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Mushrooms with garlic potatoes

Simple recipe for mushrooms with garlic potatoes, vegetarian, vegan and with a lot of flavor. Quick and easy to prepare, ideal as a side dish or starter.

Vegan tofu nuggets

With this recipe we can enjoy nuggets full of proteins and minerals. Perfect for a healthy and balanced diet.

Greek Eggplant Salad

Delicious aubergine salad, with an ideal texture to take with pita bread or toast.

Mushroom quiche

A simple, delicious and colorful recipe: a short pastry base filled with mushrooms sautéed with ham, cream, egg and cheese.

Pea hummus

A hummus from Egypt, made from peas. A delight to have as a starter and a must for vegans.

Goat Cheese Spread

This goat cheese spread mousse is light and if it is accompanied with homemade crackers we will have a delicious appetizer for our guests.

Broad beans toasted with spices

A surprising dish: beans roasted over the fire and seasoned with an exquisite mix of spices. Ideal to accompany meat and fish or as an aperitif.

Sundried Tomato Crackers

The salty crackers of dried tomatoes can be used to spread a good homemade paté or as a base for a montadito.

Creamy chicken pate

This chicken pate is smooth, creamy, and easy to spread. Ideal for children's sandwiches or for appetizer canapés or tartlets.

Roasted pepper salad

The roasted pepper salad is a jewel of our gastronomy based on red peppers, garlic and boiled eggs.

Baked fish croquettes

Delicious croquettes, made with corn and wheat flour and battered with cereals. They are baked instead of fried and are perfect.

Chicken empanada

A different, simple and inexpensive empanada, made with chicken and vegetables.

Eggplant bites

The eggplant and cottage cheese sandwiches, battered with corn flakes, are vegetable meatballs that the whole family likes.

Curried tuna pate

Surprising tuna and tomato pate, with a touch of curry that will make it really irresistible. If you want to surprise your friends, it is perfect.

Asturian potatoes

Helpful, quick and simple recipe for a dinner. The intensity of the sauce combines perfectly with cooked potatoes. Ideal for cheese lovers

Natural tomato dipping

A sauce to accompany chips or nachos, made with natural tomato. A quick snack to prepare with our Thermomix.

Tomato flavored toast

Crunchy toasted bread, garnished with tomato and oregano, ideal to accompany cold cuts, Serrano ham and cheese.

Tortilla cake

Colorful and colorful tortilla cake, ideal as a starter for summer meals as it is perfect to leave prepared in advance.

Pickled anchovies

Homemade pickled anchovies with thermomix, a classic of our Mediterranean cuisine available to everyone.

Prawn toasts

If you are thinking of organizing an informal dinner, don't forget to prepare these prawn toasts. They are ideal for their flavor and combination of textures.

Coca's onion

The traditional recipe for onion coca or "coca de ceba" is ideal to take on an excursion, for a snack or for a birthday.

Squid in sauce

Squid, cuttlefish, lace, chopitos, cuttlefish ... It is the tiny squid, the 2 or 3 cm. that receives different names according to the zone. We have cooked it with its ink and in a sauce of onion, tomato and white wine. Delicious.

Squid with garlic

These squid are perfect as an aperitif or also as a second course if we present them with a garnish, for example, rice.

Crispy chicken with hazelnuts

This Crispy Hazelnut Chicken Recipe is delicious. Serve it with your favorite sauces in an informal snack ... you'll see how they fly !!

Parmesan cake pops

Delicious and original Parmesan cake pops, ideal to have as an aperitif with friends.

Cod fritters

Cod fritters are an ideal starter for Easter. They have onion, cod, fresh parsley and, in this case, beer. Very good.

Mini fish burgers

Delicious mini fish burgers to surprise our guests with an original, colorful and very tasty tapa.

Fried artichokes

A side dish or appetizer of fried artichokes in batter. To make them tender, we cook them in varoma. Then we batter them and fry them in oil.

Ginger hummus

Ginger hummus is a variant of the traditional vegetable chickpea paté, typical of Arabic cuisine.

