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Migas with chorizo ​​and grapes

This is a traditional dish but adapted to the life we ​​lead. Do you remember the time that was spent before breaking loaves of bread? And stirring the crumbs in the pan?

As everything changes, now we can have these crumbs with chorizo ​​and grapes ready in less than an hour. So of fast.

Some will saycrumbs now? in the middle of July? The truth is that I had a lot of bread at home and I thought it would be a good way to take advantage of it. In addition, this way I have been able to give the neighbors a casserole that will serve as a tasting ... You know that here in Italy the sausage It is not carried, and what better than this dish to show you something of our gastronomy !.

I hope they liked it and that you will soon put it into practice. Oh, and don't be scared by the heat, because if you serve them cold and accompanied with any fresh fruit, you will have an original and delicious appetizer.

Equivalences with TM21

Thermomix equivalences

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Source - Our regional cuisine, Andalusia and Extremadura.

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  1.   Irene Thermorecetas said

    What a joy of recipe please! In my house (my mother is from Granada and my father from Albacete) they have always made crumbs accompanied by melon… you'll see when I make these! They are going to go crazy. Thank you!!

    1.    Ascend said

      They sure like them because they are like the usual ones. And with melon ... how delicious!

  2.   Ana Valdés said

    Crumbs! How good! I love Ascen. I make them safe. Thank you!

    1.    Ascend said

      You will tell me what your children say. We took them last night for dinner, with the grapes seen in the photo, and the kids enjoyed them as much as we did.

      1.    Ana Valdés said

        I have made them to eat. Great! And the children, which was the first time they tried them, have not left a single one. How excited this recipe has made me, Ascen. It had been so long since I had eaten them ...

  3.   Hope said

    How good!! Crumbs in Thermomix !!!!! I make them traditional, but from now on I know where they go !!!!

    1.    Ascend said

      You will see how good they look! And with less work and in much less time. Tell me when you do them, okay?

  4.   Ana said

    Thanks a lot!!! Until now I had not found someone who had the patience to do them. My husband will be delighted.

    1.    Ascend said

      I'm glad Ana. Try them then, it will surely become one of your favorite dishes.
      A kiss!

  5.   Rachel said

    Alaaaa !! How rich please, for next week they will fall fixed !!
    Thank you very much Ascen !!

    1.    Ascend said

      I hope you tell me if you like them, okay? Thank you for your comment, we like to tell us what you think of our proposals.

  6.   raquel said

    Hello, I am a little new with the thermomix, can you tell me where I find the paprika de la vera? or if I can substitute it for hot paprika? Thank you

    1.    Ascend said

      Hi Rachel,
      You will find it safe in any supermarket a little big (Carrefour, Hipercor ...). It is a paprika with a characteristic smoky taste and smell. But you can replace it with another normal paprika, without Designation of Origin, although perhaps better than sweet, unless you are passionate about spicy!
      I hope they turn out great and that you do them many times.

    2.    Sol Cieza Ramos said

      sure that in the English court and in day they are some square metal containers

  7.   sefa said

    Hello, I read you a lot but I never left you a comment, I'm sorry.
    Today is that I have a question, my thermomix is ​​21, it has a left turn but it is for the bread dough, you will tell me how I can make the crumbs, as at home we like them very much, it would come in handy, I await your answer , A hug. Sefa

    1.    Ascend said

      Hello Sefa,
      Put the throttle and speed 1, that way you should get it right.
      Go ahead and leave more comments (we love it) and tell us if you liked them, okay?

  8.   Tue said

    I love seeing this recipe because we really like crumbs, but I have never dared to make them because of the work they require to make them, but now with the Thermomix I am sure I dare to cook them. But I wanted to ask you a question. You see, I don't like oily foods, it seemed like a lot of oil to pour. I do not know if with less it would be possible, or they would be too dry. Sorry for the question. Thank you.

    1.    Ascend said

      Hello Sea,
      Dare to do them that you will surely like. They are not oily at all, think that it is a lot of bread (yes, that they are not oily does not mean that they are light ...). If for whatever reason you don't want to put so much oil, try putting a little less on them and moistening them with more water. I have not tried it but they can also be good.
      By the way, we like you to ask yourself questions so you know, here we are for whatever you need. And, of course, if you have a ratillo, let us know how they look.

