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Garlic prawns

This is one of the starters that we like the most. It is one of the fixed ones at Christmas and also the rest of the year, especially when we have guests.

They are made in a moment and the most important thing is to eat them as we make them because they immediately lose their heat (when we took this photo we had already eaten half). That is why it is advisable to serve them in clay pots that keep the heat for longer.

I barely add salt, but that's a matter of taste. If we use frozen prawns, defrost them previously, drain them and dry with kitchen paper.

If you like it, at the end (in the last seconds) you can add the juice of half a lemon, although I personally like them only with the oil, the garlic and chilli.

They are also ideal to give you a special touch to your pasta dishes. Try them with these noodles or in this fusili recipe… Spectacular!

More information - Noodles with garlic, baby eels and prawns / Fusili with zucchini and prawns

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  1.   Maria Theresa said

    I also do them, they are delicious ……………….

    1.    Elena said

      It's true, Mª. Teresa. They are done in a moment and they are perfect. All the best.

  2.   María Rosal (Fernán‐Núñez, Córdoba, 1961) is a complete writer. She has published children's theatre, has received the Andalusian Critics' Award (2004), the Children's Poetry Award (2007) and the José Hierro National Poetry Award for Carmín rojo sangre (2015). Her poetic work has been translated into English, Italian and Greek.<br/> <br/> This is her second book for children in edebé, after the funniest title, El secreto de las patatas fritas.<br/> <br/> Maria has a very funny sense of humour. said

    And for the old thermomix? What is the speed? Better with the butterfly? Thanks

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Maria, for the 21 you have to put the butterfly on the blades and vel. 1. Greetings.

  3.   Delphi said

    I love garlic prawns. Super good photo !!
    Why is the recipe for the fruit and pasta salad not published? There must be some mistake.
    A kiss!!
    Thanks for your recipes, they are great.

    1.    Elena said

      Hello Delfi, I see it without problems. Can you see it already? Greetings and I am very happy that you like our blog.

  4.   monica said

    Hello !!, I'm going to do them right now ...
    One question, can they be frozen once made?
    Thank you.

    1.    Elena said

      Hi Monica, I have not tried to freeze them, I do not know how the oil will be. I hope you like them. All the best.

  5.   STAR said

    I did them last week at home and a total success. The smell came out onto the street.
    I want to thank you for the good and easy recipes. I also made vegetable coca for my friends and yummy.

    1.    Elena said

      I'm glad you liked them, Estrella! Greetings and thank you very much for seeing us.

  6.   carmen said

    I made the prawns and they were delicious

    1.    Elena said

      I'm very happy, Carmen!

  7.   m joseph said

    They can be made with frozen prawns. Thanks I suppose they will be as delicious as all the recipes

  8.   sandra mc said

    Hello, I just got on your blog and I was captivated…. !!! It's just that I've had the thermomix for a week and I'm very happy with it… I have so many recipes that I want to make that I don't know where to start. The prawns look very good, I'll make them too heh heh.
    I'm looking to make crepes and I can't find it ... Could you tell me where I can find it? Thank you… .for all these delicious recipes.

    1.    Silvia said

      Sandra, I have the crepes made from a couple of weeks ago but I haven't posted the recipe yet. I will try to post it in a few days.
      All the best

      1.    sandra mc said

        Hello Silvia, I would appreciate it very much… my girls love them and it would be a very healthy way to please them.
        thanks and I'll be attentive ...
        all the best

  9.   Isabel Maria Bermudez said

    Thanks for your blog, it is the first time that I enter and I find it very interesting. Kisses

  10.   Merche said

    Can they be made and then reheated to eat the next day?

    1.    Virtues said

      Merche, I think without a problem ... As long as you do them and the goals are cooled in the fridge

  11.   encarni said

    Hello, I have made them frozen but they come out a little watery, but good

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      That always happens with frozen ones, that's why you have to let them drain and defrost for many hours.

  12.   Eve said

    Hi!!!! How good they have come out, many graces, yes, I have put the turn to the left so that they do not break me !!! kisses

  13.   Jose Miguel said

    MMM that looks good, I make them in a similar way, I love prawns :).

    1.    Irene Thermorecetas said

      These prawns are delicious! They are a vice ... and that bread soaked in oil ...

  14.   Irene Arcas said

    Hello Leonor, being the spoon speed is not necessary. But it never hurts to put the turn to the left. Lucky!

  15.   Sara said

    Today I made this recipe and it turned out well ... but I have to say that the prawns a little raw, I leave it a minute longer. The prawns were frozen but thawed beforehand. What have I done wrong? Thanks

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hi Sara, maybe even if they seem thawed on the outside, it may be that their interior was still frozen. Prawn is a very delicate product that with a little cooking time is just right. Maybe letting them rest for 1 minute inside the glass, but the machine turned off, could be enough. It also depends on the size of the shrimp, because there are them from small to XL ... Next time I recommend that when the time has passed, leave 1 minute of rest and open a shrimp to see if they are cooked inside.

      Another tip is defrosting: we must defrost the product 24 hours before cooking it and inside the fridge in a place where the excess water can drain. Then dry them well with absorbent paper to remove excess water and thus cook them better.

      You'll tell me how about next time! A hug and thanks for writing us.

  16.   Laly said

    Hello good afternoon, happy new year. When you put the prawns in the mouth, you don't turn to the left, I just want to make them for the end of the year and I'm afraid they won't turn out well. It is that the political family is coming.

    1.    Ana Valdes said

      Hi Laly! I would put the left turn on it, just in case. They sure turn out well for you. Good luck with that dinner! You'll see how you succeed! A hug and happy new year!

  17.   Laly said

    Thank you for answering me so fast. Happy New Years Eve and Happy New Year.

  18.   Angela said

    You forgot to put the left turn. I did it without turning to the left and there were many chopped-shredded prawns.

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      Hi Angela:

      The spoon speed does not have much power to cut but your contribution is very good !!


  19.   ANGELS said

    Hello!! To do them with the tm5, is the speed and time the same?

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      Hello Angeles, in step 2 program 8 minutes, temperature 120 ° and in step 3 set temperature 120 °. The speed is the same. Kisses!!

  20.   Susana said

    I have put in reverse turn because it gave me that the prawns could be crushed…