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Madrid stew

This dish is almost every Sunday at my house. It is the favorite food of my daughters and it does not matter whether it is summer or winter, because they always ask me to cook them, especially for the soup (as they say).

I never thought it could be so good with Thermomix®, in addition to healthy. The recipe is from the book Essential but I did not do it until my presenter, Maribel, encouraged me, since she does it and told me that it was perfect. What reason is he!

I encourage you to make this recipe, because it is a very complete and very rich dish. If you have enough stew meat, you can take advantage of it to make some delicious Cooked croquettes.

Do you want to know how to make this recipe more appetizing?

Another option to make a more appetizing dish, especially for children who find it difficult to eat the stew meat, are the balls or you pilot.

This little trick was told me by Rosa Catalán, the mother of a friend of my daughter, she always makes them with the stew and your kids love it. The next time I cooked, her daughter was at my house, she told me that they were very tasty and my daughters loved them, so since then I always make them (Rosa, thank you very much for sharing this recipe with me and many others! ). My girls eat them cut into pieces along with the soup.

If you dare to do them, you just have to mix the mince, a little salt, a little ground black pepper (optional), an egg and mix with a fork until everything is well integrated. Then pour a little bread crumbs and mix again. If it is very soft, you can add a little more breadcrumbs and so on until you get a manageable dough to make balls. Next, make large balls or meatballs and put them in the basket with the rest of the meat.

So now you know, if at home you have children who find it difficult to eat the meat from the stew, I recommend that you put only half of chicken and black pudding and that you complete the recipe with balls.

More information -  Cooked croquettes

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  1.   Jessie said

    What is the meat of the blood sausage?
    Here in Catalonia the pilots are very typical, I love them !!!
    The variation of your recipe is that I place the chicken thighs, put the breast, and then with the meat, I make delicious croquettes to accompany the soup or to eat them another day with a little salad.

    1.    Elena said

      Jessie, blood sausage meat is also called "stilt" or "hock." This meat is located in the lower part of the leg and is gelatinous, perfect for broths, stews, etc.
      I also make croquettes with my leftover meat. I put the link of the recipe for ñas croquettes that I make: http://www.thermorecetas.com/2010/04/09/Receta-Thermomix-Croquetas-de-cocido/
      A greeting.

  2.   Hope Vicente said

    As you want to cook with these cold, on Sunday I will do it in the thermo, to see how it looks, with those chickpeas so rich from "polendos cabins", right Elena?
    I'll tell you, a kiss

    1.    Elena said

      How good the "CHICKPEAS FROM THE TUERTO DE PIRÓN", from our friend Jesús, from Cabañas de Polendos (Segovia)! Wait, but you have to soak them the day before and boil them in the pressure cooker and then cook them in the Thermomix. That's why I use already cooked chickpeas. You are a very good cook, so the stew looks great on you. A kiss.

  3.   Ana Goya Blasco said

    I am writing it down, because in the five years that I have been married I have never cooked, it is true that we do not eat at home. If it is not in thermomix, it is because I don't even think about it ...

    1.    Elena said

      I hope you like it, Ana. You will tell us. All the best.

  4.   thermo said

    Chorizo ​​is not used in my land, otherwise the same and it is true how rich it comes out.
    Also I add potatoes, I put them in the varoma.
    That's how I like it, daily recipes and spooning.

    1.    Elena said

      It is true, Thermo, and more with this weather than what you feel like are hot dishes from the spoon. Kisses.

  5.   Ana said

    Elena, why do you have to use pot chickpeas already cooked? Whenever I cook cooked without thermomix I use normal chickpeas by soaking them.
    It gives me a bit of a thing to buy those from a boat.
    Because the recipe for thermomix lentils is made like a lifetime.

    1.    Silvia said

      Ana, I don't like to use canned food either because of the preservatives, so I tried to cook chickpeas in advance and freeze them in a tupperware. So I always have chickpeas ready as they defrost right away.
      Greetings to everyone!