Bacon carbonara empanada

Delicious and juicy empanada filled with bacon and a creamy carbonara sauce made from onion, cheese and cream. Ideal to drink hot or cold.

Peach Chicken Delights

A delicious, tasty, delicate, original appetizer made from chicken breast, peach and mayonnaise. Perfect with homemade or store-bought toast.

Zucchini Parmesan Cakes

Small individual cakes of zucchini and parmesan, filled with melted cheese, ideal as an aperitif or to complement a light dinner.

Red hummus

Red hummus incorporates roasted pepper into traditional Arabic chickpea hummus.

Prawns with mango curry sauce

A delicious holiday appetizer in a presentation that will grace any table. The prawns with mango curry sauce are also an inexpensive and low-calorie proposition.

Nut rolls and herb rolls

They are easy to prepare rolls and they go very well with any pâté or cream cheese. You can even make two medium loaves.

Prawns in coconut tempura

Prawns in coconut tempura are a good option if we are thinking of preparing an informal dinner or a snack.

Gastronomic panettone

A surprising starter for any gathering with family or friends. The gastronomic panettone is a very versatile and large aperitif

Sweet potato and sage dumplings

Sweet potato and sage dumplings are a vegetarian recipe that can be used as an aperitif or to prepare a delicious dinner and that children like

Mamen croquettes

These Mamen croquettes are creamy, have a delicious flavor and we can customize them with the ingredient that we like the most or that we have at home.

Delicious stew croquettes

Cooked croquettes, delicious and very creamy. Ideal as a starter or dinner accompanied by a salad. They can be frozen.

Spiced carrot balls

They are carrot croquettes in the shape of balls and a mixture of spices that provide the aromas of Indian cuisine in a starter, appetizer or even vegetarian garnish that melts in your mouth in a real delight for the palada

Onion rings

Crispy onion rings that can not be missing in any snack dinner.

Vegetarian sobrasada

A delicious vegetable pate to enjoy the taste of authentic sobrasada in a totally vegetarian option.

Murcian pie

Delicious Murcian empanada with pepper, tomato, peas, egg and tuna. A traditional and delicious recipe that can be made with Thermomix.

Tuna patties

They are rich, rich. These tuna dumplings are quick and easy to prepare. And they tend to be liked by everyone. If you buy the dough, you will make it in just 30 min.

Salmorejo with avocado

A reinterpretation of the traditional salmorejo, without bread and with avocado, with a creamy and irresistible texture

Octopus in vinaigrette

Tasty octopus salad with vinaigrette and vegetables. Nutritious and healthy it is a perfect snack or dinner.

Chicory and ham quiche

This chicory and ham quiche will surprise you mainly for its originality and also for the combination of flavors provided by the different ingredients.

Galician potato omelette

Surprising Galician style potato omelette, stuffed with ham, teat cheese and paprika. Juicy and flavorful, it is a perfect option for a dinner.

Beef dumplings

The veal dumplings are tasty and have a very soft texture thanks to the green olives and raisins that add sweetness.

Roll with ham and asparagus

The ham and asparagus roll is a practical option for cold dinners. It can be made in advance and take advantage of any piece of hard cheese.

Mushrooms with ham

Easy and versatile mushrooms with ham that we can serve as a starter or as a garnish. Perfect at any time of the year.

Avocado dip

A vegan recipe for avocado with mint. Ideal as an aperitif accompanied with crudités.

Watermelon salmorejo

This watermelon salmorejo or watermelon porra is a delicious cold vegetable cream. It is like a gazpacho, but creamier, with a fine and delicious texture.

Tuna croquettes

Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. How croquettes have to be. They can be taken even by those who have forbidden milk in their diet

Tyropita, Greek cheesecake

Tyropita or Greek cheese cake, made from phyllo dough and filled with béchamel and feta cheese. Ideal as a snack with friends or dinner.

Pea guacamole

Pea guacamole, or guisanmole, is very similar to guacamole, but uses peas instead of avocado. It is served with dips, nachos or tostadas.

Onion pie and black olives

This original onion pie is perfect for excursions or to take with friends. Made with simple ingredients, it is ideal for vegetarian diets.

