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french mayonnaise

Delicious French mayonnaise with Dijon mustard. As easy as the traditional one and with perfect flavor notes for any dish.

Thermomix recipe Apple puree

Apple puree

Applesauce is a versatile recipe that you can use as a garnish for your meat dishes and also to fill cakes.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Pedro Ximénez Sauce

Pedro Ximénez sauce

Do you like Pedro Ximénez wine? Then you have to try this sauce. It is so simple and tasty that you will want to use it for everything.

easy recipe thermomix fried tomato

Fried tomato

Did you know that you can freeze fried tomato? Prepare this recipe, freeze it in portions and use it when you need it.

Tartar sauce

Do you need a sauce to accompany your vegetable or fish dishes? Try this tartar sauce with pickles and capers.

Thermomix recipe squid in American sauce

Squids in American Salsa

Did you know that you can make this recipe for squid in American sauce with frozen squid? Enjoy a tasty and inexpensive dish.

Basic recipe: garlic butter

Garlic butter is very simple to make and you can use it to give your personal touch to meats, fish, vegetables and pasta.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Clams a la Marinera


With this recipe for clams a la marinara you will have a delicious, simple and so fast first course that you will have it ready in minutes.

Thermomix recipe Orange chicken breast

Orange chicken breast

In this delicious recipe, orange chicken has a smooth combination of flavors. A quick and very practical dish for dinner.

Basic Recipe: Aurora Sauce

Aurora sauce is a basic and traditional recipe as easy to make as béchamel and that will add color and flavor to your dishes.

Genoese pesto sauce

Authentic Genoese pesto

We prepare a recipe for authentic Genoese pesto and we will tell you all the keys and tricks to make it like the one from Italy

Citrus mayonnaise

With this citrus mayonnaise you can give flavor and a fun touch to all your dishes. Easy to do with Thermomix.

Easy recipe Thermomix mayonnaise sauce

Mayonnaise sauce

It is so easy to make homemade mayonnaise with our Thermomix that you will never be without it again. Creamy, with an unmistakable flavor.

Onion and mushroom sauce

This onion and mushroom sauce is perfect to serve with grilled meats. Ready in 5 minutes with Thermomix.

Lemon turkey breasts

Discover how to make lemon turkey breasts easily with Thermomix. A rich and easy recipe for your dinners.

Thermomix recipe Stuffed chicken fillet

Stuffed chicken fillet

This delicious stuffed chicken tenderloin is prepared quickly and easily by cooking in levels in Thermomix.

Christmas Thermomix Recipes Saffron Prawns

Saffron prawns

With this recipe for saffron prawns you will have a delicious and original appetizer to surprise your guests.

Easy recipe thermomix Pumpkin cream

Pumpkin cream

Go ahead with this colorful pumpkin cream and you will easily enjoy the flavors of autumn.

homemade aioli

Basic recipe: aioli

The aioli, aioli or ajoaceite is a traditional sauce of Mediterranean cuisine, based on garlic, oil and, at least in the Valencian version, egg yolk,

Broccoli with Garlic Chickpea Sauce

We will cook the broccoli in the glass itself and we will also prepare the sauce in it. A simple recipe, easy to prepare and loaded with flavor thanks to the sauce

Pork cheeks stewed with honey

Pork cheeks braised with honey sauce, tender and juicy. A perfect second course to accompany with french fries, bakers or the poor thing.

Basic recipe: garlic paste

With this basic garlic pasta recipe you can save money and organize yourself better in the kitchen. Quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Chipotle sauce

Delicious chipotle sauce made with Thermomix with which you can prepare Mexican and Tex-Mex recipes for your family and friends.

Sauce without tomato

This tomato-free sauce can be used like the traditional one to make recipes full of color and flavor. Ready in a few minutes with your Thermomix.

Pink sauce with roasted pepper

Exquisite pink sauce with a touch of roasted pepper. An ideal basic recipe to accompany prawns, green salads, seafood cocktails and sandwiches.

Mexican ranch sauce

Mexican ranchero sauce, it is made with tomato and peppers or chilies and it is really delicious! It's cool and fun, so versatile!