      1.    Elena said

        What a good idea, Silvia! I think I'm going to do it like this too, cook quite a few in the speed cooker and freeze them in parts for when I need them for cooking. Thank you very much, Silvia.

    2.    Elena said

      Hi Ana, lentils need a short cooking time, but chickpeas and beans need a longer cooking time. I use uncooked chickpeas when I have guests and I make a lot of it and I can't do it with the Thermomix. You can use the natural ones but if you previously cook them with water in the speed cooker and then make this recipe. If you do it with them uncooked, they will be hard because they take a long time.

  6.   mari carmen, tomelloso said

    Hello girls, I do it like this and it comes out great but when it is cooked the chickpeas, the meat and I make it eggs are cold and I give it a few laps and ready to eat, here they say cooked fried and it is very good, haaaaa the chickpeas of The boat comes out very good, I buy them from the mercadona and they come out good. GOOD A SALOD

    1.    Elena said

      How good Mari Carmen !. I also buy the Hacendado brand cooked chickpeas and they come out very tasty. All the best.

  7.   Catalan Rose said

    The truth is. The pilots are very good, although I add a little ground black pepper. This way it reminds me of the ones my mother does and towards my granny for «Nadal»

    1.    Elena said

      It's true, Rosa. I don't pepper it for the girls, but it sure gives it a really good touch. I'm going to put it as optional in the recipe. Again, thank you very much!.

  8.   Josefa said

    Your recipe is great, my husband and son love them, keep it up like this and don't worry about the line. A hug.

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Josefa, I'm glad you like it. And with regard to the line, the truth is that we try to take care of it a little, I think it is healthy. A hug.


    What a richer recipe with these cold ones! I will do it soon, but it is not clear to me about the cabbage, do you put it in the varoma with all the vegetables and then the stir-fries with garlic and paprika? but is it all served together or is it for something else? is that I serve the cabbage cooked, as is.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Laura. It can be served simply cooked, but I love a little stir-fry with garlic and paprika. Matter of taste. My mother-in-law, my husband's grandmother and I love to eat it like this with potatoes, carrots and chickpeas. All the best.

      1.    LAURA PHILIP said

        mmm, we will try, thank you very much !!!

  10.   Elena said

    It has to be deadly and above all that we get a little dirty !!!
    But I have a doubt, the ingredients come 3L of water, there is a liter that escapes me… ..
    Greetings and thank you.

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much Elena! I was wrong and had put 3 l. instead of 2 l. which is the right thing to do. I have already corrected it. Thank you very much for noticing. All the best.

  11.   Victoria said

    Hello, I have a couple of questions:
    1) Do you put the ham tip at the beginning in the basket with the meat, the bone and the bacon?
    2) the half cabbage is chopped? if yes, at what time?
    Thank you very much for your help, and, above all, thanks for the blog, it is the one I like the most about Thermomix recipes

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Victoria, the ham tip is added at the beginning with the bone, the meat,… .. and the cabbage it is best to put it in pieces and put it in the varoma along with the vegetables and chickpeas. All the best.

  12.   Sonia said

    Hello! At my house today we have eaten this very good stew. We liked it a lot: the soup is very rich, the pity is that it does not come out more, and the meat is also good, we have for a couple of times. Thus, although the recipe takes time, it pays off a bit. I will repeat it without a doubt.
    A greeting.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad, Sonia !. We have also eaten Madrid stew, like almost every Sunday. All the best.

  13.   conchi said

    Hello Silvia and Elena! When I bought the thermomix they told me that the stew could not be done because the glass had little capacity and look where I find the recipe. I was already surprised that this machine did not cook, I have to try it. Thanks for all the trouble you take, the friends I know with thermomix I encourage them to visit your page, it only has one drawback and that is that it hooks aaaaaaaaaa, hahaha

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Conchi. Go ahead and try the stew, it is delicious. Thank you very much for seeing us and for encouraging your friends to see us! All the best.

