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Light arugula soup

Very healthy light arugula soup, ideal for delicate stomachs or low calorie diets. A perfect first course to tone the stomach.

Creamy avocado dessert

Sweet cream of avocado, cottage cheese and honey

Avocado, cottage cheese and honey in a sweet cream, delicious as a creamy dessert to take cold, as a filling for tartlets or puff pastry or as a substitute for pastry cream in cakes and pastries.

Tropical multi-fruit smoothie

Refreshing and tasty tropical fruit smoothie, an idea to introduce the fruit to children and perfect as a snack or mid-morning snack.

Peppermint gazpacho

An easy, quick and refreshing proposal for these hot days: the mint gazpacho, a reinterpretation of the traditional gazpacho.

Neapolitan sauce

Authentic Neapolitan sauce, ideal to accompany our sauce dishes, such as minced meat for lasagna. Perfect for vegans.

Green risotto

Creamy green risotto based on vegetable broth, asparagus, celery and leek. Ideal as a second course for vegetarian diets.

Cold pesto soup

This cold soup combines the main ingredients of the Genoese pesto: basil, parmesan and pine nuts by adding evaporated milk and making it a creamy soup ideal for summer.

Lemon mousse

Lemon mousse

An egg-free mousse, with simple ingredients, easy to prepare and that is liked, above all, by those with a sweet tooth. And you can turn it into ice cream!

Date and blue cheese pate

Creamy paté of dates and blue cheese, ideal as an aperitif spread on toast. The combination makes it an explosion of unique flavors in the mouth.

Apple gazpacho

Refreshing apple gazpacho, ideal as a starter to combat the summer heat. Easy and fast to prepare. Ideal for low-calorie diets.

Roasted potatoes with hat

Microwave roasted potatoes, stuffed with creamy meat and garnished with your hat. Ideal as a main dish for children.

Turkey and spinach burgers

Learn how to prepare turkey and spinach burgers with Thermomix, a very easy and quick recipe to make but also very healthy and low in calories.

Potato and hazelnut cream

Learn how to cook a delicious homemade potato and hazelnut cream with Thermomix, a dish very rich in properties that everyone who tries it will like.

Penne rigate all'arrabbiata

Prepare some penne rigate all'arrabbiata with your thermomix and surprise everyone with this classic recipe of Italian cuisine.

Braid stuffed with ham and cheese

Stuffed brioche bread braid

Recipe to cook a braid of brioche bread stuffed with ham and cheese, a dish that you can prepare in the Thermomix and accompany with a sauce.

Roscos of wine and oil

Roscos of wine and oil

Recipe to cook some homemade wine and oil donuts with the Thermomix, one of the typical Andalusian desserts that you can easily prepare at home.

Tofu mayonnaise

Can you cook homemade tofu mayonnaise? Learn with this recipe for Thermomix that vegetarians and everyone who tries it will love.

Cup of avocado and strawberries

The glass of avocado and strawberries will leave your guests with their mouths open thanks to its perfect contrast of colors and flavors

Ham bread

Ham bread

Exquisite and tender bread stuffed with sausage and olives, very easy to prepare with Thermomix. Ideal to take on an excursion and to share with friends.

Bean stew

Bean stew

Bean stew is one of the dishes that most reminds me of my childhood. This recipe is part of the basic collection of spoon recipes.

Zucchini wraps

Surprising vegetarian rolls that can be used as an appetizer or first course.

Mexican chicken fajitas

Mexican fajitas

Mexican chicken and pepper fajitas, ideal as a healthy dinner.

Moroccan Eggplant Salad

Delicious and spicy Moroccan salad made with soft aubergines and spices that can be prepared in advance.

Rice with steamed vegetables

Delicious combination of soft rice with crunchy vegetables prepared in the Varoma. A vegetarian and useful recipe.

Potato and ham salad

This potato and serrano ham salad is so versatile that we can use it as a single dish for a light dinner or to take to the office

Light chickpea stew

With a few simple chickpeas you can quickly and inexpensively make a stew for cold days. Easy to transport and can also be frozen.

Banana smoothie

This banana smoothie is quick to make. A delicious way to enjoy lazy days. It also serves for snacks and birthdays.

Italian mashed potatoes

Italian-style mashed potatoes are perfect as an accompaniment to a multitude of dishes. A homemade, healthy and inexpensive side dish.

Hummus chickpea

This chickpea hummus recipe is a classic. Essential in a tasting menu of Arabic cuisine or in any snack.

Basmati rice salad with carrot and cucumber. It is accompanied by a dressing made with yogurt, orange and oil.

Rice and yogurt salad

Rice salad with yogurt dressing is a summer recipe. It can be prepared in advance, so when you get home it is already prepared.

Spring chickpeas

Spring Chickpeas is a recipe that combines legumes with a quick and easy sauce to make. Use already cooked chickpeas to reduce time.

Marinated tuna

An amazing recipe for marinated tuna with oriental style sauce. Very easy to do but it will take a few hours for it to impregnate well.

Mango and cardamom lassi

Mango and cardamom lassi is a delicious and quick recipe. The ideal drink to enjoy a hot summer afternoon. Made with dairy and fruit.

Special apple juice

This delicious apple juice is made from citrus fruits and a touch of apple that gives it a delicious refreshing point. Perfect for breakfast.