  9.   mariam said

    I really like the crumbs but I have never dared to make them in the thermomix, but I see that they are easy to make and fast, I have very hard bread and I would like to take advantage of it.Can I make the crumbs with it? Thank you, I await your answer.

    1.    Ascend said

      Hi Miriam,
      If you like crumbs, you have to encourage yourself to try these. The ideal is to do it with bread that is not too hard (two days old) but maybe you can try with the one you have. Of course, get ready because the machine is going to sound a lot when you cut the bread. Then hydrate them with a little more water than what is in the recipe. You will tell me!
      A kiss!

  10.   Estrella said

    I love crumbs !! I will try the recipe, and if you can see if you can publish one with flour, ps in my house he has always eaten the flour crumbs, not bread, the next free day I will encourage myself to make these! a greeting

    1.    Ascend said

      Hello Star, we will consider your request.
      If you have the opportunity, go ahead and make these, it is also a good way to take advantage of the bread that we have left over. Hope you like them too.
      A kiss!

  11.   Asun said

    First of all, thank you for your page, the truth is that the thermomix had a little leveraged and since I have followed you I have made many recipes and all of them are great ...

    In this recipe, the crumbs have remained as if they were a dough. I have finished them in a pan to make them loose. Could it be because of having wet them too much? Anyway, what I can attest is that they are delicious

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      It's good you like it Thermorecetas and, above all, that you are taking advantage of your Thermomix.

      As for the crumbs ... I think that was it, that you have moistened them too much. You just have to add a few drops of water (I have already modified it in the post so that it does not happen again).

      Next time, you'll see, they'll be perfect on you.

      Thank you very much for following us and for your comment!

  12.   Manoli said

    Hi there! I don't know if my comment will be read at this point, but… you see it feasible to make these crumbs with gluten-free bread. Of course it will not be the same ... but they are demands of the diners, what are we going to do!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      I think so Manoli, although I have never tried them ...

    2.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Manoli!
      I would say yes, I suppose that with gluten-free bread they will also be very good. Deep down, the good thing about crumbs are the "additions" that we put on the bread 😉
      You will tell us!
      A hug

  13.   Chus said

    Thank you very much for the Ascen recipe, I made them today and they were delicious. Kisses

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      How glad I am, Chus. Thank you for your comment 🙂
      A hug!

  14.   Beatriz Garcia Hernandez said

    Well afternoon, Ascen, whenever I look for a recipe I find one of yours, it is not the first one I do !!! I'm going to do it now with the children, here in Almagro they sell crumbs everywhere. Here they are very typical to do them in the field, I suppose as in all places, and as a good adoption manchega that I am I maintain the traditions.
    Thanks and a hug
    Beatriz Garcia Hernandez

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      What a surprise and what a joy to read your comment, Bea!
      I hope you like them (you and the kids). At home they are all addicted to chorizo ​​so these crumbs always triumph 😉
      Kisses at 4 !!

  15.   Begoña said

    Very good I love your page and I follow you since I have the thermomix. A question about the recipe. How do you remove the chorizo ​​and the bacon without removing the oil from the glass? Thanks a lot.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      Hello Begoña!
      You can do it with the spatula, carefully (in this video - minute 1:30 approximately - I do something similar to remove the prawns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4KKOkhrgy4 ).
      Another option is to put the castle on a bowl and pour the entire contents of the glass into it. Then you reserve what is in the castle and put the oil that has fallen into the bowl back into the Thermomix glass.
      I hope you like them 🙂
      A hug!

  16.   Jenny said

    What a joy it has given me to find this recipe!
    It's a dish that we love at home, but we didn't make it much because of how heavy it is. Today I have to do them, and surely they come out great !!!
    Thank you for sharing the recipes with us.

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      How did they fit you, Jenny? Did you like them?
      Thank you for trusting our recipes 😉
      A hug!

  17.   Jose Maria said

    Good afternoon, we just ate your recipe and just tell you that it is delicious. Thank you very much for your contribution to the gastronomic world of my house. All the best

    1.    Ascen Jimenez said

      I loved the message, Jose Maria. It's a pleasure 🙂
      A hug