said

    One question, it happened to me that the dough is like pellets and not a compact dough. Could it be that I have passed in the measurements ?, How do I improve it.
    Thank you

  96.   arantzazu.morazaerice Moraza erice said

    I had the oven hot and I have put the dough divided into two bars and I have covered them with greaseproof paper. It was perfect. I have also added sunflower seeds, pumpkin and poppy seeds mmmm ..

  97.   Fatima said

    Hi! Thank you so much for the recipe. Can you freeze the bread once it has been baked in slices and take it out as needed?

  98.   Fatima Buendía Acién said

    This morning I made this bread. We have tried it to eat and it was delicious. I have kept it in a bag cut into slices to freeze it and we liked it so much that right now I have another one in the oven to do the same. It is done in no time and is tremendous. Thanks a lot!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      How good Fatima, I am very happy. Thank you very much for your comment. 🙂

  99.   Goods said

    Hello. If I do it on the stock market, do you say that it has to be at 200 °, and how long? Heat up and down? Thanks

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hi Merce, you don't need to preheat the oven. You can put it between 180-200º (it depends on how strong your oven is) and you put it directly with the roasting bag. Heat up and down is perfect for about 45 minutes (keeping an eye on it to avoid burning the surface). You will tell us about Merce !!

  100.   amaya said

    Hello girls, I am trying these days to make quick bread in the thermomix, following the recipe, and the truth is that it does not suit me at all. I have tried to let it rise covered with a cloth and you can see how it increases the volume, but even so the dough remains dense after baking, as if it did not finish rising.

    I would really appreciate your advice.

    Greetings and thanks for this blog.

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Amaya, miracle bread does not need yeast, hence its name. You can make the dough, store it in a roasting bag brushed with oil and bake it directly (without preheating the oven) and in about 45-45 minutes you would have it ready. Look, I leave this for you to try: http://www.thermorecetas.com/pan-rapido-de-naranja/ Can you tell us how about this one? I have done it many times and it comes out spectacular !!

      1.    amaya said

        Thank you very much for your answer Irene. I will try it again and tell you.

        A hug, Amaya

  101.   Amalia said

    Hello. I would like to know if I can make this bread with baking powder?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Amalia yes, as long as you use LYOPHILIZED BAKER YEAST. That is, dry or powdered yeast (but not the Royal type, but the bakery one). The Royal type is a chemical impeller that is only used for pastries or batters, for example, but never for making bread or pastry dough.

      As a general rule, the equivalences between fresh and freeze-dried yeast are:

      14 g of fresh yeast = 5,5 g of dry yeast

      If you have doubts, here we are !! Thanks for writing us 🙂

  102.   Mamen said

    A ten for this recipe. It comes out great. Thank you very much for sharing.

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Thanks to you Mamen for your message !!

  103.   María Rosal (Fernán‐Núñez, Córdoba, 1961) is a complete writer. She has published children's theatre, has received the Andalusian Critics' Award (2004), the Children's Poetry Award (2007) and the José Hierro National Poetry Award for Carmín rojo sangre (2015). Her poetic work has been translated into English, Italian and Greek.<br/> <br/> This is her second book for children in edebé, after the funniest title, El secreto de las patatas fritas.<br/> <br/> Maria has a very funny sense of humour. said

    In all the questions you talk about an oven and Isabel does not specify if it can be a microwave, otherwise I can start to experiment

  104.   Micaela said

    Good morning, I wanted to ask you if it is necessary to put the dough in a baking bag when putting it in the oven.
    On the other hand, is it possible to substitute bread flour for spelled flour, for example?
    Thank you very much for everything

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Micaela,
      In this case, yes, if you don't have a baking bag you can substitute a pyrex container with a lid.
      I have not tried spelled but since it is such a "fast" bread, I would use the strength one.
      And you can always make a more conventional recipe, without a bag or container, giving the necessary times for the bread to rise and use your favorite flour.
      I hope I've helped.
      A hug!

  105.   White said

    Good morning,

    If I want to add chia seeds to this bread, in what step do I do it? Can it be put directly in the oven but without a bag? Thanks

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Blanca, you can put 3 large tablespoons of chia just when you are going to knead the dough using the spike speed. If you put them in before we could crush them and the whole seeds would no longer remain and, visually, it would be uglier. Thanks for writing to us!

  106.   Nativity said

    I have made this bread and it comes out great. I flavored it with oregano and added pipes and sesame. Very rich. Thanks for passing the recipe. Greetings

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Wooo Natividad what a good combination, thanks for sharing it !! 🙂

  107.   Teresa Garcia said

    This bread recipe can be made without a mold ???
    I mean simply about the cookie sheet.

  108.   Sony said

    Good afternoon !!
    Can you put it in the Gm pot to bake ???

  109.   Cris said

    Hello Sivia good afternoon
    I never made bread at home
    In this recipe of yours, when you put the bread in the oven, then you turn it on to 200 degrees, or how does that go?
    Another thing, can it only be put in pyrex with a lid, or in a roasting bag? Is there no other container that can be made?
    The bag before putting in the bread, do you also brush it with oil or not?
    Thank you very much

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Cris, I answer you: 
      - You can actually do it in a roasting bag. The measurement is the standard for roasting bags. They are sold in supermarkets in the area of ​​albal paper and metal containers to store food. They are large enough so that you get the bread without problem. 
      - You could use another mold that was suitable for the oven and with a lid. 
      - That is, it is one of the few recipes in which you will put the bread in the cold oven. You put it in and then you turn on the oven at 220º, with heat up and down or a fan function (whatever works for you).
      - Yes, you have to smear the roasting bag with a little oil so that the dough does not stick. 
      - The best flour for this type of bakery dough (such as breads, pizzas, cocas ...) is to use bread flour. But for this case, the wheat flour / pastry would work for you as well. 
      I hope I have helped you and we are very happy that you are getting started in the world of bread, it is exciting! Write us and tell us the result is it worth?
      Thanks for following us 🙂 

  110.   Cris said

    In the oven heat up and down?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Yes, heat up and down. Or you can also use the fan function. 🙂

  111.   Alicia Bustamante Elu said

    Right now I have the bread in the oven, let's see ...

    I write the comment because I would like to receive the recipes in the email and they request that I write something ...
    I have the TM5. Very happy

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi Alicia:
      We are glad that you want to subscribe to our page !!
      To receive our recipes in your email you just have to put your name and your email on this page: