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Macaroni with chorizo ​​and ham

Macaroni with chorizo ​​and ham is my daughters favorite food and I think of almost all children. But what am I going to say if I was passionate when I was little and even today it is still one of my favorite foods.

Nice to see how well they eat them that's why it's one of the usual recipes in my house. It is also very simple to make and with simple ingredients.

It is also one of those recipes that we can do in advance or leave half done. On the weekend, or when we have more time, we prepare the recipe up to step 7 and store it in the fridge. The day we are going to use it we will only have to follow the recipe and we already have the dish as freshly made.

More information - Nelba style rice (no egg)

Source - Recipe by Mª Carmen López Acebal

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  1.   Nuri said

    I want to thank you. Since I receive your emails, I get much more out of the thermomix. Right now I have the macaroni going. I'm going to make them for my daughter, who has been delighted with your recipe.
    A hug !!!!!!

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much, Nuri. I am very happy that you like our recipes and above all, your daughter. A hug.

  2.   maite said

    Thanks for sharing your recipes with us..so easy to make and great .... since you send me your recipes, I get more out of the thermomix..I make more meals than before ... I hope you never stop sharing your recipes with us .. thank you very much

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much, Maite. I am glad that you like them. A hug.

  3.   tessa said

    spectacular this recipe.

  4.   rebe said

    Hello girls, keria, ask yourself if you use any special brand of macaroni, because the first time I made macaroni in the th, they all tasted good, but we ate them as if it were a lasagna. Congratulations for the work, and you help me a lot of people to use th

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Rebe, I use the Gallo brand and they have never broken. I also make the spaghetti and they look perfect. Thank you very much for seeing us. A hug.

  5.   Tania said

    Hi, I've been on a very good vacation, thank you

  6.   cello said

    I want to thank you for all the recipes that you send me, they are great, and easy to make, the only one that did not turn out well for me was the cookies, because the seeds melted, I don't know why, but the taste is great.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Chelo, thank you very much for seeing us. I'm sorry the cookies didn't turn out right for you. I use nuggets from the Vahiné brand and when I take them out of the oven they are almost melted, but when they cool they stay perfect again. All the best.

  7.   Nuri said

    HELLO !!!!
    The same thing happened to me as to Rebe. They were great but totally matches. Today I have my daughter's friends for dinner and I'm going to try them again with gallo brand macaroni. I'll tell you how. A hug.

    1.    little bee said

      hello I love all your recipes for now and I make some and the truth is that I like them a lot ……. I have not had any problems for now of course …… a greeting

      1.    Elena said

        I'm glad you like them, Bee. Greetings and I hope you continue to like them.

  8.   Nuri said

    FANTASTIC !!! This time they have not broken me !!!! I have used gallo pasta, and 9 minutes.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad, Nuri.

  9.   carmen said

    HELLO Elena, These macarrores are really good, when I make the recipes I always use the hacendado brand, well a kiss and a hug

    1.    Elena said

      I'll try them, Mari Carmen. Thanks a lot.

  10.   Ruth said

    Hello everybody. I was thinking if instead of putting the ham I can make them with sausages, and in that case, how long do you think the necessary time could be if they are not very thick and I cut them into pieces? It would be more or less the same time as the ham, right? or maybe a little more?
    Thank you for your help, I have never used the thermomix so much in my life and I have had it for 5 years.
    Thank you very much

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Ruth. I think that with the same time they have to be perfect. Thank you very much for following our blog. A kiss.

  11.   Ruth said

    Thank you very much Elena. I will try it and tell you 🙂
    A hug

  12.   Cris said

    Hello everyone, the truth is that this recipe comes out very, very well, I make it when children come home and the truth is that I triumph, the only thing is that I substitute the chorizo ​​for something more ham, because in We don't like my house very much, and they still turn out great.

    1.    Elena said

      It's true, Cris. Envelope for children, it is a plate with which you never fail. All the best.

  13.   Monica Fernandez Rodriguez said

    I have an incumbent, when I make a recipe with the butterfly, in the middle of the recipe it dislodges from the blades and I do not know if it is normal or if I put them wrong.

    1.    Silvia said

      Monica when you put the butterfly you must turn it a little to the right, if you hook it there well it does not have to go out but if it happens to you in all the recipes that you use butterfly talk to your seller, because I have read that it happens to other people with frequently and some had a defective butterfly.

  14.   silvia said

    Hello girls for tomorrow we will eat these macaroni, they look good. For today I have the meatballs, by the way I have tried them and they are very good, congratulations.

    1.    Silvia said

      Thanks to you Silvia, for following us and for leaving us your comments, I'm glad you like our recipes.
      All the best

  15.   Suzanne said

    I just made them to eat! Let's see how it is but they look great….

