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Coffee and cocoa flans

With these coffee and cocoa flans you will enjoy your favorite flavors in a dessert made in the Thermomix® varoma.

Steamed chocolate cake

This steamed chocolate cake is made without an oven and is ideal for level cooking and getting the most out of the varoma.

Vegetable garnish with dressing

A simple, healthy garnish that is very easy to make. You will have it ready in about 30 minutes, encourage yourselves to prepare it!

9 recipes to fall in love with varoma

In this compilation you will discover 9 recipes to fall in love with varoma and be able to get the most out of your Thermomix in a healthy and healthy way.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary1

Roasted potatoes with rosemary

This recipe is wonderful. We will have delicious and tender roasted potatoes with all the flavor of the garlic dressing ...

Beans with octopus1

Beans with octopus and prawns

A quick Thermomix stew with beans, octopus and prawns that is prepared using an exquisite stock. Every bite is an explosion of flavor.

cabbage millefeuille

Cabbage millefeuille

An original millefeuille layered with julienned cabbage stuffed with delicious seasoned minced meat and cream sauce.

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce are one of those light and easy recipes to make with Thermomix and that you can serve any day of the week.

Roasted apple in papillote

Roasted apple in papillote is an easy dessert that you can enjoy throughout the year and that is also easy to make.

Nordic style salmon

Nordic style steamed salmon

Nordic style fresh steamed salmon. It is prepared in less than 30 minutes and, when steamed in papillote, it is very juicy and with a lot of flavor

Apple pie in varoma

This simple apple pie in varoma is perfect for cooking in levels and getting the most out of your Thermomix.

Marinated zucchini and eggplant

Delicious and versatile. So are these vegetables. They are steamed and then marinated with a kind of celery, garlic and chilli vinaigrette.

Velouté du Barry

This Christmas preparing this velouté du Barry with your Thermomix will be the simplest. A fine and elegant cauliflower cream to delight your guests.

Bananas in papillote

These bananas en papillote are a fantastic idea to take advantage of the most ripe pieces and also to take advantage of the varoma.

Turkey and vegetable cold cuts

The cold meat of turkey and vegetables made with Thermomix is ​​very simple. In a few steps you will have a meat recipe ready for a light dinner.

Chicken, zucchini and carrot cold cuts

With this cold meat of chicken, zucchini and carrot made in the varoma of your Thermomix you will have a cold dish for your dinners or more informal parties.

Eggs a la flamenca light

A recipe for flamenco eggs much less caloric than the traditional one. We are going to replace the chorizo ​​and serrano ham with cooked ham.

Steamed gluten-free sponge cake

This steamed gluten-free sponge cake can be prepared from start to finish with your Thermomix. An easy, juicy and very fluffy bite.

Salmon with orange for two

Two portions of salmon cooked in the varoma container. With a lot of orange flavor and a special sauce made with nuts.

Fish burgers in Thermomix

Some fish burgers that can be served on a hamburger bun, on a few slices of loaf bread or with any simple garnish.

Tuna omelette with vegetable garnish

We are going to cook a tuna omelette and some steamed vegetables in a Thermomix. Everything will cook at the same time in the tray and the varoma container.

Salmon and Green Bean Salad

A very complete and healthy fresh salmon salad. It has vegetables, oily fish, nuts and extra virgin olive oil.

Eggplants alla pizzaiola

We give you an idea to cook an aubergine. We will make it using only Thermomix since here we will cook the vegetables, prepare the tomato sauce and A different way of cooking eggplant: with tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano. A preparation for which we will only use our Thermomix.

Salmon with piperrada

Steamed salmon accompanied by piperrada, a very interesting option for these hot days. Healthy, healthy and fast.

Marinated ribs in double cooking

Delicious and juicy pork ribs, with a Cajun-style marinade, prepared with double cooking (steamed and baked). Ideal as a main course.

