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Blackberry jam

Blackberry jam thermomix recipe

It is always a joy to give rides and entertain ourselves by picking delicious fruits, especially when it is blackberry season.

In my family it is already a tradition to go looking for these berries. The funniest thing is that we don't have to go very far because in the very urbanization where we live there are many brambles.

This year I had already been encouraging my daughters for a few days to help me with harvest. Although we also have the help of the children of my neighbors who, when they saw us, began to collaborate saying: And what recipe are you going to make with them ...? You can imagine that I answered them !! 😉

I usually make this jam with a lot of amount of sugar. You already know that I like to reduce it whenever I can so that they are not so sweet but, in this case, if it is reduced too much it can become bitter and not achieve adequate conservation.

I also add water so that it is not too thick, because I do not like the very compact jams.

When preparing it, if you want you can remove the seeds. It is very easy, you just have to crush the blackberries with the water and then pass them through a Chinese or fine mesh strainer. So you have the pulp ready to make the jam.

If you want your jams to last for several months, the best is preserve them in a vacuum how we did with this peach jam how rich we were.

More information - Peach jam

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  1.   piluka said

    Silvia, how beautiful you have been. The truth is that a fruit so colorful that everything you do looks good.

    1.    Silvia said

      This jam is that it has a color that attracts attention and is very good. Dare to try it.
      A kiss

  2.   Begoña Gongora said

    I made it 3 weeks ago, what a shame I did not have your recipe! Because, as you say, I did not add water and it was thick, although delicious. I'll test your recipe and see how it turns out. It sure looks great.

    1.    Silvia said

      Begoña, with water it becomes softer in texture and is very rich.

  3.   aristoteles said

    And what about the seeds of the blackberries? I have not been able to eliminate them even with pasapures. the mentioned seeds are much harder than strawberries for example and are unpleasant to chew. finally I had to strain it with a traditional strainer and then yes ... but less of a Chinese job.
    Does anyone have a trick or remedy? a greeting.

    1.    Silvia said

      The truth is that you are right, the seeds are a roll but I am almost getting used to them. Even so, I will follow your advice from the strainer, that if you have to be patient, it will go away.

    2.    ana said

      I also add a couple of pippin apples, a couple of them for three or four kilos of blackberries, yes, I do not add water.
      To remove the seeds I use a manual machine that they sell in the hardware stores for tomatoes. It costs about 20E. Normally I spend it after making jam (remove the seeds). Next year I will do it before marinating the blackberries with the sugar, now. that otherwise you not only eliminate the grain but also part of the syrup obtained
      We'll see how it looks

      Greetings, I hope it helps you

      1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

        Hello Ana:

        Thanks for sharing your tricks with us !!


  4.   empty said

    I also spend the whole summer making jams for not throwing the fruit off my trees, and thanks to my thermomix I don't get so fat and I finish in a jiffy. I normally put a little neutral or lemon powdered gelatin so that it is not so liquid, but it is not thick either, it is at its perfect point. Do you also add your gelatin? greetings and thanks once again.

    1.    Silvia said

      I used to add gelatin to the strawberry one, which was very runny, but I already got the point and I didn't need to add anything to it.

      1.    Julia Quills said

        If I want it to thicken, I add a couple of teaspoons of powdered agar-agar and it stays just the way I like it.

  5.   Alice said

    I made it last week, but instead of pouring water into it, I added the squeezed lemon juice with a great texture.

    1.    Silvia said

      Alright Alicia, I'll write down that option too. Thanks and best regards

  6.   Luz said

    My daughter doesn't want another one, she loves the blackberry one. And what you say, how fun it is to spend the afternoon collecting them. A tradition every summer.
    A greeting!

    1.    Silvia said

      Yes Luz, my little ones love to pick them up, although sometimes they get excited and forget that the brambles have spikes ... poor!
      All the best

  7.   mari carmen5 said

    Hello, the jam is very good, I made them this summer from melon and figs that they gave me many gifts and I have frozen a few to make jam again. Thanks for your recipes

    1.    Silvia said

      How delicious, your marmalades Mari Carmen. Let's see if I dare and make melon myself.
      All the best

  8.   roci said

    It looks delicious! Now that we are in season, we must take advantage of picking the blackberries and get to it!
    But, one question: Have you ever tried to make berry jam with frozen packages?

    1.    Silvia said

      Roci, the truth is that I haven't tried it and I think it has to come out really good. If you try, tell us how.
      All the best

  9.   laura said

    Hello!! I am a super fan of your blog !! every day I come to visit him and I look at him and look at him !!! I love cooking and I love thermomix and with your recipes, tricks etc. they help me a lot !!! I love your blog !! and I told myself it is time for you to send them a greeting and congratulate them for this great blog !! so a greeting from Banyoles !! Kisses!!

    1.    Silvia said

      Thank you very much Laura for your words, for following us and for your support. I'm glad you like the blog.
      A kiss

  10.   sita said

    hello the blackberry this divine I made it and I fell short of sugar or the blackberries were too acid I see that it can be made of melon I will try to have that I get

  11.   Charlie said

    Hello SIlvia, please, I just did the reduction of Pedro XImenex, it is good but it comes out too thick, there is a solution to fix it thanks

    1.    Silvia said

      Chary, if it happens again, add a little water and wine in equal parts.

  12.   Buy gluten-free - Juan said

    What a great recipe, and suitable for celiacs !!! great thank you very much, we will try it without a doubt, so the snacks or breakfasts will be a little different ... what we need ... by the way I just discovered the blog, and it goes straight to favorites ...


    1.    Silvia said

      Juan, I almost always try to prepare recipes suitable for those intolerant to certain foods or to give ideas of why another ingredient can be substituted. Perhaps, it is because I am somewhat familiar with celiacs, as I have two nephews with gluten intolerance. I'm glad you like the blog.
      All the best

  13.   Gorka said

    Great blog and congratulations on your preliminary ranking in the Bitácoras awards. We will follow your blog closely, we wish you a lot of luck. All the best.

    1.    Silvia said

      Thank you very much for following us.

    2.    Emma abella said

      I am going to try. Sometimes I don't ceo the comments section so I put it here: I love your recipes !!! And where did I not get "propagandizing", I send a message?

  14.   Beti said

    Good morning from Tenerife, does anyone know the recipe for the grape jam?
    Thank you very much for the page and for sending us recipes almost daily.

    1.    Silvia said

      Beti, the truth is that I have not tried but maybe it will encourage me. Try to make it sure that it will turn out well for you.

  15.   Lizeth said

    Hello, I would like to know how I do so that the jam does not become bitter, could it be that I am exceeding the cooking time? Am I putting too much lemon juice in it? Help me please, Soon!
    Greetings from Colombia.

    1.    Silvia said

      Add just a teaspoon of lemon juice and see how it works.

  16.   maria jose said

    I have been very thick, good flavor but it is impossible to spread it, what can I do? pour water at what temperature and speed, so that it mixes, I'm afraid that being so hard it won't get mixed. Thank you

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hello Maria Jose:

      If you want my humble opinion, leave it as it is. Put it in a flat container and use it as if you had a quince.

      The times that I have tried to fix a thick jam I only managed to spoil it, so now when it happens to me I say that it is blackberry sweet ... with the fresh cheese it is yummy !!


  17.   Ramon said

    hello girlssss, if instead of sugar we add stevia¡¡¡¡¡ to the jams it would be the same… ..

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Thanks for the idea Ramoni!