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Potato millefeuille with goat cheese

What a delicious dish! And easier to do. Turns out I've been given a ton of potatoes and I'm thinking of different recipes to spend ... and this one came out.

It's actually just layering potatoes and meat and adding a few slices of Goat cheese. But it is that the combination is so rich, that it was a total success.

And the best thing, that from one day to the next it stays great so, if you are like me and wear tupper to work, this recipe is fantastic. I hope you like it!

More information - Zucchini, mushroom and goat cheese cannelloni

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  1.   veronica said

    My God what looks like this recipe, potatoes always triumph, I write this recipe, thank you for your recipes. Regards.

    1.    Irene said

      Thanks Veronica. The truth is that it is great. I took a tupperware to work and my friends devoured it, I won't tell you more !!

  2.   MarioSBM said

    It looks great.
    You wanted to know the equivalent of meat broth if I use avecrem pills (or landowner, hahaha)
    Sometimes I see your recipes that put X ml of broth, and I don't know how to do it with those pills
    Many thanks and encouragement, an impressive blog !!!!

    1.    Irene said

      Hello Mario,

      Well, for 250 gr of meat and 150 ml of water I put 1/2 Avecrem pill. In this case, I would not put more because it has fried tomato, which already has its own salt. In any case, it is always better to stay short and be able to rectify with a little salt. If we used natural crushed tomato, then we could put a little more Avecrem on it. But I like to use fried tomato because it is only 4 tablespoons and it has much more consistency and gives it more flavor. You will tell me!!

      1.    MarioSBM said

        Hello Irene
        Many garcias
        So, to put 150 ml of meat broth, I substitute half a pill of avecrem, but I add 150 ml of water, right? Then the meat, the 250 gr of minced meat, would go separately, right?
        All the best

        1.    Irene said

          Just! You put 150 ml of water and you dissolve 1/2 pill of avecrem (I heat the water in the microwave or on the fire and when it is boiling I put the pill in it, stir well and voila! Concentrated meat broth). And, of course, the meat goes separately. You have to brown it first, add the wine and then add your avecrem broth.
          You'll tell me how these potatoes turn out!

          1.    maite said

            Irene, thank you for clarifying the meat broth ... I'll make this recipe to see how it looks

          2.    Irene said

            Hello Maite, you will tell us. Perhaps Marie Laure's comment will help you to modify your amounts and your times. Thanks!

  3.   noemi said

    Hello, I saw this recipe on Friday and I made it this weekend when I had guests for dinner, it was very tasty, and the presentation was very beautiful, it is very quick and easy to prepare, although I made it about 100ml of cream to cook.
    Very good recipe !!!

    1.    Irene said

      Hello Naomi, how nice that you liked it !! Very good about the 100 ml of cream, they were sure to be great for him. And thank you very much for telling us about your experience and, of course, for following us daily.

  4.   Marie-Laure said

    The recipe is delicious, but I would like to comment that the amounts indicated seem insufficient for 4 people, personally I put 6 potatoes and 500 grams of meat and on the other hand I lack an extra cooking time for the potatoes that for my taste were a bit hard.

    1.    Irene said

      Hello Marie Laure,
      Thank you very much for your comment, so we can increase the quantities. As for the cooking of the potatoes, it will depend on the type of potato and the thickness of the slices, so it is difficult to say a time that works for everyone. But hey, they can be punctured in the oven and left a little longer if they are hard. Or we can also check their point when they finish in the Varoma and thus we can calculate more or less oven time. I'm glad that you liked it.

  5.   Susana said

    I made this recipe last week and loved it. As it was for 5 people I put 500g of meat and good portions came out. In my house they have already asked me when we repeat.
    All the best

    1.    Irene said

      Hello Susana, what a joy! I'm very glad you liked it so much. I particularly like it a recipe that I really like. Kisses.

  6.   Cristina said

    I did it yesterday and delicious !!!!. I modified it a bit because I didn't have white wine, so instead of 100ml of white wine, I put 40ml of red and 60ml of water. I didn't add salt either because with the avecrem broth I thought it would be enough and bingo!

    1.    Irene said

      Cristina, what a joy! Good adaptation, I like it. It is a dish that I like and that I make often. Thank you pretty!


    I used it in practice just to see it, with the look it does, you can't wait long to get down to work, in short, I can only say that it was exquisite. Thanks for so many recipes to each one more good.

    1.    Irene said

      Hello Lourdes, what a joy. The truth is that it is a fantastic recipe, thank you!

  8.   maite said

    I have a question in this recipe

    the concentrated broth… .q you put… 150g of avecren pill… or 150g of water dissolved in a avecren pill ?? I am not clear about it and I want to make this recipe

  9.   Irene said

    Hello maite! They are 150 gr of water in which you have dissolved 1/2 pill of avecrem. If we put 150 grams of avecrem pills, we would not be able to eat it as salty as it would be. You'll see how delicious the recipe is!

  10.   VERONICA said


    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      How good Veronica! Well that goes a bit in taste, so as easy as adding more meat. Notice that I would have added more goat cheese to my taste ... hehehe. Thanks for your message and for following us!

  11.   evamadrilas26 said

    So good !!!! I have made it to eat with a tomato salad, next time I will put more minced meat !!! Thank you very much !!!!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Great Eva! Thank you for your comment. I have to admit that it is one of my favorite dishes. Kisses!