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Can I grind coffee beans with Thermomix?

grind coffee in Thermomix

This article will please the coffee lovers. Have you ever wondered if you can grind your own coffee beans in your Thermomix? Well the answer is yes. And in fact, if you are coffee growers, you should do it because you will notice the difference. Let's see it in detail.

Why should we grind coffee with Thermomix?

Having coffee beans at home has many advantages: it preserves its taste and smell properties much better. And, in addition, it is cheaper. A freshly ground coffee has a unique aroma, taste and smell.

In this way, you can buy your favorite coffee, the one you like the most, store it well so that it is preserved perfectly and grind small quantities to consume it at the moment and a few days later. So you will have a freshly ground coffee instantly and, I assure you, it will be the richest coffee in the world.

Is grinding coffee safe for my Thermomix?

Yes, definitely. The blades of the Thermomix are prepared to chop hard food, including coffee. So, don't be scared by the noise, you won't have to worry about anything at all. In a matter of seconds, you will have a delicious freshly ground aromatic coffee.

How do you grind coffee in the Thermomix?

grind coffee in Thermomix

All right, we already have our favorite coffee beans. What do I do with it now? The first thing you have to know is what type of coffee maker you are going to use, because in this way we are going to grind it finer or coarser, that is, more seconds or fewer seconds.

Ideally grind the right amount that we are going to consume, so that it has greater freshness. Although we can take advantage of and grind a little more quantity for the following days.

As a reference we will say that for a cup of coffee we will need between 15 g and 20 g of coffee beans (depending on how strong we like coffee).

So let's say we are going to grind 100 g of coffee beans:

  • If we have a plunger or French type coffee maker, our grain has to be coarser. We program 30 seconds, progressive speed 5-10.
  • If we have an Italian or espresso type coffee maker, our grain has to be finer. We program 50 seconds, progressive speed 5-10.

Once the time is up, we check the point of our ground coffee and, if necessary, grind for a few more seconds.

How do we preserve our coffee once it is ground?

As we have said before, the ideal is to grind just the coffee that we are going to consume. But, if you want, you can grind for the next few days. Once you have it ground, store it in an airtight jar or jar and it will be kept perfect.

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  1.   M Carmen said

    Good Morning. Once again I have loved your help and advice
    I have a question I would like to do in the thermomix café as our grandmothers used to do in their coffee makers, can it be done?