Mini chicken and pineapple skewers with flavored cous cous

They are mini chicken and pineapple skewers, cooked varoma, and accompanied by couscous flavored with pineapple aroma and almond crocanti. It is not only a plate 10, but a healthy, tasty, colorful and delicious dish. If you have a special lunch or dinner, without a doubt, it is a dish that will leave you like real chefs. 

Double textured coconut flan

Delicious and juicy coconut flan with double texture. A recipe for the whole family that is easy to make with Thermomix and that you can cook in the varoma.

Gardener Meatballs

A classic beef classic, but this time with a different presentation: garden meatballs. Perfect as a main dish and great as an option in our freezer. Perfect for the little ones in the house.

Steamed calatrava bread

Steamed Calatrava Bread

Steamed Calatrava Bread. A whole recipe of use where we use sponge cake and other ingredients to create a delicious dessert.

Apple and bacon salad

This apple and bacon salad is a renewed classic in the summer recipe repertoire. Just as rich but fresher and more original.

Steamed bread with poppy seeds

Steamed bread with poppy seeds

Steamed bread with poppy seeds. Another way to enjoy the flavor of always with a different cooking method. For lovers of the crumb.

Cauliflower with Bechamel

Easy and healthy cauliflower cooked in varoma and then baked in the oven with cheese and béchamel. Ideal as a starter when we have many diners.

Grilled chicken

Juicy and delicious roast chicken in thermomix, ideal to share with the family. Convenient and easy, this recipe is perfect for beginners.

Brussels sprouts with bechamel

An easy way to prepare brussels sprouts so they are cooked through. A delicious dish thanks to the bechamel that covers them.

Cauliflower al ajoarriero

Cauliflower al ajoarriero is a simple and easy recipe to make with Thermomix. Discover how to make this healthy and inexpensive recipe.

Chicken salad with pineapple

Tasty and exotic salad made with chicken and pineapple and complemented with pasta, egg, green leaves and pink sauce. Ideal as a single dish.

Steamed cockles with lime

A spectacular, really simple and very colorful appetizer: steamed cockles with lime sauce cooked in Thermomix

Salad flans

With these salad flans you can enjoy all the flavor of summer recipes. It is simple and useful.


We show you how to make a boil with Thermomix. A vegetable recipe for an easy, healthy, light and nutrient-packed dinner.

Matcha tea flan

Exotic egg custard made with an original touch of matcha green tea. Creamy texture and surprising flavor. Ideal as a dessert.

Fresh cheese flan

Creamy and delicate flan made from fresh cheese and enriched with condensed milk. A unique pleasure for the sweet tooth.

Potato mousaka

Juicy and tasty Greek mousaka made with meat and potatoes. Covered with a very special béchamel sauce. It is ideal for family meals.

Homemade peach custards

Quick to make and with very easy-to-get ingredients. These homemade peach puddings will become a recurring dessert.

Bulgur stuffed tomatoes

Vegetarian recipe of tomatoes stuffed with thick bulgur and vegetables, steamed in the Varoma and full of aroma and flavor.

Asturian potatoes

Helpful, quick and simple recipe for a dinner. The intensity of the sauce combines perfectly with cooked potatoes. Ideal for cheese lovers

German style chicken salad

Very fresh and complete chicken salad, ideal for the summer since it can be prepared in advance or transported to the beach or the pool.

Hake montaditos

A good idea to take fish on hot days and get the most out of the varoma container of our Thermomix.

Condensed milk puddings

Condensed milk puddings have a smooth texture and flavor that will not go unnoticed. They are also made in the Varoma to save as much as possible.

Lemon strawberry panna cotta

The lemon and strawberry panna cotta is a recipe that will provide us with a delicious combination of flavors and a very light texture with an original presentation.

Dorada on the back in Varoma

Simple and healthy sea bream prepared on the back, garnished with peppers and onions. Ideal for low calorie diets.

Rabbit with Mediterranean marinade

This rabbit recipe is prepared with a delicious Mediterranean marinade that gives it a very characteristic flavor. It is also prepared at the Varoma.

Smoked stuffed potatoes

To prepare these smoked stuffed potatoes you can use a mixture of trout, cod and salmon or use your favorite smoked fish.