Black olive and cashew pate

A vegan vegetable pate, made with black olives and cashews. This olive pate is a great appetizer and a versatile addition to other dishes such as pasta or salads.

Beet and walnut vegetable pate

A vegetable paté to spread and a great complement to the vegetarian diet, since the iron, minerals, antioxidants and great properties of beets are combined with the proteins of the nuts, essential in a vegan diet

Mushroom and ham frittata

Juicy mushroom and ham frittata. This tortilla that is not turned over is fluffy and full of flavor thanks to the mushrooms and fried ham

Briouat or Moroccan meat roll

Delicious and crispy briouats or meat rolls wrapped in brick or filo pasta, typical of Moroccan gastronomy. Ideal as starters.

Carrot pate

Carrot pate is a vegan vegetable pate made with carrots and walnuts. Delicious and very attractive as an aperitif or snack, served with toasted bread, nachos or pancakes.

Surimi and zucchini quiche

It's time to have fun eating out, so we recommend you enjoy this surimi and zucchini quiche. An original and inexpensive filling.

Chicken and mushroom croquettes

Very good, very easy to do and original. They are perfect for children: because of the ingredients (chicken, mushrooms ...) and because they love them!

Garlic mushroom appetizer

The garlic mushroom appetizer is ideal for snacking because it is quick, healthy and low in calories. Serve it with your favorite light drink.

Male Nachos

Tasty Macho Nachos, from Tex-Mex cuisine, an ideal snack to share with friends.

Fried almonds in Thermomix

We teach you to make an irresistible appetizer: fried almonds in Thermomix, using very little oil and with less risk of burning.

Indian pakoras

Pakoras are a typical dish of Indian cuisine. They are vegetables battered in chickpea flour, to which a mixture of spices and spice is added and they are served with yogurt sauce.

Spicy potatoes

Delicious tapas with brava sauce, totally homemade, ideal for tapas dinner. Ideal for vegans or vegetarians.

Mussels Pate

An easy recipe ready in 3 minutes: pickled mussel pâté. Mussels, tuna and cream cheese with a fine texture and a mild flavor.

Anchovy butter spirals

Delicious express appetizer of sliced ​​bread spirals stuffed with anchovy, garlic and parsley butters.

Cheese sandwich with tomato and cheese sandwich with walnuts

The cheese sandwich with tomato and the cheese sandwich with walnuts are two of the specialties of the famous chain of sandwiches Rodilla. We have achieved pasta with a taste very similar to the original. Ideal for family celebrations, starters or snacks.

Beef jerky croquettes

Surprise your guests this Christmas with some creamy jerky and leek croquettes. This appetizer is easy to make and can be frozen.

Drunk prawns

A simple recipe with a good presentation and that looks great at the best tables. The prawns thus cooked can also be served as a second course.

Cooked ham mousse croquettes

Surprise your loved ones with some homemade cooked ham mousse croquettes. Soft, tasty and with a golden and crunchy batter ... who can resist?

Cooked ham mousse

The cooked ham mousse will surprise you by how fast it is to make and how well its two textures combine to enhance the smoothness of this pate.

Chorizo ​​muffins

These fluffy chorizo ​​muffins can be used both as a snack or to prepare an informal dinner. You can keep them in an airtight box.

Cheese and tuna dip in 1 minute

Delicious cheese and tuna dip, ideal for snacking dinners with friends. Creamy, smooth and exquisite. Perfect with nachos or tostas.

Sundried tomato pate

This is one of those vegetable pate that flies when it comes to the table: the dried tomato pate. Spread on toasted bread is great. But you can also try it with salad, with dips or crudités.

Deluxe Potato Sauce

It is done in a moment and it will be the perfect accompaniment for our homemade Deluxe Potatoes that we can also prepare with our Thermomix. Great!

Chicken curry delicatessen

Chicken curry delicatessen softened with cream cheese ideal for spreading on toast. Perfect for snacking on dinners or meetings with friends.

Witches brooms for Halloween

Delicious cheese sticks shaped like a witches broom. They can be used as a Halloween appetizer or to accompany a hot soup.

