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Lentils With Vegetables

Lentils With Vegetables

Whether it's hot or cold, it's hard to say no to some Lentils With Vegetables made in Thermomix. Easy, fast, healthy and absolutely delicious.

It is a dish rich in iron and vitamins that the whole family will like thanks to its Smooth flavor. Do not miss it! And they can be frozen!

In addition, we leave you the recipe on video so you do not miss any detail.

And second ... how about some garden meatballs how are you? Enjoy your meal!

Equivalences with TM21

Thermomix equivalences

If you prefer some lentils with chorizo ​​in Thermomix, enter the link that we just left you. It is another classic way of cooking these legumes and if you have children, they will probably like them better.

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  1.   Lorena said

    Here you put:
    Now add the washed and drained lentils, the carrot slices, the potato cubes, the bay leaf, the water and the salt. We program 30 minutes, left turn, spoon speed.
    We serve immediately.

    They do not have a temperature ????
    Thank you

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Thanks for the tip, Lorena. It is already corrected.
      I hope you like lentils 😉
      A hug!

  2.   Hope said

    Hello!! How many diners are they for? I love receiving your recipes every day. Thank you


    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Esperanza,
      Thanks pretty! We love that you write to us.
      I'd say for 4 normal servings. At home there are 5 of us (2 adults and 3 children) and there are usually no excesses.
      I put it in the recipe right now.
      A kiss

  3.   Mari Carmen said

    Hi! With that amount of water are they soupy or thick? My esq I like them to be thick !!

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Mari Carmen,
      If you like them thick, once done, let them rest for a few minutes in the glass.
      I hope you like them.
      A hug!

  4.   maria said

    can it be made with pot lentils? thank you very much 🙂

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Mary,
      It can be done but it would be a different recipe because the times and the amount of water would have to be modified ... First you would have to cook the vegetables and then add the lentils. And without putting so much water because the one that I specify in the recipe is what is needed for the lentils to cook.
      I will take into account your comment to make an express lentil recipe !! 😉

  5.   Jacqueline Arreaga said

    I would like to learn how to use the thermomix, I only use it for pizza dough.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      That needs to be fixed! Take a daily look at our page that we will give you a lot of ideas to get the most out of your Thermomix. And do not hesitate to ask us any questions that may arise.
      Take care!

  6.   PETER said

    Ascend… !! What a marvel of lentils, especially for vegetarians, I have loved its smooth and rich flavor. They have reminded me of my mother's. I have enriched them with a calabácin and a cube of vegetable broth, and since I have used already cooked lentils from a glass jar, since I have only put 600g of water and have cooked 25 minutes, in the last 5 minutes I added the drained lentils . They came out great !! The ones that were left over from two servings, I crushed them for 1 minute, speed 5-10 and I was left with a fabulous lentil cream, richer than the lentils, without cheese or anything, as is, another couple of servings came out. What a good option a double plate! Thank you!!

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Great that adaptation with already cooked lentils. Congratulations and thank you for telling us.
      I also usually grind the leftovers (when they are left over) and so I have the next day's dinner resolved. As it is usually thickened, I lighten it with milk and accompany it with some crunchy croutons.
      A abrazo.

  7.   sunako said

    Hi! I have made the recipe and I really liked it, but I would like to know if I can transform it into a unique dish by adding diced chicken breast. At what point should I add it so that the meat is not bad?

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Sunako,
      Good idea about the chicken! I would put it when we add lentils, so that it cooks with them and the vegetables.
      You'll tell me how it looks on you.
      A hug!

      1.    sunako said

        Ayyy that illusion that you have answered me! Thanks!! I will try it this way to see how it works. My question was that if with water or with the sauce. When I do, I'll tell you about it here.
        By the way I have your book, a Christmas gift from my parents last year, it came with me in my suitcase since I live abroad.
        Thank you!

        1.    Ascen Jimenez said

          Are you out too? Ains, how tough is expat life, right? hehehe 😉
          I'm very excited about the book! I hope you are liking it.
          Thank you for following us.
          A hug!

          1.    sunako said

            Yes, I am living in France for three years now, you know that "study and you will go far" because I went 2000 km from my house lol.
            The book is great, I am making the recipes little by little, there are many!
            A kiss 🙂

          2.    Ascen Jimenez said

            Good that you are liking the book.
            Without a doubt, living abroad is an experience, enjoy it! 😉
            A kiss!

  8.   Ju said

    Hello, if instead of putting paprika you add powdered curry they are also very tasty.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Thanks Ju.
      I'll try the curry thing, it seems like a great suggestion 😉
      A hug!

  9.   Susana said

    I love this recipe for lentils, before having the thermomiX or they came out very liquid or without broth or undercooked or for a regiments, with this recipe I get great and we eat the 4 members of my family and they all love it. Thanks a lot.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      What joy you give me 🙂 Thank you very much to you, Susana !!

  10.   Marisol said

    Lentils had always turned out very badly for me in Thermomix, but thanks to this recipe they have been delicious.

    Thank you!

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      How good Marisol !! Thanks for telling us 🙂
      A kiss!

  11.   Yolanda said

    Now that it is still cold, they appreciate each other, they are delicious

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      What reason are you Yolanda. Thanks!

  12.   Lara said

    Hi! I am hooked on your recipes, every day I make a different one, and I always win! But when it comes to lentils, I always have a super basic question: Does the amount of lentils refer to before or after soaking? Thanks and congratulations.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      How good Lara! We love reading what you tell us 😉
      As for the lentils, we always refer to the weight before soaking.
      Thank you very much !!

  13.   martin gonzalez said

    Very rich, I prepared them to take to work.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Thanks, Martin!

  14.   embodies said

    Hello with quick lentils will it be the same cooking time?

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Encarna,
      I guess so. But stop the machine from time to time to check that they are not falling apart.
      A hug!

  15.   Yolanda said

    5 years after uploading the recipe and it has the same success as the first day !!! Today I have added zucchini and we are delighted !!!

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Thank you very much, Yolanda !! It's nice to read comments like yours 🙂
      A hug!

  16.   PATRICIA said


    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      It's okay, Patricia. But two hours is enough.
      A hug!

  17.   Tue said

    I would like to make the recipe but I would like to modify it. First I would like to fry the leek, onion and garlic. Next, fry pepper, carrot, tomato and bay leaf. Finally I would add potatoes, beans and lentils. But ... what would be the cooking times and temperatures in all cases?

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Sea!
      For the first stir-fry you can program 100 ° (or 120 on the TM5), 4 minutes, speed 1. When you add pepper, carrot ... I would set the same temperature and speed for about 7 minutes and without a beaker. Don't forget the oil in the first step! Once you put the lentils, follow the steps indicated in the recipe (30 min, 100 °, left turn, spoon speed).
      You will tell us how they have been.
      A hug!

  18.   yorby said

    How much salt?

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hi Yorby. The one that you consider ... start small and add more until you get the perfect point.

      1.    James said

        Hi! I just made these lentils because of my diet and they have come out really good. Some modifications I have made… I have added crushed tomato to fry it with the onion and garlic, and it leaves a good flavor. I have not put potatoes and I have not come to miss the chorizo ​​or ham. A little more water and a generous pinch of salt per person.
        Very good dish. Thank you for contributing so many recipes and suggestions.

  19.   Herma said

    Hello!!! I made this recipe today and with that time they are raw, I put twice the time in it, a chorizo ​​cut at the same time as the lentils and a chicken broth tablet and very tasty.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello, Herma! Here the variety of the lentil has a lot to do with it. I'm glad you solved it by scheduling more time. Chorizo ​​is always a good companion to this legume 🙂
      A hug!