  14.   Isabel said

    Hello Elena. First of all give you congratulations because thanks to you I have encouraged myself to take the thermomix, which I had in the kitchen as one more ornament. In addition, I have started to make some of your recipes and they come out delicious. My family is delighted with the change and I, on the other hand, have a little higher self-esteem, which I needed. This weekend I have made cannelloni and Madrid stew. I await your email every day with new recipes to put me to the test. Thank you very much for making our lives easier. Isabel

    1.    Elena said

      Hello isbael. I'm glad you use the Thermomix more and especially that you like our recipes. Greetings and many thanks to you for seeing us.

  15.   conchi said

    Hi! Today I tried the stew and we all liked it a lot, it comes out delicious. The other day I sent you by word the recipe for the quick soup that, as its name suggests, is made right away, have you received it? I tell you because in a hurry you get out of the trouble of having a first dish prepared in a jiffy hahaha. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Conchi, I'm glad you liked it. I have not received the recipe, if you feel like it, send it to me at: elecalde@gmail.com
      My daughters love soup and I would like to try it.
      Greetings and thank you very much for seeing us.

  16.   conchi said

    Hello Elena! I just sent you the recipe for the quick soup, I hope you receive it from I don't know so you tell me and I'll send it here. All the best.

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Conchi, I just looked at my email and I haven't received it. Send it to me over here. Thanks a lot.

  17.   conchi said

    Hello Elena! This is the recipe for the "quick soup."

    - 2 chicken wings or 2 chicken drumsticks.
    -15 or 20 hard chickpeas.
    - a handful of rice.
    -1 piece of ham bone.
    -2 chicken broth pills.
    -1 liter of water.
    - thin noodles.

    -The chickpeas and rice are added to the glass and powdered at speed 5-7-9.
    -Put the butterfly on the blades and add the rest of the ingredients and program 20 minutes, temperature 100, speed 1.
    -When the time is up, the noodles are added, it is not necessary to reprogram.
    What I do is that before adding the noodles I strain the broth so that the crushed chickpeas are not found.
    As you will see, it is very simple and it is very tasty. I hope you like it. Greetings and THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL BLOG.

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much Conchi !. I'm going to try it, I'll tell you about it.

  18.   Loam said

    Hello Elena, today I have encouraged myself to make this recipe ... and great. Thanks to you, I am encouraging myself to cook since my husband is the one who cooks at home. I'm going to see what recipe I can make tomorrow. Greetings

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you liked it, Marga !. All the best.

  19.   Yoli said

    I am making the recipe and all the water from the first step comes out when it boils, it is true that in the basket I only have the bone of the ham… is that why ??

    1.    Yoli said

      The same thing is that I do not understand the recipe well ... when it says to pour the water up to 1cm below the edge of the basket ... does it refer to the grimace that the 2-liter glass has? because with the basket the two liters go up almost to the edge of the glass.
      If you could clarify it for me, I would appreciate it a lot


      1.    Elena said

        Hi Yoli, it's up to the 2-liter mark or a little more. All the best.

    2.    Elena said

      Hi Yoli, I guess that's why, you have to remove some water. With the bone only add less amount of water. All the best.

  20.   Elena said

    Hello namesake, I have the Thermomix tm 21 and I would like to know if there is any way to adapt this recipe to my machine. Fundamentally the problem I see is that I do not have the varoma container. Can you think of something? The truth is that I would love to make my family a traditional little kitchen and the one you propose looks delicious. Thanks anyway for your recipes and tips.

  21.   Joseph Onty said

    Hello girls, I am very happy to have found your blog since I am starting in this and it is of great help to me.
    I have made 3 recipes and one has come out very well (beans with clams) and the others like this, like this (potatoes with ribs and Madrid stew)
    As a rookie, I comment on my doubts:
    In the stew, the potatoes and carrots were not finished and the meat, although well done, came out very dry (now the soup, and the chickpeas mixed with the spectacular cabbage)
    In the potatoes I almost got a mashed potatoes with ribs (now the taste is very good) I imagine because I had to cut the bigger potatoes.
    I followed the recipes to the letter, since as I say I am a beginner (or more) but thanks to you I will keep trying.
    A greeting.