Deluxe potatoes

We teach you how to make this famous and delicious deluxe potato at home. They will serve to accompany any meat or fish or to dip in sauces.

Chicken cream spread

With this light spread we can take advantage of the chicken pieces that we may have left from another meal. It is perfect as a snack or aperitif.

pea cream with foie

Pea and foie cream

Spectacular this cream of peas with foie! You can serve it thicker in a glass, as an aperitif, delicatessen type, or enjoy it, clearer and in more quantity, for a dinner or a first course.


Vegetable pate, typical of Arab cuisine, whose main ingredients are red peppers and walnuts.

Cheese dip with crudités

Delicious cheese dip to accompany your favorite crudités; lettuce, endives, red pepper, carrot, cucumber. Also with very few calories!

Toasts with basil oil

In the toasts with tomato, avocado and mozzarella, the flavor of basil oil stands out. This ingredient can also be used in pasta dishes or salads.

Roquefort sandwich

With this cream you can prepare a delicious roquefort sandwich. In just 1 minute you will have a recipe ready that can also be frozen.

Toasts with cream of peppers

An express recipe for a snack dinner with friends. These toasts with cream of peppers are easy, quick to make that is prepared in advance.

Date and blue cheese pate

Creamy paté of dates and blue cheese, ideal as an aperitif spread on toast. The combination makes it an explosion of unique flavors in the mouth.

Watermelon vermouth

A light cocktail to whet your appetite: a white vermouth accompanied by fruit juice.

Broccoli and turkey sandwich

Here is the recipe for an easy to make and spread broccoli paste. Do not hesitate to make a sandwich with this pasta and with your favorite ingredients.

Prawn pate

Prawn pate is very quick and easy to make. An infallible recipe if you are organizing a meeting with friends. Serve with crackers or crusty bread.

Octopus pastry meal

Octopus pastry meal

Octopus and onion empanada recipe prepared with Thermomix, a delicious dish that you can prepare very easily and quickly. Have you already done it?

Express snacking montaditos

Prepare in 10 minutes some sandwiches with goat cheese and caramelized onion or tuna with candied peppers that will serve as starters or snacks.

lentil hummus

Lentil hummus

Learn how to prepare Lentil Hummus with thermomix, a delicious very nutritious vegetable pate that you can make in 1 minute. Do you want to try it? Enters!

Orange pate

Orange pate

Learn how to prepare homemade orange paté with Thermomix and surprise with a delicious snack dish at all your meals.

Homemade balls or croquettes

Discover how to make homemade croquettes with Thermomix, a delicious dish thanks to its juicy dough. Learn to do them step by step.



Prepare some delicious bagels in Thermomix, with a very good presence and filled with something sweet or salty, according to taste! Still don't know how to make bagels?

Prawns with garlic and ginger

Learn how to cook prawns with garlic and ginger with Thermomix, a dish of exotic Asian cuisine that you can prepare very easily at home.

lemon stuffed with tuna

Lemon stuffed with tuna and pistachios

Lemon recipe stuffed with tuna and pistachios, a very colorful starter with a fresh contrast of flavors and low in calories that you can cook with Thermomix

Chicken liver pate (chicken foie)

Learn how to make homemade liver pate with the Thermomix, a very easy recipe to make to prepare your own chicken foie gras. Very rich!

Lamb meatballs 1

Spiced lamb meatballs

Learn to cook lamb meatballs in Thermomix with a touch of mint, ginger and cinnamon that you can also accompany with a sauce.

Chorizos in cider

We tell you the recipe to cook cider sausages with Thermomix, a very rich dish that everyone usually likes for its delicious flavor.

Crispy vegetables

Learn how to cook crispy vegetable triangles with our Thermomix recipe that you can fill with different ingredients.

Avocado boats

Avocado boats recipe, stuffed with prawns and smoked salmon, a delicious starter and very easy to make with the Thermomix.

Tuna mousse

Tuna mousse

Tuna mousse recipe for Thermomix, a delicious dish that you can use to spread or combine in a salad or salad.