    1.    Elena said

      I hope you like them, Susana. I often make them for girls and they love them. All the best.

  16.   Isabel said

    I made them yesterday and they are exquisite. Thank you very much for your blog, because I am using the thermomix much more and that I had it 6 years ago. All the best

    1.    Elena said

      I am very happy, Isabel, because you liked the recipe and, above all, because you use the Thermomix. It is a wonderful machine and you have to take advantage of it. All the best.

  17.   Marien said

    Congratulations on the recipe, we just tried them and they taste incredible. I only made them with chorizo, since I didn't have ham at home today, but still delicious. A kiss to all

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad, Marien. All the best.

  18.   PINK said

    Hello, I am a novice in the Thermomix and I love it. I wanted to ask you how the Bolognese sauce (with minced meat) would be made. At home we really like macaroni like this and I would like to know how to make them. Thanks.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Rosa, we have the recipe ready to publish it in the next few days. I hope you like it.

  19.   Marieta said

    Hello, I have a thermomix for a short time, I am hooked on it and there are dishes that come out very well, but specifically this…. Rather bad! It seemed that the macaroni had been in the fridge for 3 days, they were very thick and heavy (with good flavor) I made them to the letter, with the exception that the tomato was homemade. I think they lacked liquid when cooking them, could that be?

    1.    Elena said

      It could be, Marieta, or they need less cooking time. I use the Gallo brand and cook them for 10 minutes, they are perfect. It is also true that I do not make them with homemade tomato, if not the one from Orlando. I hope that if you do them again they will be rich. All the best.

  20.   snows said

    I would like you to tell me if you can use legumes that are not cooked

    1.    Silvia said

      Nieves, I'm sorry but I don't understand your question very well, because by legumes I mean chickpeas, beans or lentils ... and with this recipe for macaroni it doesn't suit me much.

    2.    Elena said

      Hello Nieves, if you can cook vegetables in the Thermomix. All the best.

  21.   lolina said

    I have made them with rooster feathers, which is what I had at home and I have done as you say, the time that you put in the package and they have been perfect! You are great, I have not had to retouch any of your recipes, they are exact THANK YOU

    1.    Silvia said

      Lolina, this is one of my princesses favorite dishes and they love feathers because they are not as big as macaroons. I'm glad you like our blog.
      All the best

  22.   AURORA said

    If I make them with spaghetti it is necessary to put the butterfly, if so, change something in the recipe. I have already made a few of your recipes, since I discovered your page, and my husband is amazed, every time he comes he asks me if I have seen a new recipe to make it the next day. A hug.

  23.   montse said

    I congratulate you for sharing these recipes. I have recently had the thermomix and the truth is, with your help it becomes very easy, I have tried some of these and they have come out super good.

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much, Montse!

  24.   Yoli said

    Well, today we have eaten the macaroni and they have come out very tasty! Do you know if they can be frozen already cooked?

    Thank you very much

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Yoli, the truth is that I have not tried it. At home there are four of us and they fly, there is not enough to freeze. I believe that once cooked they will not be well frozen. All the best.

  25.   montse said

    A great blog, thanks to you I am getting hooked on the thermo. When reading this recipe, I have a question, when you say put the water in the glass, do not reserve the tomato with the ham and chorizo? is everything cooked together? Thank you very much and keep it up.

    1.    Elena said

      Yes, that's Montse. Everything is thrown together. Greetings and I hope you like them.

      1.    montse said

        Very good. Thanks

  26.   montse said

    I want to make the macaroni with Bolognese sauce, are they made the same as with chorizo ​​and ham?

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Montse, look at the recipe for the "Bolognese sauce" and the one for "pasta cooking." Do both and then pour the sauce over the pasta. I hope you like it. All the best.

  27.   Juana Maria Curado Gonzalez said

    I found you by chance a few days ago and since then I follow you every day, but until today I have not decided to make this fantastic recipe, it has been great and I have to thank you, I think it will be the first of many! The thermomix has been a little over a year ago and although I use it a lot, although I think that is now when my journey in these parts begins. You have a great blog, with great, simple and affordable recipes, I have begun to advertise you among mine. Thanks, again.

  28.   Juana mary said

    I found you by chance a few days ago, but it was not until today that I decided to make this wonderful recipe, I have been perfect!, And I have to thank you, I think it will be the first of many. little more than a year and although I use it a lot, I think it is now, when I am going to get all the performance that it can give and that thanks to this great blog full of recipes, which I love! mine.Thank you again.

    1.    Elena said

      Thank you very much, Juana Mary! Welcome to our blog and I hope you like our recipes! All the best.