    1.    Elena said

      Hi José, I'm glad you like our blog. In the stew, try to put the small vegetables so that they are done and in the rice it is the other way around, you have to cut the potato into larger pieces. All the best.

  22.   noahave said

    Instead of making the pilots large, I make many small ones and I put them in the soup for my little ones. This makes them more funny.

  23.   noahave said

    Well, I make them different. I mix chicken, beef and pork and instead of pepper, I chop it very thin garlic and parsley. After making the pilota I pass it through flour.
    By the way, I love your page. When I know of someone who has the thermo, I advise it

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much, Noaave !. All the best.

  24.   Lourdes said

    Girls, I made the stew and it just turned out great !!. Thanks again for providing easy-to-make recipes and delicious to the palate!

    1.    Elena said

      I'm so glad Lourdes!

  25.   paqui martinez said

    I would love to participate with you, I have the temomix and what little I dare to do comes out great but I need more suggestions

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Paqui, here you have many recipes. Dare to do them and you will see how good they are. We have more than 350 recipes that I hope you like. All the best.

  26.   TRADE said

    I am going to encourage you to make the stew with the thermo, is two liters of water enough? Is the water not consumed?

    1.    Elena said

      Try it, Merce, it looks perfect. All the best.

      1.    TRADE said

        Girls, I have encouraged myself and I have done the stew, it is perfect, a little strong, which I have solved with a little more water.

        1.    Elena said

          I'm glad you like it, Merce! All the best.

  27.   Nelly said

    I don't think I can tell you something you don't know. I have even dared on my blog to start with a section that I have called "My Thermomix and I" thanks to you. And of course I always put your link to visit the site where I got the recipe, because it is worth it.
    Only, if you allow me a suggestion, and it is my modest opinion, I already tell you, I would like to know the approximate time it takes to make the recipe, because many times and depending on the time we have, it is already known that we have to decide what you can cook and what not. So for guidance it would not be bad. I think. Thank you and congratulate you again for your blog.

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you so much Nelly!

  28.   thermomiri said

    Hi! One day I tried to cook it in the thermo and just by putting the bones in the basket, nothing else could fit me, so I opted for the pressure cooker. Did I do something else? How does all the meat and bones fit in the basket?

    By the way, congratulations on the blog! It is very well done !!

    1.    Silvia said

      With the amounts that we put in the recipe, they come out well. Try to see without exceeding those amounts. It comes out very rich but for 4 people.

  29.   Beatriz Recio Rodriguez placeholder image said

    Hello, I am new to this Thermomix. Thank you very much for creating a blog like this since there are mogollon and succulent recipes, Congratulations! One thing if you could clarify for me, the cabbage is cooked before putting it in the glass?
    Thank you;

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Beatriz! Welcome to Thermorecetas. Thank you for following us. I am very glad that you liked it and that you prepare our recipes. Do not hesitate to write to us as many times as you need.

      As for your doubt about the cabbage, put it RAW in the varoma container. It will be steamed. The grace of stew is that, forgetting about everything and throwing it all together.

      You will tell us how it works out for you!

      A kiss and we are delighted to have you as a follower!

      1.    Beatriz Recio Rodriguez placeholder image said

        Hello Irene, thank you very much for answering the question I had. And tell you that today I made the stew and it came out GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30.   yoli said

    Hello, I have a question, will I leave the chorizo ​​with the aluminum foil in the container? And the spoon of chickpeas pa k is ???

  31.   Elizabeth Sharp said

    Good afternoon. My question is if it could be done overnight. Thank you very much and greetings.

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Of course Isabel !! In fact, the richer it will be !! 😉

  32.   YOLANDA said

    I have had the thermomix for many years and had never cooked it. Today was the first time with this recipe. And at home he has succeeded. The little two dishes have eaten.
    Thank you very much for these recipes.