Green olives pate with orange aroma

Cook with Thermosmix a rich tattoo of green olives with an orange aroma, a homemade starter that you can easily prepare yourself with this easy recipe.

Chives flavored butter

Chives flavored butter

Exquisite butter flavored with chives that you can make with Thermomix following the steps that we show you in this recipe.

Artichoke and anchovy mousse

Surprise with this recipe for artichoke mousse and anchovy aroma so easy to prepare with Thermomix, a dish that everyone will like.

Cream cheese

We show you how to make Roquefort or Cabrales cheese cream with Thermomix, a recipe to accompany pasta and other dishes. Delicious and with an intense flavor.

Chickpea toasted flour cake

Crunchy Cake made with toasted chickpea flour The toasted chickpea flour toast is ideal for vegetarians and coeliacs.

Ham and cheese cocois

Juicy cocois stuffed with ham and cheese, garnished with homemade bechamel and tomato sauces. Great for when we have guests.

Neapolitan cauliflower

Perfect recipe to get the most out of our Thermomix by steaming the cauliflower with the Varoma container. Ideal as a starter.

Prawn and prawn bavarois

Delicious Bavarois with prawns and prawns. A cold paté to spread on toasted, light and creamy bread ideal for making starters

Migas with chorizo ​​and grapes

Traditional migas with garlic and sausages made with Thermomix and accompanied with green grapes. In summer, try them cold and as a starter, everyone will like them!

Spicy potatoes

If you like spicy food, this is your recipe. The mixture of paprika, garlic, cumin and cinnamon will give your potatoes the exotic touch you were looking for.

Eggs stuffed with mussels

Simple recipe for stuffed eggs for Thermomix. They are very easy to make and serve as an aperitif, a party or a main course.

Beetroot hummus with crispy parmesan

Discover how Hummus is made !! Appetizer or starter that reinterprets hummus, the Arabic chickpea paté, adding beet and fried onion and accompanying it with a crunchy Parmesan.

White Bean Summer Salad

Cook in a few minutes. Ideal for summer. Refreshing and summery white bean salad, flavored with a tasty vinaigrette.

Zucchini summer cream

Light zucchini cream special for summer, perfect as a first course or as a dinner. Ideal for a diet low in fat and calories.

Mexican tacos

Exquisite and juicy Mexican tacos, ideal to share with family or friends.

Spinach Bites

Spinach Bites

Original empanada dough bites stuffed with spinach, various types of cheese and pine nuts, ideal to present at any type of party or event.


With this guacamole we will enjoy a healthy and delicious appetizer with which to accompany dinners with friends. We just need some delicious nachos and get wet!

Chicken Delight with Mayonnaise

Creamy chicken delicacy with homemade mayonnaise, ideal as a starter or as a sandwich filling that we can use for snacks and birthdays.

Fish and seafood cake

Creamy and delicate fish and seafood cake, which due to its texture and flavor make it unique. Ideal to leave prepared if we have many diners.

Creamy egg pate

This egg pate will surprise you with its texture, mild flavor and ease of preparation. So fast to prepare that in 2 minutes we will have it ready.

Grissini or breadsticks

Grissini or breadsticks

Delicious bread sticks made with Thermomix ideal as an aperitif, with varied flavors that you can choose to your liking (cheese, spices ...).

Zucchini wraps

Surprising vegetarian rolls that can be used as an appetizer or first course.

Traditional pie

Traditional pie

With this traditional empanada based on vegetables and tuna we will have an ideal recipe to eat in the field or on the beach. Also perfect for birthdays.

Moroccan Eggplant Salad

Delicious and spicy Moroccan salad made with soft aubergines and spices that can be prepared in advance.

Dressed potatoes

Potato dressing

Papa aliñá is a classic of Spanish gastronomy, made with simple ingredients and easy to prepare.

Spinach flutes

Delicious and crispy puff pastry flutes stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and pine nuts.

Green bean nests

The green bean nests is a dish that I recommend if you want to eat a healthy and healthy diet. Easy to do and that a different presentation.