Tzatziki, Greek Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Tzatziki sauce, typical Greek, made from Greek yogurt and cucumber. Delicious in the hottest days to accompany and refresh dishes such as salads, meat or fish and also to dip with bread or vegetables.

Tonnata light sauce with cooked meat

A lighter version of the traditional Italian tonnata sauce. Without oil, without mayonnaise ... we will use ricotta to obtain that sauce-pate that goes so well with meat dishes.

Artichoke pesto

A different pesto with artichokes, parsley and almonds. Simple and perfect to serve with any type of pasta, whether short or long.

Zucchini bechamel for diet

With this zucchini bechamel for diet you can enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about calories. Suitable for vegans and celiacs.

Patatas bravas 2 sauces 1

Patatas bravas «2 sauces»

Crispy and tasty diced potatoes accompanied by two exquisite bravas sauces: classic tomato sauce and spiced white sauce.

Black garlic mayonnaise

Black garlic mayonnaise

Spectacular mayonnaise made from black garlic, ideal to accompany fish, meat and vegetables. Easy to do.

Evaporated milk lactonese

With this evaporated milk lactonese you can enjoy your summer recipes as always without the risk of contamination by salmonellosis.

Peppers in sauce

Peppers in sauce, with potatoes

Great recipe made with peppers and nectarines. It is used to accompany meat or fish or even as a salad, if we serve it cold with cooked potatoes.

Sanitized mayonnaise

Sanitized mayonnaise sauce, subjected to a cooking process close to pasteurization, which reduces the risk of contamination by salmonellosis.

Norwegian smoked sauce

A classic of Nordic gastronomy: mustard and dill sauce to accompany smoked fish such as trout or salmon.

White chocolate icing

An easy-to-prepare white chocolate icing that will be used to enrich and decorate fresh fruit or homemade desserts (sponge cakes, cakes ...)

Quinoa béchamel

Quinoa béchamel is a healthy alternative, without wheat and without cow's milk, quick to make with Thermomix and that you can use in croquettes and lasagna.

Teriyaki sauce

With the homemade teriyaki sauce you will prepare delicious Asian dishes. With Thermomix it is so easy and fast to do that you will not believe it.

Yogurt, tuna and olives sauce

A light skimmed yogurt sauce made with tuna and green olives. Ideal to accompany salads and cooked or roasted vegetables.

Sirloin steak with grape sauce

With these sirloins with grape sauce you will succeed this Christmas. Easy and quick to do with Thermomix. You can also make the sauce in advance.

9 pasta sauces

We offer you a compilation of sauce recipes for your pasta dishes. There are them for all tastes: made ...

Aromatic herb sauce

Give your salads a new touch with this aromatic herb sauce. Enjoy flavor and color easily and quickly with Thermomix.

Tomato and peanut mojo

We tell you how to make and what to use the tomato and peanut sauce. A vegan sauce, easy and quick to make and very versatile.

Fresh peach sauce

Give your desserts a different touch with this fresh peach sauce. It is very easy with Thermomix. Use with homemade ice cream, yogurt or cheese, or baked apples.

Tomato sauce with peas

Simple tomato sauce with peas, a different garnish for our favorite pasta, rice, meat or fish dishes.

Asparagus with Bolzanina sauce

Simple recipe for asparagus with Bolzanina sauce that we will prepare entirely in our Thermomix. A complete plate with vegetables and egg.

Fake mayonnaise

Tired of counting calories? With this fake mayonnaise you can enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about the scale.

Flavored mayonnaises

If we crush different ingredients with the classic mayonnaise, we will obtain perfect sauces to accompany fish, meat, vegetables and batters.

Raita Sauce

Fresh sauce from Indian food, made from natural yogurt and cucumber. Ideal to accompany dishes with spicy touches. 

Chocolate sauce

Delicious chocolate sauce made with Thermomix. Ideal to accompany fresh fruit, dried fruit, ice cream, cakes, cakes, yogurts ... 

Anchovy sauce for salads

Easy to prepare dressing with a lot of flavor. With anchovies as the protagonists, it is ideal for seasoning seasonal vegetables

Homemade mustard

Your hamburgers and hot dogs will go to another dimension thanks to this delicious homemade mustard ... do you dare to prepare it?

