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Hippocrates soup

If you like vegetables you have to try Hippocrates soup. A healthy and fat-free recipe that will help us take care of ourselves.

This recipe is part of the Gerson Therapy, a treatment that is based on an organic vegetarian diet that detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system and increases the concentration of potassium in the cells.

This therapy not only encourages special diet they also use nutritional and biological supplements, pancreatic enzymes, and coffee or other enemas.

You may or may not be a follower of this therapy but, in any case, Hippocrates soup is good to include in our daily cookbook, especially those of us who want to take care of ourselves and take a healthy and healthy diet.

As you will see to make this soup, which rather resembles a very light cream, neither the vegetables nor the vegetables are peeled. So it is very quick to prepare ... the rest is already charged by Thermomix.

What else do you have to know about this recipe?

Hen/Stag quantities of the ingredients may vary, they do not have to be strictly exact.

The water that is from good quality and according to your rhythm of life. Better that it be natural mineral water or spring. And, of course, no gas.

It is imperative that ingredients are organic since everything is going to be used, even the skin of the potatoes.

The recipe is suitable for vegan, celiac and egg or lactose intolerant.

How to get the most out of this recipe?

This Hippocrates soup recipe is perfect for making a full menu. You can prepare a second dish based on fish with rice or with a flan for dessert. If you cook everything at once, you will save a lot of time and energy.

With these quantities, 3 servings come out. If you want you can double the ingredients but you have to be careful with the capacity of the glass. If you see that you do not fit everything, you can chop the vegetables at the beginning so that they take up less.

The soup that you do not consume at the moment you can keep it in the refrigerator. Hold on 2 or 3 days.

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  1.   Ana Orihuela said

    I like all the recipes of the thermo mix dogo all your tea these are very good

  2.   Tina Lighthouse said

    Delicious !!

  3.   Maria palma said

    Sure it is very tasty, but for someone like me who has overcome cancer, to promote the soup they start by saying: if cancer is around your life ... bad, gentlemen, bad.

  4.   Zahira Muniz Gomez said

    Good to lose weight.
    But there is plenty of cancer.

  5.   Chris Rustarazo said

    The recipe may be good, but there is plenty of anticancer!

  6.   Eva Mallen Head said

    On the cancer

  7.   Rosa Velasco said

    Sad that you use cancer as a hook. It seems miserable to me.

  8.   nati zarallo said

    I agree on that word

  9.   Maria palma said

    I hope you read the comments and continue to delete the recipe or at least the comment about cancer. I wish that, from my heart.

  10.   Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

    First of all I want to apologize to all of you who have felt hurt by the comment. It was never my purpose to take advantage of people who have cancer or any other disease.
    I admit that now, after reading your comments, I have mixed feelings. When I was preparing this recipe, I was convinced that you were going to love it because it is healthy, suitable for everyone and feels very good. But I see that I was wrong.
    But everything has a positive side and today I have learned one thing: the next time I want to help someone, I will think of chocolate cakes ... that really has a pull ... a lot of pull !! ?

  11.   Ursula said

    It is my opinion that the term "anti-cancer" was not intended to be offensive, much less a "hook." We all know that with a soup we are not going to cure ourselves or avoid any evil. I understand that the intention was to make it known as healthy and recommended. I wonder ... (no debate. It's just a reflection) when we read "anti-flu" or "antidepressant" we are offended in the same way ??. Why is "cancer" still a taboo word?

  12.   M said

    Unfortunately, like many, at the moment I have a family member undergoing chemotherapy and when I saw the prescription, I was struck by that name. If you had called it light or on a diet, I would not have noticed it. For that I thank you, because with all the illusion in the world I am doing it now to help my family member a little bit in his battle.
    All the best

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      I am very happy that this recipe helps you. You'll see how it suits him.
      a big hug!!

  13.   Jimena said

    Mayra, I've been following you for years and you do a great job !! I do not usually enter into debates but it makes me very angry as through the unfounded attack, the good work, the good intention and the desire to help of a person are shattered. I know what I am talking about since unfortunately, years ago I lost the person I loved the most because of that horrible thing that they say cancer and at no time have I felt offended by your entry, the other way around, despite the fact that those of us who have common sense know that a soup is not a miracle, it is a pleasure to find ways to take care of yourself and, friends, eating well, many diseases are prevented, including, in some cases, even cancer, although unfortunately sometimes the battle is lost.
    Please, do not lose your essence, because there will always be someone who makes an unsubstantiated criticism and much less think that you have been wrong !! Cheer up and keep it up !! 🙂

  14.   M Carmen said

    I am sorry to say that all the negative comments seem silly to me, because many times people talk about consuming foods that are poisonous against cancer and I have never seen negative comments about them, but it is true that a good soup like this helps a weakened body more that a chocolate tata full of sugars that by the way is contraindicated for such a disease so dear Mayra at no time do you feel bad about your good intention and your proper recipe I congratulate you on it

    1.    Mayra Fernandez Joglar said

      You do not know what your comment makes me happy.
      The truth is that I had a really bad time with this recipe because my intentions were always to help and give ideas and I don't expect an answer like that.
      Now, over the weeks, I have realized that not all of us vibrate on the same wavelength. So, whoever wants to do it will benefit from all its properties. And whoever doesn't like it, has tons of other recipes on the web to choose from. 😉