Banana flan

With this variant of the classic egg custard you will surprise your guests with its delicious texture and original flavor.

Carrot and cauliflower flans

Carrot and cauliflower puddings are a fun and original alternative for children to eat well since in addition to vegetables they have milk and eggs.

Spicy mussels

A fabulous idea for a quick and very healthy dinner: mussels in hot sauce. For lovers of spicy food, this is your recipe!

Fried artichokes

A side dish or appetizer of fried artichokes in batter. To make them tender, we cook them in varoma. Then we batter them and fry them in oil.

Sole or rooster a la meunière

Exquisite sole a la meunière, accompanied with a delicious lemon, butter and parsley sauce. When cooked in the varoma, a very juicy fish remains.

Peach Chicken Delights

A delicious, tasty, delicate, original appetizer made from chicken breast, peach and mayonnaise. Perfect with homemade or store-bought toast.

Warm Leek Salad

Warm Leek Salad is a simple, quick to prepare and healthy recipe. It is also light and perfect for weight control diets.

Salmon with nougat sauce

A delicious salmon cooked in Varoma with a nougat sauce, with which we will learn how to make homemade nougat cream.

Eggs to the queen in cocotte

Eggs to the queen in cocotte is a very complete recipe based on basic products that children and people with no appetite will love.

Mussels with dehydrated mushrooms

Mussels with dehydrated mushrooms is a sea and mountain dish that we can prepare at any time of the year. Healthy, natural and low in calories.

Monkfish with white wine sauce

This monkfish with white wine sauce is an easy, light, very healthy dish and has a great flavor. The fish is cooked in Varoma while the sauce is being made.

Broccoli and tapenade salad

Simple broccoli and tapenade salad made in the Varoma and ready in less than 20 minutes. It is accompanied by arugula, boiled eggs and Parmesan cheese.

No-bake brownies

They are made in a moment and for this we will only need some molds and our Thermomix. These brownies are cooked in the varoma container.

Briouat or Moroccan meat roll

Delicious and crispy briouats or meat rolls wrapped in brick or filo pasta, typical of Moroccan gastronomy. Ideal as starters.

Wrinkled potatoes

Delicious wrinkled potatoes, typical of the Canary Islands, ideal as a garnish for meat or fish, or as a starter or cover. Serve with mojo picón sauce.

Castilian asparagus

Light asparagus recipe, easy and prepared in the Varoma. With all the flavor and color of the traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Mussels with paprika

Very simple recipe made with mussels and cooked potatoes, seasoned with oil and paprika. This recipe is especially suitable for dieting.

Sirloin stuffed with piquillo sauce

Pork tenderloin stuffed with bacon, peppers and cheese bathed in a piquillo pepper sauce, a filling and very tasty dish that can be garnished with potatoes or vegetables.

Russian cauliflower salad

Different Russian salad, made from cauliflower. Ideal as a dinner or as a light starter for large meals.

Hake with orange sauce

Hake with orange sauce

A very simple dish, low in calories, easy to prepare and with a great result. The fish is cooked in Varoma with the orange sauce, a very smooth sauce that tastes like juice, and the children love it.

Macaroni cake

Macaroni cake

Macaroni cake is a great resource, easy and inexpensive. This tasty pasta dish can be made ahead of time and heated later, kids love it and it's so easy to carry to work.

Steamed mussels

They are made in a moment, with simple ingredients and the result is to prove it. Try these steamed mussels, I think you are going to like them!

Rice and prawn salad

This rich rice and prawn salad will become your favorite dish on outings to the countryside. It is nutritious, easy to make and easy to transport.

Vegetables en papillote

Vegetables en papillote is an easy and very healthy dish to make. Of intense flavor and that they conserve all the nutrients. A good option for dinner

Trout with garnish

We will enrich our trout thanks to a simple garnish. And if you want to use another fish, go ahead! well cooked it will also be phenomenal

Peppers "roasted" in Thermomix

"Roasted" peppers in Thermomix

Discover how to prepare peppers that we will make varoma but that will look like roasted peppers with the Thermomix. Ideal as an accompaniment, aperitif.