Egg casseroles in sauce

Delicious eggs in tomato sauce based on natural ingredients. In addition, it is an excellent recipe to use and easy to prepare.

Honey Mustard Sauce

Mustard and honey sauce, very easy to prepare at home, delicious and with great possibilities as an accompaniment to meats, vegetables and salads.

Red pepper sauce

This red pepper sauce combines very well with all kinds of vegetables, pasta, white fish and white meat.

Chimichurri sauce

You can serve the chimichurri sauce with all kinds of grilled or grilled meats, as well as with vegetables or salads.

Coriander mayonnaise

The coriander mayonnaise will add a spark to your grilled dishes, whether they are vegetables, meats or even seafood. Do not stop preparing it on a barbecue.

Cesar dressing

Caesar sauce for salads, the original recipe adapted to thermomix

Parsley pesto

We reinvent the traditional pesto sauce by making it with parsley, which will give a very different touch to your pasta dishes.

Vegan pesto

Vegan pesto adapts the traditional Genoese pesto recipe by substituting brewer's yeast for Parmesan. An ideal sauce to accompany pasta and vegetables.

Spicy mussels

A fabulous idea for a quick and very healthy dinner: mussels in hot sauce. For lovers of spicy food, this is your recipe!

Strawberry sauce

The strawberry sauce is perfect to accompany yogurt, ice cream or cakes. It has a delicious flavor and a light texture.

Potatoes in green sauce

Potatoes in green sauce is a preparation that can be used as a main dish or as a garnish for a good fish.

Nut sauce for pasta

The walnut sauce is made in a flash and it can be served with rice or pasta. Perfect for vegetarians, vegans and to lower our cholesterol

Basic recipe: bechamel

Bechamel is a basic recipe that cannot be missing from our repertoire. It will serve us to make delicious preparations such as croquettes, lasagna, etc.

Thick tomato sauce

The thick tomato sauce is perfect for a crunchy pizza. In addition, this sauce can be used in other preparations such as soups and stews.

Italian-style tomato sauce

Italian-style tomato sauce is a base preparation that will serve us for other dishes such as rice, pasta or meatballs.

Pea guacamole

Pea guacamole, or guisanmole, is very similar to guacamole, but uses peas instead of avocado. It is served with dips, nachos or tostadas.

Rosemary meat sauce

Juicy meat sauce with the aroma of rosemary, low in calories and ideal to take with rice, pasta or potatoes.

Avocado aioli

A new version of the popular aioli sauce (allioli or ajoaceite) made with avocado. Delicious and very easy.

Canarian red picón mojo sauce

Exquisite and tasty red picón mojo sauce, just arrived from the Canary Islands, ideal as a side for wrinkled potatoes, meat, vegetables or fish.

Spicy potatoes

Delicious tapas with brava sauce, totally homemade, ideal for tapas dinner. Ideal for vegans or vegetarians.

Chicken tacos with hot sauce

If you are passionate about Tex-Mex food or you just like hot sauce, you have to try this recipe. Easy, simple and done in 30 minutes.

Foie sauce

Foie sauce is one of those versatile sauces that usually ensure the success of a simple dish. It combines perfectly with meats, but you can also serve it with vegetables or pasta.

Chestnut puree garnish

We teach you how to make a chestnut puree that will serve as a garnish to any meat in sauce. It is easy to do and gives the dish a different touch.

Deluxe Potato Sauce

It is done in a moment and it will be the perfect accompaniment for our homemade Deluxe Potatoes that we can also prepare with our Thermomix. Great!

Alfredo noodles

Authentic noodles with Alfredo sauce based on chicken dice and cheese and cream sauce. Ideal as a main course accompanied by a light starter.

pumpkin sauce

Pumpkin sauce

This delicious pumpkin sauce is truly versatile: exquisite with salads, meat and fish. It's the ideal side to turn a simple grilled steak or steamed fish into a guest dish.

Basic recipe - Salsa Rosa

A basic recipe, the pink sauce, ideal to accompany prawns, green salads, seafood cocktails and vegetable sandwiches or cakes.