Hummus chickpea

This chickpea hummus recipe is a classic. Essential in a tasting menu of Arabic cuisine or in any snack.

Basmati rice salad with carrot and cucumber. It is accompanied by a dressing made with yogurt, orange and oil.

Rice and yogurt salad

Rice salad with yogurt dressing is a summer recipe. It can be prepared in advance, so when you get home it is already prepared.

Campero bun

Easy and simple recipe where we will take advantage of the ingredients that we have in the fridge to make our country bun

Land-Sea salty cake

In this salty land and sea cake, mushrooms, prawns and tuna are combined. In a simple way we will have a cake for a simple dinner

Beef coulant

Surprise your guests with a meat coulant. Made with meat, tomato and mashed potatoes. All this gratin and with an informal presentation.

Tuna cake

Who doesn't know this classic tuna cake recipe? Perfect for family gatherings or informal dinners, quick and suitable for preparing in the microwave.

Muffins with ham and vegetables

These savory muffins are a great option to take on a field trip, to the beach, or even to eat at the office. Try them, you won't regret it!

Salted chicken

With this chicken recipe we can prepare a delicious cold meat. A healthy and healthy alternative to industrial sausages.

Warm Cauliflower Salad

A delicious warm salad where cauliflower is the star. It is a recipe to keep in mind if we eat at the office.

Quiche Lorraine Versioned

Do you dare with this versioned Quiche Lorraine? It is a salty cake that will make your dinners attractive and fun especially for children.

potato stuffed with bacon, served with a salad

Potatoes stuffed with Bacon

Discover how to make stuffed potatoes with our Thermomix and the microwave. You will have a quick and very complete recipe for a dinner or a second course.

Stuffed pizza braid

The pizza braid is a dish that kids will love. Perfect to prepare for birthdays or informal parties.


Do you dare to make your own butter with us? Feel free to personalize or flavor it with your favorite spices.

Crab sticks in their sauce

Dinner in 11 minutes? If possible!! Try this recipe for crab sticks in their sauce and you will see how it surprises you.

Valentine's puff pastries

We propose you some puff pastry that you can fill with your favorite ingredients. Decorate them and you will have an ideal recipe for Valentine's Day

Surprise cauliflower

Prepare a surprise cauliflower with your favorite ingredients. And don't forget to grill it in the oven to grill it and make it more palatable.

Carrot and mozzarella cream

Have you tried the carrot and mozzarella cream? You will like it for its smooth texture and flavor where vegetables and dairy are combined.

Garlic mushroom pizza

If you like garlic mushrooms you have to try this pizza. An original filling to enjoy all the flavor of homemade dinners. 

Filled tomatoes

An original and quick way to prepare delicious stuffed tomatoes that your children will love

Chinese sauce

A delicious Chinese sauce to accompany your Chinese cuisine dishes or simply your favorite salad.

Green bean cream

Green bean cream is fantastic to return to a healthy and balanced diet after a Christmas full of excesses.

Eels to Bilbao

The gulas a la bilbaína are a classic at Christmas parties. The perfect starter for cheap and quick to make.

Quail eggs with pesto sauce

Are you in love with pesto sauce? We propose you a delicious appetizer so that you can enjoy your favorite sauce not only with pasta.

Pumpkin velouté

This pumpkin velouté is a delicious winter dish with which to enjoy all the flavor of pumpkin. Serve it hot!

Christmas seafood cream

I love this seafood cream recipe because I can make it in advance so I can enjoy time with my family and friends.

Trunk of salmon and leeks

Original trunk stuffed with salmon and leeks. A very practical dish for the holidays and that can be made in advance.

Christmas thistle

Do you want to save on your Christmas dishes? With this thistle recipe you will have a traditional and very inexpensive dish.

Mushroom tartlets

Looking for recipes that you can make in advance? We propose you some juicy mushroom tartlets.

Salmon Cake

Did you know that you can prepare this salmon cake in advance? This Christmas say goodbye to the rush in the kitchen and enjoy with yours.


Do you want to prepare some Christmas gifts for your guests made by yourself? Surprise them with some delicious toffee.