  29.   bluecar said

    First of all, thank you very much for your time and dedication. Regarding this recipe, I would like you to advise me on the changes I should make if I decide to cook the pasta in a different container and make the sauce in the thermomix. Thank you and keep it up. All the best

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Bluencar, it is exactly the same without doing the last steps of pasta cooking. Actually this recipe is made separately, first we make the sauce and then we cook the pasta. All the best.

      1.    bluecar said

        Thank you for answering so quickly. I did so and it tasted great but just warn that after cooking with the water, the flavor of the chorizo ​​is stronger. We love it like that but maybe there are people who notice it strongly. Thank you very much for so many delicious recipes, you solve many meals for us, cheer up and keep it up.

        1.    Elena said

          Thank you very much for seeing us, Bluencar !. All the best.

  30.   Lourdes said

    Hello girls !! Again congratulations on the recipe. My 3 year old is a very good eater and he loved it the other day when I made them for him. Thanks for these great and easy recipes. Congratulations!!!!

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you liked them, Lourdes, especially the little one!

  31.   Anabel said

    Hello pretty, I have a doubt I want to make these macaroni but I want to know if it is better to do it with natural tomato or with fried tomato because in the recipe it says natural tomato but then you comment that you use Orlando ... yesterday I made macaroni with tuna and they are very good Thank you very much for helping us to eat better girls !!! A hug

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Anabel, they are made with natural tomato and I use the Orlando brand, but I am referring to crushed natural tomato. Greetings and I am very happy that you like our blog and our recipes.

  32.   Nuria52 said

    Hello, girls… as I told you a few weeks ago that I bought the thermo, and I am very happy with it, I made the macaroni this Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty they were “delicious”… the perfect cooking, and the macaroni 10 min . of those from mercadona, great ... I'm sure I'll repeat them ... greetings.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you liked them, Nuria !. All the best.

  33.   María said

    Well, I've done them twice already and the macaroni always comes out completely crushed. The only way to make them look good is to cook the pasta separately, in the traditional way.
    Any advice? Thanks

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Maria, they fit me as you see in the photo. The truth is that I don't know what can happen.

      1.    María said

        Well I'll try again. Thank you very much for the answer and for the blog, I love it. I have tried many recipes for cakes and desserts for my girls' birthday and I have loved them.

        1.    Elena said

          Thank you very much, Maria!

  34.   Juan said

    Hello, if instead of with macaroni I want to do it with spaghetti, is everything the same?

    Thank you very much.

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Juan, it's the same. All the best.


    I have also made them and the truth is that they are very good, the pasta al dente, very at its point and with an exquisite flavor. Thanks a lot !!!!! almost like I'm in ITALY, mamma mia

  36.   Pedro Garcia said


  37.   Marta said

    I'm a novice at this, I find it so strange to do them like that because I've always cooked the pasta and then added tomato, chorizo ​​etc…. but all together ???? is all the water absorbed? forgive for my ignorance and congratulate you on your spectacular page

    1.    Ascend said

      Hello, Martha,
      You can do the test that they look good. It seems strange but when the programmed time ends, the macaroni is cooked and there is no water in the glass, as if by magic!
      A balance

  38.   Irene Arcas said

    Hello Ayacata! It is not necessary to put the turn to the left because the butterfly should be enough. However, the same thing has happened to some people, so we think it may be due to the difference between the pasta brands, which according to the manufacturer, take more or less time. So next time, don't hesitate, put the left turn.

    Thank you very much for writing to us, right now I am going to modify the recipe so that it does not happen again. Kisses!

  39.   disqus_ZyCLn0J32F said

    I think they come out rolled because of the quality of the macaron, I have tried brand and brand macaroni and the potato does not come out the same. The first time I made them, I did not have oregano and I added peregil and nutmeg, neither chorizo ​​nor ham and I added minced meat and everything was very good. I insist that when there is not an ingredient in the recipe that there is no chaos to substitute for something else, that is the good thing about themomix you have to make it humble and not posh, but you can also, hahaha, a kiss

  40.   Cristina said

    Hello, I just made them and I had some waste left…. Could it be that when putting in the macaroni you have to turn to the left?

    Thank you

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Cristina, next time use butterfly and turn to the left, in addition to following the cooking time indicated on the package of your pasta, it may vary a few minutes from one brand to another. Good luck and thanks for writing us!

  41.   Sara said

    I just made them, I put fusili and they have come undone whole, I followed the instructions to the letter, the thing about the left turn and everything, the cooking time and they have come out in strips. Does anyone know what could have happened?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hi Sara, it's very weird… maybe your pasta needed less cooking minutes?