Hake with leek sauce

Discover how to make steamed hake with leek sauce with our recipe and enjoy steamed fish, juicy and tender. Very rich!

Chocolate flan

Chocolate flan

We show you how to make a chocolate flan with Thermomix, a very easy recipe to enjoy this delicious dessert. Learn how to prepare it here!

Asparagus quiche

We show you how to make an asparagus quiche, a great recipe with a mild asparagus flavor on a crunchy base. Delicious!

Monkfish with cider

If you are looking for recipes for fish with cider, here you will learn how to cook a delicious monkfish in cider with Thermomix to lick your fingers.

Leek rolls

We teach you how to cook delicious leek rolls with ham and béchamel gratin, an easy recipe to prepare that even children will like.

Marinated Mackerel

Cooking Pickled Mackerel with the Thermomix is ​​very easy thanks to this homemade recipe that will delight lovers of this fish. Try it!

Aphrodisiac recipe of prawns with ginger panacota

Prawns with ginger panacota

Cook some prawns with ginger panacota, a recipe with an aphrodisiac character with a stimulating capacity in an irresistible panacota texture.

Potatoes with clams

Potatoes with clams

We teach you how to make potatoes with clams, a very easy stew to prepare in the Thermomix and in a very short time. The perfect first course for your meals.

Stuffed turkey

Stuffed turkey rolls

Cook some delicious stuffed turkey rolls that we are going to accompany with caramelized onion and sweet piquillo. To lick your fingers.

Stuffed Chicken Delights

Learn how to cook chicken delicacies stuffed with bacon, ham and cheese in the Thermomix, a very rich recipe that you can accompany with a sauce.

Banana and cinnamon flans

Easy recipe to cook homemade banana and cinnamon flan, a very easy and quick dessert to prepare with the Thermomix. They are delicious.

Russian fillets

Discover how to cook juicy Russian steaks in Thermomix with this recipe that is accompanied by a simple but rich tomato sauce.

Saffron mussels

With this recipe for saffron mussels and white wine for Thermomix, you will get a delicious starter for your meals.

Peas with ham «special»

Recipe of peas with ham, egg and potatoes cooked with Thermomis in a very simple way thanks to this step-by-step recipe.

Steamed bread

Steamed bread

Recipe to prepare steamed bread at home with the Thermomix and without using the oven thanks to the Varoma container. It's delicious.

Eggs Benedict with asparagus

Let yourself be seduced by this recipe for eggs Benedict with asparagus for Thermomix. An easy, nutritious and delicious recipe that you must try now!

Zucchini wraps

Surprising vegetarian rolls that can be used as an appetizer or first course.

Rice with steamed vegetables

Delicious combination of soft rice with crunchy vegetables prepared in the Varoma. A vegetarian and useful recipe.

Green bean nests

The green bean nests is a dish that I recommend if you want to eat a healthy and healthy diet. Easy to do and that a different presentation.

Beef coulant

Surprise your guests with a meat coulant. Made with meat, tomato and mashed potatoes. All this gratin and with an informal presentation.

Marine fideuá

Thanks to this recipe you can make a fideuá with all the flavor of the sea.

Warm Cauliflower Salad

A delicious warm salad where cauliflower is the star. It is a recipe to keep in mind if we eat at the office.

Hake with almond sauce

The almond sauce is perfect to accompany white fish. Do them in the varoma and you can save time and energy.

Genoese sponge cake pudding

Have you had a few pieces of Genoese sponge cake left over and you don't know what to do with them? Try this pudding and enjoy its flavor.

Salmon Cake

Did you know that you can prepare this salmon cake in advance? This Christmas say goodbye to the rush in the kitchen and enjoy with yours.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Suckling Pig Shoulder in the varoma

Suckling shoulder in the varoma

Want to surprise your family with a scrumptious recipe? We present you some suckling pig shoulders cooked in the varoma. You'll see how easy.