Eggs on the plate with peas

These eggs to the plate go perfectly with green peas and a delicious homemade tomato sauce. Feel free to add your personal touch to the sauce.

Romesco sauce

The best romescu sauce recipe for Thermomix, a typical sauce of Catalan gastronomy, known for being the accompaniment to the famous calçots. This roasted tomato and dried fruit sauce is equally delicious with a white fish, with roasted vegetables or steamed vegetables.

Barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce

Homemade barbecue sauce that takes ketchup as a base, adds different spices and becomes an ideal accompaniment for sausages, grilled meats and potatoes.

Homemade mustard sauce

Homemade mustard sauce

A homemade version of the sweet mustard sauce, made with white mustard seeds, vinegar, honey and many spices, with a touch between sweet and sour and spicy.

Tonnata sauce

This tonnata sauce will serve to accompany meats, make a different plate of boiled eggs, enrich salads and even for toasts ... a delight!

Sweet and sour sauce

The sweet and sour sauce is easy to make and quick to prepare, we show you how to make it with Thermomix to give an accidental touch to your dishes.

Beef Ragu

Bolognese meat ragout

You will learn how to make meat ragout as it is cooked in Italy. In an hour it will be ready and with little effort with the Thermomix. Still you have not tried?

Yogurt and peppermint sauce

Recipe to prepare an exotic and refreshing Greek yogurt sauce with mint to accompany vegetables and crudités or minced meat. The perfect dressing.

Eggs stuffed with caper sauce

Surprise with the recipe for stuffed eggs and caper sauce made with Thermomix, a delicious dish to accompany pasta, fish or whatever you want.

Modena balsamic reduction

With the Modena balsamic reduction made with Thermomix we will make simple dishes look glamorous and have a unique special touch.

Hake meatballs with green sauce

Hake meatballs with green sauce are a tasty snack for children and adults. Recipe to steam them to make them even healthier and healthier

Red pesto

Cook a rich red pesto with this Sicilian pesto recipe for Thermomix made with dried tomatoes, basil and garlic. It is quick to make and is very tasty.

Eggs Benedict with asparagus

Let yourself be seduced by this recipe for eggs Benedict with asparagus for Thermomix. An easy, nutritious and delicious recipe that you must try now!

Spicy cherry sauce

AMAZING spicy cherry sauce. Ideal to accompany meats and cheeses, thanks to the flavor provided by ginger and chilli.

Pasta salad with light cheese sauce

Tasty and juicy pasta salad, washed down with a light cheese sauce. Ideal as a starter or as a main course. Perfect to take it to the pool, beach ...

Basmati rice salad with carrot and cucumber. It is accompanied by a dressing made with yogurt, orange and oil.

Rice and yogurt salad

Rice salad with yogurt dressing is a summer recipe. It can be prepared in advance, so when you get home it is already prepared.

Pasta & Pesto

Prepare a delicious Italian recipe based on pasta with homemade pesto and it will become your favorite dish. Very convenient for eating out.

Warm Cauliflower Salad

A delicious warm salad where cauliflower is the star. It is a recipe to keep in mind if we eat at the office.

Hake in piquillo sauce

Enjoy a delicious recipe for fish with piquillo sauce. A tasty recipe that will help you spice up your dishes.

Hake with almond sauce

The almond sauce is perfect to accompany white fish. Do them in the varoma and you can save time and energy.


We show you how to prepare ketchup with natural ingredients. Without preservatives and artificial colors so that your children enjoy the good.

Crab sticks in their sauce

Dinner in 11 minutes? If possible!! Try this recipe for crab sticks in their sauce and you will see how it surprises you.

Cod with citrus butter

We propose a recipe for cod with all the aroma of citrus. It is easy to do and you can take it to the office.

Pork ribs with barbecue sauce

Do you want to prepare a rack of ribs at home and you don't dare? Take a look and you will see how easy and delicious it is with its barbecue sauce.

Chinese sauce

A delicious Chinese sauce to accompany your Chinese cuisine dishes or simply your favorite salad.

Quail eggs with pesto sauce

Are you in love with pesto sauce? We propose you a delicious appetizer so that you can enjoy your favorite sauce not only with pasta.