Strawberry compote

This strawberry compote is a spring staple. In less than 15 minutes we will have made this perfect compote to accompany yogurts and ice creams.

Beef coulant

Surprise your guests with a meat coulant. Made with meat, tomato and mashed potatoes. All this gratin and with an informal presentation.

Marine fideuá

Thanks to this recipe you can make a fideuá with all the flavor of the sea.

Pasta & Pesto

Prepare a delicious Italian recipe based on pasta with homemade pesto and it will become your favorite dish. Very convenient for eating out.

Salted chicken

With this chicken recipe we can prepare a delicious cold meat. A healthy and healthy alternative to industrial sausages.

Warm Cauliflower Salad

A delicious warm salad where cauliflower is the star. It is a recipe to keep in mind if we eat at the office.

Special orange juice

This orange juice with carrot will provide us with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to start the day full of energy.

Prawn curry

Surprise your guests with this prawn curry. Serve it with rice and you will have a recipe that will transport you to distant and exotic lands.

potato stuffed with bacon, served with a salad

Potatoes stuffed with Bacon

Discover how to make stuffed potatoes with our Thermomix and the microwave. You will have a quick and very complete recipe for a dinner or a second course.

Mushroom and foie risotto

Risotto with foie and mushrooms

The risotto with foie and mushrooms is an easy dish to prepare with Thermomix. Its flavor will transport you to the calm days of autumn.

Pears and spices with orange

In this recipe the pears are flavored with citrus fruits and spices such as mace or canale, achieving a very peculiar fragrance and flavor. 

Orange smoothie

Enjoy a refreshing drink and get your strength back with this orange smoothie. You only need 2 minutes.

Hake in piquillo sauce

Enjoy a delicious recipe for fish with piquillo sauce. A tasty recipe that will help you spice up your dishes.

Lamb stew

Thanks to this lamb stew recipe we can incorporate more types of meats into our diet and make the weekly menu more varied.


We show you how to prepare ketchup with natural ingredients. Without preservatives and artificial colors so that your children enjoy the good.

Cod with citrus butter

We propose a recipe for cod with all the aroma of citrus. It is easy to do and you can take it to the office.

Pasta with mushrooms

Don't have a lot of time to prepare food? Enjoy an authentic plate of pasta with mushrooms quickly.

Pork ribs with barbecue sauce

Do you want to prepare a rack of ribs at home and you don't dare? Take a look and you will see how easy and delicious it is with its barbecue sauce.

Flamenquines with garnish

Do you think flamenquines are not for you? Try this chicken-based version garnished with spinach and mushrooms.

Cauliflower cream

Tired of the usual creams? Try this cauliflower cream. You will be convinced by its soft texture and its simple preparation.

Pea cream

Add some puff pastry hearts and you will turn a simple pea cream into a perfect recipe to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

Surprise cauliflower

Prepare a surprise cauliflower with your favorite ingredients. And don't forget to grill it in the oven to grill it and make it more palatable.

Turkey Stew

We show you how to prepare a traditional stew with Thermomix adapted to today's cuisine and diet.

Carrot and mozzarella cream

Have you tried the carrot and mozzarella cream? You will like it for its smooth texture and flavor where vegetables and dairy are combined.

Pumpkin apple cream with cheese

Do you want to surprise your guests with a cream that combines textures and flavors? Try this pumpkin cream recipe ... they will repeat !!

Afumicatto Risotto

Do you like rice dishes that are soft and full of flavor? Do not forget to try this afumicatto risotto full of flavor and smoothness.

Banana Flan

Do you want a quick and uncomplicated dessert? With this banana flan and get ready to succeed !!

Filled tomatoes

An original and quick way to prepare delicious stuffed tomatoes that your children will love

Light lentil stew

With this recipe for lentils you will have a classic winter dish but designed to make them lighter and healthier.

Peas with ham and tomato

Peas with ham and tomato is a recipe with legumes. Ideal for winter days and that you can easily take to the office.

Green bean cream

Green bean cream is fantastic to return to a healthy and balanced diet after a Christmas full of excesses.

Eels to Bilbao

The gulas a la bilbaína are a classic at Christmas parties. The perfect starter for cheap and quick to make.

Pumpkin velouté

This pumpkin velouté is a delicious winter dish with which to enjoy all the flavor of pumpkin. Serve it hot!

Easy recipe thermomix Zumo Florida

Florida juice

Tired of the typical drinks? Prepare a delicious Florida juice full of vitamins and very refreshing.

Stuffed Pork Loin

Stuffed Pork Loin

Are you looking for a recipe that frees you up a bit from the kitchen? If so, you have to prepare this stuffed pork tenderloin recipe. You will be surprised by its simplicity.

Christmas thistle

Do you want to save on your Christmas dishes? With this thistle recipe you will have a traditional and very inexpensive dish.

Thermomix Recipe Sea bream with garnish

Sea bream with garnish

The sea bream with garnish is a very fine recipe with which you will succeed in special gatherings.

Broccoli cream with basil aroma

Do you want your family to have a healthy diet? With this broccoli cream you will be able to increase the consumption of vegetables.

Recipe desserts thermomix caramel frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino

Do you want a refreshing drink to surprise your guests at your party? Prepare a caramel and vanilla frappuccino in seconds.

Vegetable cream with spinach, potato and leek.

Spinach cream

With this spinach cream you will have a first course full of vitamins thanks to the combination of vegetables.